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SXSW Gaming Awards 2017 Winners Announced

Austin, TX – March 18, 2017 – SXSW® Gaming Conference and Festival has announced the winners for the 2017 SXSW Gaming Awards sponsored by IGN and Imaginary Forces. The winners in 23 different categories, were revealed during the fourth annual Gaming Awards ceremony, which was hosted by WWE® Superstar Xavier Woods® and popular gaming broadcaster OMGitsfirefoxx.

Award winner highlights include Game of the Year winner Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (Sony Computer Entertainment / Naughty Dog); Mobile Game of the Year winner Pokémon GO (Niantic); Esports Game of the Year winner Overwatch (Blizzard Entertainment); Tabletop Game of the Year winner Arkham Horror: The Card Game (Fantasy Flight Games); Trending Game of the Year winner Overwatch (Blizzard Entertainment); and Fan Creation of the Year winner Brutal Doom 64 (Sergeant_Mark_IV).

Submissions for the SXSW Gaming Awards opened in August 2016 through the official Gaming Awards page and closed in December. Finalists for the SXSW Gaming Awards categories were selected and voted on by the SXSW Gaming Advisory Board and select staff, consisting of more than 40 industry experts well-versed in everything gaming and geek culture. Once finalists were revealed, the general public, along with the Advisory Board, were invited to cast their vote on IGN.com to help determine the winners in each category, which were unveiled and honored at tonight’s SXSW Gaming Awards ceremony.

2017 SXSW Gaming Awards Winners:

  • Excellence in SFX
    Battlefield 1 – Electronic Arts / EA DICE
  • Excellence in Musical Score
    DOOM – Bethesda Softworks / id Software
  • Excellence in Technical Achievement
    Battlefield 1 – Electronic Arts / EA DICE
  • Excellence in Visual Achievement
    Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Sony Computer Entertainment / Naughty Dog
  • Excellence in Animation
    Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Sony Computer Entertainment / Naughty Dog
  • Excellence in Art
    Firewatch – Panic Inc. / Campo Santo
  • Excellence in Convergence
    Batman: The Telltale Series – Telltale Games
  • Excellence in Multiplayer
    Overwatch – Blizzard Entertainment
  • Most Memorable Character
    Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Nathan Drake
  • Most Promising New Intellectual Property
    Overwatch – Blizzard Entertainment
  • Most Fulfilling Community-Funded Game
    Starbound – Chucklefish Games
  • Excellence in Gameplay
    DOOM – Bethesda Softworks / id Software
  • Excellence in Design
    Dishonored 2 – Bethesda Softworks / Arkane Studios
  • Excellence in Narrative
    Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Sony Computer Entertainment / Naughty Dog
  • Matthew Crump Cultural Innovation Award
    That Dragon, Cancer – Numinous Games
  • Gamer’s Voice Multiplayer
    Arena Gods – Supertype
  • Gamer’s Voice Single Player
    Owlboy – D-pad Studio
  • Fan Creation of the Year
    Brutal Doom 64 – Sergeant_Mark_IV
  • Trending Game of the Year
    Overwatch – Blizzard Entertainment
  • Esports Game of the Year
    Overwatch – Blizzard Entertainment
  • Tabletop Game of the Year
    Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Fantasy Flight Games
  • Mobile Game of the Year
    Pokémon GO – Niantic
  • Video Game of the Year
    Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Sony Computer Entertainment / Naughty Dog

The SXSW Gaming Conference & Festival is a unique combination of geek and gaming culture featuring Expos, Awards, and Programming over three days.

For the full list of 2017 SXSW Gaming Award winners, visit gaming.sxsw.com/awards/.

D&D Icons of the Realms: Monster Menagerie II Out Now

Hillside, NJ — January 4, 2017 – WizKids is pleased to announce that D&D Icons of the Realms: Monster Menagerie 2 is now available in stores across North America! WizKids, the industry leader in quality pre-painted plastic miniatures, once again brings to life the heroes, villains, and monsters from the world of the Forgotten Realms in the sixth set of our exciting line of D&D miniatures, Icons of the Realms.

Collect all 44 figures of D&D Icons of the Realms: Monster Menagerie II, featuring a vast array of all-new sculpts, including the challenging monsters that your heroes will need to overcome and the loyal allies that have come to fight by your side.

Pick up your D&D Icons of the Realms: Monster Menagerie II Boosters from your friendly local game store today!

