We previously caught up with the folks from Cross Roads Escape Games when we reviewed their challenging and horror-filled escape room, “The Hex Room“. Recently, we got the chance to see them again and review their latest escape room challenge, “The Fun House”.

Themed less horror movie and more carnival fun house, The Fun House is a much less intense experience than their other escape room. A public game (meaning that you may play in groups with strangers) of 2 to 8 players, The Fun House features a number of brain-teasing challenges to sink your teeth into. Some were relatively easy to figure out, while others required more of a group effort. This is a terrific escape room for people new to the escape room experience in that, while providing challenge, it is not super-hard. Our group managed an escape in 45 minutes, whereas with The Hex Room we were down to mere seconds remaining on the clock. The biggest hint I can give would-be escapees is to communicate what you find as you go along. Talking with each other is so important and something that many people forget in the heat of the moment. You might uncover a clue that helps someone in an entirely different place of the escape room. Also, it can help to put any props or items that might help your group escape into one central location. That way they can be easily gone through for usefulness whenever necessary.

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Once again, Cross Roads Escape Games put a lot of effort into the design and construction of this new escape room, and that effort shows in spades. Everything just looks right and feels like it belongs in the environment – of course, unless it is not meant to! Also, it is deceptively sprawling – just when we thought we had the challenge figured out, a new area would present itself that needed to be explored and solved.

One thing to note is that, in talking with creative designer and co-owner Madison Rhoades, Cross Roads Escape Games periodically updates each escape room. This means that your first experience with them may not be indicative of a return visit, which might feature all-new challenges within. She alluded to The Hex Room being significantly altered and we would love to see it again with fresh eyes. Cross Roads Escape Games is scheduled to attend both the Scare LA and Midsummer Scream horror/Halloween conventions, so be sure to check out their presence on the convention floors.

Overall, The Fun House is a fun and rewarding escape room that will challenge your group and provide escape room players, new and old alike, an environment with high production value to get out of within the one hour time limit. Additionally, Cross Roads Escape Games may eventually install a third escape room challenge within their large warehouse space! While Rhoades would not divulge any hints on what its theme might be, I can’t wait to find out as they now have a proven track record of creating brilliant escape room challenges.

Tickets are a reasonable $32 dollars a person, and can be purchased at the Cross Road Escape Games booking page!


4245 E La Palma Ave
Anaheim, CA 92807
United States

(714) 572-1004


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