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Apple Unveils iPad Pro Tablet #AppleEvent



SAN FRANCISCO – September 9, 2015 – Apple® today introduced the all-new iPad Pro™, featuring a stunning 12.9-inch Retina® display with 5.6 million pixels, the most ever in an iOS device, and groundbreaking performance with the new 64-bit A9X chip, rivaling most portable PCs. The new larger iPad Pro is thin and light and provides all-day battery life. There are more than 850,000 apps in the App Store℠ designed specifically for iPad®, and the new iPad Pro will enable a new generation of advanced apps for everything from productivity, design, illustration, engineering and medical, to education, gaming and entertainment.

Apple today also introduced Apple Pencil™ for iPad Pro, a precision input device available for purchase separately, which makes drawing and sketching feel remarkably fluid and natural. The touch subsystem of the Multi-Touch™ display in iPad Pro has been redesigned to work with Apple Pencil to dramatically reduce latency and deliver incredible accuracy for activities like fine art illustration and detailed 3D design. Advanced sensors in Apple Pencil measure both pressure and tilt for a fast and fluid drawing experience, while a built-in Lightning® connector makes for quick and easy pairing and charging. Apple Pencil also works with popular apps like Mail, Notes, Procreate and Office 365 for iPad, offering new levels of creativity and productivity.

Apple’s new Smart Keyboard further extends the utility of iPad Pro, offering a full-sized keyboard in a thin, durable design so you can take it anywhere. The Smart Keyboard, available for purchase separately, attaches to iPad Pro’s innovative Smart Connector port, eliminating the need for a separate battery, on/off switch or Bluetooth pairing. The Smart Keyboard is covered in custom woven fabric and features keys that provide the accuracy, stability and satisfying key feel of standard keyboards, but is also easily foldable and can transform into a Smart Cover®. The Smart Keyboard also works seamlessly with new QuickType® features in iOS 9 to make typing even faster and easier.

“iPad Pro is the most advanced and powerful iPad we have ever made. Its beautiful and large 12.9-inch Retina display has 5.6 million pixels and provides an immersive experience for content and apps. The iPad Pro is far and away the fastest iOS device we have ever made — its A9X chip beats most portable PCs in both CPU and graphics tasks, but is thin and light enough to hold all day,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “The innovative Apple Pencil and new Smart Keyboard enable users to customize their iPad Pro experience to the particular apps they use and the work they do, making iPad Pro ideal for everything from professional productivity to advanced 3D design.”

Innovative Design
iPad Pro’s 12.9-inch Retina display, with 5.6 million pixels and refined Multi-Touch technology, is the most advanced and highest resolution display ever in an iOS device. It delivers greater contrast, more uniform brightness and improved energy efficiency through photo alignment technology, oxide TFT and variable refresh rate. A new four-speaker audio design provides powerful, clear and rich stereo sound, and a refined unibody enclosure of anodized aluminum gives iPad Pro a sturdy feel with a thin and light design that is easy to hold.

Powerful Technology
iPad Pro delivers groundbreaking performance and energy efficiency, so you can tackle the most demanding tasks. Apple’s powerful new 64-bit A9X chip, with third-generation 64-bit architecture, provides desktop-class CPU performance and console-class graphics. Ultra-fast wireless connectivity keeps you connected wherever you go with 802.11ac Wi-Fi with MIMO technology, support for a wide range of LTE bands and other fast cellular network technologies (DC-HSDPA, HSPA+).* All-day 10-hour battery life** delivers the efficiency that users have come to expect from iPad.

iOS 9
iOS 9, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, brings more intelligence to iPad with proactive assistance, powerful search and improved Siri® features, all while protecting users’ privacy. New multitasking features designed specifically for iPad allow users to do more at the same time, while built-in apps become more powerful with a redesigned Notes app, detailed transit information in Maps and an all-new News app*** for the best news reading experience on any mobile device. The foundation of iOS is even stronger with software updates that require less space to install and advanced security features to further protect your device.

Pricing & Availability
iPad Pro starts at $799 (US) for the 32GB with Wi-Fi model and $1079 (US) for the Wi-Fi + Cellular 128GB model, comes in three gorgeous metallic finishes including silver, gold and space gray and will be available starting in November from Apple.com, Apple’s retail stores, through select carriers and Apple Authorized Resellers. For more information, please visit www.apple.com/ipad.

