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Mad Catz R.A.T. Pro X Gaming Mouse Review


Mad Catz has long been one of the leaders in customization when it comes to gaming mice.  At one point, their R.A.T. line even held the world record for the most customizable mouse thanks to the insane amount of configuration adjustments possible.  Some adjustments were practically crucial to a gamer’s play while others were just there to make the mouse look cool, not that there is anything wrong with that.  Now with the introduction of the Mad Catz R.A.T. Pro X they have added to the customization once more but streamlined other aspects to make every adjustment and innovation directly impact gameplay.  The result is what is most likely the best FPS designed mouse ever.


  • Your Choice of 3 Hot-Swappable Sensor Units with
    Built-In Memory
  • Magnesium Alloy Chassis is Quick, Light, and Ultra-Tough
  • Completely Reinvented Optical Scroll Wheel System
  • Analog scroll wheel Pivot/Strafe and Adjustable Tension
  • Pro Slide Technology with Teflon and Ceramic Feet
  • Assign 90 Programmable Commands to ANY Game
  • Full Suite of Components for Any Gaming Situation


Hands On:
It has been a dream of mine to get hands on with a R.A.T. since the series was started, mainly because I am a rabid gamer but also I am a puzzle geek and the R.A.T. 7 was the ultimate gaming puzzle holding the Guinness Book of World Record’s record for “Most Customizable Mouse” with 1,344 configurations. To me, this was mind boggling tech and I wondered which out of those amazing configurations would be the one to suit me. My luck and finances never allowed me to get ahold of one (I might still one day) but that’s fine since I finally did get my hands on a couple of R.A.T. series mice and by far the most outstanding the the R.A.T. Pro X.

Customization for the sake of customization is cool but it is far better to be have that customization streamlined to key advantages while adding some new ones is a much better prospect. the R.A.T. Pro X still has plenty of adjustable parts but everyone is one that a gamer would argue to be majorly important. The skids on the bottom are changeable to mimimize surface drag dependent on the surface (one is made of ceramic the other is made of Teflon), the palm rest is adjustable to change the mouse’s length or comfort profile, and there are different palm rests, thumb rests and pinky rests that can be easily switched out.


The real keys in adjustment come in the scroll wheel and the main sensor. Besides having three different interchangeable scroll wheels to such your fancy or play style the wheel itself is a marvel of customization. The wheel has it’s own optical sensor enabling it to read the surface independently of the rest of the mouse giving it unique precision and sensitivity. The wheel is reading the surface independently! This enables a brand new ability that is elegant in it’s simplicity yet a huge game changer in the FPS genre: scroll wheel strafing. Imagine you are behind cover, pinned down and you hear a clip change out. Instead of stepping out or relying on other buttons to hopefully provide a lean out you simply slide your finger up onto the scroll wheel and lean it the direction you want and BAM! you pop your enemy while still in cover then smoothly lean back. The speed, ease and simplicity of this move makes it possible to perform it with amazing grace under fire. If you are a hardcore FPS this alone is worth the price of the mouse and combined with the interchangeable wheels and precision reading it’s a no brainer.


The innovations with the mouse don’t stop there. In an attempt to “future proof” the mouse the design allows for interchangeable primary reading sensors on the mouse. You can literally turn it over, pop off the magnetic skids and pull the sensor off and change it out with three module unit choices: Phillips Laser (8200), Pixart Laser (8200) and PixArt Optical (5000). The Phillips module coming with high configurisation for tech heads allowing them to make surface calibrations, rotational angle adjustment, sensor dampening, and lift-off height adjustments. Not being a particularly strong tech head I learned what most of that means from Star Trek and trust me it is impressive.

If you aren’t a huge tech head and just want a laser mouse with a dependent consistency then the PixArt Laser 8200 is the one you will want to use. You will still get angle snapping that allows you to draw a straight line in imaged editing (this feature can also be disabled) and adjustable lift-off height to match your play style but otherwise all of your variables are set and will perform the same time and again allowing you reliable game play.

