It used to be when it came to your portable gaming rigs the only way it could look cool was by the the stickers you chose for it (you could never go wrong with VANS or Converse). Additional cool cred was given by your headset choice (full cups meant loaner and ear buds meant willing to teach a thing or two) and, of course, how big your hoodie was.  Though, the hoodie and stickers are still solidly in play, your on-the-go speaker choices have definitely made an improvement and a fine example of that is the GOgroove BassPulse 2MX USB Powered Speakers.

Hands On:

The particularly nice things about the GG BassPulse 2MX is that they are quick and easy to setup but loaded with style.  They have a plug and play USB power source which gets the speakers bumping nicely immediately (universal AC Adapter spot included) while bringing in the blue or red LED glow highlights (I went with blue like most most my system).  An included 3.5 mm jack will take care of just about any of your input needs.


Once you have gone through the two minutes or so it takes you to get set up you are ready for rocking and clocking.  The subwoofer system is surprisingly deep for such a compact speaker model, I was actually expecting to damage them a couple times with some of the levels and depths I was tearing through them but they held up surprisingly and even entertainingly well.

The key is to remember this is a plug and play portable speaker system not designed to be a replacement for your home surround system as and long as you keep this in mind you will be pleasantly surprised.

Last Blast:

When I am running around with my gaming rig you can definitely expect to see these speakers in with my gear.  Whether it is watching an action movie or busting out a couple round of CODIII the GG BassPulse 2MX USB Powered Speakers has earned their place in my travel kit.

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