If you live in the middle of nowhere where you can’t get cell coverage you may not take shielding too serious.  It is much more than that though and we most of us take way too much comfort in the protection of a patch of denim on our jeans to protect our life held in portable form.  Silent Pocket understands all too well dangers that we don’t take serious enough and provide us with a level of protection we should be regularly employing.


  • Smooth, supple Genuine Napa leather that is made to withstand years of daily use
  • High tension thread / drill lining
  • Diamond pattern shielding made exclusively for Silent Pocket
  • Shields up to 100 decibels (db); best on the market
  • Water resistant
  • Interlocking magnetic RF seal; easy to use without straps or velcro
  • Shields against EMR radiation
  • Blocks GPS tracking


Hands On:

Many of us just throw our credit cards in our pockets, or perhaps in a flimsy wallet, and out we go into the world.  The funny thing is we give the tools to stealing our identity to others constantly, everyday, without any thought of it. We strangely give complete trust to the individual working the fast food window or the electronics department of the local store as we hand them our plastic.

We don’t learn to be more cautious even hearing about the stories of identity theft because we are very much an “it will happen to someone else” culture, we really can’t help ourselves as we move through it looking for convenience and ease over safety.  Think of the last time you set your debit card down and couldn’t remember where it was, you were out shopping, so many possibilities… did you use it to buy lunch?  Did you use it since the *insert coffee shop name* drive-thru?  Did you pay cash for that trinket at the mall?  The whole time you are thinking about it your gut is tightening because you know if it isn’t at one of these islands of possible safety it might be on the ground, maybe maybe being charged on at this very moment.

Or the other one is “hmm where is my phone?” especially now in these days of electronic debit and credit cards on our phones or swipe and pay.  It is the same as above except you are thinking when was the last time I used it?  Did it lock?  Is my lock screen obvious?  Will they guess a finger swipe of a “Z” (people if this is your lock or a “7” PLEASE change it!) and I don’t lock my picture section and there was that one night I was flirting and sending pics to OH MY GAWD!  Oh and at these kind of moments you probably aren’t even thinking about how all of your emails have been compromised and anyone who have a business relationship with is about to get a penis enlargement email from you, I’m sure they will thank you later.

Speaking of business let’s say it was a business phone you are toting around with NDA information on it.  Maybe even worse it is a business tablet with all of your company’s plans for the next two years, predictions, actions, models… and you leave it on the monorail or shuttle bus on the way back from a convention.

All these things would strike terror into you and yet holding in your hands or carrying case you feel all that data is secure, like phone cloning isn’t a giant criminal empire, like being in the proximity of you without the proper protection can keep that information safe.  The person standing next to you may hack your phone without you ever handing it over to them, sometimes you even help them along by accessing the device right in front of them giving them a chance to note your password or swerve.  The most terrifying thing is the person doesn’t even have to be right next to you to hack your device, major tech security companies have shown that many cell phone applications have far more access than they need to do their job and some of that access allows them to see everything from your personal information to, and this is no exaggeration because I saw it last your live at NAB, hacking your phone’s camera anytime they want… ew.


Well before you relocate your whole family or company to the nearest cave and/or spider hole there are very simple and downright elegant solutions to these worries.  My personal epiphany of concern was probably born out of the phone hacking demonstration I saw, I honestly figured why would anyone hack my life?  Kind of the same reason I guess someone broke into my car during CES, to see what might be there of value, on the surface maybe it doesn’t look like much but I may (and did) have a bunch of electronics in the trunk.

If you are a business professional protection of your business devices really shouldn’t be an option it should be a requirement.  As I said the solutions can be as elegant and presentable as you are yourself when you head out for the day.

It was all this that had us reaching out to Silent Pocket, one of the industry’s most understanding companies that protection should not come at a cost of presentation.  The first protections I tested like this years ago where plastic bags, now Silent Pocket has fine Napa leather beautifully stained with quality seam work.  The XL Sleeve has two sleeves, one that has a simple slide in function and another that has internal wiring system that helps it snap shut after you open it, helping keep smaller items from accidentally sliding out or signal leakage.  The simple in function sleeve allows for cell phone reception to come through so that you can place your phone in there and not expose your electronics to RFID / NFC access such as smart keys, credit cards, passports, and other RF enabled electronic devices.  The other sleeve will not even let cell phone reception through and even block you off from GPS.  That sleeve is what is known as going “off the grid.”

Going “off the grid” has gotten a lot of slack as a personal solution over the years and has become almost entirely associated with conspiracy enthusiasts and spy movies.  There are many more simple reasons you might want to do this starting with reasons as mundane as you tend to use your phone right up until the moment of that important meeting.  You don’t want to have your phone vibrating or even worse ringing while you are in the middle of important personal or business affairs.  Toss your phone into the sleeve and it is not going to ring or vibrate and if there is a break in discussions you can pull it out and it instantly connects again without having turned it off or changed any features.  Make sure there are no emergencies, send out a message or two and back into the sleeve it goes.  Being made of Napa leather using it might even get you a compliment or two.


If you are having sensitive discussions in a high finance or very NDA meeting you don’t have to worry about having any hack breaking through your phone and hearing any details.  If you are a boss at a meeting ask for all cell phones and put them in the sleeve for the duration of a meeting and the employees know that you aren’t messing with their phones but at the same time the distraction of the phones is completely eliminated.  And of course if you don’t want to be reached or have someone use a “where is your phone” app to track where you are tossing it in the bag when you don’t want to use it takes you right off the grid on your terms.  Since my wife and I have one of those programs this was really easy to test and prove.

On the health side there is still a lot of research being done to just how much damage the radiation given off by cell phones effects us and the Silent Pocket blocks the questionably harmful radiation to make it worry free.  There are so many things out there to hurt us, this is an easy way to remove one of those possibilities.

Last Call On The Grid:

Silent Pocket XL Sleeve provides personal and professional protection of your important electronics in a professional looking design.  How much access your electronics have to the world and the world to your electronics is in your hands literally.  The protection is high security completely “off the grid” levels down to still being able to receive and send calls, just data blocked and radiation blocked.  This is the level of protection everybody should be at and few are done with elegance, as well as being an excellent way to keep our sensitive items protected and organized.

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