PC gamers looking for gaming furniture have had a rough time of it. While many gamers like cockpit style setups, there are a huge number of us just looking for a more traditional office chair design coupled with our gamer sensibilities. Enter: The DXRacer PC gaming chair – specifically, we will be reviewing their “King Series” seat. The King Series offers a wider seat base and the model we have features higher seat sides to keep that racing seat inspired design.

DXRacer has two showrooms in the United States: One in Anaheim, CA and the other in Whitmore Lake, MI. Be sure to check their official website for exact location information. I highly recommend that, if you are in the market for a new gaming chair and located close to one of the showrooms, you stop in and check them out. Getting a chance to sit in the various chair designs prior to buying will make sure you get the best personal fit for your style and comfort.

Opening the DXRacer King Series box, you will find a variety of pieces from the chair back to the seat bease, castors, aesthetic pieces, etc. However, the best of the included items in the box were the hex/Phillips-head screwdriver tool and detailed instruction manual. This has been the easiest chair build I have ever done thanks to this handy dandy instruction booklet and I applaud DXRacer for making it both user-friendly and verbose enough to help me get the chair built. The hex/Phillips-head screwdriver is the only tool you will need to build the chair and it does a great job thanks to its thick construction. It won’t strip in mid-use like cheaper included tools you find out there. In fact, I might actually keep the included tool in my personal tool-set for future jobs.


The wide seat cushion and raised racing sides of the King Series gives a great combination of comfort and stability and the faux-leather vinyl material is quite supple. I used the chair over the course of a week – sometimes for several hours at a time, and don’t have any bad things to write about its comfort as a desk chair. Playing PC games while sitting in the chair is equally comfortable and I loved being able to set the angle of the entire chair back a few degrees and lean back into it. Additional adjustments include what DXRacer calls “4D” arm rests, meaning that not only do they adjust up and down and side to side but, also, they pivot left and right so you can completely customize them to where needed. The base of the King Series PC gaming chair is made with a sturdy aluminum frame and the whole thing rests on five 3-inch castors which roll equally well over tile and carpet. Castors are many times a big issue when buying office furniture but DXRacer has done right by their customers with this inclusion. The model we looked at also featured neck and lumbar support cushions which, despite installing a bit awkwardly, provided additional support.

The biggest drawback to the DXRacer King Series is its high price point. At $459 Dollars, the chair is definitely an investment – however, it should last you a very long time thanks to its durable construction. I would highly recommend those of you wanting to look at a cheaper gaming chair solution to investigate DXRacer’s “F Series”. They are $299 Dollars, albeit with a slightly different form factor – again, if you can test one prior to buying, do so. I would also love to see DXRacer come out with a line of replacement arm rests that allow the mounting of flight simulation equipment such as yokes, sticks, and throttle controls. If they did that, I don’t think I would ever have a reason to leave my office, ever. Ever……


Overall, the DXRacer King Series PC gaming chair is an excellent choice for those of you looking at upgrading to the highest level of chairs for your PC gaming desk setup. The King Series is durable, comfortable, and should last you for many years to come. It is the luxury PC gaming chair that everyone should have the privilege of resting their keisters on.

What Is Great

  • Comfortable, firm cushion
  • Rugged construction
  • A ton of positional customization for arm rests and seat
  • Great instruction manual
  • Great castors
  • Able to support gamers up to 300 lbs

What Isn’t

  • High price point

You can find more out about the DXRacer product line over at their official website.

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