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Queen Mary Announces Sinister Circus

March 20, 2017 – The same creative team behind Southern California’s scariest Halloween haunt, Dark Harbor, brings their demented and twisted creativity to life through this first-ever haunted summer costume ball aboard The Queen Mary on Saturday, July 29th from 8:00pm to 1:00am.  Dark Harbor’s Sinister Circus is brought to you by The Queen Mary in conjunction with LA’s biggest haunt, Halloween and horror festival, Midsummer Scream.

Following a day of macabre fun at the Midsummer Scream event taking place at the Long Beach Convention Center, dress up to become one of the Ringmaster’s minions for Dark Harbor’s Sinister Circus.  The top three best costumes will be awarded with cash prizes with the 1st place winner receiving $250.   Dance under the evening stars while many of your favorite Dark Harbor characters make their appearance during the party.  While at the party you just might get a sneak-peak of some of the terrifying new tricks that are being “cooked” up for the 2017 season of Dark Harbor.

Tickets are available for $29 online or $34 at the door.  (Note* Dark Harbor’s Sinister Circus is a 21+ Event).  Make it a weekend stay aboard the haunted Queen Mary by using the link below to book your room that will include discounted weekend pass to Midsummer Scream, as well as discounted admission to Dark Harbor’s Sinister Circus.

Official Website

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor 2016 Review

For the past few years the Queen Mary has set sail for Halloween with a sizable event to compete with local heavyweights Halloween Horror Nights and Knott’s Scary Farm. 2016 is no different and California’s most legitimately haunted Halloween event welcomed fans aboard yet again.

Full disclosure before we get into our review; I did serve as talent at a competing Halloween attraction for over a decade. Those days are long behind me now as I turn my enthusiasm towards a critical eye for the haunt industry.


Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary has long been one of my favorite Southern California haunts. The design team knows full well the massive benefit that their host location serves them and they play directly to its strengths year after year. The Queen Mary has a long history as one of the world’s most haunted places and the team at Dark Harbor takes this opportunity to throw you right into the middle of those hauntings, sending you through the cramped bowels of the ship, diverting you to some of the most notorious locations like the ship’s pool and boiler room, and bringing you face to face with some of the more recognizable ghosts at the center of the ship’s stories.

The mazes at Dark Harbor, for the most part, have character and it shows. One consistent that I enjoyed tremendously is that almost every maze starts with a private moment with a character that brings you into the world of what you’re about to see. Take Lullaby for example. Lullaby is centered around the ghost of ‘Scary Mary,’ a little girl who long ago drowned in the Queen Mary’s pool (true story). Guests are staggered and sent through in smaller groups and are sent down the dark stairs into the lower decks of the ship by themselves so that they can start their experience by coming face to face with the clergyman presiding over Mary’s funeral. He welcomes you, says prayers for Mary, and warns you of what lies ahead. In fact, every maze is built around the concept of a singular character. The aforementioned Lullaby with Scary Mary, Dead Rise featuring the Captain, or Intrepid with the all new Iron Master.


Dark Harbor breaks down like this; Three mazes aboard the ship, two mazes inside the nearby dome, one maze outside in the midway and a handful of upcharge attractions. Of all of the attractions, I would have to say Circus was my personal favorite. Circus features a new layout versus previous years and feels like an all new maze. Circus begins with a pair of clowns guiding your group into fake hallways and dead ends before allowing you into the maze proper which is full of interactive rooms like a knee deep ball pit to crawl through or a hallway full of moving floors. Circus is located inside of the dome right next to the all new Intrepid which has the distinction of being one of the biggest disappointments of the night.

Intrepid tells the story of the Iron Master, the man in charge of building the Queen Mary. You are invited aboard his train to take a journey to his scrapyards where demonic steel workers slave away over molten iron. Unfortunately a majority of this maze felt unfinished as we were walking past unpainted walls and barely decorated scenes. What did work, however, was the wide open spaces utilized in the maze to allow their sliding talent some room to breathe and do their thing.


As far as the up-charges go, they can be skipped over for the most part. Hex is a paintball shooting gallery, nothing more, nothing less. Panic 4D is a short animated film with in theater effects like smell and water featuring CGI ripped straight out of 1998 and an over use of a poking effect that left the center of my back sore after the film was done.