For additional information and images, please visit http://wizkids.com/dd-icons-of-the-realms-monster-menagerie-ii/

WizKids Announces Release of Rock Paper Wizard

HILLSIDE, NJ – November 23, 2016 – WizKids is pleased to announce the release of Rock Paper Wizard, a fast-paced, high-energy card game that combines strategy, luck and a wee bit of hand coordination! Rock Paper Wizard gathers some of the most iconic spells from Wizards of the Coast’s popular Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game for a spell casting challenge. The game is now available in North American retailers for $19.99.

In Rock Paper Wizard, 3 to 6 players take on the roles of wizards who must try to outwit their opponents in an epic race for loot!

Each player chooses their wizard’s spell and casts some magic by repeating one of the hand gestures found on the cards in front of them. Everyone says “Rock, Paper, Wizard” aloud, and upon saying “Wizard”, forms a hand gesture and points it towards a target. Each card describes the spell’s effect, which can push opponents towards the exit, advance themselves towards the hoard, or manipulate the coins that the wizards must collect to win.

The first wizard to collect 25 pieces of gold wins the game, but you’ll want to start right over and let the magic begin all over again!

Pick up Rock Paper Wizard at your friendly local game store today!

For additional information and images, please visit: http://wizkids.com/rock-paper-wizard/

SteelSeries Arctis 3 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset

SteelSeries makes gaming gear with longevity and versatility, from mice to keyboards to headsets.  So I was more than happy to give their latest entry level headset, the Arctis 3 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset, a run through its paces.  Does it meet up to the expectations of entry level gaming headsets?

Heads On:

First off we announced the Arctis line of headsets a while back and there was a comparison chart to give readers a general idea of the differences between them and some of the standout features that all three possess.

steelseries-arctiscompAll three have ski goggle suspension bands which, at first hearing, might be confusing but that just means that the Velcro adjustable bands like the ones that are used on many ski goggle models are the same type that are used on here with many designs to choose from and interchange as a result as well as maybe even using the same design as your favorite set you use when hitting the slopes.

steelseries-arctis-e-800x445This adjustable design instead of a static stretch one allows a consistent fit no matter how much you use it and the ability to clean it if it begins to get a bit dirty which built-in bands tend to lose elasticity over time and apply the pressure of the stretching to your head as well as just being wipe cleanable.

steelseries_arctis_headsets_3Adding to the comfort and the sound isolation is the AirWeave Ear Cushions which are so comfortable they feel like memory foam for your ears.  I recently did an extremely long, almost all night gaming session and had the headsets on the entire time and they never got uncomfortable to the point I had to remind myself they were on so that I didn’t talk too loud to myself and or head to the bathroom with them on (they have a long cord with the included extension but not that long).  On ear audio controls of both volume and mic on/off made it so that if I did need to listen for a sound I could turn it down or with the cups I can turn both sideways if I need to which is great to listen to someone or to set the headser flat down on a desk.  When I didn’t feel like wearing them this came in particularly handy to make them double as speakers so that I could still hear stereo sound on the desk.


Like the other Arctis headsets when wearing the Arctis 3 you get 7.1 surround sound you just get it with SteelSeries version instead of DTS which is no doubt a cost saving tool while still maintaining the sound directional ability that you would want in most FPS games in particular. At the end of the day they are also nice just to close your eyes and listen to some music or atmospheric relaxations sounds and SteelSeries 7.1 Surround Sound is solid enough that it would probably be hard to tell it from DTS.

One of probably the weakest points on entry level headsets is the microphone quality. This is a problem in general with most except the highest end headset systems usually so one of the most notable parts of the Arctis series has to be the SteelSeries ClearCast microphones.  Located on a retractable, very flexible boom the microphone is encased in a very sturdy housing and is designed with a noise cancellation system built-in that also works in tandem with audio software. The clarity is surprising, with only a little bleed from the room ambient noise.  They are definitely up to the task of team chat or Twitch broadcasting and depending on your perfectionist level they would probably due for YouTube videos.  If you are going for a walk with them plugged into your phone SteelSeries ClearCast system is handy, since all you have to do is pull out the practically hidden boom and take your call.

