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The Thing at The Great Horror Movie Night

I had heard about the Great Horror Movie night from a newsletter that went out from Ten Thirtyone Productions, the company behind the LA Haunted Hayride and Great Horror Campout events. While the idea of going out to Griffith Park’s Old Zoo and watching a classic horror flick on a big screen sounded like a lot of fun, my schedule just never permitted getting out to LA on a Friday evening. Then it happened: Friday, March 3 was free and the folks at the Great Horror Movie night invited us to come out to see what it was all about. The best part of the screening was that it was a screening of John Carpenter’s seminal horror classic, The Thing!

We drove out to LA in the late afternoon/early evening and arrived at the designated parking areas about 5:45 PM. The “doors” (remember, it’s a park) open at 6:00 PM, so we were right on time to camp out a good sitting spot. the area designated for seating is spacious and at an incline so that no matter where you sit, you have a very clear view of the large, inflatable projector screen. We were lucky enough to get tickets for the reserved seating area right in front, but would have been completely happy even if we were in the back. Seating is on a lawn and you should definitely bring some blankets, pillows, or small chairs to sit upon. There are chair requirements for everyone’s viewing enjoyment. Chairs can’t be taller than 21 inches at the seat back and a maximum of 6 inches off the ground at the seat. Taller chairs are not prohibited outright, but you would be asked to move them to the side of the viewing area so you don’t block anyone’s vantage.

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At 7:30 PM, the movie was set to start and, about that time, the headmaster (who is a character from the Great Horror Campout) came out in front of the screen and entertained the crowd with some trivia games and prize giveaways. Prizes included candy, other snacks, and even free tickets to upcoming Great Horror Movie Nights! After introducing the movie, the lighting was dimmed and the movie began with some original, campy trailers (showing the upcoming films of the Great Horror Movie Night). After the screening, the headmaster came back out and thanked everyone for coming out.

Snacks and other concessions were available at the old zoo’s “caves” which, a long time ago, used to house animals for the enjoyment of zoo guests. Concessions were decent, and I would recommend supporting the event by purchasing them on-site. For those of you nervous about being out in the Old Zoo after dark, the event made sure to have security and other staff on-site to keep everything running smoothly.

Every Great Horror Movie Night also features something a little special – it could be a scare, an activity, maybe both! For The Thing, the Great Horror Movie Night had a pop up tent in which a small team of scientists performed DNA tests to see who was infected by a strange new alien organism… And those that were still human. Fortunately, I was human, but there were many “things” out there that were not!

The Great Horror Movie Night is an extremely fun and rewarding time if you are a fan of horror movies. Sitting with hundreds of fellow horror fans in the dark, watching a scary movie, and eating some popcorn while monsters periodically roam the crowds is amazing. Tickets are $17 dollars per movie online and $25 dollars at the door. If you want to jump in the deep end, $89 dollars will wrangle you a season pass! You can check out all the details at the Great Horror Movie Night’s official website. Oh – you might want to bring a flash light as, while there is some lighting put out, the trail leading up to the Old Zoo seating area is a bit dark. A flash light is always a smart move!

Great Horror Campout Announces The Exorcist Movie Night


Los Angeles, CA – March 26​, 2015 – The creators of The Great Horror Campout announced today a second outdoor movie night for their fans with a screening of The Exorcist on April 17th in Griffith Park.

The Great Horror Campout, which debuted in 2013 as a 12-hour overnight immersive horror camping adventure, is bringing interactive filmmaking to its fans for a second time in 2015.  The first Friday the 13th screening was widely received at their first Griffith Park movie night, selling out in 6 days.  None other thanThe Great Horror Campout’s, Camp Headmaster, will host the upcoming event.

“Horror isn’t a seasonal experience,” said Melissa Carbone, CEO of Ten Thirty One Productions.  “We want to pull people’s brains out of that seasonal cage because there is nothing more exhilarating than the adrenaline rush that comes from this genre.  Let’s feel that all year round and let’s take the action off the screens and bring it into people’s personal space a little more than an average movie. Nobody can do that better than the Great Horror Campout, Camp Headmaster.”

