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Paradox and Eugen Team Up for Steel Division: Normandy 44

STOCKHOLM – March 1st, 2017 — Paradox Interactive, a publisher on the front line of gaming, today announced that it has partnered with Eugen Systems, a renowned developer of games such as the Wargame-series and R.U.S.E., to release Steel Division: Normandy 44, a new tactical real-time strategy game for Windows PCs.

Steel Division: Normandy 44 is a game that puts players in command of historically accurate tanks, troops, and vehicles at the height of World War II, and will feature a single-player campaign alongside online multiplayer modes, up to and including 10-versus-10 battles. The game will be available later this year.

Steel Division: Normandy 44 features thorough attention to historical detail, from the carefully rendered tanks to the in-game maps – based on actual aerial reconnaissance photos of Normandy in 1944. The game runs on the latest version Eugen’s IRISZOOM engine, allowing players to zoom from an aerial, battle-wide perspective all the way down to a single unit, and keep track of the dynamic front line as they plan and execute maneuvers, ambushes, and more. From creating a battlegroup of historically accurate infantry, tanks, and vehicles, to troop positioning and real-time engagement with the enemy, players will need to be clever and cunning in order to win; raw firepower alone will not be enough.

“Few developers appreciate strategy and history as much as Eugen Systems, and that’s what makes this partnership so ideal,” said Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive. “The level of detail they’ve included in Steel Division is impressive, and I know it will meet the high standards that Paradox fans have when it comes to their historical games.”

Steel Division: Normandy 44 will feature: 

  • Command Over 400 Historically Accurate Units: Whether fighting for control in intense multiplayer battles with up to 10-vs-10 players going head-to-head, playing alone or working with friends in ranked matches, players will need to coordinate their selection of historically accurate infantry, tanks, aircraft, and support vehicles to counter enemy units in this Tactical RTS game.
  • Real-world Tactics: Battles rage over three distinct phases, where different units unlock over time, mimicking the movements of real-world armies and adding variety to the ever-changing theatre of war. A dynamic front line illustrates the ebb and flow of the conflict.  Pin down your opponent’s infantry to gain the advantage and force a retreat, or push through with a perfectly executed plan.
  • Real-world Setting: Using the latest version of Eugen’s IRISZOOM engine, players can smoothly zoom from a tactical aerial view all the way down to a single unit, and see 400 different real-world vehicles and units designed with careful historical detail and accuracy. Maps are designed based on actual aerial reconnaissance photos of Normandy in 1944, requiring real-world tactics and strategies to cover and control.
  • Outplan, Outsmart, Outgun: From battlegroup customization to troop positioning and maneuvering, winning battles requires cunning and strategy, not just raw firepower. Each unit lost presents a growing tactical disadvantage, and players will need to fight to gain — and keep — the upper hand.

For more information on Steel Division: Normandy 44, visit steeldivisiongame.com.

Act of Aggression Screenshots and Multiplayer Beta Pre-Order Info

Act of Aggression Screenshot

Act of Aggression Screenshot

July 16, 2015 — Players who have pre-ordered Eugen Systems’ explosive new techno-thriller RTS, Act of Aggression, will soon be able to launch and play the exclusive pre-order beta. The Chimera and US Army will be pitting it out in multiplayer, skirmishes vs the AI, or cooperative ‘comp-stomps’ beginning on Thursday at 6pm GMT+2/9am PST/12pm EST for a first taste of what’s to come in Act of Aggression. Discover below new screenshots of what awaits you in the game!

To be part of the beta, players just need to pre-order Act of Aggression from Steam, at the special discount price of 15% off during the pre-order phase. During beta, new maps and the remaining faction, The Cartel, will be rolled out.

Today, we’ll be hosting a special live-stream to kick off the event, starting at 7:15pm GMT+2/10:15am PST/1:15pm EST featuring Eugen Systems’ co-founder and Creative Director, Alexis Le Dressay. Learn about Act of Aggression and how it hails from ‘the Golden Era of RTS’ during this stream, and get a chance to have your questions answered by the man himself.


Act of Aggression US Gameplay Trailer


April 9, 2015 — Set in a near-future setting, Act of Aggression – from Eugen Systems, developers of the million selling Wargame series – draws inspiration in its three unique factions from real life technology and cutting-edge prototypes. In a series of trailers designed to showcase the strengths and weaknesses of each of the three factions, let us introduce the US Army, battle hardened following years of conflict.

Take a look at the video below to find out exactly how the US Army deals with an Act of Aggression:

The US Army are a tough veteran force taking advantage of heavy specialization, with some of the strongest individual units in the game. What it lacks in versatility it more than makes up for in brute force – especially when it comes to the M1A1 Abrams Tusk, an upgradeable battle tank to be reckoned with.

Next time, we’ll be taking a look at the Chimera – a UNO funded taskforce designed for quick, efficient strikes anywhere in the globe. For a reminder of each of the three factions, including the shady Cartel, take a look below.

