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Starfighter Inc Kickstarter Relaunches

SAVANNAH, GA, March 17, 2017 — Straight from their popular hands-on multiplayer debut at PAX East, Impeller Studios unveiled their Kickstarter re-launch today (link) and hit 25% funding in its first hours. Their first attempt attracted 5,389 backers, but only reached 90% of their goal, so no funds came from it. Lead designer, David Wessman (X-Wing series of Star Wars Space Combat Simulators™, Blood Wake™, and Saints Row™) explained, “Last time we pitched the vision of our concept, but this time we can actually show it. The response from space sim fans and core gamers at PAX East was amazing. We’ve been able to create a multiplayer combat experience in space that is both realistic and fun.”

Project Director, Jack Mamais (designer of critically acclaimed Crysis™ & director behind the popular MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries™ title) attributes this to a very hard working team and the power of Epic’s Unreal Engine 4. “It certainly doesn’t hurt that we also have the support of some industry heavyweights such as Alienware, Logitech. Nvidia, Oculus, Thrustmaster, and Valve.”

Leading the team’s ambitious goal to have an engaging narrative is Rusel DeMaria,author of original Star Wars™ fiction for the X-Wing and TIE Fighter games and narrative lead. From their Kickstarter page: “Mission outcomes affect the balance of power and allow players to drive the evolving narrative. Thus the player community will collectively have a real effect on the corporate power struggles and politics of the Starfighter Inc. universe.”

David continued, “Every time we demo our game, we gain new fans and true believers. This is the sort of project that people get really passionate about – even folks who had no previous interest in space combat sims! We’ve been extremely fortunate to attract some amazing talent. A great example is the compelling video (link) narrated by esteemed actress Emma Samms (General Hospital, Dynasty). We’re very grateful that she donated her time to record this video! You’ll also find it under the Narrative section of the Kickstarter campaign.

Now we’re ready to rock with this new campaign. And as the Kickstarter continues over the next 30 days, we’ll reveal even more details about the ships, weapons, missions, and our innovative narrative system that will keep players immersed and directly involved in the events and the evolving universe of Starfighter Inc. We’ll also be posting more videos as well as interviews with members of the team. And we might also have some surprises (Pilot Aptitude Test – hint, hint) in store for our fans and backers.

Starfighter Inc.’s first Kickstarter Live stream is scheduled for this Sun. March 19th at 4PM Eastern: “Multiplayer Gameplay Q&A” and will be hosted by the game’s director, Jack Mamais.

“I am super excited to see the crazy space fighter child of the X-Wing and MechWarrior 2 teams.” – Luke Crane, Head of Games at Kickstarter

“It was great to meet you guys at PAX East last week. Your passion for this game shows and you and your game were a highlight of my first PAX experience. It’s only right; then, that you are also my first Kickstarter pledge!” – Chris G. (from Kickstarter comments)

Kickstarter Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/impellerstudios/starfighter-inc-0

Banner Saga 3 Kickstarter Launches

AUSTIN, TX – January 24th, 2017 – Stoic, an independent game development company, today announced that the crowdfunding campaign for Banner Saga 3 is now live on Kickstarter. The 30 day campaign aims to raise at least  $200,000 to bring the award winning, BAFTA-nominated series to a worthy, climatic conclusion. The turn based strategy game, which is steeped in viking culture, originally came to be made after a remarkably successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2012 which allowed the team to raise the bar on production and development plans and saw the first game, The Banner Saga, launch to critical acclaim. Banner Saga 3 will be the third and final part to this epic, story-driven saga.

“We’re going full circle and returning to Kickstarter where it all began. In 2012, the backers were instrumental in bringing the saga to life, smashing our initial funding target that led us to increase the scope, fidelity and production values of Banner Saga”, said John Watson, co-founder and Technical Director at Stoic. “We’re proud to be indie, and despite the stellar support we get from our publisher, Versus Evil, we’re not taking any outside funding to bring this series home, we’d love Kickstarter support to add additional features that are simply beyond our current budget”.

In Banner Saga 3, players will embark on their final journey beyond the wall of Darkness to traverse the world unlike anything encountered in previous sagas. The beautifully hand drawn Viking role-playing adventure will once again test the player’s resolve through epic tactical battles against deadly adversaries where a player’s choice directly affects their personal journey. The lives of your clansmen and their families have never been more significant than in the final act of the series. Banner Saga 3 stretch goals for the Kickstarter campaign will aim to enhance the game further if the initial funding goal is met, ultimately this will include more content to help drive the story and add even more production value to the final game.