Moviegoers can expect pre movie festivities, prizes, character interaction and much more. Guests are encouraged to pack picnic baskets and blankets and to come early to get into the spirit of being scared.   Additionally, Hellmasters (the elite campers who have won the coveted title at a past Great Horror Campout) will receive a special “Buy One Get One” discount and also receive reserved seating when they arrive on site wearing their Hellmaster Sash.  Ticket’s are on sale for $15 per person.

Ten Thirty One’s Production of The Great Horror Campout is due to return to Los Angeles on June 5-6, 2015.   The company is offering a $10 ticket discount to the upcoming production if you purchase your GHC ticket on or before April 17th, using the PROMO CODE: Exorcist.  Get tickets now at http://www.greathorrorcampout.com/.

Please note: We are expecting to sell out very quickly, so advanced ticket purchase is highly recommended. Seating is general admission and first come, first serve.  Blankets or low ground chairs are suggested as courtesy to other guests. Masks, face paint and prop weapons are prohibited for all guests safety. Film and pre-show content may not be suitable for all ages. Please read more about movie ratings at www.mpaa.org/film-rating.

Great Horror Campout 2015 Dates Announced

(Los Angeles, CA – November 25, 2014) Ten Thirty One Productions (TTO), the worldwide leader in producing live horror attractions, today announced the return of The Great Horror Campout.  The production will begin touring in June 2015.

Kicking off its run in Los Angeles on June 5th and 6th, the production is a 12-hour, overnight, interactive horror camping adventure, unlike any other in the horror themed events genre.  The tickets will go on sale on November 28, 2014.   Just in time for the upcoming holiday season, the tickets are the perfect gift for your friends and family who enjoy distinctive and one of a kind experiences.

“We can’t wait to unveil the next chapter of Campout which is why we’re turning Black Friday into our Bloody Friday Sales Event which will give campers the most discounted ticket offer of the year,” says Melissa Carbone, CEO of Ten Thirty One Productions. “We are developing a night that is packed with layered interactive content to provide our campers an experience that they will never forget.  This chapter will again continue to push the envelope and kill the spectator sport status quo in the live attraction space.  Campers will leave feeling like they have been fully submerged in the experience for the entire night.”

“This year’s Campout will be the best yet,” added Carbone.  “Our goal is to get campers to go further and further down the rabbit hole.  The further they go, the more they engage, the bloodier, scarier, more challenging the experience will get.  The content and characters will be unmatched.  At it’s core, Campout is just fun where there is something for everyone.  Campers can choose their level of scare.”

The Great Horror Campout offers campers to a choice to sleep in two- or four-person tents.  Campers can choose their level of engagement when they choose their activities and tent zone.  The experience can be an extreme horror adventure or a more mild horror adventure based on preference.  Additionally, Hellmasters from previous years will receive VIP status and many perks at all future Campouts and TTO productions.

Tickets can be found at www.greathorrorcampout.com.  Tickets will cost $95 per person in a 4-person tent, $129 per person in a two person tent.  This pricing is only available during the Bloody Friday sales event.

More cities and dates will be announced in the upcoming months. Stay current on the latest developments through social media, including:

Members of the media should visit Tenthirtyoneproductions.com for more information.


Great Horror Campout Tickets On Sale Now

GHC Poster

Los Angeles, CA – March 19th, 2013  New in 2013, the Great Horror Campout will bring a unique kind of camping experience to Los Angeles.  From Ten Thirty One Productions (creators of the popular Los Angeles Haunted Hayride), the Great Horror Campout will be an overnight, twelve-hour experience that puts campers into an immersive horror camping adventure jam packed with content.

Campers can choose the intensity of their adventure, however, whether they decide to stay in their tents with friends or venture into the darkness is all fair game.  And unlike the LA Haunted Hayride, the performers at Great Horror Campout may touch you.