Apple Pencil will be available for $99 (US) and Smart Keyboard will be available in charcoal gray for $169 (US). New polyurethane iPad Pro Smart Covers will be available for $59 (US) in charcoal gray and white. New iPad Pro Silicone Cases will be available for $79 (US) in charcoal gray and white. iPad Pro accessories will be available starting in November.

*Data plan required. LTE is available in select markets and through select carriers. Speeds vary based on site conditions. For details on LTE support, contact your carrier and see www.apple.com/ipad/LTE
**Battery life depends on device settings, usage and other factors. Actual results may vary.
***Transit information in Maps will be available in select major cities including Baltimore, Berlin, Chicago, London, Mexico City, New York City, Philadelphia, the San Francisco Bay Area, Toronto and Washington D.C., as well as over 300 cities in China, including Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai. News app availability varies by country.

Apple revolutionized personal technology with the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984. Today, Apple leads the world in innovation with iPhone, iPad, the Mac and Apple Watch. Apple’s three software platforms — iOS, OS X and watchOS — provide seamless experiences across all Apple devices and empower people with breakthrough services including the App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay and iCloud. Apple’s 100,000 employees are dedicated to making the best products on earth, and to leaving the world better than we found it.

Creative Labs SB Inferno Gaming Headset Review



Creative Labs latest tool on the gaming market is the SB Inferno Gaming Headset which promises professional tournament quality and a sleek look without the high end brand price tag. The only question is does it deliver?


  •  Audio Drivers 40mm FullSpectrum
  •  Headset Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20kHz
  •  Interface 3.5mm Stereo Input
  •  Supported Gaming Consoles PlayStation® 4, iOS/Android, (3.5mm Analog Connectivity)
  •  Microphone Microphone Type: Noise Canceling Condenser
  •  Detachable: Yes
  •  Frequency Response: 100Hz ~ 15kHz
  •  Sensitivity: -40±3dBV/Pa


Hands On:
For a lot of folks who aren’t tech savvy, the specs may seem like a bunch of gobbledygook but it is the same gobbledygook  that you would see on the specs for the big names in games. Most headsets at shows and tournaments probably boast very similar ingredients so it comes down to how well they are utilized in the headset, the comfort and, of course, the style.

With a standard analog setup, they will not only look good with the black and metallic red design they will perform like champs if you use them on the go with your phone or tablet. The “SB logo is swept up at the ends giving it a vaguely Transformers-like logo design with a detachable boom microphone. The cable is a bright red completing a look that would work on the subway or in the gym drawing only nods of approval and curious glances at the logo. FullSpectrum sound and stereo input combined with padded ear cups means you don’t have to hear what they say unless you want to. I found they were particularly nice for action films full of gunshots and explosions while using my tablet on trips. It definitely made it easy to block out the outside world and nap on business trips.

The thing about gaming headsets though is you want to have them perform first and foremost while gaming at which point you just stick the microphone back on and choose your platform. If you are already rocking the PlayStation 4, these headsets are plug and play, stick them into your controller and listen for the direction of the gunshot or maybe the sound of the engine of your competitor’s car as they try to close the distance behind you. They are lightweight enough for you to play “just one more round” of your favorite game for hours without discomfort and the padding at the ear cups and head arch keep them from feeling confining.


The same goes for phone or tablet play – if you want, you can leave the stick on and talk to your buddies while playing the game or play a game during one of those long calls to that friend or relative that never seems to stop talking. The mic stick pops on and off easy so you can just keep it in your pocket for when you want to use it.

PC gamers only have one more step and that is to put on a cable-splitter to separate your mic and head phones. The adapter comes included so all you do is put  it on, plug it in, and you can be on in-game chat or Ventrillo  – even make an internet phone call all while hearing what you want with crystal clear quality. The microphone has a noise cancelling condenser which is nice if you are in a hot area and constantly have a fan going or in a big family so there is a constant background of screams and general noise yet it can pick up whispers just fine if you are trying to have a quiet conversation. They even have turnable cups and lower profile so that they pack away quick and easy to be on the go.


Last Call:
I always have a set of headsets packed away in one of my travel bags so that if I do have to go somewhere quick I never find myself without a noise blocking listening device. My wife stole my last pair so these arrived at a perfect time to become my next go to set. I would say to look for me wearing these but I expect the Creative SB inferno Gaming Headset to become a commonplace sight on the tournament scene and on the go.