In my case I have nerve issues and other medical issues that prevent me from being able to hold a phone up to my ear for long periods of time.  This way I can set this headset up to my cellphone and be able to carry on 2 hour catch up sessions with my mother who has hearing issues and has a hard time sometimes understanding me if there is too much background noise. It really is easy to change between setups, since it has two types of plugins on the headset it is literally a matter of changing cables.

steelseries-arctis-3When it comes to the headset there is really only one question and that is whether or not to spend another $20 and go from entry level to mid-range, which when you consider the small amount of money difference does come into play. I haven’t tested the Arctis 5 (hopefully I will get the opportunity soon, you never know) but on the list above it seems to give you a lot more for that little amount, DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound (probably not that noticable), Illuminated Wired with Prism RGB Illumination so that you can change the glow color of the headset which has a nice illumination ring, LED indicator on the mic, and probably one of the biggest things the USB ChatMix control that allows you to increase your chat levels if you have a soft speaker without blowing your eardrums out by the game on the fly.  It comes down to if you think you would use those features, if you don’t find yourself wishing to adjust chat much or like light up headsets then you might as well save your money and go with the Arctis 3 which has much more than the usual entry level mics would ever aspire to add on.

Last Listen:

The SteelSeries Arctis 3 is one of the most impressive entry level headsets to ever hit the market giving many mid to high end features at a more affordable price.  This headset will work for you universally around the house and on the go, the only question being whether you want the next model up with a few more bells and whistles for just a few more dollars.
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Ninja Coffee Bar Review – A Gamer’s Caffeine Dream

Having hearty doses of caffeine over the course of a night’s worth of gaming is an essential. If that caffeine comes in a tasty package – even better! We have tried things like Guarana drinks and Yerba Matte teas… Nothing, however, comes close to coffee. We recently got the chance to check out the Ninja Coffee Bar, and found it to be a refreshing venture back into brewed coffee.

We have gotten so used to “pod” or “cup” based coffee makers, the rich flavors of hot water filtered through fresh ground coffee has become lost to our palates. The Ninja Coffee Bar gives you that fresh taste coupled with the ease of use found in the pod/cup units. Functionally, it goes the extra mile and allows you to brew cold drinks as well! All will be explained in the usage of the Ninja Coffee Bar…


Using the Ninja Coffee Bar is a straightforward affair. The user takes ground coffee and scoops it into the reusable filter area via included, pre-measured scoop. Water is poured into the reservoir and then the fun begins. You can select four different volumes of drink to dispense: cup, travel cup, half carafe, and full carafe. After that, you select your brew mode. The Ninja Coffee Bar has an “Auto-IQ” feature which allows you to select between four brewing modes: Classic brew, rich brew, over ice brew, and specialty brew.

  • Classic: Smooth, balanced flavor from your favorite coffee.
  • Rich: Richer, more intense than Classic, but not bitter coffee flavor that stands up to milk/cream.
  • Over Ice: Specially designed to brew hot over ice to lock in flavor for a freshly brewed iced coffee that is not watered down.
  • Specialty: Super-rich concentrate designed to create hot milk-based, iced, and frozen blended coffeehouse-style drinks.

While classic and rich modes are going to be what most users gravitate towards – essentially making a mild or bold coffee, the over ice and specialty mode are what truly set the Ninja Coffee Bar apart. The over ice mode increases the richness of the brew and actually uses less water than the other modes. It does this as it knows you are brewing over ice, which will add water to the drink when it melts. The result is a damn fine cup of iced coffee or tea – a brew which is not watered-down and has a great flavor profile.

Specialty mode blows the lid off the coffee maker market by providing users with a way to brew their own coffeehouse style drinks. It is pretty rad to make your own mochas and not have to pay $4.50 every time you want one. Of course, you will also need to use a milk frother to whip the dairy up a bit but that’s the additional surprise – the Ninja Coffee Bar comes with a milk frother! Here is a video detailing the process:

It takes a little more work than the classic or rich modes, but the results are well worth the effort. I had some frozen pumpkin spice syrup saved up and used it for the occasion. Having a foamy, delicious pumpkin spice latte topped with whip cream sure hit the spot, despite it being 90 degrees outside!

The Ninja Coffee Bar is available with either a glass carafe or double-walled, insulated thermal carafe. If you prefer the glass carafe, your box will include a warming plate which will help keep your drink hot prior to serving. The thermal carafe is able to keep your drink supply hot for about two hours according to the labeling.

Cleaning the Ninja Coffee Bar is not any more difficult than cleaning most coffee makers. You remove the filter and wash it out after use. The glass or thermal insulated carafes are washable as well. I recommend just getting a decent bottle brush and scrubbing them out after every use – it only takes a moment.