With a slogan that promises, “Only the Dawning Sun Will Save You,” tents, horror movies, bonfires and marshmallow roasting are only the beginning.  Campers wanting an even more extreme horror experience can participate in the Hell Hunt, an interactive experience that will bring campers face to face with their worst nightmares in order to retrieve the items for which they are hunting.  The Hell Hunt will send campers bathing in the blood of a “Pope Lick,” partaking in a sacrificial voodoo ritual, digging through road kill amongst “Beasts of Bray” and tons more. Campers will have to use creative thinking and problem solving to find the most coveted items and compete for the title of “Hell Master.”  Campers who complete the Hell Hunt will receive a “Golden Ticket” to the LA Haunted Hayride good for unlimited rides during the 2013 Halloween season.

“The first rule is that we can change the rules… when we want, for any reason we want, and without notice.  Campers will need to be listening for the Camp Headmasters announcements for rule changes if they plan on escaping elimination from the Hell Hunt.” said Ten Thirty One Productions, President, Melissa Carbone.

Campers will report to the Great Horror Campout, Base Camp at 8pm where they will meet the Camp Headmaster for the first time, receive dinner, tent assignments, Hell Hunt Bags and more.

“Even the campers who want to stay in their tents with friends or hang at the bonfire for movies will get ruined…just not as ruined as those who think they’re tough enough for the Hell Hunt. We’re beyond excited.”  Carbone added.

The Great Horror Campout takes place June 7th & 8th at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, 1245 N. Spring St, LA, CA 90012.  Tickets On Sale Now at www.greathorrorcampout.com.  Space is limited and based on availability.  Campers will select their tent space online during the purchase process. Persons Under 18 years of age will not be admitted. Ticket Price is $149 per person and includes: One-night tent accommodations, Dinner, Continental Breakfast, Parking, Hell Hunt Experience, Canvas Hell Hunt Bag, Horror Movies, & Marshmallows. Items not included: Sleeping Bags, Pillows, Flashlights, Drinks (other than at Dinner/Breakfast).

Disclaimer: During Great Horror Campout you may be forcibly handled, moved, bound, hooded, chained and subjected to simulated torture by our actors. You may witness strong verbal content, which may be considered offensive in nature. This content is part of the experience and is presented for entertainment purposes only.

Great Horror Campout is a Fur Free Attraction and brought to you by “TEN.  Great Taste. Only 10 Calories. Get BOTH” and the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride.

Great Horror Campout Puts You in the Horror Film


We had a blast at Ten Thirty One Productions Los Angeles Haunted Hayride as part of our October 2012, Halloween-themed events. It looks like the production company is back with an even more intense experience on June 7th and June 8th, 2013, with their “Great Horror Campout“. For $149 dollars a person, you get to stay the night in their fictional, haunted campground and experience a whole night’s worth of terrors. Scares range from horror flicks around a bonfire to an intense and interactive “Hell Hunt” experience, where the company warns guests they may be “hooded” and other “fun things”. We are huge Halloween/horror fans at the site and will definitely be bringing more news on this event to you as we receive it.

Official GHC Story

These grounds are the site of the old Southern Railroad station of 1875. It acted as a supply route for highly sensitive government freight. According to legend, one night a train hauling a cargo load of crates filled with “biological weapons” jumped the tracks crashing into the tree line that still stands today. Fourteen railroad workers lost their lives upon impact crushing them under two tons of screaming hot metal.

The contents of the crates… well that became complicated.

The smashed crates let loose a catalog of species that had never been seen or defined. Creatures thought to of existed only in legend were erroneously unleashed upon the mainstream population. THEY, the crate dwellers, devoured other crewmembers that would have survived otherwise almost as if they were ravenously feasting. The government acted quickly to cover up any evidence of the crash, however too many were freed that night to contain the evidence.

Since that date, unexplained sightings have run rampant in these areas. THEY now dwell in the surrounding woods and shadows awaiting their next hot meal. Tonight…their hunger grows.

Welcome To Camp!

What Does $149 Dollars Get You?

  • Overnight Accommodations for one (1)
  • Dinner – Camp Fare
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Parking
  • “Hell Hunt” Experience
  • Horror Movies around a Bonfire
  • Roasting Marshmallows
  • Reusable GHC Canvas Bag

Checkout all the gory details at the Great Horror Campout’s offical website.