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ARCHOS Unveils ArcBook



Denver – May 12, 2014 – ARCHOS, a pioneer in Android™ devices, unveils the ARCHOS ArcBook, the first Android netbook with touchscreen designed with productivity and value in mind. The ARCHOS ArcBook offers students and mobile professionals the convenience of a keyboard and trackpad and the superb user-experience and mobility of an Android tablet at a budget-friendly price.

Productivity-focused software

Available for $169.99, the ARCHOS ArcBook is the ultimate value-packed, on-the-go productivity machine running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It is preinstalled with Office suite Pro 6, making creating and editing Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files easy.

It allows access to all Google services, including the Google Play application store, Google Chrome web browser and other Google Apps such as YouTube, Gmail, Translate and more. It also comes with 15 GB of free Google Drive cloud storage, enough to store a plethora of documents.

Feature-rich hardware

The ARCHOS ArcBook has a 10.1-inch touchscreen with a full keyboard and integrated Android shortcuts keys to maximize typing speed. Connectivity and expandability have been boosted thanks to a full USB host port and it has enough battery power for more than 10 hours of continuous use.

“ARCHOS ArcBook combines a consumer-friendly tablet experience with the productivity of a netbook,” says Loïc Poirier, CEO of ARCHOS. “The ARCHOS ArcBook furthers our commitment to providing feature-rich, consumer-friendly technology at an affordable price.”

For more information about ARCHOS ArcBook or the entire selection of smartphones, tablets and connected objects, visit us at www.ARCHOS.com

Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for iPad Air Review



With Apple’s iPad Air now in full retail glory, there is a huge number of cases, folios, and keyboards being released for it. Logitech’s FabricSkin Keyboard Folio is but one of them. What first drew my eye to wanting to check on out in person was its, as the title mentions, fabric-lined outer surface. So many cases are made of leather or neoprene, I knew this one would be special – and I was right.

The Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for iPad Air features a cool Bluetooth keyboard with almost-flush keys, meaning that the keys are not stand-alone objects. These keys are all part of the keyboard’s surface. Additionally, the fabric-lined keyboard is liquid resistant and easily wipes clean. These points are great – but the most convenient part of the wireless keyboard is how it powers on and off. Using some technological wizardry, Logitech has designed it so that the keyboard turns on and off automatically, based on the position of the iPad Air. If your iPad Air is opened up in a book reading style, the keyboard is off. However, if you put the iPad Air into the keyboard position (it locks into place by a magnet, which is simply futuristic and awesome), the keyboard turns on. When you put the iPad Air back to book position, it turns off! What’s most nice about this system is that you can’t forget to turn your keyboard off, wasting its battery.

I noticed several complaints from early reviews of the device that claimed the case magnets didn’t turn off the iPad Air when closed or turn it back on when opened – I believe they stated it had to do with where the case magnets lined up with the tablet. It is worth noting that, n my testing, the auto-on and off feature of the FabricSkin Keyboard Folio worked every time.

Another cool feature of the keyboard is that the arrow keys also hide a selection command as a secondary function. These keys will allow you to select whole words whenever you like instead of just one character at a time. The keyboard charges via included MicroUSB cable and has a very long battery life. Logitech claims it will last up to three months when fully charged and when using it for two hours a day. I can back that claim up as we have had it for a couple months now and only had to charge it a handful of times depending on how long I used it each day. For those of you using a stylus with your iPad Air tablet, the Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio features a small loop where you can keep one handy – or a thin pen I suppose.


The Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for iPad Air is available now and has an MSRP of about $150 dollars – although, you can find some better price points by shopping around a bit. While this price my not be inexpensive, the FabricSkin Keyboard Folio has some really nice build quality as well as an innovative keyboard design. I also suggest you try this keyboard folio out at a Best Buy location, etc. My wife was not as impressed as I was regarding the feel of the keyboard keys – so user preference is also a factor to consider.