Overall, the Ninja Coffee Bar is a great way to make some much-needed caffeine to get you through your long, overnight sessions of your favorite MMO or FPS. If I had this when I was younger, our “EverQuest Nights” during high school would have been a lot more lively, lol. Additionally, the Ninja Coffee Bar is economical, retailing between $149 and $199 depending on the carafe variant chosen and retailer. Here are some purchase links:

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MSI Now Shipping Vortex Miniature Gaming PCs

San Francisco, March 16, 2016MSI Computer Corp, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware products and solutions, announces the availability of the Vortex, a VR-ready, high-performance miniature tower that redefines compact gaming desktops.

The world smallest gaming cylinder, the Vortex measures only 10.5 inches tall but can blast away bigger systems with an unlocked Intel Core i7 6700K  processor, up to 64GB of DDR4 memory, SSDs in Super RAID 4, and dual NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980 GPUs in SLI.  MSI’s newest tower is also engineered for superior upgradability, expandability, and compatibility with a variety of connectors, including Thunderbolt 3 that supports up to 40GBs of data transfer rate.

Minimal in footprint but maximum in performance, the Vortex features MSI’s 360° Silent Storm Cooling technology to ensure extreme coolness under the most intense gaming sessions.  MSI’s cooling system creates a vortex-shaped wind path by capturing heat from the bottom of the unit and circulating it upwards, resulting in superior thermals and acoustics. The 450W 80 plus Gold power supply is also built into the Vortex to minimize space to completely power the system and any peripherals you want to connect.


“The revolutionary Vortex gaming tower shatters the misconception that bigger systems deliver more power and performance,” says Andy Tung, president of MSI Pan America. “The groundbreaking system maximizes space and heat dissipation to unlock the power of its components for truly astronomical performance in a Subwoofer size.”

MSI’s Vortex can simultaneously support up to six video outputs for intense multi-tasking and multi-screen experiences, is 4K ready, delivers lag-free gaming with Killer DoubleShot X3 connectivity, and an immersive multimedia experience with Nahimic Military X Gaming, the first audio technology adopted by the French Army to vividly reproduce audio in their aircraft training simulators.

Perfect as a gaming desktop in the bedroom or as an entertainment station in the living room, MSI’s Vortex can be customized and controlled using the Dragon Center Dashboard and App.  Through the software, users can customize lightning preferences, monitor system performance, launch utilities and apps, fine-tune the system with personalized profiles, and more.

MSI’s Vortex gaming tower will be demoed during GDC from March 16th to 18th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, booth #2036.  Other products showcased at the booth will include the GT72S G Tobii with eye-tracking technology running Tom Clancy’s The Division, GT80 Titan and GE62; and the WS60, WS72 4K and WT72 workstations.

The Vortex is now available starting at $2,199.99.  For more information about the Vortex or MSI’s complete selection of gaming solutions, visit us.msi.com.


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Pro League Announced

SAN FRANCISCO — January 29, 2016 Today Ubisoft®, together with Xbox and ESL, the world’s largest international eSports organization, announced the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Pro League global competition program starting the first week of March 2016 for Xbox One and Windows PC. The new league marks an unprecedented commitment by Ubisoft and ESL to directly support the growing community of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege fans and will provide a platform for casual players and aspiring competitors to enjoy the thrill of competition.

“Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege was built from the ground up with competition in mind,” said Xavier Marquis, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege creative director, Ubisoft Montreal. “We’re excited to partner with ESL, one of the biggest names in eSports, to deliver a league for Rainbow Six Siege fans to compete and enjoy the game they love.”

Season One of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Pro League will premiere at the Intel® Extreme Masters in Katowice, Poland on March 4, 2016. A total of eight matches will kick off the European PC competition, with gameplay both in the North American region and on the Xbox platform to commence in the weeks after.

Season One of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Pro League will feature a prize pool of $100,000 and support competition across Europe and North America on Xbox One and PC. At the end of each season, the top placing teams in Europe and North America will compete head-to-head against one another at a live event with $50,000 in prize money on the line for both the Xbox One and PC Season Finals.

Details on the competition program and the qualifiers are available at www.rainbow6.com/ProLeague.

Players can assemble their team and start practicing right now in weekly cups at http://play.eslgaming.com/rainbowsix.