Finely if you are an old school gamer or addicted to MOBA play then the optic for you is the PixArt Optical 5000 dpi. You get the rotational angle adjustment of the Philips module and the angle snapping feature of the PixArt Laser 8200 but all in an old school optical reading system. All three provide a true dpi for precision use so as to 100% accuracy without firmware tricks or interpolation.

And if you like to have your gameplay programmed through your mouse there 10 programmable buttons with nine profile modes enabling you to have 90 key programs!  that will give any other programmable mouse on the market a run for it’s money.


The result is a mouse that will work optimally in any field you want to use it in with the customization you would most desire in a long term use device. The specs on this mouse actually inspire me to become more tech oriented and had me downloading some of the latest FPS games to try out the other two modules and boy is that game a blast with this mouse! Mad Catz has already announced plans to come out with more modules in the future to add to the mouse as needs arise which is how they intend to “future proof” this bad boy.

Last Strafe:

Mad Catz R.A.T. Pro X Gaming Mouse will be the new standard that all other mice are held up to. With it’s “future proofing” and versatility combining with steamlined customization and scroll wheel innovations you may never have to purchase a new mouse again. That’s a bold statement.

Mad Catz R.A.T. Pro X Gaming Mouse Review Score
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ROCCAT Reveals Modular Kiro Gaming Mouse



Hamburg, 3 November 2015 – Meet the Kiro and experience another highly modular gaming device made by Germany’s peripheral powerhouse ROCCAT. With its highly adaptive, superdextrous build, the game has been changed for ambidextrous mice. Perfectly optimizable for both left- and right-handed gamers out of the box, it ticks all the boxes for gamers who thrive on a highly functional mouse with a clean, ergonomic design. With no-sweat parts comprised of a ROCCAT-pioneered soft-touch surface, the Kiro is the flexible ergonomic mouse that lets you win your way.

Kiro features an advanced, modular build that lets you change the handedness of the mouse right out of the box. Its efficient, high-comfort design comes complete with a catalog of four durable sideparts, including both buttons and blanks, that let you customize your layout rapidly and get in the game right away. In spite of its relatively small size, the Kiro has a strong focus on functionality and is loaded with a build sporting only the best possible components, for a premium gaming experience. OMRON© switches, a robust 2D Titan Wheel plus a unique soft-touch surface that nullifies palm and finger sweat provides a platform for solid, consistent and reliable gaming.


The Kiro’s pioneering overdrive mode smashes gaming standards by offering a stable dpi double- up of the remarkably precise 2000 native dpi Pro-Optic R2 sensor. This results in an effective dpi of 4000, with maximum stability provided by the Kiro’s advanced and powerful Turbo Core V2 32- bit ARM-based MCU.

Proudly flying the ROCCAT flag high, the Kiro features vibrant logo illumination customizable in a brilliant 16.8 million discrete colors. Complemented by a variety of active effects and color patterns which can easily be configured in the new Swarm driver, you can turn your Kiro into your own signature gaming weapon. Swarm is the software incarnation of ROCCAT’s future ready philosophy. It covers you for all relevant gaming platforms and devices, working as a next-gen system that keeps on top all games, apps and ROCCAT products in one place.

The ROCCAT Kiro will be in stores on November 27th with an MSRP of 49,99 Euro/USD.

Mionix Unveils Castor Gaming Mouse


The Mionix Castor Gaming Mouse image

Malmö, Sweden–July 28, 2015Setting a new standard in ergonomic comfort and gaming performance, Minox today announced the CASTOR, the latest entry in their stellar lineup of premium gaming mice. Named for one of the brightest stars in the night sky, the 6-button, multi-color optical CASTOR mouse is crafted especially for right-handed gamers with dedicated ring and pinkie finger grooves and enhanced rubber grip, and features the outstanding technical performance that has made Mionix a cult favorite worldwide.

The CASTOR’s unique shape has been developed to be used by right-handed players to equally support palm, claw and fingertip-grip. The mouse has a dedicated pinky- and ring-finger support-groove which makes it extremely comfortable to hold and lift. The PMW-3310 gaming grade optical sensor has no positive or negative hardware acceleration, amazing accuracy, smooth tracking, and a maximum speed of more than 5.45m/sec (215 IPS), all the way up to 10000DPI. It is the choice of the world’s top pro-gamers and widely considered as the best gaming sensor currently available.

