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Flight Sim World Now on Steam Early Access

CHATHAM, Kent May 18, 2017 Flight Sim World®, developed by specialist simulation developer and publisher Dovetail Games, has now been released into Steam’s Early Access program.

Take control of your exquisitely modeled aircraft from take-off to landing through a variety of dramatic weather conditions. Either fly with friends in multiplayer mode, or fly solo from over 24,000 airports worldwide.

If you are new to flight simulation, learn the basics while working towards obtaining your in-sim qualifications in our true-to-life flight lessons. For those who demand more of a challenge, a series of complex missions will push your skills to their limit.

As part of Flight Sim World’s release into Steam’s Early Access program, regular updates will be delivered over the coming months – including a weather system upgrade, flight planner expansions, and enhanced multiplayer functionality. Additionally, the Flight Sim World team will be collating and acting on player feedback for the complete duration of the early access period.

“The flight sim community is a fountain of experience and expertise and early access is our way of drawing upon that knowledge to make Flight Sim World the best it can be,” said executive producer Stephen Hood. “With this release, we are forging a brighter and more vibrant future for flight simulation.”

Flight Sim World is now available to purchase on Steam for $24.99 / £19.99 / €24.99.

Dovetail Games Announces Release of Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul

CHATHAM, Kent – March 6,  2017 – Dovetail Games, the multi award-winning developer and publisher of a range of simulation games is pleased to confirm the release date for its brand new train simulation, Train Sim World®: CSX Heavy Haul, which will launch on Windows PC on March 16, 2017.

Train Sim World is built upon the foundation of Unreal Engine 4® technology, and also includes Dovetail Games’ proprietary SimuGraph® vehicle dynamics engine.  It is thereby set to deliver the most technologically advanced first-person train simulation experience on the market.  The first release in the new series, Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul, will feature the stunning Sand Patch Grade route, stretching 60 miles across the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania and Maryland in the USA.  The game features seven guided tutorials, which cover everything from getting started with the software to operating the locomotives.

Newcomers will be introduced to the game via an accessible user interface, which will display prompts and highlight key controls such as power, reverse, automatic brakes and horn to get players up and running quickly and easily.  Advanced users will have the choice of using fully functioning in-cab controls with no prompts, UI or highlights. These include digital displays, all braking systems and slow speed controls for coal loading.

Featuring fully customizable weather systems, and built using real-world data to accurately replicate the performance, sounds and feel of real trains, Train Sim World will offer more immersion and authenticity than has ever been seen before in a train simulation.  Players will truly feel the detail as they walk around exploring the world and interacting with the trains in first person mode. With six challenging scenarios, players will be able to take part in operations from the real world such as coal loading, switching, refueling and turning locos on a turntable.  There will also be the introduction of a brand new ‘service mode’, which features the recreation of an entire 24-hour timetable, and allows players to take control of any one of the trains in this timetable – manifest, local and short hop freight services – and activities include giving them the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a real engineer.

Featuring three distinct types of locomotive, Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul allows complete interactivity in the cab, so you can gain a thorough understanding of how the train works and how it feels to be sitting in the driver’s seat with the controls in your hands, bringing some of the world’s biggest and most powerful locos roaring to life.

Rob O’Farrell, SVP Development at Dovetail Games said, “We have ten years of experience and expertise in building and growing living, breathing train simulations. Our aim in the development of Train Sim World is to build on this great foundation and take Train Simulator to the next level. Starting with CSX Heavy Haul, Train Sim World will deliver an unprecedented level of quality and realism in every aspect of the game.  We will also continue to develop and grow this experience over time, adding new features and content that enables us to go on this incredible journey together with our community.”

Doug McConkey, Business Director at Dovetail Games added, “At Dovetail Games we strive to create something more than one off experiences; we create immersive digital hobbies that provide years of challenge and entertainment to our highly invested community of players.  Our existing Train Simulator series has sold over 1 million units on Steam and was one of Steam’s top 100 grossing titles in 2016 so we know that we’ve made good headway when it comes to train simulation. Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul is just the start of a new era of train simulation and we have so much more planned with our experienced and knowledgeable community.  If you’ve never experienced train simulation before, now is the perfect time to come aboard.”

Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul will be available to buy on Steam from March 16, 2017 at a price of $39.99. Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul is available to pre-order from today and customers who do so will receive 10% off the retail price and a further 10% off if they already own any version of Train Simulator*.

*Excluding DLC and standalone products.

For further information please visit www.trainsimworld.com

Skychaser DLC Released for Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition

Skychaser Screenshot (1)

CHATHAM, Kent – Dec. 3, 2015 – Dovetail Games, the multi-award-winning simulation developer and publisher, today released Skychaser, a brand-new aerobatic expansion pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition.

The Skychaser expansion pack includes an exclusive Extra 330SC stunt aircraft created by established flight simulation developer IRIS Flight Simulation Software, accurately modeled down to the finest details, including a fully functional cockpit with authentic audio captured from a real-life engine. The aircraft, which is fast and agile and has dominated four real-life World Aerobatic Championships, will also feature six exclusively designed custom paint schemes, making this a prized addition to your virtual fleet.

Featuring four nail-biting challenges by acclaimed mission developer Jane Whittaker, Skychaser will build your aerobatic skills and test them to the max.

Gold Coast Cruisin’

Giving you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Extra as you fly from Brisbane, Australia along the Queensland coast before landing at Gold Coast Airport. Put your precision to the test as you maneuver through this harrowing trial.

Canyon Challenge

Taking you over the peaks and through the crevasses of Yosemite National Park, you will need to perform high-speed aerobatic maneuvers down narrow, winding valleys, over steep mountaintops and other unpredictable terrain. Expect sudden twists and turns, vertical climbs, and sudden dives on this rollercoaster ride of a course.

Skychaser Screenshot (4)


Set amidst the Welsh mountains in the UK, this is a course where you must demonstrate your mastery of the Extra 330SC by clinging to the sides of mountains whilst flying at high speeds, mere feet above the surface of lakes. This mission is unforgiving with a fast and frenetic pace.

Low Level

Starting at Half Moon Bay Airport in San Francisco and flying along the edge of the Pacific Ocean to a landing at Shelter Cove, you will soar over the Golden Gate Bridge and marvel at the spectacular scenery of the Sierra Nevada range. To complete this mission, you must fly the entire course at top speed and under 500ft. Are your low level aerobatic skills up for the challenge?

Skychaser is now available exclusively via Steam for $19.99 or bought together with FSX: Steam Edition for $39.99.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition delivers an authentically accurate aviation experience for simulation enthusiasts and those with a passion for all things flight. The game is available now on Windows PC via Steam. For further information, please visit www.dovetailgames.com or https://fsxinsider.com/.

Train Simulator 2015: Epic Journeys Edition Announced


CHATHAM, Kent – May 15, 2015 ­– Dovetail Games, the multi award-winning developer and publisher of a range of simulation games, today announced that it will launch a new edition of the market-leading train simulation, Train Simulator 2015: Epic Journeys Edition, featuring a brand-new route: the legendary Soldier Summit route based in the USA.

Train Simulator 2015: Epic Journeys Edition captures the excitement of some of the world’s most breathtaking rail journeys in incredible detail. The game opens in the Train Simulator Academy, the perfect training ground to learn about a variety of trains, locations and scenarios, in preparation for your adventure. Featuring three real-life routes from the USA, Germany and the UK, the game will guide players through some of the most spectacular scenery around the world. For those with their own vision of the perfect rail journey, a suite of powerful and easy-to-use creator tools will give players the opportunity to build customized routes, which can also be shared with other players.

Train Simulator 2015: Epic Journeys Edition features:

  • Three stunning real-world routes:
    • US: Soldier Summit: Provo to Helper, including the D&RGW SD40T-2, Amtrak F40PH and D&RGW GP9
    • Germany: The Rhine Railway: Mannheim to Karlsruhe, including DB BR 406 ICE 3M, DB BR 189, DB BR 425 and DB BR 294
    • UK: London-Faversham high speed, including Southeastern Class 395 and Class 375
  • Nine exquisitely accurate locomotives with realistic sounds, controls and physics, including DB BR 406 ICE 3M, D&RGW SD40T-2 and Southeastern Class 395
  • Quick Drive menu system: drive what you like, where you like
  • Multiple controller options – use the Xbox 360 controller, keyboard or mouse
  • Powerful in-game editing tools to create your own routes
  • In-game access direct to the Engine Driver community site

Train Simulator 2015: Epic Journeys Edition will be available to purchase on Steam by the end of May 2015.