For more information on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, please visit rainbow6.com.

Gunnar Heroes of The Storm Siege Gaming Glasses Review


I stare at computer and TV displays a lot. By a lot I mean there are plenty of days where very little of my time is not spent staring at the “small” screen of my iPhone 6 Plus managing social media or playing games, on the computer writing or playing games and looking at the television watching shows or playing games. Besides the running theme of video games the other is that I look at a lot of artificial light being blasted at my eyes all the time and plenty of days I have to close my eyes with them feeling sore and strained from it. This Christmas Santa came early and brought me the relief of Gunnars in the form most fitting me: Blizzard Heroes of the Storm Siege Edition.

Defend your eyes in battle with Siege-HotS. Armed with feather-light high tensile, low carbon steel frame and interchangeable arm sleeves of your favorite Hero (sold separately), the Siege has a wider fit style for larger faces. Sleek styling, adjustable silicon nose pads, and ultra-slim temples make this frame the ultimate battle weapon for any gamer.

Hands On:
Most people realize their eyes get strained after long periods of usage especially if they work in an office at a computer. They tend to just write it off as long hours and work concentration rather than what it actually is, a medical condition known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or digital eye strain. It can result in headaches as bad as migraines, dry eyes, blurred vision and severe eye strain. The Vision Council had determined that 70% of Americans suffer from digital eye strain and that long term exposure to artificial blue light given off by digital devices can result in cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. This isn’t just about eyes getting a little tired looking at a screen, this is about long term damage.


So Gunnar came up with different eyeware to help combat these medical issues. For me the perfect pair were the Heroes of The Storm Siege Gaming Eyeware. I’m a big gamer and have been playing World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and pretty much every game that Blizzard has put out since their inception, it’s been a long road baby. As a result the styling of HoTS Siege fit my personality and long term gaming history. They are extremely light high tensile, low carbon steel which work with my contacts and even with my glasses when I wear them, adding an almost imperceptible amount of weight and surface area, less than 3D glasses at the movies. The lenses are large enough to fit over my entire eye glass lenses too so as to not weirdly frame my vision.  This might be in part because the HoTS Siege are designed with a larger head in mind (wait did that just imply I have a fat head?).

The vision aspect and benefits is of course the most important aspect (though let’s face it plenty of people would put style first which they have). The glasses have amber lenses designed to add additional contrast to help sharpen images, a tint to filter high frequency blue light, lenses focus power to help prevent eye fatigue, wrap around design to help with eye dryness and anti-reflective coating to prevent distracts and blue light from hitting the eye.

What does all that mean? It means you get a very effective set of eye protective glasses that look bad ass and feel comfortable for long periods of time. If you think about it amber lenses tinting isn’t new, it has been around since those late night infomercials with the medical proof that they helped your eyes but they also had all the style of military issue “birth control” glasses (which ironically have come into style). They were the ugliest aviator lenses but I had friends and family members who swore by them and were constantly buying me pairs every Christmas to help my eyes during long gaming sessions. Now with Gunnars you can not only get the lenses in a frame with nice looking style you can get them with a style that fits you such as the Heroes of The Storm Siege Edition ones with fire red and ice blue colors on the frame and the Heroes of The Storm logo on them. You can let your geek flag fly proud while having style and healthier eyes to go with it. Just in time for Christmas!


Last Look:
Gunnar Heroes of The Storm Siege Edition Gaming Eyeware not only looks fashionable but helps prevent short and long term damage to your vision which is one of your most valued senses. It’s hard to put a price on your eyesight yet alone protecting it in a bad ass way but Gunnar manages to keep it at a reasonable price while catering to style and fandom. You can even purchase separate arm sleeves for $14.99 to switch out and customize you designs!


I can’t recommend these enough for any gamer or even any office worker who spends long hours at the computer. Heck anyone who spends too much time organizing their life through their phones should have a pair. Health and style? How can you go wrong? These Gunnars glasses retail for $79.99 and are available now.

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Capcom Pro Tour Returning to EGX in September #capcomprotour


Brighton, UK – 29th Apr, 2015: Gamer Network, the world’s leading network of independent video games websites and producer of the UK’s premiere video games events, prominent fighting video games publisher Capcom and veteran fighting tournament organisers Unequalled Media, today announced the Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) will return to EGX this September with the EGX Fight Zone Pro Tour Ranking Event.