The Banner Saga launched to critical acclaim and has received several awards and nominations, including winner of the 2014 Geekie Awards for “Best Video Game”, winner of 2014 Game Developers Choice: “Best Debut” award, finalist placement for “Excellence in Visual Arts” category at the Independent Game Festival, three BAFTA Award Nominations, and was the winner of Pocket Gamer’s 2015 Best Adventure/RPG Game and Best Android Game of the Year. The sequel, Banner Saga 2 has also received several nominations and award wins, including a Pocketgamer Gold Award, a nomination for Best Strategy Game at the 2016 Video Game Awards, and has been selected as a finalist for the 20th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards in the Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year category. Banner Saga 2 was also a runner up for Best Strategy Game in RPG Fans best Strategy Game and Hardcore Gamers Best of 2016 Awards and is available now for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Android and iOS.

To learn more about The Banner Saga Trilogy visit its brand new website at: http://bannersaga.com

Ninja Loop And Petite Loop Product Review

Anybody who knows me in real life or reads me regularly knows that I am disabled with a combination of degenerative bone disease and nerve damage. Last night I went to a very fancy dinner for a relative and I had a hand spasm that causes food to go flying off the table.  Because these spasms occur frequently, I carry a combination wallet/phone case and I’m always using devices or cases that I can strap to my hand to keep it from flying away.  For the last year, I have been using an As Seen On TV product called The Love Handle which is a 3M adhesive plastic bar attached to a case with a stretchy fabric on it to slide over my fingers.  It works extremely well but has resorted in me using very utilitarian cases because any design would be covered by the bar.  So tonight I am trying out Ninja Loop and Petite Loop to see if they offer me another solution that might give me some case choices while maintaining the phone safety,


Getting A Grip:

Each of these has a style to meet a slightly different functionality while at the same time getting the job done. First I will start with a Ninja Loop since it seems the closest to my current Love Handle. Instead of anchoring on the outside like the Love Handle the Ninja Loop has a self-adhesive that attaches to the inside of the case, passes through one of the holes at the bottom of the case, up  the back of the case with room for about two fingers to hold between the ribbon and the case, then through the lens cutout and attaching again inside the top of the case using the self-adhesive.  Where you send the Ninja Loop through the bottom decides how you will hold it so this is important to take into consideration and it will also decide how much of the outer part of the case is shown.  If you bought the case for the design on it rather than function then the Ninja Loop might not be for you (don’t rule out the Petite Loop) or you will want to pick one in a color that goes well with the pattern.  If you have a bulky protective case where you have to use and adapter plug to get to the headset and charging jacks or if it is a all weather proof case then this might not be the one for you but for others it’s simple but effective features have some definite pluses.


For testing I used a plain black case for my iPhone 6Plus by Ballistic. The case is specifically made with acidental dropping in mind, maybe even stopping a mugger’s knife so I felt secure with giving the Ninja Loop a good a proper testing. First off when you start trusting your phone to a ribbon it is a bit disconcerting.  Even knowing the obvious physics behind it I had to train my hand to let the ribbon slide between my fingers and hold by it while using my thumb to hit button all over the place.  The next test was to shake my hand around a lot to simulate someone running but also to simulate a spastic motion of my hand. Even with some heavy spastic moves it still held up. The hardest part has to be training your mind to accept the Ninja Loop as sturdy enough to not send your phone flying away into traffic or falling overboard while taking a picture of a sunset at sea.  Once you attach it it will stay there until you decided to remove it, which might be done to mix up the colors fashion wise or maybe you got a stain on it out for sushi and you don’t want it to look ugly or start to smell like fish.  Cost effectiveness is definitely an important aspect of it.