Some quick takes:

  • Intrepid: An underwhelming and bare bones maze, especially considering the theming found in the other attractions. C
  • Dead Rise: Loud and aggressive. Avoid if you don’t want to get wet. Otherwise a very fun outdoor maze to cool off in. B
  • Soulmate: As good as it ever was, although an odd choice to change up its always reliable ending scene. A-
  • Circus Big Top Terror: Highlight of the night. Excellent new layout and use of interactivity. A+
  • Lullaby: Classic Dark Harbor, even if its only in its second year. Excellent use of the ship. A+
  • B340: More great use of the interiors of the ship. A
  • Hex: Avoid. Instead, go shoot paintballs at a human at a real field. F
  • Panic 4-D: Avoid. F

Overall, Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary continues to be a standout Southern California halloween attraction. Its a great, and cheaper, alternative to other local Halloween theme park attractions and shouldn’t be missed, especially as it hits its stride in its seventh year

Dark Harbor Boasts Sellout First Weekend and Nightly Special Events

IMG_2619 copy

Long Beach, Calif. – The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor opened on Thursday, October 1 and unveiled a spectacle of new, terrifying attractions. Thousands of brave thrill seekers joined the cast of spirits and ghouls for a completely sold out opening weekend. The blood curdling terror will continue with themed entertainment and thrilling special events on select nights through November 1.

This year’s Dark Harbor unveiled multiple new attractions including the horrific new maze, Lullaby, that tells the tale of the ship’s youngest soul, Scary Mary, the all-new Curse of Anubis Paintball Adventure, a Side Show of unimaginable Freaks and Oddities and the Big Top Bar featuring bubbling Absinthe potions for 21 and over guests.

Iconic Dark Harbor mazes Deadrise, B340, The Voodoo Village and Circus returned this year, each with new enhancements and horrors, haunted by the spirits of The Ringmaster, The Captain, Half Hatch Henry, Scary Mary and more than 200 grotesque monsters.

Dark Harbor offers harrowing entertainment and special ghoulish events throughout the season. A show on the main stage welcomes the Queen Mary spirits showing off their terrifying talents with magic acts, circus performances, monster dance parties, fire breathing, live bands, DJs and the Dark Harbor Sliders performing the Slider Olympics down slider alley.

Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 are the only evenings that Dark Harbor guests are invited to wear costumes. On Halloween night, Oct. 31, the iconic “Jewels” will return to Dark Harbor for a special costume contest and drag show. Nov. 1 welcomes the annual Dia De Los Muertos celebration with DJ Mikey O spinning all night long.

Dark Harbor will be open Oct. 15-18, 22-25, and Oct. 28-Nov. 1 from 7 p.m.-12 a.m. Thurs. and Sun. nights and 7 p.m.-1 a.m. Fri.-Sat. evenings. Tickets start at just $20 online. For more information, or to purchase tickets visit www.queenmary.com/events/dark-harbor.

  • October 16: Power 106 Night
  • October 17: AMP 97.1FM Night
  • October 18: KIIS FM Night
  • October 18: Fart Barf / DJ Dennis Owens
  • October 22: Power 106 Night
  • October 23: KIIS FM Night
  • October 24: KROQ 106.7FM Night
  • October 30: REAL 92.3 FM Night
  • October 31: Halloween Costume Contest & Drag Show
  • November 1: Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos with DJ Mikey O

2015 Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Review #DarkHarbor

IMG_2280 copy

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is back again for another terrifying year in the Long Beach harbor, bringing with it 6 mazes, a plethora of shows, and an eclectic assortment of freaks, ghouls, and ghosts ready to torment guests throughout the Halloween season. This year Dark Harbor debuts two brand new attractions: Lullaby, a haunted maze, and Curse of Anubis: Paintball Adventure. Also back are 5 returning, but heavily updated mazes.

Natives of Southern California are all too familiar with the Queen Mary’s historically haunted reputation and this is something that the heads of this event took very seriously. Seeing as how the ship is rumored to be inhabited by several spirits, Dark Harbor actually brought in a psychic medium, someone who can communicate with the dead, to ask permission before they went forward with building any mazes on board, just in case. We assume that they gave their approval as half of the mazes are built on the ship.

First up for the night was Soulmate.  This maze was one of our favorites last year, and this year was no disappointment. Returning as the feature of this maze is Graceful Gale who is on a mission to create her perfect mate made from all the perfect parts of the men she attracts. The length of this maze felt a bit shorter than last year, which may be due to some renovations currently taking place on the ship. However despite the length, the designers were somehow able to find room to add new scenes and scares that took this already great maze up a notch.