  • The Cartel, stealthy operatives born out of private military contracts, with the latest prototypes. Fragile and expensive, but stealthy and powerful this secretive faction is difficult to master.
  • The US Army, exhausted by endless fighting across the world, are a brute-force of veterans; they can skill up in specific roles and improve their veterancy, but use current generation technology.
  • The Chimera, a UNO funded task-force designed to have a plan in mind for every situation. You can mould their units through upgrades into specific roles, or leave them as a jack-of-all-trades.

Across large, authentic maps, players will harvest resources, build bases strategically, defend them, and produce all kinds of units to match the wit of their opponent. Extend your base network with off-base refineries for harvesting resources, and protect supply networks ensuring a stable income of cash and minerals. You’ll even fight other players for occupied banks as a supplementary income, and capture crews bailing out from tanks and planes or wounded on the battlefield to take as prisoners of war.

There will be a VIP multiplayer beta for Act of Aggression in the coming months – otherwise, Act of Aggression launches Spring of 2015.

Wargame Series Sells 1 Millionth Copy


July 24, 2014 — Wargame, the spectacular series of strategy games developed by Eugen Systems, has set a new benchmark in the RTS genre since the release of its first title in February 2012.

Wargame managed to attract a large player base, by offering radically different gameplay from other RTS games, featuring original mechanics, spectacular visuals, and a gaming experience of extreme realism and unprecedented tactical depth, with the series becoming richer and more ambitious with every new game. Today, the Wargame franchise reaches a major milestone with its millionth copy sold!

Faithful to their principles of consistent post-launch game support – notably with free additional content – Eugen Systems celebrates this event by offering to all Wargame Red Dragon players its first free DLC, fittingly named The Millionth Mile!

Focusing on the Eastern Bloc coalition, The Millionth Mile features more than 60 new units for Poland, Czechoslovakia, and East-Germany, bringing them into the 90’s and on an equal footing with Red Dragon’s main nations. The entire range of units are represented in the DLC: infantry, tanks, planes, troop transports, and of course helicopters.

But The Millionth Mile also introduces a brand new kind of unit, in the form of an AShM (anti-ship missile!) truck carrier. These units, whose main function is to engage ships over long distances from the land, increase the tactical depth of the game while redefining Wargame’s naval warfare!

Wargame Red Dragon players will find their game has been automatically updated with the DLC The Millionth Mile next time they launch the game. Reinforcements have arrived, the battle continues!

Wargame: Red Dragon Review (PC)


Do you love the smell of napalm in the morning? Feel that your current real time strategy game has a decidedly less tactical feel to it? Are you one of those people that would just like to watch the world burn? Then do I have a game for you! Wargame: Red Dragon, developed and published by Focus Entertainment and Eugen Systems, is a tactical real time strategy game that gives you the chance to participate in fictional conflicts during the 1980’s in Asia. What really sets Wargame: Red Dragon apart is the spectacle of combat. It is stunning to watch the battle unfold in front of you, as tanks erupt into flames and entire forests are burned to the ground. This game screamed out to the historian in me, it is just too bad that I am absolutely horrible at these types of games.


The single player campaign in Wargame: Red Dragon is based on five fictional scenarios that are based on actual, historical events that occurred right around the 1980’s in Asia. The five campaign stories include campaigns such as a North Korean invasion of South Korea during the 1987 presidential election, a border war between the USSR and China over Vietnam, and Margaret Thatcher taking on the entirety of the Chinese military over Hong Kong. Each campaign has a difficulty setting that allows players to move into the game at their own pace. Unfortunately, the artificial intelligence has a tendency to employ the same tactical decisions over and over again, so if you can keep those in mind, you will be able to predict the A.I.’s troop movements.

The campaigns have an over view map of the entire campaign battle field, that is made up of smaller territories that you will fight over once you come into contact with the enemy. Each campaign has an over all objective to complete, then each battle has a similar objective that you must reach in order to win that battle. Most objectives are either destroy a particular percentage of the enemy or capture a particular point. The campaign itself is broken down into turns, so you get to move your troops then the A.I. gets to respond. When the smaller battles begin, you get a choice as to whether you want to play that particular battle yourself, auto resolve the battle, or just flat out surrender that territory. Your actions and the results of that battle then determine the current look of the overall conflict, including troop resources and availability of military assets.


Each campaign has an introductory video that explains the background to each conflict. The Busan Pocket campaign begins with President Chun Doo-hwon selecting his successor. This leads to the June Democracy Movement in South Korea. Where the actual movement was resolved with little to no violence, Wargame: Red Dragon takes history down a different path. Chun Doo-hwon violently puts down the the June Democracy Movement, leaving an opening for an invasion by North Korea into an already chaotic situation, and this begins open conflict between the two Koreas and the United States forces in South Korea.

I really enjoyed the alternate history angle of Wargame: Red Dragon. It is fun to take actual military vehicles and troops into a conflict that is based on actual historical events, but with a twist. I loved taking on China as the U.K. over Hong Kong, in an event that never occurred just to see how history could have turned out.