The new lift-off distance (LOD) Calibration feature combines the Surface Quality Analyzer Tool (S.Q.A.T™) with adjustment of the lift-off height to find the lowest possible LOD with optimized tracking. The lightning fast 32bit ARM™ processor enables the mouse to have numerous gaming features without compromising the tracking of the sensor. The downloadable software provides access to fully customize all buttons, sensor settings, LED colors, macros and profiles.

Key Features of the CASTOR include:

  • Five fingers, one home: Right-hand ergonomics with ring- and pinky-finger groove to comfortably place all five fingers on the mouse.
  • Maximum grip: 4 layers of rubber coating and the optimized textured side rubbers ensure maximum grip and soft touch feel.
  • Lightning fast processor: The 32bit ARM Processor running at 32Mhz is the powerful engine to power it all and ensure trouble free and quick setting changes in-game.
  • 128kb built-in memory: Bring your settings and recorded macros with you stored into up to different 5 profiles.
  • Zero- Acceleration Sensor with up to 10000DPI: 1:1 Tracking, no positive or negative hardware acceleration.
  • In-game 3 step DPI adjustment: Set 3 DPI values and switch easily between them in-game.

The CASTOR is expected to be available worldwide in September for US$69.99. More more information and to place your pre order, visit http://mionix.net/mice/castor.

Tesoro Announces The Thyrsus Optical Gaming Mouse



June 25, 2015, Milpitas CA, USA – Tesoro Technology USA Inc., a manufacturer of high-tech gaming peripherals, announces the Thyrsus optical gaming mouse. Named after the staff of Dionysus, the Thyrsus features comfortable, ergonomic design, a high-precision optical sensor, and 6 fully programmable thumb buttons for MMO and MOBA games.

6 Programmable Thumb Buttons for Macro Control

Instead of the ordinary 1 or 2 thumb buttons, the Tesoro Thyrsus has 6 buttons positioned for thumb control, making a total of 10 fully independent and programmable buttons. The 64Kb of onboard memory allows users to configure up to 5 gaming profiles, 35 macro keys and 1600 recordable actions. The Tesoro Thyrsus is easy to control in the new, specifically designed software. Gamers can adjust the DPI, polling rate up to 1000Hz, and the multicolor LED illumination as well as program the 6 thumb buttons.

Comfortable and Confident Control

Omron switch technology gives the Thyrsus added durability, tactile feedback and satisfying clicks. The ergonomic design and rubberized coating on both sides give maximum comfort and grip. Gamers can pick from 6 levels of sensitivity adjustable up to 8200dpi. Accuracy is assured with 150 ips (inches per second) motion detection and 30g acceleration. A braided, 2 meter gold-plated USB cable lends added durability and prevents fraying.

New Tesoro User Interface (UI)

The Thyrsus utilizes Tesoro’s new UI which has been redesigned to be more user-friendly. Gamers can easily adjust the DPI, record macros, set profiles, and change the illumination color.


Technical specifications:

  • 10 million click duty cycle Omron switches
  • 6 levels of sensitivity adjustable up to 8200 dpi
  • 64 KB Built-in Memory
  • 6 fully programmable thumb buttons for MMO/MOBA
  • Total of 10 fully programmable keys
  • Full speed processor with 1000 Hz polling rate
  • Customizable multicolor lighting
  • Soft-touch finished surface
  • 2 meter braided cable with gold plated USB plug
  • 150 ips (Inches per Second) motion detection and 30 g acceleration
  • New TESORO Thyrsus Software
  • Model number: TS-H8L

MSRP and Availability

The Tesoro Thyrsus will be available this August in North America for the suggested retail price of $ 69.

Product photos and detailed specs are available at:


About Tesoro Technology USA Inc.

Established in 2011, Tesoro Technology USA Inc is a team of multinational gaming enthusiasts with over 30 years industry experience with one objective – make ultra-durable products that give the best gaming experience. To achieve this, Tesoro conceptualizes products from the input and feedback from the gaming community, and then builds them using the highest grade components. As a gamers company, Tesoro continues to expand into new horizons and push the limit further with each product unveiling. To learn more visit Tesoro’s website: http://www.tesorotec.com.