Also returning this year is Deadrise, located on the midway, the crew of a sunken navy ship have surface to recruit new members. This one felt longer than last year and had some added features like multiple path choices. Our hats off to the crew in this maze. These sailors were high energy, witty, and super aggressive. Definitely a must see.

IMG_2575 copy

B340 is the story of a man that went on a killing spree aboard a cruise ship and was held captive in his room (Room B340) until the ship reached shore, where he descended into madness.  This is a maze that we really enjoyed last year even though we weren’t quite sure what the story was at first. Something I took note of this year was the use of signs set throughout the queue lines of the mazes that told some of the back story of the characters and settings you are about to encounter. Having an idea of what we were about to walk into made the mazes work that much more. B340 in a word, is unsettling. Highlights for us were the church and its nuns and of course the brain room, as you literally walk through the mind of psychopath. Be sure not to skip this one.

Next we checked Curse of Anubis: Paintball Adventure. This attraction puts you into a haunted Egyptian tomb where you have to use paintball guns to fight off Anubis, the God of the Underworld and his mummies. This attraction is a $10 up charge and despite it being billed as an adventure, is nothing more than a shooting gallery featuring static and animated targets as well as a some talent dressed as mummies trying to dodge your shots. I can’t say that we didn’t have fun shooting at stuff, but I also can’t say we got $10 worth of fun.

Another up charge attraction, at a $5 admission price, is the Side Show of Freaks and Oddities, featuring the Side Show Bar and stage. This is basically a lounge and entertainment area, featuring a small stage that has rotating acts throughout the night, 2 mini mazes houses in shipping containers, and tarot card readers. This might be a good place to sit down and rest a bit while enjoying some refreshments, if it wasn’t a $5 admission. Save your money on this one and take advantage of the bar and lounge areas on the midway.

IMG_2661 copy

Back to the mazes, we headed next to the Voodoo Village. We were super impressed by this maze design and its talent. As you venture through dank swamps and catacombs, the Voodoo Priestess and her followers are looking for new sacrifices. I have to admit, the talent in the maze got good scares out of me and I’m not easy to scare. Great sets. Great talent. Great maze.

Circus has been almost completely redesigned for this year, adding in some big set pieces and new gags. Unfortunately these additions made for a much less enjoyable experience than last year. 2 of the new additions are a spinning tunnel and a ball pit. Yes I said a ball pit…one that you have to climb over a small wall and wade through to proceed. These additions were really bold ideas, and I can completely understand where the designers were going with it, however it really only served to slow the pace of traffic to a crawl so most of our time was spent standing in the maze, waiting to move forward in line. Also it should be noted, that anyone in a wheelchair or with mobility issues would have to bypass these rooms, which are a large percentage of the maze. The Queen Mary was built long before laws for handicap access existed, so when the mazes on the ship require walking up and down stairs or through paths that might not be as handicap friendly, it is somewhat understandable. This maze however is not house on the ship, and still was designed to be limiting to anyone with mobility issues, and I for one feel that is a big misstep. Skip this one unless you are really into ball pits.

IMG_2545 copy

We’ve saved the newest and best for last. Lullaby replaces last year’s ‘Submerged’ by focusing in on one of that maze’s main characters, Scary Mary. Having drowned on the ship, Mary has been rumored to have haunted the pool of the ship for decades. In this maze, she wants nothing more than to keep you aboard the ship forever as her new friend. Mary is featured in nearly every scene in this maze, seemingly appearing ahead of you over and over with no indication of how she is in every room – very impressive. The design, story, and casting of this maze is top notch. Our group enjoyed it so much that we went through several times. Be sure to check this one out and let yourself play with Mary, if you are brave.

It should be noted that we took advantage of the Fast Fright Pass, which allows you to skip most off the lines for the mazes and attractions. This is a must have for this event in our opinion as the lines get unbelievably long. These passes are well worth the prices to be able to see all the mazes as many times as you like.

Dark Harbor is well worth the price of admission. Be sure to check out the slider show on the midway and the entertainment throughout the park. Dark Harbor is open on selected dates throughout October and offers several VIP ticketing and hotel packages as well as special events throughout the Season. Be sure to check out their website for more details.

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Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Announces New Acts and Attendance Growth

qm-IMG_0822 copy

[Long Beach, Calif.] – On Thursday, October 2, The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor unleashed a spectacle of new haunted spirits, mazes and attractions that landed the annual festival on the Travel Channel’s list of the top ten haunts in the world. Nightly Dark Harbor attracts thousands of brave thrill seekers and continues to experience record-breaking attendance growth annually making it the fastest growing haunt in Southern California.