Product Link

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CruxCase Announces the CruxENCORE for iPad Air



PROVO, Utah – February 11, 2014 – CruxCase, established by cutting-edge designers of innovative iPad® cases, is pleased to announce the new CruxENCORE™ campaign now live on Kickstarter. The CruxENCORE™ is a versatile rotating protective keyboard case for the iPad Air, transforming it into a compact and powerful laptop. Built with the look of a Macbook Pro and the weight and feel of a Macbook Air, the CruxENCORE™ features Bluetooth® connectivity as well as a raised, full-sized QWERTY keyboard. With its exclusive hinge technology, the CruxENCORE™ allows the keyboard to rotate 360 degrees for multiple positions: typing, movie watching and portability. At an ultra slim 2.0 cm, it is one of the thinnest keyboards ever developed for the iPad Air. Engineered with anodized aluminum, CruxENCORE™ weighs in at a travel friendly 1.45lbs. Additionally, foam padding allows the iPad Air to stay in place and prevents scratches. The case comes with a built-in 360 mAH battery to power Bluetooth connectivity and will only need to recharge once a month depending on usage. Available at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spywire/cruxencoretm-ipad-air-laptop

Image 2

Design Elements

• 2.0 cm thin keyboard base
• Smooth anodized aluminum coat matching the iPad Air exterior
• Full-sized raised above the plane island-style keys with special function keys on top
• Foam padding to hold iPad in place and prevent scratches

Functionality Items

• Patented hinge provides 360 degrees of rotation
• One-time easy Bluetooth setup
• Multitude of positions for portability, typing, and movie watching
• Switches iPad on/off when keyboard is opened and closed

Image 3

ARCHOS Announces GamePad 2 Tablet



DENVER, Colo. – October 9, 2013 – ARCHOS, a pioneer in Android™ devices, is proud to announce its second generation tablet made for Gamers – the ARCHOS GamePad 2, available in the U.S. at the end of Q4 for $199.99.

“Following the success of the GamePad 1, we knew that we could take the gaming-tablet concept further. With our GamePad 2 we have included an HD  screen, better controls, a larger battery and a faster processor,” said Loic Poirier ARCHOS CEO, “We’re excited to be working with a leading games company like Gameloft to pre-install two visually stunning titles for an amazing gaming experience.”

The ARCHOS GamePad 2 includes complete versions of Asphalt 8: Airborne and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour by Gameloft both revisited for physical controls. “With a tablet that’s as innovative as the ARCHOS GamePad 2, it was an easy decision to optimize our games for the platform,” said Cyril Guilleminot, Gameloft Director for France & Benelux. “Users will be able to take part in a brand new gaming experience with its integrated physical control system.”

HD IPS Screen

The ARCHOS GamePad 2 features a 7 inch HD screen perfect for gaming. The widescreen 1280 x 800 pixel resolution gives an amazing gaming and multimedia experience and IPS technology ensures amazing colors and brightness as well as perfect viewing angles.

Powerful Processor, Larger Battery

Powered by an A9 generation quad-core processor running at 1.6GHz coupled with a fast Quad-Core graphics processor and 2GB of system RAM, the ARCHOS GamePad 2 has more than enough power to play the latest 3D games smoothly.

Thanks to super energy-efficient 28 nanometer processor technology and a much larger battery than normally used on a 7 inch tablet, the ARCHOS GamePad 2 has vastly improved battery life whether in gaming or simply when browsing the web.

Improved Thumb-Sticks, Buttons and Mapping Tool

The ARCHOS GamePad 2 features more precise, incurved dual thumb-sticks, double buttons on each shoulder, a single part directional pad and a vastly improved button click-feeling for a better physical gaming experience.

Combined with the updated version of the critically praised Game Mapping Tool, first featured on the GamePad 1, that lets users map any touch-screen button game to work with the physical controls, the ARCHOS GamePad 2offers an improved android gaming experience for hundreds of thousands of free and paid games.

The ARCHOS GameZone – find the best games

To find great games faster, ARCHOS created the GamePad Game Zone application; curating over 1 million apps and games in the Google Play™ Store, the Game Zone shows off the best ARCHOS GamePad 2 compatible games.

With downloads, purchases, ratings, comments and game updates all taking place through the Google Play Store, users can get the best from the huge games catalogue available for the ARCHOS GamePad 2.

Storage for Games

The ARCHOS GamePad 2 is available in two storage sizes – 8GB and 16GB. Both versions include a microSD slot (64GB compatible) with app2sd support for extra storage.