Razer Unveils New Mamba Gaming Mice at E3



LOS ANGELES (E3 2015) – Razer™, a world leader in connected devices and software for gamers, today announced the world’s most advanced gaming mouse, the new Razer Mamba. The successor to one of the leading wired/wireless gaming mouse, the new Razer Mamba is powered by the world’s most precise gaming mouse sensor, the revolutionary Adjustable Click Force Technology, and industry leading gaming grade wired/wireless technology.

The new 5G laser sensor is capable of tracking up to 16,000 DPI which is optimized for multi-display set-ups with ultra-high display resolutions. The 5G laser sensor is also the world’s most precise – with its ability to track up to 1 DPI increments (as opposed to the current industry standard of 50 DPI increments). The next generation gaming mouse sensor is also able to track lift-off cut-off distance as precise as 0.1 mm, reducing on-screen jitter so your aim stays on target even as you move. The 5G laser sensor in the new Razer Mamba was designed to be an extension of your natural hand movement.

Razer’s latest gaming mouse also features the patent pending, revolutionary Adjustable Click Force Technology. One of the most important facets of a gaming mouse is the click force – and in the past, gamers have had to adapt to a mouse’s click force or be compelled to search through a multitude of mice and switches to find the perfect mouse button click force.

With the new Adjustable Click Force Technology, instead of having to adapt to a mouse’s set click force, this revolutionary feature allows gamers to freely adjust the level of click force needed to activate the left and right mouse buttons, from distinct clicks for high accuracy actions such as sniping in FPS games to lighter presses for rapid fire action needed for MOBA games. The Razer Mamba’s Adjustable Click Force Technology is capable of up to 504° turn, providing users with a total of 14 distinct choices to set their signature click feel for a more personalized gameplay.

“The original Razer Mamba was launched six years ago and, even today, is the gold standard for a wireless gaming grade mouse,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. “Our enhancements to the Razer Mamba with the most precise laser sensor and the revolutionary Adjustable Click Force Technology, together with the industry leading gaming grade wired/wireless technology, leave us ahead of the curve when it comes to gaming mice.”

Also launching today is the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition wired gaming mouse, specifically designed for eSports athletes. Featuring the same precise gaming mouse sensor, ergonomic form factor, and advanced Chroma customizable lighting as the wireless Razer Mamba, the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition embodies the absolute best elements an eSports athlete needs to dominate in any tournament.

Both new mice join the Razer Chroma line of devices, which includes an array of mice, keyboards and a headset. Each Chroma enabled product comes with the option of 16.8 million customizable colors and a range of effects through Razer’s cloud-based hardware configurator, Razer Synapse. Razer Synapse also allows the Razer Mamba and Razer Mamba TE to sync lighting colors and effects with other Chroma enabled devices.

Additionally, the publicly available Razer Chroma SDK allows game developers worldwide to directly interact with Chroma enabled devices, displaying lighting effects directly on the peripherals for a more immersive experience to gameplay.  For more information, interested parties may visit http://developer.razerzone.com/chroma/.


Razer Mamba:

  • 16,000 DPI laser sensor
  • 210 inches per second / 50 G acceleration
  • Adjustable Click Force Technology mouse buttons
  • 9 programmable buttons including the tilt-click scroll wheel
  • Wired and wireless connection mode with 1 ms response time
  • Magnetic charging dock
  • Battery life: Approximately 20 hrs (continuous gaming)*
  • Chroma lighting with 16.8 million customizable color options
  • Razer Synapse enabled
  • 2.13 m / 7 ft. lightweight, braided fiber USB charging cable
  • Approximate size: 128 mm / 5 in. (Length) x 70 mm / 2.76 in. (Width) x  42.5 mm / 1.67 in. (Height)
  • Approximate weight: 125 g / 0.27 lbs.

