When I was a young man I used to wear my headphones everywhere constantly listening to my favorite tape of the time.  If you are thinking of the average headphones of today your imagination might be a bit off, these were little plastic arms with circular ear pods.  The full ear coverage of the 70s had been replaced with the little portable pods and the concern for bleed out was replaced with with a minor concert for bleed in, very minor concern taking a big back seat to portable.  It was all about that Walk Man on your hip and durability and lightweight of the headphones.  New eras which were mostly cycles of the eras before would come back with some technological edge and so has the ear pods with a terrific example to be found in the GOgroove AirBand Wireless Bluetooth Headset.

  • Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP
  • Adjustable headband design
  • Onboard playback controls
  • Integrated Microphone
  • 30ft wireless range
  • Rechargeable battery with 8 hours of audio playback
  • AC adapter included

Hands On:

There are a lot of benefits to this style of headset such as that it drowns out exterior noise. If you have are sensitive to in-ear designs, that should not a concern with these, as they tend to be able to be knocked around and still maintain playable position. The open cup design means less ear sweat and people trying to talk to you can hear bleed out so they know you can’t hear them.  These were all the reasons why this particular design was slow to drift from the marketplace back in the 80s and 90s.  The full ear cups tended to be weighty as well and so the ear pods were a nice lightweight replacement and the following design that when into the ear like an IFB were often uncomfortable in people’s ear canals.

So with all this in mind I thought of some of the few drawbacks of the old ear pods and the biggest were more designs of the Walk Man itself, all the controls were on the Walk Man and the cable to the headset was constantly getting in the way.  I made my own case for my Walk Man in Leather Working class in high school so I could try not to knock it off my waste every time I changed tracks or rewound my favorite song.  My design looked great, got an A, but still didn’t solve the problem.


So here we are now decades later and the fashion cycle has come around again.  We are still using big old headsets like we had in the 60s and 70s but we are incorporating new technology such as wireless play and play/calls from our cellphone.  Still they are bulky.  In an attempt to bypass the bulky we are into the ear IFB style and people are still plenty uncomfortable if not moreso these days with things being jammed in their ear.  They do it for the purpose of fitness and stability which makes sense but doesn’t make it any more comfortable.

Enter The Gogroove AirBand Wireless Bluetooth Headset.  I cannot say strongly enough how much I wish this headset had been around when I was strength and cardio training in my teens.  The ear pods are actually more comfortable than they were back in day while at the same time having  better ear stability.  One of the major tests that companies like to do with ear buds is to have an athlete put them in then run in place or do high jumps.  This doesn’t really simulate running cross country or obstacle course jumping but the AirBand would hand such exertions easily.  When using wireless electronics then playback time definitely is important but whether you are working out or just at work 9 hours of playback (my test results) with a few hours of recharge should get you through it.

Trying to think of any problems or concerns the only one I really came up with is there is some minor bleed out.  This really won’t matter unless you are in a work or other sensitive environment where lyrics may want to be taken into consideration (ie. dropping f-bombs on a preschool class).

Last Play:

The GOgroove AirBand Wireless Bluetooth Headset is the headset I have been waiting to come back into style for walks and hikes, I just wish I had had them when I was most vigorously in my body training.  I will put it to good use now though with my physical therapy which when I find a product that can help I consider a blessing.

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