Though the ARCHOS GamePad 2 was designed with gaming in mind, it’s still a fully functional Android tablet able to do everything that you expect from a tablet… and more, thanks to ARCHOS media applications. Additional key features and specs include:

  • Android 4.2™ ‘Jelly Bean’
  • Google Certified with full access to the Google Play store and its 1 million apps and games, GamePad Game Zone app also included to find the best games
  • Amazing Tablet Features: WiFi Display, HDMI, front stereo speakers, Front camera for video calling and an improved multi-media thanks to Archos Media Center applications

The ARCHOS GamePad2 will be available at the end of October at €179.99 on www.ARCHOS.com.

For more information about the GamePad 2 or other ARCHOS products visit www.ARCHOS.com.

Boogie Board Rip LCD eWriter Review (Tech)



Improv Electronics has released their highly talked-about Boogie Board Rip LCD eWriter. Retailing between $100 and $130 dollars depending on the e-tailer, the Boogie Board Rip promises to allow users to take down and store quick notes, epiphanies, or any other thing one might jot down on a piece of scratch paper. Measuring about the size of an Apple iPad, the Boogie Board Rip has a body made from solid gray plastic and a large writing surface to take notes down on. The stylus is fairly generic in appearance – however is very comfortable to write with. Unfortunately, there seemed to be a “scratchy” spot on its very tip which I was afraid would scratch into the screen if I held it a certain way. Most of my note-taking, however, went well enough and I was pleased with how responsive the screen was to the swipes of the stylus. Using some free software, you can attach the Boogie Board Rip to your PC and save your current drawing or note into a PDF format. The software is also compatible with popular note software, EverNote. The PDFs were usually accurate, however every so often I would find a missing line or swipe. Apparently I did not fully contact the screen to register it – but it was enough to make a mark on the screen itself. The battery life is really long, with a standby time of two months. With normal usage, the estimate is about a week between charges.

Unfortunately, the Boogie Board Rip has its share of issues. First, is the price. Depending on where you purchase the device, $130 dollars could be put towards a far more powerful Android or Apple tablet – especially with the lower cost models out there. Another HUGE issue is the inability to erase sections of the screen. You only have the option to clear out the entire screen, which means that you cannot correct spelling errors or erase doodles while jotting things down. Additionally, the device cannot recall past notes without hooking it up to a PC. Event then, you only see PDF versions of past notes and cannot re-create them on the device itself. I would have loved to see the Boogie Board Rip recall at least my immediately-last note on the screen so I could continue where I left off.

Overall, the Boogie Board Rip is a useful, yet imperfect device that will allow you to quickly take down notes and to-do lists. It has long battery life and a responsive writing system. Just know its limitations prior to purchasing – you may just decide to go with a more robust Android or Apple tablet. If you only need to write notes or to-do lists on your refrigerator and don’t need to save or recall them, this device is right up your alley. For people needing a more capable writing pad, the Boogie Board Rip feels like a device that, in one or two more iterations would easily earn a 5 out of 5. Right now, however, there are still a lot of things that need to be corrected that would make me choose it over a tablet for taking notes.


  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to jot stuff down quickly

  • Can’t erase small portions of the screen
  • PDFs sometimes don’t reflect everything written or drawn
  • Can’t navigate through past notes
  • Scratchy stylus
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Bracketron Universal Tablet Window/Dash Mount Review (Mobile)



Let’s face it, most of us have a hard time getting the money together to get a fancy, in-dash GPS, so we wind up using a device such as smartphone or tablet instead.  Recent additional features on some devices adding voice directions help too but, sometimes, you find yourself wanting to avoid traffic or detouring for some other reason.  As a result, we may find ourselves wanting to look at it while obeying the “hands free laws” implemented in many states.  Bracketron has come up with a straight solution to this and other vehicular device desires with their Universal Tablet Window/Dash Mount.


When they say universal, they really mean universal, it is designed to be adjustable enough to fit a full size iPad, but condenses down to the point of almost being able to hold an iPhone 4S safely!  Actually in my heavy duty drop proof case it holds my iPhone quite well and secure and would take very little work to modify for most other phones.  It is designed for the tablets though and no modification is necessary to hold those.  You just put the device in the bracket, lock it in then adjust the arms how you want them to point the tablet in any direction you wish then you can lock it down again.  Easy and quick, which are two VERY important points when using such a bracket because if it takes too much time of effort it won’t be used as regularly.