*Life expectancy of the battery depends upon its usage

Razer Mamba Tournament Edition:

  • 16,000 DPI laser sensor
  • 210 inches per second / 50 G acceleration
  • 9 programmable buttons including the tilt-click scroll wheel
  • Chroma lighting with 16.8 million customizable color options
  • Razer Synapse enabled
  • 2.13 m / 7 ft. lightweight, braided fiber cable
  • Approximate size: 128 mm / 5 in. (Length) x 70 mm / 2.76 in. (Width) x  42.5 mm / 1.67 in. (Height)
  • Approximate weight: 133 g / 0.29 lbs. (with cable)


Razer Mamba: US: $149.99/EUR: 179.99€

Razer Mamba Tournament Edition: US: $89.99/EUR: 99.99€

Availability: Q3 2015


Tt eSports Unveils Ventus X Gaming Mouse



Taipei, Taiwan – April, 14, 2015 – Tt eSPORTS, the energetic and powerful challenger reveals a new member of the VENTUS family – the new VENTUS X Gaming Mouse. The VENTUS X offers gamers a new look with enhanced aerodynamic features, providing true comfort and style for gamers during gameplay. The new VENTUS X boasts an upgrade in features and a change in design with a hexagonal patterned rubber grips and matte coating, giving users a secure and comfortable grip, transforming the VENTUS X into a cult design featuring leading-edge technology gaming mouse!

Aerodynamically Engineered Air-Through-Ventilation System

The Tt eSPORTS Ventus X Aerodynamic concept is an air-through-ventilation system continued from its flagship Level 10 M series. The honeycomb design provides breathability by keeping your hand cool, allowing you to manage airflow while increasing the flexibility of movement. This concept boosts ventilation by helping to ease sweaty palms during intense gameplay, bringing performance to a new level. Lastly, the new VENTUS X has new configuration software allowing you to easily manage your mouse by configuring the macro keys, adjust lift-off distance, performance, and set lighting options. This new configuration software makes gaming fun and easy!

Ergonomically Shape with Astoundingly Comfortable Gaming Experience

While always aiming for the newest gaming technology with the principle of ‘continuous innovation’ in mind, Tt eSPORTS does not forget its gaming roots. The VENTUS X brings about a new ergonomically tuned right handed laser gaming mouse to the VENTUS family, appealing to fans of the classic mouse shape who are looking to improve gaming performance,.

Accurate Tracking Laser Sensor & New Advanced Matte Coating

The VENTUS X features an Avago 5,700 DPI laser sensor, providing accurate precision and an astounding control speed. Moreover, VENTUS X has red LED illumination in two different regions – the mouse wheel and the battle dragon logo. These two regions can be independently lit up with the on/off button. When changing DPI, the scroll wheel will flash to denote which DPI level the VENTUS X is on, the red LED lighting helps boost the atmosphere in every gaming session. Additionally, a brand new advanced matte coating to each zone on VENTUS X has been added for improved comfort and durability. This new matte coating is a balance between rigid and soft textures for comfortable play during extended sessions!

Futhermore, the VENTUS X enhances comfort by adding a new rubber grip, via a specially designed hexagonal pattern. The hexagonal patterned rubber grip allows users to hold the mouse firmly without fatigue or discomfort, providing the most optimal secure grip.

The New Tt eSPORTS VENTUS X Gaming Mouse has a suggested price of USD49.99

For more information on the new VENTUS X Gaming Mouse, please visit:

Product webpage : http://www.ttesports.com/productPage.aspx?p=191

Product intro. Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-s35zDFR-U

Product unboxing video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZT8-HjUWtM

Logitech Unveils G303 Daedalus Apex Performance Edition Gaming Mouse



NEWARK, Calif. — March 5, 2015 — Logitech (SIX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI), a leading innovator of gaming peripherals, today introduced its newest Logitech G mouse, the Logitech® G303 Daedalus Apex Performance Edition Gaming Mouse. Designed based on feedback from the gaming enthusiast and eSports community, the Logitech G303 features the Logitech G exclusive Delta Zero™ optical sensor technology for precision targeting, and metal spring button tensioning system in a lightweight, compact form.