The Petite Loop was up next and though it’s design of use is different I could see this one becoming their best seller.  It is a loop of ribbon that self-adhesives to the back of your phone and comes out the charging port of your case.  Since every phone has a charging port and the ribbon isn’t very large then Petite Loop is unobstructive but completely usable. You can any design or style to your case and it will show all of it while at the same time adding a great sense of security.  You just slide it over your wrist then when you swing the phone forward to use it then let it just swing back onto your wrist when you are done with it.  That makes it great for on the go in heavily traffic ed areas where a phone might get jostled from your hand or when you are doing something athletic it can just swing from you wrist until you are ready to use it.  If you are concerned about it maintaining it’s hold then there is a fun video I will post at the end where they use a fish scale and show 33 pounds of pull on the wristband and it still maintaining attached to your phone. Once again the Petite Loop is also so affordable that if you get anything on it you can just replace it or if you change cases and the style conflicts pick up another, you can afford it.


Letting Go:

The Ninja Loop and Petite Loop were originally a Kickstarter project, but they are off and running and for good reason. The “Loop” family of products are extremely user friendly, come in a variety of styles to fit whatever the user needs.  They could even be used in tandem or with other products and will make me feel much more secure with my disability and handling of my technology.

Ninja Loop And Petite Review Score

(5 out of 5)

Dual Universe is the Third Most Funded Video Game Kickstarter in 2016

Paris, France, October 11, 2016 – Paris-based game studio Novaquark announces the successful completion of its Kickstarter campaign for Sci-Fi MMORPG Dual Universe. Backers of the civilization-building game helped the team achieve its initial €500k goal by raising over €565k before the campaign’s conclusion today, becoming the third most funded video game on Kickstarter in 2016.

“We did incredibly well thanks to our amazing community! It’s even more impressive considering the fact that the studio went from having no visibility to a successful €565k campaign in a matter of three months.” says JC Baillie, Creative Director & Founder of Novaquark. “We introduced our game during the last E3 in June 2016 and rose to become the third most funded Kickstarter videogame launched in 2016, with a vibrant and growing community.”

Novaquark expresses great thanks and gratitude to all the backers of this innovative title. Due to popular demand, the developers are also working on a crowdfunding website to make their stretch goals. It will feature alternate payment methods, such as PayPal, and will provide backers another way to access similar pledges to the ones on its Kickstarter campaign.

The crowdfunding page will be accessible here:


The passionate Dual Universe fan base has already led to the creation of about 900 organizations established on the role-playing community website. Additionally, the game’s Facebook page features over 50,000 fans with a healthy 40% growth since the last E3.

Dual Universe Community Portal


Dual Universe takes players back to the roots of the MMO genre with emergent gameplay and a fully editable world. The game provides one centralized and unique persistent universe shared by everyone at the same time with no instances, zones, or transitions. Everything in the game is player-made and player-driven. Players can freely modify the voxel-based universe by creating structures with no limit in size, from spaceships to giant orbital stations, giving birth to empires and civilizations while managing the in-game economy, politics, trade and warfare.

About Novaquark
Novaquark is a Paris-based game studio formed in 2014 by veterans from Ubisoft, Sony, Apple and Aldebaran Robotics, with a mission to renew the MMO genre through technological innovation. Dual Universe, their flagship title, fosters massively emergent gameplay in a huge, continuous single-shard virtual world. The studio is currently hiring experienced and motivated candidates in various domains of expertise.

Check out the latest news

Game site: https://www.dualthegame.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dualuniverse

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dualuniverse

Devblog: https://devblog.dualthegame.com

Community: https://community.dualthegame.com

Forum: https://board.dualthegame.com

Music: https://soundcloud.com/dualuniverse

Epic Roll: Eclipse Reaches Kickstarter Half Way Point

October 10, 2016 – With over two weeks still to go in its Kickstarter campaign (Back Us Here), Epic Roll: Eclipse has passed 50% funding, and the owners are optimistic about the future of their first crowdfunding project. Jon and Matt Nord from Summon Entertainment talked about the project thus far, and their plans going forward.

Matt: “So far we’re seeing a lot of support from Epic Roll owners, and players we’ve met at game conventions over the past year – Gen Con for sure, but also KublaCon and Strategicon. It’s pretty cool when backers tell you they played a round or saw a demo of Eclipse months ago, and they’ve been waiting for the Kickstarter to pop up. The campaign is putting Eclipse and Epic Roll in front of new audiences as well. We’re seeing a strong number of Canadian and European backers that we otherwise would have had a hard time reaching.”

To date there have been three stretch goals announced – one social stretch goal giving backers a bag in which to carry the game or draw tokens from, and two more lurking beyond the project’s funding goal. The first of these provides backers with “Magic Item” cards they are able to choose for their characters at the beginning of each game. The second stretch goal unlocks two additional characters – a zombie called “William the Undying” and “Bundi”, a hammer-wielding Dwarf. Both characters include their own die and ability cards, along with unique magic item cards.

