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Rumor: Xbox One Slim Leaks Day Before E3 Press Conference


According to a leak on NeoGaf, this is the soon to be announced (like, announced tomorrow at the Xbox E3 press event) Xbox One Slim. 40% smaller with an internal power brick and a slightly updated controller. Not to mention the ability to output 4K video and mount in a vertical stand! Of course, this is just a rumor until it isn’t. Tune into the Microsoft press event live tomorrow morning at 9:30AM PST.

Fallout 4 Tumblr Blog A Hoax But Main Teaser Site Most Likely Real

fallout3vaultboy copy

So, last week we reported on a Tumblr blog which seemed to go along with TheSurvivor2299 website which popped up some days earlier. This website is most likely a teaser counting down to a Fallout 4 reveal on December 11, 2013. However, today it looks as though the separate Tumblr blog has been revealed to be a hoax. So, while the Tumblr blog has been debunked, the original teaser website is still looking good. Here’s to crossing our fingers for a Fallout 4 reveal!

Tumblr Blog Hoax Reveal:


Possible Teaser Site for Next Fallout Game [RUMOR]

fallout3vaultboy copy

The TheSurvivor2299 website has been gaining quite the buzz around the Internet today, as Fallout-hungry geeks tear apart its HTML and CSS files looking for clues about what it maybe revealing on December 11, 2013. Looks like, if this is for real, it is a teaser for an upcoming Fallout game – whether or not this will be Fallout 4, or something else in the game universe, remains to be seen. We have reached out to Bethesda Softworks for comment.

*UPDATE: Bethesda responded to our request, simply stating:

“We aren’t making any comment on the site.”

Commented out lines of code pointing to potential Fallout images:


Xbox Infinity Rumors Resurface [Rumor]


According to a leak last year, and more recent rumors, it looks as though Microsoft’s next Xbox console will be titled the “Xbox Infinity” – with an infinity symbol resembling a Windows 8 “8” turned on its side. These rumors were further reinforced today by the good people at The International Business Times, the console will indeed be called the Xbox Infinity.

Once again, this has been a long-reported rumor which may or may not be true. So, stick around as May 21st and the big reveal is right around the corner!

Next PlayStation and Xbox Performance Details, Leak Imminent? [rumor]


If this story from VG24/7 is to be believed, it seems that Sony’s next game console, code-named “Orbis”, will be able to push 1.84 teraflops. They also report that this is far more powerful than rumors leaking out of CES that claim the Microsoft console, code-named “Durango”, will push 1.23 teraflops. If this data is correct, it would seem that the Sony console has about a 50% greater performance than Microsoft’s.

The rumors go on to say, however, that Microsoft’s “Durango” will have twice the amount of whole system RAM (Durango: 8GB, Orbis: 4GB), which could balance things out quite a bit. Both systems are said to be capable of using 100GB Blu-ray media.

Most interesting is the very bottom of VG24/7’s story, in which they claim that there are several media outlets working on “major leak stories” related to Microsoft’s “Durango”, thanks to documents supposedly obtained at CES. If all this turns out to be true, things are about to get interesting.

The Phantom Pain is Metal Gear Solid V in Disguise [RUMOR]

With “The Phantom Pain” trailer revealed at the 2012 Spike TV Video Game Awards this evening, many were left scratching their heads as no one has ever heard of Moby Dick Studios – the game’s purported developers. The supposed studio is headed by a man named “Joakim”, which is an anagram for “Kojima”. Additionally, this forum post on NeoGaf is picking up on the fact that it appears as though Metal Gear Solid character “Volgin” is staring us straight in the face for a brief moment in the trailer. Finally, the guys over at Kotaku are reporting that there are devs with The Phantom Pain shirts on in the VIP area of the Konami party tonight…. Also, Hideo Kojima was in attendance at tonight’s event. Coincidence? I think not. Signs are pointing to The Phantom Pain actually being the subtitle for Metal Gear Solid V… One can only hope!

The Phantom Pain Trailer (Skip to the 10:35 mark)

THQ on the Rocks, Cancels 2014 Lineup, Looking for Buyer [RUMOR]

It seems as though video game developer/publisher THQ may be in some serious trouble. According to a rash of Tweets sent out by Kevin Dent, who claims to head up the IGDA’s Mobile Special Interest Group, THQ has canceled its 2014 games lineup and is looking for someone to buy them out. Here are some of the Tweets he sent out:

Also heard that THQ are offering themselves to Asian firms to increase value!

@PeterSkerritt they cancelled all of their 2014

In addition, word is spreading that THQ has returned IP to Disney AFTER paying the advance, with no refund.

THQ has some very popular IPs in the gaming industry under their umbrella – with Saint’s Row, Red Faction, and Warhammer 40k to name a few. Hopefully, these rumors turn out to be false. We have sent a request for comment to THQ and will update you guys as soon as we hear more.

Xbox 720 Due in 2012 with Announcement in January (RUMOR)

File this under rumor for now, but EDGE is reporting that Ubisoft Montreal developers are currently working on build computers tricked out to match the specs of the next-gen gaming console from Microsoft. According to EDGE’s unnamed source, more of these build computers should be reaching other developers prior to Christmas of this year, pointing to an Xbox 720 (or whatever it will be called) launch later in 2012. With CES coming up in early January, it is not too hard to speculate that, if another rumor is correct, we will see some sort of announcement during the Microsoft keynote.

This other rumor, recently posted at VG247, claims that the new Xbox runs a hex-core CPU with 2GB of DDR3 RAM and will utilize an AMD processor.

Mass Effect 3 to Use Kinect? [Rumor]

According to the gang at NeoGaf, this image was recently up on GameStop’s website for BioWare’s upcoming Mass Effect 3. Even though the image is somewhat tiny, you can still make out “Better with Kinect Sensor” across the top of the box art. The image was subsequently removed from GameStop’s website but, as with most things, it lives on in Internet-land. We will, of course, find out for sure when Microsoft puts on their E3 2011 press briefing on Monday morning.


Via: EvilAvatar

Source: NeoGaf

Aliens Infestation Spotted on ACB Website

The mystery of that rumored Aliens title SEGA maybe working on along with The Creative Assembly might have just been unraveled slightly thanks to a hawk-eyed NeoGaf user. We recently spotted the report over at VG24/7 and wanted to bring it to you that the game COULD be titled “Aliens Infestation”. This title was recently registered on the dreaded Australian Classification Board website, and mentions that it is being published by SEGA and developed by WayForward. This is not entirely concrete though, as WayForward is best known for their Nintendo DS titles – not console and PC stuff.

So… COULD this be a Nintendo DS port of the TCA/SEGA title or an entirely different game? Time will tell as we get ever-closer to E3, so stay-tuned.