“The community sent us a clear message that they wanted the lightweight, symmetrical design of our G302 combined with the amazing sensor in our G502,” said Ujesh Desai, vice president and general manager of the Logitech gaming business. “We took this feedback and built a mouse that was tuned and tested by pros to help ensure improved accuracy, comfort and performance. Thanks to you and this feedback, we’ve built an amazing product.”

The Logitech G303 features one of the most advanced optical sensors available in gaming mice today and reflects Logitech’s ongoing commitment to leveraging science to design products that help gamers win. The Logitech G303 also incorporates RGB customizable lighting color and brightness to match your style, system or environment.

“The G303 Daedalus Apex gives us a definite advantage,” said Sean “sg@res” Gares of Cloud9, CS:GO. “This mouse offers a comfortable feel with a lightweight, ambidextrous grip.”

Advanced Optical Sensor

This performance-oriented mouse features Logitech’s best optical sensor for maximum tracking accuracy. Our exclusive Delta Zero optical sensor technology minimizes speed-related accuracy variance, commonly known as “mouse acceleration,” for improved accuracy and precision targeting. Combining a huge DPI range of 200 all the way up to 12,000 with zero smoothing, this mouse delivers unparalleled tracking performance and responsiveness, and tracks movement at 300 inches per second. The optical sensor can also be tuned to achieve optimum lift-off distancde and maximum tracking speeds on any gaming surface, so you can always get the best possible tracking response.

Performance-Driven Design

The Logitech G303 delivers the utmost accuracy, responsiveness and performance in a lightweight, compact and durable design. The Logitech G exclusive metal spring tensioning system reduces pre-travel, resulting in improved button responsiveness and feel. The left and right click buttons have also been tested for 20 million clicks – which is the equivalent of a top professional gamer practicing 10 hours per day for two years – so you can confidently game for hours on end.

RGB Customizable Lighting

For maximum visual appeal, full-color RGB lighting on the Logitech G303 projects light onto your mouse pad and can be customized from a palette of up to 16.8 million colors. You can bring your mouse to life with “breathing” light patterns, or set your lighting to sleep when you aren’t using your system.

Pricing and Availability

The Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex Performance Edition Gaming Mouse is expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in March 2015, for a suggested retail price of $69.99. For more information please visit gaming.logitech.com or our blog.

Tt eSports Announces Commander Gaming Gear Combo



Taipei, Taiwan – January, 28, 2015 – Tt eSPORTS, the energetic and powerful challenger unveils the new COMMANDER Gaming Gear Combo. The new COMMANDER Gaming Gear Combo offers gamers with the enhancements on Tt eSPORTS’s keyboard and mouse specifications, allowing gamers to own both powerful weapons in this one combo. With a new design for the keyboard that symbolizes gamers’ spirit, this new combo consist great features on what gamers need and make them true leaders that will take command of the game.


The New COMMANDER Gaming Keyboard

The COMMANDER Gaming Keyboard was designed with metal-looking edges which symbolizes its powerful spirit as a true leader. The splendid look with blue illumination designed to have a feel of trendy whenever you commanding it and features Tt Type II Plunger Switch with the same design of Mechanical key cap, gives users an awesome tactile feel and pleasing click with each keystroke plus presenting response feeling like a mechanical switch that surely improve users’ gaming performance by giving users speed and responsiveness like never before. COMMANDER Gaming Keyboard’s keycaps can be replaced to provide a tougher, more resolute feel to key presses too. Offering users a fun way to customize their keyboards with a metallic feel and deliver a unique user experience!

The COMMANDER Gaming Keyboard also offers cool functions like Repeat Rate, the speed at which it repeats, can be fast or slow. Choose a repeat rate that matches gamers’ comfort level. The Switcher, where they can easily switch WASD keys to ↑↓←→ or vice versa! Finally the Windows Lock, where gamers can lock the windows key preventing accidental presses of the windows key while in-game.

Everything is adjustable on-the-fly, software is no longer needed! Containing multimedia keys, shortcut keys, lighting keys and function key that provide tremendous accessibility at gamers’ fingertips. Besides the functional keys, the COMMANDER Gaming Keyboard brings style and night-time functionality straight to your desktop! Fully keyboard with fabulous blue LEDs with stunning adjustable illumination back lighting allowing you to battle in the dark! With all this amazing and easy functional keys, gamers can command the game like a true chief!