Game Play

I wrote a little bit on how the campaign is set up in the Story section, so I’m going to focus more on the actual game play and the other items that Wargame: Red Dragon has to offer. The battles in Wargame: Red Dragon play out like most real time strategy games do, with proper troop selection, meeting your opponent head on, and killing every single one of his or her troops. The major different with Wargame: Red Dragon is the shear number of troops and types of items you have in your arsenal. You have access to tanks, infantry, support, air support, recon, and navy; Wargame: Red Dragon’s newest troop type.

Battles have a very tactical feel to them. You begin by placing your troops in your home sectors, then decide how to confront your enemy. Troops are not seen until your troops can see them. This is were the recon section of your force pays off. Recon helps identify troop types early and can see where your enemy is moving. This allows you to counter act with troops that are strong against his troops. Wargame: Red Dragon does have a little bit of a “paper, rock, scissor” feel to it, in that I mean you have troops that are strong against certain groups, but weak against others. It never feels cheap due to the vast amount of troops that you have at your fingertips.


Movement and combat are treated the same as most rts games on the market, using the click and drag method to select your troops, then right clicking to either move or enter combat. The maps are massive to the point that it actually takes away from the spectacle of the battle. You can zoom into a section of the map and see your troops lock into deadly combat, but as you are watching the visual spectacle of an entire bridge disappear under a airstrike, your enemy has moved their forces into a flanking position. You have to watch the entire battle unfold zoomed out, and select the moments to zoom in and appreciate the carnage.

Wargame: Red Dragon has some nice game modes that will keep you entertained for a while. Besides the solo campaign, there is a troop builder that allows you to customize your forces, tutorial screens to help prep you for the conflict ahead, and a full multi player mode that can set you up in huge battles against other people. Multi player played fantastic on my machine, and I encountered no issues what so ever, except just getting crushed every time I played. I thoroughly blame my Soviet troops, they just weren’t up to the challenge.


The aesthetic funds went right into the actual visuals during game play, and not in supporting the solo player campaign, that much is obvious. The graphics in game are just amazing, from the way the light shines off of the ocean, to the visuals of the destruction that occurs on the battlefield. The solo player campaign does have video that helps set up the story of the campaign, but then reverts to just pictures of people standing there with test boxes. The video is fully voiced, but the rest of the story is all text. It does kind of make the campaigns feel a bit more lackluster, especially in comparison to Starcraft II, but the in game graphics are a treat to behold.


Sound design, in game, is just as impressive. The narrator does a decent job in telling the background story over the video, but it begins to feel a little too much like that boring tenth grade History teacher you had back in high school. This game is designed for the historical, tactical real time strategy fan and not some someone looking for casual thrills. You have to pretty much care about history it get into the aesthetics of this game.

Final Thoughts

Wargame: Red Dragon is a fantastic game that does a lot of things right, but is just a hair under being absolutely perfect. The game is visually stunning while you are in combat, and the amount of troop choices makes each battle completely different. You have to think each battle through tactically, using recon to get an early fix on your opponent then respond using the correct troop type. Nothing looks quite as impressive as an A10 Warthog flying in low over a column of tanks. It just feels good to see the world burn after a pass like that. On the downside, the solo player campaign could use a little bit of aesthetic thought to bring in some more of the non-hardcore history buffs and the naval battles feels just off compared to the land and air combat. Wargame: Red Dragon is a definite must buy for fans of the tactical real time strategy genre and anyone that is interesting in re-writing history.

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Wargame Red Dragon Screenshots


Focus Home Interactive and Eugen Systems have released some new screenshots from their upcoming Wargame Red Dragon, which is now in development for the Windows PC platform.


Wargame AirLand Battle Beta Screens


April 25, 2013 — Wargame AirLand Battle, the sequel to the explosive real-time strategy game Wargame European Escalation, presents through 6 new screenshots some of its new battlefields, playable right now in early access Beta for all players who pre-order the game on Steam and the official website.

These screenshots show the huge gap separating the former battlefields from European Escalation to those of AirLand Battle. The new maps have evolved a lot since European Escalation: they are more varied, but also richer and more detailed, displaying impressive reliefs and huge urban areas, which all increase the strategic depth of Eugen Systems’ latest game.

The early access Beta gives an exclusive and immediate access to the ‘Destruction’ multiplayer mode, with the first 4 playable maps and pre-made army decks for all 12 nations of the game. Enough to plunge happily into the battle before everyone else, and participate in the last online tweaks before the official start of the conflict next month!

Good news never come alone: a special offer has been specially prepared for Wargame European Escalation players. For their pre-order, all owners of European Escalation get, ontop the Beta access, an exclusive 25% discount on Wargame AirLand Battle pre-order (on Steam and the official website)!

Wargame AirLand Battle will be available on PC in May 2013.

New Screenshots

New Wargame AirLand Battle Screenshots


Eugen Systems and Focus Home Interactive have released some new screenshots from their upcoming Wargame AirLand Battle, which is currently in the first phase of beta testing.