Installation for window or windshield mounting is insanely easy, just putting the suction cup up against the glass and adjust the section tension using the ratcheting lever.  If glass isn’t available for mounting and your dash is too porous for a suction cup then the kit also comes with a 3M stick plate that can be stuck to a surface and used as a suction point.  I could see this being of use in particular if you have small or heavily slanted windshields such as a compact with lesser visibility in which case a tablet can take up a lot of your safe viewing space and could become a hazard.  The full size iPad in particular can cause driver visibility issues above the dash in the front windshield.  With the 3M disc any surface it will stick to becomes your mount location yet you still have the versatility of removing it when it might be in the way or you wish to use the mount in another vehicle.


This mount is also great for using a tablet as an entertainment device in the vehicle for the passengers.  If there is a sun/moon roof in the car the suction cup mount can be attached to it and then the passengers in the back seat can watch movies on it almost like it was a factory installed feature.  On the passenger side of the car sticking the suction cup on the window would back it great for mounting for kids to watch movies or the driver’s co-pilot to read the maps on it and give directions.  I can even see it being used in conjunction with a wireless keyboard to allow someone sitting in the passenger seat to use a Bluetooth keyboard on their lap while the tablet is held up at eye level for them to see.


Last Call:

The Bracketron Universal Tablet Window/Dash Mount is truly universal, with uses limited only by the imagination of the user.  My personal plans are to use it for both my iPad and my iPhone at the same time during trips so that I can use my phone hands-free but, at the same time, have the nice large screen of the iPad for mapping purposes.  At home, I have a wooden bar stool next to my gaming chair with a lacquered non-porous top so I can attach the bracket there and have it held up in front of me while I type on a Bluetooth keyboard.  I bet I will even come up with some more uses after that, maybe on the bathroom sink to angle it toward the bath to watch movies in the tub while keeping it at a safe distance?  Limited only by the user’s imagination!

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Razer Unveils Edge Gaming Tablet and Docks



LAS VEGAS (CES) – ­­­Jan. 8, 2013  It’s a tablet. It’s a PC. It’s a console. It’s all of the above: a full-feature PC and the most powerful tablet in the world. What’s more, it has four modes specially designed for gamers and is able to run all PC games and applications.

Razer™, the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, software and systems, today announced it intends to send its highly-acclaimed Project Fiona PC gaming tablet concept into production and retail distribution this year as the “Razer Edge” in North America and Asia Pacific

The Razer Edge was introduced in January 2012 at CES as Project Fiona—the world’s first tablet designed for PC gamers by PC gamers—where it received CNET’s “Best of CES 2012” People’s Voice Award, Stuff magazine’s “Hot Stuff” Award, IGN magazine’s “Best of CES” award and Laptop magazine’s “Best of CES award.

“When we decided to design a tablet from the ground up, we did it to create a phenomenal experience for mobile gamers. By combining the best of PC and console gaming with Windows 8, we’ve created a true gaming tablet,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director. “Clearly, the critical acclaim and community support the Razer Edge has enjoyed suggests we hit the mark. Now, we get to celebrate the reality of what was formerly a dream with the audience for which this groundbreaking tablet was made.”

The world’s first gaming tablet for PC gamers was also designed by PC gamers, as a massive crowdsourcing effort put into place by Razer targeted millions of gamers to determine final specifications for the Edge. Razer let its community (and the PC gaming community as a whole) decide the end-game chipset, weight/thickness, features and even price for the Edge, and hosted the initiative on its social media pages (Go to www.facebook.com/razer andwww.twitter.com/cultofrazer for more information)

PC gamers ended up helping to design the most powerful tablet in the world today, the only system of its kind utilizing technology from both Intel and NVIDIA. Powerful 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors will help ensure even the most advanced, full-fledged PC games will function at full capacity, and NVIDIA GeForce graphics will offer striking visual clarity—a first for tablet gaming and a godsend for the world’s 300 million-plus PC gamers.

“Gamers are among the most demanding audience when it comes to processor performance. We’re happy to be working with Razer to satisfy those desires by helping build one of the most powerful tablets based on the 3rd gen Intel Core family of products,” said Brad Graff, Director of Customer Marketing, Mobile Communications Group at Intel. “The Razer Edge is a testament to what can be achieved with true innovation between industry-leading companies.”


By way of a true Windows 8 operating system with Intel architecture, the broadest array of today’s most popular PC games will run natively on the Razer Edge without the need to be ported, optimized or developed anew.

That functionality out-of-the-box is prevalent in any of the Razer Edge’s modes, as the tablet offers a myriad of form factors. It’s a tablet, it’s a PC, and it’s a console.