The New COMMANDER Gaming Mouse

The COMMANDER Gaming Mouse offers a perfect speed in game with on-the-fly sensitivity up to 2400 DPI and OMRON switches provide a crisp clean click with a life cycle of 5 million clicks. Additionally, the COMMANDER Gaming Mouse also built with a comfortable palm grips to keep gamers comfortable while they are focusing on their games. Moreover, the COMMANDER Gaming Mouse will light the side panels and battle dragon logo display giving gamers an awesome look allowing them to battle at night to boost gamers’ battle experience. This will surely allow gamers to command in the whole gameplay!

The New COMMANDER Gaming Gear Combo with a suggested price of USD 29.99

For more information on the new COMMANDER Gaming Gear Combo, please visit:

The New COMMANDER Gaming Keyboard : http://www.ttesports.com/productPage.aspx?p=188

The New COMMANDER Gaming Mouse :


Tt eSPORTS official website and community websites:

Razer Introduces Wireless Naga Epic Chroma Mouse



CARLSBAD, Calif. – Razer™, a world leader in connected devices and software for gamers, today announced the launch of the Razer Naga Epic Chroma gaming mouse.

The Razer Naga Epic Chroma showcases the new Chroma lighting on its tilt-click scroll wheel and mechanical thumb grid, a feature that allows personal color customization through Razer Synapse. This one-size-fits-all ergonomic MMO gaming mouse offers a total of 19 buttons with 12 mechanical buttons situated on the iconic Razer Naga’s thumb grid. It is outfitted with an 8200 DPI 4G laser sensor that captures up to 200 inches per second and offers a maximum acceleration of 50 G, and also features both a wireless and wired mode with 1,000 Hz Ultrapolling and a 7-foot, lightweight, braided fiber cable.

Razer’s latest gaming mouse also supports Razer Synapse: Stats & Heatmaps, the newly updated beta software for Razer’s cloud-based driver that provides technical tracking data such as game time, button presses, distance moved, how much overall pressure was exerted while gaming, and more. This data can be especially useful to users of the Razer Naga Epic Chroma in helping them tweak their gameplay, increasing personal accuracy and reaction times and improving their play settings and interfaces.

“The new Naga Epic Chroma gives MMO gamers more freedom than ever before,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. “We’ve combined the comfortable features of the Naga with even more state-of-the-art gaming features, along with the new, fully-customizable Chroma color features. The 12 mechanical thumb grid buttons enable players to maximize their gameplay capabilities and to get the unfair advantage. All in all the Razer Naga Epic Chroma is now even more personal than it already was.”

The Razer Naga Epic Chroma will make its very first public appearance at BlizzCon in Anaheim, California on Nov. 7, 2014.

Razer announced the Razer Chroma series during this year’s Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. The Naga Epic Chroma joins the BlackWidow Chroma, Kraken 7.1 Chroma and DeathAdder Chroma, all with the option of 16.8 million customizable colors and a range of effects enabled through Razer Synapse. Synapse allows the devices to sync lighting colors and patterns between Chroma devices with the click of a button.

Razer Chroma will also offer an open SDK that enables game developers to integrate advanced lighting effects based on in-game events such as a base being under attack, flash bang effects and much more.

Product Features:

  • 19 MMO-optimized programmable buttons
  • 12-button mechanical thumb grid
  • Tilt-click scroll wheel
  • 8200 DPI 4G laser sensor
  • Wireless gaming-grade technology
  • Chroma lighting with 16.8 million customizable color options
  • Razer Synapse enabled
  • 1000 Hz Ultrapolling
  • 200 inches per second / 50 G acceleration
  • Zero-acoustic Ultraslick mouse feet
  • 1.13 m / 7 ft. lightweight, braided fiber cable
  • Approximate size: 119 mm / 4.69 in. (Length) x 75 mm / 2.95 in. (Width) x  43 mm / 1.69 in. (Height)
  • Approximate weight: 150 g / 0.33 lbs.

Price:  USA: $129.99 /EUR: 129.99€

Availability: November 2014