To read a series of articles about the brand-new Soldier Summit route, please visit:

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For further information, please visit www.engine-driver.com/ or follow us at Dovetail Games Twitter and Dovetail Games Facebook.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition Launch Date


CHATHAM, KENT – December 9, 2014 – Dovetail Games, the multi-award-winning developer and publisher of the Train Simulator series and Dovetail Games Fishing, today gave flight sim fans a lift for the holiday season with the announcement thatMicrosoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition will launch on December 18 at a spectacular introductory price.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition delivers an authentically accurate aerial experience for simulation enthusiasts and those with a passion for all things flight. Pilots can climb into the cockpits of over twenty aircraft, from commercial and fighter jets to single-engine private planes and helicopters. More than 80 missions will test players in a variety of ways, including search and rescue challenges, test pilot scenarios, races and more. The game features updated multiplayer functionality, Windows 8.1 support and over 24,000 airports, delivering a beautiful, connected world and vast horizon begging to be explored.

First released in 2006, Microsoft Flight Simulator X’s arrival on Steam marks the first exciting steps in the global licensing deal between Dovetail Games and Microsoft announced earlier this year. In addition to distributing Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition, Dovetail Games is also working on its own original titles based on Microsoft’s flight technology, carrying on nearly three decades of tradition established by this award-winning franchise. Dovetail Games and partners will also be launching a range of add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition on Steam in the new year.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition will be available on Windows PC via Steam on December 18. This title is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB.

Dovetail Games to Use Microsoft’s Flight Simulator for Future Projects

Flight Simulator X Screen 1

Chatham, Kent – July 9, 2014 The award-winning creators of the best-selling Train Simulator franchise have today announced a global licensing deal with Microsoft, granting them the rights to develop and publish all-new flight products based on Microsoft’s genre-defining flight technology. The company is currently investigating new concepts in this area and is expecting to bring a release to market in 2015.

In addition to this licensing agreement, Dovetail Games is pleased to announce that it has also acquired the rights to distribute the multi-award winning Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Gold Edition via Valve’s popular digital retail channel, Steam, entitled Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition.

First released in 2006, Microsoft Flight Simulator X is widely acknowledged as one of the most popular simulation products on the market. Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition will include the Deluxe Edition and the Acceleration Expansion Pack in one bundle.  Dovetail Games will bring Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition to the Steam online gaming platform for the first time in late 2014.

“I am delighted to be working in partnership with Microsoft as part of this agreement,” said Paul Jackson, CEO of Dovetail Games.  “We are thrilled to be exploring new flight simulation opportunities using Microsoft’s technology, and look forward to using our extensive expertise of Steam publishing to successfully bring Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition to a broad new audience on the Steam platform. This partnership is perfectly timed to support our expansion into new areas of simulation.”

Steve Bainbridge, COO at Dovetail Games added, “We are very proud of the strong community we have created around the Train Simulator series of products, and we are looking forward to extending our knowledge and experience into working closely with the flight simulation community. We know that they are a very knowledgeable, passionate and committed group of individuals and we welcome their feedback and involvement as we start to create the next generation of games in this area.”

“When it comes to licensing our simulation engine, Dovetail Games is the obvious choice for us to work with.  We respect their approach in terms of delivering premium quality simulation games and look forward to seeing their vision of the next chapter in flight simulations unfold,” said Kevin Perry, Executive Producer at Microsoft.  “In addition to that, they have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to launch simulation products successfully via online platforms, making them the ideal partner to distribute Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition.”

For further information please visit www.dovetailgames.com or follow us at Dovetail Games Twitter and Dovetail Games Facebook.