This year the annual haunt unveiled three new terrifying mazes. B340 and Soulmate depict the true torrid tales of two unfortunate Queen Mary passengers of the past. Samuel the Savage and Graceful Gale both haunt the cruise liner and take Dark Harbor guests on a horrific journey through their insanity and demise.  The new Voodoo Village maze summons the Voodoo Priestess to arise from the swamps with her band of gypsies and witch doctors to taunt guests and control all mortal and spirit souls.

The all-new Encounter experience unveiled at Dark Harbor 2014 invites a very small number of lucky (or unlucky) guests on a top-secret paranormal journey in the most intimate and frightening caverns deep within the Queen Mary ship. The Monster Midway offers the new thrilling Sinister Swings ride and welcomes back the Bucking Monster Ride and the Freakshow with a whole new cast of terrifying freaks including the harrowing Beast that has been unleashed upon all Dark Harbor guests.

Iconic Dark Harbor mazes Deadrise, Submerged and Circus returned this year, haunted by the spirits of The Ringmaster, The Captain, Half Hatch Henry, Scary Mary and more than 200 monsters nightly.

Dark Harbor presents harrowing entertainment and special ghoulish events throughout the season. A nightly show on the main stage welcomes the Queen Mary spirits showing off their terrifying talents with magic acts, circus performances, monster dance parties, fire breathing, live bands, DJs and the Dark Harbor Sliders performing the Slider Olympics down slider alley.

Oct. 25 welcomes the dancing zombies of Thrill the World Los Angeles (TTWLA), a tribute to Michael Jackson to celebrate “Thrill It” day. TTWLA will perform a special set in front of Dark Harbor’s Sinister Swings that are on loan from the Neverland Ranch.

Oct. 31 – Nov. 2 are the only evenings that Dark Harbor guests are invited to wear costumes and participate in the haunted costume contest for a chance to win a cash prize.  The iconic “Jewels” will return to Dark Harbor for a special drag show and host the costume contest on Halloween night. Oct. 31 also presents the annual Little Monster’s Ball from 4-6pm with a child-friendly version of Dark Harbor complete with trick-or-treating, face painting, family entertainment and a kids’ costume contest. Kids admission is free at the Little Monster’s Ball with purchase of a $10 parent’s general admission ticket. Nov. 1 celebrates Dia de Los Muertos with special themed monsters and an entertaining parade before the closing evening of the event on Nov. 2.

Dark Harbor will be open Oct. 23-26 and Oct. 29-Nov. 2 from 7 p.m.-12 a.m. Thurs. and Sun. nights and 7 p.m.-1 a.m. Fri.-Sat. evenings. Tickets for Sunday, October 26 and November 2 are only $19 using promo code SUN1012 when purchasing online. For more information and to purchase tickets visit www.queenmary.com/events/dark-harbor.

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Unveils “Soulmate” and “B340” Mazes


LONG BEACH, Calif., (August 21, 2014) –The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor will rise from the haunted bows of a rich, torrid history to scare all those who dare this Halloween season beginning October 2 through November 2. Dark Harbor is pleased to unveil two brand new mazes, Soulmate and B340, and an Exclusive Encounter unlike any other haunted experience onboard the infamous cruise liner.

Graceful Gale was the belle of The Queen Mary in the 1930s. As a beautiful first class passenger Gale charmed her way across the ship’s dance floor regularly until mysteriously disappearing on her final passage in 1939. The new Soulmate maze will take over the former location of the Containment maze and bring to life the haunted spirit of the frightful Graceful Gale. The story of Gale will unravel as her true spirit is revealed and those who dare will realize that Gale may not be as graceful as she appeared, but in fact is more monstrous than ever imagined. Gale will haunt The Queen Mary in order to lure suitors into her possession. Once she captures their hearts she will have her adoring minions cut them up and reassemble them to create her “perfect mate.” But Gale isn’t so easy to please and only a few creatures are suitable enough to be her dance partner. The rest of the rejects are doomed and outcast to haunt the Queen at night.

On a 1948 Atlantic voyage, third class Queen Mary passenger, Samuel, was locked away in room B340 after a violent outburst. After hours of isolation, crew found Samuel in his room, violently ripped apart. Murdered or self-induced suicide, no one knows. B340 is a new maze through Samuel the Savage’s schizophrenic journey of isolated decent into insanity. Travel through his warped mind literally and figuratively, ultimately reaching the final resting place, but only after visitors navigate a mirage of virtual B340s. Samuel is on the loose, he’s dangerous and completely out of his mind. Through his maze you may lose your own mind and find it impossible to escape.

