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Goblin Zeppelin Ambush Review (Mega Bloks)

When it comes to these product reviews we make a request for a product by just asking for “a sample” and it is a surprise what arrives.  So it was like A Christmas Story when a Mega Bloks Goblin Zeppelin Ambush arrived.  I do believe my exact words were “Wow! A zeppelin!” and from the moment I got my hands on it I carried the box close to me until I had a chance to get working on it like I was afraid it might disappear.  It didn’t and I now have plans to display it proudly over my computer while I hang out in Org and throw Papa Hummel’s onto my pets (you don’t have to be a WOW geek to truly appreciate this set, but it helps).  It was the best set I could have hoped for and I have no doubt it will bring a smile to my face for years to come.

Have A Work Space:

For those of you out there like me who have done puzzles with thousands of pieces before 310 sounds like a nice cake walk number to work with, maybe something to make on your lap while watching television.  Danger, Young Will Robinson, Danger!  This set prides itself in detail and that detail is comprised of pieces that are so small they would be a swallowing hazard for a newborn kitten. There are two node pieces in this set that are curved so not only are they easy to lose but if you drop them they will hurt really, really bad when you step on them.  So best plan is to clear a space, make sure there are no newborn kittens around, and get to work.  Experienced puzzle builders have done it in around an hour, less experienced it has taken a couple hours so you probably want to put the time aside to do it in one sitting too so you aren’t having to pack part of it away to come back to.

Use The Instructions:

Once upon a time this section would have been mostly dedicated to the guys who won’t stop to ask for directions at a gas station and who when they build a bookcase or entertainment center always have pieces left over or have to do it twice.  Those jokes no longer apply to the male half of the species anymore and with that comes the greater number of people who don’t read directions.  If you open the instruction book you will probably smirk at the fact that there are only 30 steps and start putting things together that obviously go together.  STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!  *smacks hands* each section of instructions requires multiple pieces to be put together so step one may be one picture but six pieces are put together.  When you think about the fact that is comes with 310 pieces that means over ten pieces per step average.  Take your time and make it right the first time, don’t wind up with extra parts and a wonky zeppelin.

The Results:

Ok I won’t take you step by step through the process, that would be silly.  Follow the directions and you wind up with an awesome piece of WOW merchandise with tons of display options.  The three figures come with removable armor and you have both factions represented including the two newest races.  You have the zeppelin with a cannon and a ground crossbow both which fire to give fun battle possibilities, or to shoot at someone (never aim for the face!) whichever you are most likely to do.  The zeppelin is loaded with movable and removable parts such as it’s rudder, blades, cannon, even sand bags.  I have purchased several WOW things in the past and this is by far my favorite, where most of them will just sit on a shelf I have plans to try to make this one hang from my ceiling by fishing line, maybe even go in circles if I can get things just right.  It truly is a great way to fly your geek flag.


There really aren’t many with this set, it is so awesome.  I did notice that the color on a couple pieces didn’t seem to have mixed properly so I went to check to see if that was a common issue and it seems to be to the point of it maybe being intentional, you can see it in the brown section above.  It is a bit pricey but you tend to pay a bit more for nicer toys.  The secret loot was a little underwhelming since it was a toy loot rather than an in-game loot which would have been a lot more fun, but I now have another weapon to interchange with my figures!

Last Call:

If you are a WOW fan this is definitely a set you will want to have.  The complete “assembly required” I think actually adds to it since you have the feeling of accomplishment afterwards.  Just follow the directions and be careful with the pieces because though your kid may find it fun to play with too the pieces suck to step on.  Best plan is to hang it high so you can look at it with pride while doing the latest raid or like me playing with your pet “Nuts” in front of the auction house.  Now who is going to help me talk my wife into letting me get the rocket set?  Pleeeeaaaasseee!