Jon: “Eclipse got great reactions from attendees at Gen Con. Players were most excited about the ways it expands the original game, with a higher player count and more direct effects against opponents. That’s the plan with Eclipse and our future Epic Roll expansions – providing fun new content, as well as more ways to play with your existing collection. The initial stretch goals we chose allow players to customize games with additional strategy and complexity, and challenge players with unusual characters existing outside the dynamic of the core champions. The result is more replay value for veteran board gamers.”

We’ll keep an eye on this project as it develops. By the time we’re watching horror movie marathons and handing out candy, Epic Roll: Eclipse may give gamers one more reason to celebrate.

For more information on the Epic Roll series, artwork, and product photos, visit the http://www.epicroll.com/

Epic Roll: Eclipse Kickstarter Underway

September 27, 2016 – The first stand-alone expansion for the Epic Roll series comes to Kickstarter on September 27th.  Epic Roll: Eclipse invites players to don their black hats (helmets and cowls are also acceptable) as they quest to dethrone the Paladin King and plunge his realm into darkness.

Epic Roll: Eclipse is a portable, quick-playing board game combining an RPG dungeon crawl with press-your-luck mechanics.  Eclipse can be played on its own as a 2-3 player game, or along with the original Epic Roll, allowing up to 6 players to compete individually or in teams.


Eclipse’s three new (and rather sinister) playable characters, expanded treasure card deck, and support for both Quick-Play and Veteran rules make Epic Roll: Eclipse a great addition to any game collection, and a must for fans of the series.

About Summon Entertainment, Inc

Based in Orange County, California, Summon Entertainment was founded in 2015 as a developer and publisher of fantasy and sci-fi themed games. Focused on delivering high-quality original titles, Summon is dedicated to providing fun and value for gamers, and supporting the retailers serving them. To contact Summon or locate authorized distributors, visit the Summon Entertainment company website . For more information, news, and event photos, visit the official Facebook page.

inSomnia Devs Put Out Call to Arms

SAMARA, Russia – May 18, 2016 – Studio MONO are sending out a call to arms, to help bring InSomnia over the line. Their dystopian RPG is now 70% funded, with an incredible £38,000 pledged by 1,289 backers and has one week to go.

“This is a plea to all of the RPG lovers out here. We’ve had an incredible response to the InSomnia Kickstarter and of our Prologue chapter. With the continued support of our backers and fans, we can hit our target!” said Anatoliy Guyduk, lead developer at Studio MONO. “However, there’s still a mountain to climb, but we’re confident that once people have played our Prologue chapter, they’ll love InSomnia and the murky underbelly of a universe its set within.”

Fallout inspired InSomnia is dystopian vision, set in a murky, retro-futuristic style. The game takes place on a colossal, semi-deserted interplanetary space station. Having left their dying planet behind, this space metropolis, along with its inhabitants, has been moving towards the distant, ghost-like Evacuation Point for the past 400 years, where the descendants of the once great people hope to start over the history of mankind.

Kickstarter: http://insomnia-project.com/kickstarter

About Studio Mono

Studio MONO was founded in Samara, Russia in 2011 by Anatoliy Guyduk. With a core development team, they’re joined by freelance individuals from all over the world – including Malaysia, the U.S., Russia, the Netherlands and Ukraine – Studio MONO is a talented group of professionals who have been active in the world of game design for many years.

Retro-Futuristic RPG InSomnia Returns to Kickstarter

SAMARA, Russia – April 27, 2016 – Today InSomnia, a dystopian dieselpunk RPG, from indie developer Studio MONO, has returned to Kickstarter to secure the funds required to complete the game.

“It was no easy decision to return to Kickstarter. After evaluating the progress made on the project, thanks to the funds from our previous Kickstarter campaign and the over £100,000 we’ve spent out of our own pockets, we’ve got to a point where we need additional funding. The money’s for one final push to take the game past the current Prologue Chapter we have released to the public.” said Anatoliy Guyduk, lead developer at Studio MONO.