The new Exclusive Encounters on board the Queen Mary will take a very limited number of thrill seekers on a terrifying top secret paranormal journey through the depths of the ship that have never been open to Dark Harbor guests before. Those who dare to voyage on an Encounter will be so brave they will have to sign their life away and hope that they return safely to land.

The Monster Midway, Freakshow, Mechanical Monster, The Ringmaster and all of the terrifying spirits of the Queen will return for the horror amidst freaks, food, and live entertainment.

The terror begins October 2 and runs for 20 haunted evenings through November 2 from 7 p.m. to midnight. Ticket prices start at just $20 online, with Fast Fright, VIP Passes, and lodging packages available. Season passes are also an option for optimal adrenaline seekers. For more information, or to purchase tickets online, visit www.queenmary.com/dark-harbor.

Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2012 Review

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor haunted event has returned for 2012. This year’s Dark Harbor sees one new maze featuring zombies from the deep, new main story characters, and  as an optional “R.I.P.” experience for an up-charge. Last year, the Dark Harbor was taken over by an alluring demoness known as Bundarra. This year, the ghosts of the R.M.S. Queen Mary have returned to take it back. The main characters can be found in both the mazes as well as walking about. All are actors and able to interact with the crowd. They do a very good job of staying in character and thinking quickly on their feet when asked off-the-wall things by guests.

Most of the mazes at the event have not changed much since last year. However, the park has a new maze called “Deadrise” which features a burnt out ship hull and a crew of ghoulish sailors. The maze was interesting, with lots jagged metal set pieces. The ship hull is also very impressive from the maze entrance, with fire rushing up from its smokestack. The only feedback I would give its monsters is that they are a little too reliant on banging pipes against the metal objects. Upon exiting the maze, our ears were actually ringing. “The Cage” also returns much to my dismay – the maze always gives me a bad taste in my mouth as we pushed our way through other guests, all lost in which way to go. I hope that the Dark Harbor event changes out this one for next year’s event.

Thankfully, the mazes onboard the Queen Mary herself are still very effective and scary. In an interesting anecdote, we had to evacuate one of them as a fire alarm sounded. Some of the other guests thought it was just part of the experience but maze monsters and staff were very courteous and efficient at clearing everyone out. Thankfully, it turned out to be a false alarm. Overall, the shipboard mazes are still the scariest of the event. The sets are creepy as can be and the monsters are all good at staying in character. I would highly recommend that guests be sure not to miss them.

The “R.I.P.” program is an up-charge experience where guests can enjoy the R.I.P. Lounge during the night (with food and 4 drink tickets) as well as get fast-lane access to all the mazes. The lounge served us some tasty beef or chicken street tacos and the bar was adequately-stocked. I am not sure if I would recommend the $99 dollar experience unless you were planning to attend on a busier night like on a Friday or Saturday. On the night we attended – which, admittedly, was during the first weekend of their event, was very lowly-populated. Additionally, Dark Harbor still has a great bar and stage area set up and is definitely a focal point of the event. The band that played while we were in attendance were simply “rocking” and the bar area was a great place to hang out and chat with friends before entering the mazes.

Overall, the 2012 Queen Mary Dark Harbor haunted event is a fun, albeit spotty, haunted experience – especially for the 21 and over crowd looking to hang with friends, watch some live bands, drink, and go into some haunted mazes. For younger crowds or those looking for a more solid haunted event at the expense of the live music and alcohol, I would recommend they look elsewhere this year.


Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2011 – Review

In 2010, the Queen Mary introduced Southern California to its Dark Harbor haunted attraction. With five haunted mazes, live music, and a nice bar area the event was a force to be reckoned with on the haunted attraction landscape. This year, Dark Harbor is back with a new line-up of live music as well as some refinements to its inner-workings and haunted mazes.

We were invited to their opening night to checkout the park and were instantly impressed with the much more efficient security checkpoint. Last year, the lined clogged up quite a bit as pat-downs went on and people were questioned. This time around, the security staff moved quickly and people poured into the entrance area. After making our way through the cool cargo container scare zone, we found ourselves right in front of the Nightmariner’s Bar, where patrons can grab a drink or two and enjoy some live music from various local bands. This year’s list of live music is quite the line up and patrons are in for a treat, no matter what night they attend the event.

