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MonsterPalooza 2017 Photo Gallery

MonsterPalooza once again graced the Pasadena Convention Center with its presence. This year, the convention saw “Freddy Kruger” himself, Robert Englund, in attendance as well as Cassandra Peterson and many others. The convention had some terrific celebrity signing tables setup, and the main floor of the convention center was lined with exhibitors selling their Halloween/monster/genre related wares. There were booths from people like theatrical makeup company Ben Nye to silicone mask makers Immortal Masks. This year also saw the return of the museum which housed all manner of scary creations. While not being “scary” in the traditional sense, the sculpt of Robert Shaw as Quint from JAWS was easily the most striking. Check out the photo gallery below for a look! If you would like to attend MonsterPalooza in future years, check out their official website.

Photo Gallery

2016 Scare LA Wrap-Up and Photo Gallery

As we move closer to the Halloween season, one of the great Southern California joys is going to Scare LA, a Halloween / horror convention. Now in its fourth year, Scare LA has grown quite a bit from its meager beginnings. Scare LA creator Lora Ivanova has crafted this show into a huge event and it brings in some top talent for its panels and classes.

There were a number of panels to take in – with all the names in the haunted attractions industry showing up. Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights and Knott’s Scary Farm gave a few more interesting tidbits about their upcoming events and we even had panels featuring Elvira herself! Elvira was the big name and host of Scare LA 2016 and she took a lot of time signing autographs on the exhibit floor.


Speaking of the exhibit floor, the Pasadena Convention Center is a very large space and they did a great job of filling it with vendors and even mini-escape rooms! We are big escape room fans and it is great to see them get floorspace in these events. Last year, there didn’t seem to be as many vendors as I had hoped – this year was a huge improvement. The Decayed Brigade (a group of “sliders” originally from Knott’s Scary Farm) were back again this year and put on some great displays of athleticism in their shows.

As usual, there were several mini-haunted houses at the event – with amazing showings from the folks at Creep LA as well as an all-new, in-house haunted house directly from the creators of Scare LA! Blood Offering featured some great set pieces, very good runtime – especially for a mini-haunt, as well as some nice acting components. Scare LA teamed up with former Knott’s Scary Farm maze designer Brooke Walters and Hollywood prop maker Donald Julson for the walk-through (and crawl-through at times).


You could even purchase a “Scare Student” pass to the event and take in a variety of classes pertaining to haunted attractions. Haunt music creator Jon Autopsy taught a course in crafting music for your haunted house while makeup artist Ken Frankling taught a course in airbrush makeup. There were, of course, a lot more to attend, but these were just a couple examples.

Overall, the 2016 Scare LA was a great time for horror and Halloween fans alike and I can’t wait to check out the 2017 event.

Check out Scare LA’a website for more information!

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2016 Midsummer Scream Photo Gallery

The first annual Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival has concluded and it was a wallop of a hauntingly good fun. We braved mini-haunt experiences from the likes of Perdition Home, Spooky Hollows, DeadZone 805, and several others. We took in various panels from haunted attraction professionals such as John Murdy from Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. We walked the floor of the Long Beach Convention Center, sorting through a variety of vendors selling hauntingly fun items. And even though it took a good two days of our time to see everything, it feels like it was over in a flash. Midsummer Scream was a terrific time and I look forward to attending the event’s second annual showing next year!

Photo Gallery

Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival Announced

April 5, 2016 – From the creative minds of CreepyLA and Theme Park Adventure, comes an all-new chapter in terror: Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival. This weekend-long celebration of everything Halloween, haunts and horror makes its debut July 30-31 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California.

Midsummer Scream features more than 100,000 square feet of event space that will showcase vendors, makeup demonstrations, stage presentations, live entertainment, a screening room, haunted attraction experiences and more.

“We’re combining all of our talents, production knowledge, and years of experience to create an amazing show that we know fans are going to love,” said David Markland, Executive Director of Midsummer Scream. “Each week from now until our July debut, we will be announcing more participants and unveiling different aspects of the show that are going to have people counting down the days with great anticipation.”

Already confirmed for Midsummer Scream include Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, Ten Thirty One Productions(Los Angeles Haunted Hayride/Great Horror Campout), Dread Central, Sinister Pointe, Ghost Train (LA Live Steamers), Scott Ramp/The Scream Team, SoCal Valley Haunters, Drunken Devil, Decayed Brigade slider team, Motel 6 Feet Under, Season Pass Podcast, Spooky HollowsRotten Apple 907, Fear Station,Figment Foundry, magic of Jimmy H./Mudd the Magnificent, Screenshot Productions, The Empty Grave,Cross Roads Escape Games, Higgins Manor, Dark House Entertainment (The Basement), Girls and Corpses, Evil Twin Studios, and Garner Holt Productions. Our list of partners grows each day, and will be updated on the Midsummer Scream website regularly, as well as announced via social media.