“We switched from Ogre 3D to UE4, and are thrilled with the improvements in both the visuals and the performance of the game. The Prologue Chapter, which is up to four hours long – depending on how much you explore and do, will show you how passionate we all are for InSomnia. We hope that you’ll support us in our dieselpunk inspired journey, one last time!”

InSomnia is dystopian vision, set in a murky, retro-futuristic style. The game takes place on a colossal, semi-deserted interplanetary space station. Having left their dying planet behind, this space metropolis, along with its inhabitants, has been moving towards the distant, ghost-like Evacuation Point for the past 400 years, where the descendants of the once great people hope to start over the history of mankind.

Game Features

  • Multi-layered role playing game
  • Dark retro-futuristic setting
  • Hardcore gameplay
  • Non-linear story
  • Colossal space metropolis to explore
  • Realistic combat system
  • Generated quests and events
  • Atmospheric ambient soundtrack

About Studio Mono
Studio MONO was founded in Samara, Russia in 2011 by Anatoliy Guyduk. With a core development team, they’re joined by freelance individuals from all over the world – including Malaysia, the U.S., Russia, the Netherlands and Ukraine – Studio MONO is a talented group of professionals who have been active in the world of game design for many years.

Carmack and Romero Announce Blackroom

April 25, 2016 John Romero and fellow id Software co-founder Adrian Carmack proudly announce BLACKROOM™, a visceral, varied and violent shooter that harkens back to classic FPS play with a mixture of exploration, speed, and intense, weaponized combat. Use fast, skillful movement to dodge enemy attacks, circle-strafe your foes, and rule the air as you rocket jump in the single- and multiplayer modes. Powered by Unreal Engine 4 and fully moddable on PC, the game is being developed with community at its core, starting with today’s launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund development.

Features of BLACKROOM™:

  • Reign supreme in a variety of multiplayer modes, including co-op, 1-on-1 deathmatch and free-for-all arena in a wide variety of locations including hardcore military sims, hellish infernos and interstellar space.
  • Delve into a captivating 10+ hour single-player campaign, spanning wildly varied environments, from ruined Victorian mansions to wild west ghost towns to swashbuckling pirate galleons and beyond.
  • Master fast, skillful movement with rocket jumping, strafe jumping and circle strafing.
  • Challenge yourself with expert abstract level design, invented and perfected by John Romero and made material by Adrian Carmack. Romero’s latest map, Tech Gone Bad, has received universal praise and over 1M unique impressions.
  • Master six built-in multiplayer maps, as well as countless maps created by the community.
  • Extend your experience with full mod support and dedicated servers.
  • Put your skills to the test in Challenge Modes (speedrunning and more) that present unique and demanding goals.
  • Affect the holographic worlds in the BLACKROOM™ with a device called the Boxel, and influence the environment, your weapons and your enemies.
  • Features new soundtrack compositions by acclaimed metal guitarist George Lynch.

In the single-player campaign, step into the shoes of Santiago Sonora, Chief hNode Engineer at HOXAR™, Inc., the world’s foremost creator of holographic simulations. The company’s exciting BLACKROOM™ technology allows users to be anywhere at any time, creating fully-realized holographic worlds that are indistinguishable from reality, all inside of a giant black room. When testing of their new leading-edge Predictive Memory technology reveals troubling anomalies that blend the real world with the virtual, you’re sent in to investigate and are swept across a staggering and dangerous array of simulations developed for BLACKROOM™ users, from medieval castles to horror sets. Peering into your mind and tapping into your deepest memories and fears, however, it’s clear that the BLACKROOM™ is not all fun and games.

BLACKROOM™ reunites game lead John Romero and art director Adrian Carmack, who co-founded id Software and co-created some of the industry’s seminal video game franchises, including Wolfenstein, DOOM and Quake. The Night Work Games team carries on that history of innovation with BLACKROOM™, with a focus on fast-paced action, pushing technical boundaries and developing community-focused, mod-friendly games.

“It is incredible to work with Adrian again,” said John Romero, game lead. “We’re developing exactly the type of game we think a lot of shooter fans want. It’s the type of shooter we’re known for, and the type of game we love to play ourselves. It’s a skillful shooter, from movement to weapon and map mastery.”

Adrian, who got his start with John in 1990 at Softdisk before going on to co-found id Software, echoed Romero’s comments.  “It’s been great working with John again, and we’re really setting out to produce a visceral FPS,” said Adrian Carmack, art director at Night Work Games. “Because of the BLACKROOM™’s setting, we have a lot of freedom to create environments that players might not expect in an FPS. BLACKROOM™ technology lets its users enter just about any universe imaginable, and gives them the power to alter the world. That gives me lots of artistic freedom.”