The first maze on our walk-through was The Cage. Last year, The Cage felt like a lawsuit waiting to happen as guests tried (and often failed) to navigate their way through the maze. While still a bit winding, this year’s The Cage features a much better layout and some great rooms, like a hallway of hands… You will see when you go through. The talent was very excited to be working the maze and we definitely got more than our fair share of jumps and scares. Also of note is that the staff on-hand quickly and efficiently got us a supervisor for our video walk-through (see below).

Village of the Damned was our next maze of the night. The maze sends guests through various parts of a small hamlet under the control of various creatures and monsters. This maze also introduced us to the first of two featured monsters – actual performing talent. In this maze, it was the Mayor of the Village of the Damned, petitioning us to vote for him in their upcoming election. The overall maze design seemed the same as last year and, like The Cage, the talent really stepped up their game and worked for their scares.

Containment was the first maze to take us aboard the Queen Mary herself, in a ward looked after by the dreaded Doctor. All the talent worked into their roles as patients of the doctor and were very vocal in expressing their fear of the character. Featured in the maze were some very cool and bloody props that inspired not just disgust, but also awe in their design. The doctor character was well animated and performed his lines with a natural cadence. More haunted attractions should incorporate features characters like this, where appropriate.

Hellfire saw us delve into a ship ablaze. The maze made great use of fog effects and told a story of people committing arson inside the ship, which ends up claiming many lives. The design of the maze was incredible, with a lot of singed props and draping about to set the mood. The talent, like those in the mazes we already spoke of, was incredible and should be commended for their opening night performance. Hopefully, they will be able to keep up this intensity throughout their run. Hellfire did have one thing that left us wanting. Last year, the bridge across the boiler room had guests looking down upon some very cool projected flames. This year, guests are treated to a few spark throwers below, but the effect feels too far away and limited in scope to be effective. I hope they bring the projection effects back for next year’s offering.

The final maze of the evening was Submerged which shows a ship in distress, taking on water. The use of pumped water effects in this maze was brilliant and disturbing. Water on a boat is always a bad sign… While this maze did not have a featured character in the way the others did, a small-in-size woman playing a child looking for her “mommy” was eerie and she did a great job of playing the role.

Overall, the Queen Mary’s 2011 offering of Dark Harbor was a lot of fun and we would recommend it to anyone looking for a haunting good time this month. It has more than enough scares for the younger crowd and plenty of adult-oriented fun for us “older” folks. Checkout their official website for ticket info and more.



Brief Clips

The Cage

Village of the Damned




Dark Harbor Construction Begins

The Queen Mary has announced that construction has officially-commenced on their upcoming Dark Harbor, Halloween-themed attraction. This construction not only includes the event’s five haunted mazes, but also the cargo container centerpiece which shoots fire into the air at regular intervals.

“We are having fun with every maze and coming up with numerous changes and enhancements in themes,” said Director David Wally. “Plus, we’ll have 20 percent more performers this year, which means more scares for guests and even more bang for the buck.”

In addition to noting that several local bands and performances will also take place throughout the run, officials stated that the event’s storyling has been expanded to include several more key characters:

Additionally, an expansion of last year’s storyline will have mortals looking over their shoulders throughout the event. Fans may recall that Dark Harbor is populated by the souls ripped from the earth by Bundara – the all-powerful sadistic She-demon who controls the sea and the land along with her sisters, Searer and Mattenoot, and hatchet men, the Barkers. Last year, Bundara’s sisters suffered in exile because Bundara selfishly chose not to include them in her bacchanal. But this year, Searer and Mattenoot are out of exile and not happy to have missed out on last year’s carnage. Expect horrifying and entertaining interplay between the three sisters throughout each evening.

Tickets are on-sale now at the event’s official website.

Dark Harbor Returning to Queen Mary this October

The Queen Mary has announced that its Dark Harbor haunted event will be returning to Long Beach for another Halloween season. This year, Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor will run on various dates starting from October 7 through October 31. Please check the full schedule below and over at the event’s official website.

“The Queen Mary is often cited as one of the most haunted places in the world,” said paranormal expert and ship guide Erika Frost. “This gives the event an atmosphere unlike any theme-park haunt. For instance, one of the mazes crosses the first-class swimming pool where many visitors claim to have encountered a little girl wandering around searching for her doll or mommy. Or, if they haven’t seen her, they’ve reportedly heard her.”

The Gory Details:

Dark Harbor Nights in October
7, 8, 9
14, 15, 16
20, 21, 22, 23
27, 28, 29, 30, 31