The groundbreaking system will be available in two types: a standard Razer Edge and the Razer Edge Pro model. The base model is equipped with an Intel® Core™ i5 processor, NVIDIA GT640M LE GPU, 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, and a 64 GB SSD. The Razer Edge Pro comes replete with an upgraded Intel® Core™ i7 processor, NVIDIA GT640M LE GPU, 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, and a 128 GB or 256 GB SSD.

Both models will be available in Q1, with the Razer Edge starting at $999.

The Razer Edge Pro will additionally be offered in a bundle package with a Gamepad Controller in both the 128 GB and 256GB SSD model. Each model is available at a wide-range of retail outlets and online atwww.razerzone.com, and includes a USB 3.0 port and supports Bluetooth 4.0.

Four dedicated configurations offer maximum versatility for Razer Edge users: Tablet mode, Keyboard Dock mode, Gamepad Controller mode and Docking Station mode.

Tablet mode avails the Razer Edge with multi-touch capabilities for full Windows 8 applications, movies and music playback, in a traditional tablet form factor.

An optional Keyboard Dock gives the Razer Edge the laptop experience with a traditional keyboard and mouse, supporting a removable 40 Wh battery, so gamers can play their favorite keyboard and mouse reliant PC titles (Q3 2013).

An optional Gamepad Controller turns the Razer Edge into a mobile console, offering an immersive, portable gaming experience.  A fully programmable dual controller interface with precise analog sticks is unique among all tablets, featuring the ability to play any PC game “out of the box,” along with immersive vibration-feedback, so players can “feel” every in-game explosion and recoil. (Preorder now; MSRP: $249, available at www.razerzone.com).

An extended battery (Preorder now: MSRP $69, available at www.razerzone.com) is able to connect with both the Keyboard Dock and Gamepad Controller, and doubles battery life for the Razer Edge.

Finally, the Razer Edge can be docked in the Docking Station as part of home console mode, which serves as a full desktop and charging resource with three USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI 1.4 port, mic-in and stereo-out. Hook-up the Razer Edge to the big screen with multiple gamepad controllers and Razer gear and tag team PC games with your friends for a complete home console experience. It’s the most versatile tablet on the planet. (Preorder now; MSRP: $­­­­99, available at www.razerzone.com).


The Razer Edge tablet in its many forms is designed with ultra-precise accelerometers and a highly-sensitive, multi-touch screen.  This provides game developers with fertile new ground for engineering game experiences around the hybrid control capabilities. It also ensures current-generation PC games and those optimized for touchscreens run on the tablet. Future games developed for the Razer Edge are expected to take advantage of the integrated gamepad and functionality controls for the touchscreen and accelerometer-based movements.

For more information about The Razer Edge, please visit http://www.razerzone.com/EdgePro.


Wikipad Comes to GameStop this Halloween


LOS ANGELES, SEPTEMBER 7, 2012—GameStop (NYSE: GME), the world’s largest multichannel retailer of video games, has partnered with Wikipad, Inc. to offer the Wikipad tablet, the first tablet with an attachable console-quality gamepad controller, through its stores and website. The Wikipad will be available October 31 to consumers at a retailer price of $499 USD.

“GameStop is the retail destination when it comes to video games. Nobody but GameStop provides gamers with the best gaming content on the market. And for those that purchase or pre-order a Wikipad at GameStop, their tablet will have access to valuable extras including exclusive free, full-length game titles. The Wikipad is powered by an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and will support PlayStation®Mobile platform,” said Fraser Townley, President of Sales for Wikipad, Inc.

Customers can pre-order the Wikipad now at GameStop stores nationwide or online at www.GameStop.com. Wikipads pre-ordered at GameStop will come with value-added extras including full-length titles and an issue of Game Informer Digital.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Wikipad to launch this unique new gaming tablet,” said Joe Gorman, vice president of GameStop’s mobile business unit. “We love the innovation and know our customers are excited to see it in action.”

Wikipad will launch in October with a full suite of games delivered by the latest video game platforms, including PlayStation®Mobile, NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone, Google Play as well as several upcoming unannounced platforms.  To bring the best gaming experience to consumers, Wikipad will offer a premium 10.1” IPS screen, ultra-light chassis, quad core processor, expandable memory and an attachable console quality game controller.
For more information on the Wikipad tablet, visit: www.wikipad.com.