BLACKROOM™ is targeted for release in winter 2018 on PC and Mac, DRM-free and on Steam. The team today launched its Kickstarter campaign, which will help the team fulfill and expand upon its ambitious plans and gives the community a unique opportunity to get directly involved in the game’s development. Visit the Kickstarter page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nightworkgames/blackroom-a-new-fps-from-romero-and-carmack?token=07458251.

For more information on BLACKROOM™ and to stay up-to-date with the latest developments, visit the official Night Work Games (www.nightworkgames.com) site and follow the studio on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/nightworkgames), Twitch, Twitter (@nightworkgames) and YouTube.

Night Work Games, the dark and violent subsidiary of Romero Games, is home to a group of dedicated, fun and experienced game developers based in Galway, Ireland. We create and develop the type of games that we love to play.

BLACKROOM™, HOXAR™ and NIGHT WORK GAMES™ are trademarks of Romero Games, Ltd.

DOOM® is a registered trademark of and Quake™  is a registered trademark of id Software LLC, a ZeniMax Media company

War of Rights Kickstarter Announced


October 15 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark – Today Campfire Games is pleased to announce the launch of their Kickstarter for American Civil War FPS game, War of Rights.

War of Rights is a multiplayer game set around the tumultuous period of the American Civil War, during the Maryland Campaign of September 1862. Campfire Games is devoted to presenting the gruesome and glorious elements of the period, while maintaining the highest level of historical accuracy and realism as possible thanks to the wonders of CRYENGINE. Having been in development for over three years, the team at Campfire Games is taking to Kickstarter to aim to secure the funds needed to complete the game.

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1947432146/war-of-rights
YouTube: https://youtu.be/z5snMNkXdoo
Steam Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=534499215
Twitter: @WarofRights
Facebook: War of Rights

Players will be able to take on the multiple battlefields of the campaign, from the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, where the Siege of Harper’s Ferry took place, to the ridgelines of South Mountain, to the meandering waters of Antietam Creek at the Battle of Antietam. Additionally, players will also be able to choose from a list of regiments that fought in each battle, as well as what rank to fight as, whether they want to slog it out as a lowly private, or orchestrate the carnage and mayhem as a Major General.

“With War of Rights having now been in development for over three years, we felt it was the right time to finally get the game to Kickstarter to secure the required funds.” said Emil Alexander Hansen, co-founder and technical artist at Campfire Games. “War of Rights is something very special to us, we’re incredibly passionate for historical accuracy and so with a successful crowdfunding campaign, we’ll be able to dedicate the time and attention the game needs to be and with the power of CRYENGINE, it’ll allow us to deliver something that’s truly authentic.”

Each map contains a period reconstruction of the buildings, farms, forests, roads and rocks that existed so that players can fight through the streets of Harper’s Ferry, in the wooded heights of Fox’s Gap at South Mountain, or in the wheat fields and Bloody Lanes of Antietam with great accuracy. Players can feel the whiz of each deadly shot and shell fly by their bodies, or hitting their comrades, or themselves, as they scream in a bloody hail from their wounds.

Campfire Games brings the fighting of the Civil War right to the player’s computer screen!

About Campfire Games
Campfire Games is a Danish indie developer founded by Emil Alexander Hansen and Mads Støjko Larsen. They’re currently working on War of Rights, a game set during the American Civil War. The team consists of talented people from all over the world, including both newcomers as well as veterans of the industry. Amongst the current team members are people who have been involved in Verdun and Space Hulk, as well as on other American Civil War themed game projects.

About Crytek
Crytek is an independent videogame developer, publisher and technology provider with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and seven other studios around the world. Established in 1999, Crytek has created multiple award-winning titles, including the original Far Cry, the Crysis series, Ryse: Son of Rome and Warface. All of Crytek’s games are developed using CRYENGINE, the company’s cutting-edge 3D game technology, which is also the first choice of other leading developers and licensees when creating games for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, Wii UTM, iOS and Android. Crytek’s ongoing growth in the games-as-a-service market has extended the company’s reach as they continue to deliver top quality interactive experiences to players through self-publishing platforms