The Capcom Pro Tour is the world’s largest competitive fighting game championship, featuring the most popular fighting game on the planet: Ultra Street Fighter™ IV. Players from across the globe battle through a yearlong tournament circuit in order to claim one of the 32 qualification spots for the year-end Capcom Cup. Fifteen contestants will qualify from the ranking point leaderboards, with EGX being a crucial event in the calendar.

The EGX Fight Zone ranking event – operated by Unequalled Media – will be one of the most exciting CPT tournament events on the circuit. Seventy-two players from all over the country face-off in Ultra Street Fighter™ IV on the main EGX stage, Sunday 27th September. Not only do the top 16 winners receive Capcom Pro Tour ranking points, for the first time this year there will be a £2000 prize pot for the top 3.

All 72 finalists are selected during the EGX Qualification Series, taking place in numerous offline and online qualifiers between now and Sunday 27th September. Unequalled Media have teamed up with tournament organisers in London, Essex, Leicester, Southampton, Manchester, Leeds, Scotland, Brighton and Birmingham to cater to players throughout the UK.

For more information about the EGX Fight Zone ranking event, including how to enter and the full qualification schedule, please visit fz.egx.net.

To find more info about the Capcom Pro Tour please visit www.capcomprotour.com.

Norse Foundry Aged Mithral 7 Piece RPG Metal Dice Set Review


Norse Foundry makes all kinds of tabletop RPG related gear, mostly made of metal (hence the “Foundry”). They have a range of dice, coins, pins – even some velvet and satin dice bags. However, we had our eyes on their metal dice – the company’s claim to fame, and got to checkout their 7 piece “Aged Mithril” metal dice set. Our game of choice: the new Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition ruleset. The kind folks at Norse Foundry gave us a media rate on the dice and, before we knew it, they arrived on our doorstep. All that was left was to conjure up our RPG group and start slinging some metal. The Half-Orc Fighter in me roared in anticipation.

All the Norse Foundry 7 piece metal dice sets contain one D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and one percentile die. This is a good variety of dice to start with for most any RPG out there right now. You may have to roll one of the die more than once depending on the game, but that’s cool. We removed the dice from the clever box they arrived in and marveled at their sheer weight. They a lot heavier than standard, plastic dice, and the metal points are sharp and pointy – so be careful! Don’t be tempted to use them as caltrops or thrown weapons in a LARPing game as you could put an eye out. Just keep them on a table and everyone should escape in one piece. The craftsmanship of these dice is very impressive. Norse Foundry’s “Aged Mithril” collection has a tarnished, dulled-steel look about them and very much look like what a Fantasy gamer would think aged mithril would appear as.


Most of the dice in this set are 16mm in size save for the D20, which is 22mm in width. These are just the right size for tabletop play and will match your more standard dice without issue. We began playing our D&D 5th ed. campaign and our party began a quest across an ancient desert in search of some old ruins. On the way, we encountered some giant fire ants. Being level one adventurers, this would surely prove challenging. I rolled initiative and was immediately disappointed as the D20 hit the wooden surface we played on then slid a short distance, not rolling at all. This would happen a lot throughout the evening as the dice were just too heavy for the light wooden tabletop we were playing on. I eventually went back to my run-of-the-mill, plastic dice as they readily bounced on the wooden table.

I thought this would be the end of my using the Norse Foundry metal dice until I corresponded with one of their craftsmen on the matter. He recommended that I pick up an RPG/TCG play mat to use as a rolling surface and explained that the two hard surfaces of the wood and the metal simply don’t play well together. I went on Amazon and picked up a basic play mat made from fabric. My RPG group then got together for a second gaming session a few weeks later. The results were like night and day – I highly recommend that you get a fabric or spongy play mat for use when rolling these metal dice. When used, the metal dice bounce a lot more and grip on the fabric, causing more randomness in the roll and a more natural feel to the plastic dice you have most likely been using all this time.


Overall, Norse Foundry is the place to go if you are in the market for metal dice. They are utterly unique and feature an exceptional build quality. Also, their prices are extremely competitive – especially if you select one of their 7 piece dice sets. Each 7 piece dice set retails for $34.99 and is available now at their official website. They have a variety of colors and surfaces – from the “Aged Mithril” we reviewed to the black and red “Nightmare” set to a brilliantly-shiny “Chainmail” set – as well as several more. Whatever your preference or style, chances are you will find something that speaks to you at their site.

Norse Foundry Website

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