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Micrsoft Sends out Invites to E3 2013 Event



Microsoft has sent out invitations to their E3 2013 press event, which will take place at the Galen Center on Monday, June 10, 2013. We are anticipating that the event will begin at 9am or 10am, given that the Electronic Arts briefing begins at 1pm. They will send out additional information, including start times, in a separate email which should arrive to us shortly. Stay-tuned!

E3 2012 Expo Photo Gallery


Here it is, folks, the GamingShogun.com E3 2012 expo floor photo gallery. We had a great time at the show this year and you can expect several more previews and articles about the show up here in the next day or so. Enjoy!

E3 2012

E3 2012 Pre-Expo Photoblog


So, I went on over to the Los Angeles Convention Center today to pickup my E3 2012 media badge. While there, I took some photos of the area for your viewing entertainment – enjoy!

p.s. They sort of.. “frown upon” people taking photos before the show – also, the expo halls themselves are closed off. Hence, the smaller-than-usual number of photos. Will be posting more this week for sure as we do our appointments!


Xbox 720 Due in 2012 with Announcement in January (RUMOR)


File this under rumor for now, but EDGE is reporting that Ubisoft Montreal developers are currently working on build computers tricked out to match the specs of the next-gen gaming console from Microsoft. According to EDGE’s unnamed source, more of these build computers should be reaching other developers prior to Christmas of this year, pointing to an Xbox 720 (or whatever it will be called) launch later in 2012. With CES coming up in early January, it is not too hard to speculate that, if another rumor is correct, we will see some sort of announcement during the Microsoft keynote.

This other rumor, recently posted at VG247, claims that the new Xbox runs a hex-core CPU with 2GB of DDR3 RAM and will utilize an AMD processor.

Aliens: Colonial Marines E3 2011 Video Demo Released


SEGA ans Gearbox Software have finally released the full video demo presentation for their upcoming squad-based shooter, Aliens: Colonial Marines, from June of this year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. You may recall our video footage of entering the demo area, but we were restricted from showing more. Now, you too can see the awesomeness! Aliens: Colonial Marines is due out in 2012.

E3 2011 Demo Walkthrough

E3 2011 – Our First Sponsor is…

E3 2011 Logo

The first sponsor has announced themselves for our coverage of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, which runs from June 7th through June 9th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Of course, for us the expo start the previous Saturday or Sunday depending, but them’s the breaks. The first sponsor of our show coverage will be….

Clear will be providing one of their 4G+ hotspots for use on the show floor and in the various press conferences to come. Thanks again for your support, Clear!

LINK: Clear.com Mobile Internet Services