A highlight of Midsummer Scream will be its main stage auditorium, which will accommodate more than 600 horror fans gathering to witness a world-class lineup of panels and presentations, which will include exciting reveals looking forward to the 2016 Halloween season in Southern California.

Guests looking for additional thrills and chills may venture into the Hall of Shadows, a large “scare zone”, with monsters lurking in the dark, and a host of haunted attraction previews/experiences that will soothe your Halloween cravings. Bone Yard Effects, Inc. led by Larry Bones will bring terrifying creatures to life throughout the day via makeup demonstrations on the show floor, and release them into the Hall of Shadows to wreak havoc on terrified fans.

“We are beyond thrilled to bring the Halloween and horror community together here in Southern California,” said Rick West, Creative Director of Midsummer Scream. “The entire team is fueled by the same fundamental passion for the holiday and the macabre; we met and became friends while covering various haunt events and have enjoyed strong personal and business relationships for the past several years as a direct result. Midsummer Scream is the festival this community deserves, and we cannot wait to unveil everything we’ve got planned.”

Tickets go on sale soon, and new information regarding Midsummer Scream is being updated daily at MidsummerScream.org. Fans may sign up on the site for email notifications and announcements, including discounts and other special offers.  Be sure to follow Midsummer Scream on social media as well – Twitter/Periscope: @MidsummerScream, Instagram: @MidsummerScream, and Facebook: facebook.com/midsummerscream.

Former producers of ScareLA, Midsummer Scream’s creators are David Markland, Executive Director; Gary Baker, Executive Producer; Rick West, Creative Director; Johanna Atilano, Producer; and Claire Dunlap, Associate Producer.

About Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival

Midsummer Scream is a large-scale summer festival celebrating the spirit of Halloween and horror, drawing thousands of guests to Southern California for a weekend of thrills and chills. Featuring a massive show floor of vendors and exhibitors, haunted attractions and experiences, live entertainment and world-class panel presentations, Midsummer Scream is the West Coast’s premier Halloween/horror event, offering something for fans of all ages. More information can be found at MidsummerScream.org.

Fans can follow Theme Park Adventure via social media on Facebook, Instagram (search our posts with #ThemeParkAdventure), Twitter, and Periscope for live streams of our travels and special events! Our most popular and unique Periscope broadcasts are archived and may be viewed on our Katch channel.

2015 GameStop Expo and Conference


“It’s like a mini E3!” our photographer said as we entered the GameStop Expo Hall and took in our surroundings. The big boys of Sony, EA, Blizzard and many others had not just made an appearance at the event but had made a proper show of it.

Originally a conference to train GameStop managers, the event had expanded to interacting with the vendors that have products at the shop and demoing games so that the managers could accurately inform the GameStop shoppers as to what the games are like. They also have an onsite shop of older product for the managers to pick up at great discounted prices. A few years ago GameStop decided to open the last day of the event to the public and from there on it was a little known expo that quickly drew a crowd of gamers and geeks in the know.


This year had such great moments as Imperial Stormtroopers playing Star Wars Battlefront, a Rock Band 4 stage complete with surprise star players, and legends of the comic world signing autographs and joyfully talking products. Dean Ambrose walked along chatting with Robert Horry, Ryback proudly showed off his title belt while signing autographs, Anthony Daniels hung out answering questions. The biggest geek moment for us was standing next to Todd McFarlane when Stan Lee came up to his table to chat. Todd tried to look composed but even he had to geek out when Stan Lee stops by to chat.

The deals to be had in the GameStop/ThinkGeek store were amazing, a lot of people left with Batman Arkham Knight Special Editions with the statue for under $20, Gears Of War shirts for $5 and Funko figures for as little as $9.

If you didn’t come with cash in hand there were tons of prizes to be won from numerous booths. a personal favorite being the McFarlane The Walking Dead miniatures and play sets that have me playing “connect the walker body parts” at home.

The only way the Expo could be more fun is if it were open more days to the public or longer hours which after being open for the managers for days before might be a bit much for vendors. I’m already looking forward to next year and hoping it hops to a location I can visit again.


Son of Monsterpalooza Announces Hollywood Treasures Exhibit


If you are attending the upcoming Son of Monsterpalooza event in Burbank, you might want to check out their Profiles in History “Hollywood Treasures” exhibit. There you will find all sorts of movie and pop-culture memorabilia. If you don’t know about Son of Monsterpalooza, be sure to check their official website out for ticket information and more. The event runs September 18 through 20 at the Marriott Burbank Hotel and Convention Center.

Hollywood Treasures Flyer (Click to Make Big)


ScareLA 2015 Schedule Revealed

scare-la-235 copy

July 1, 2015 — It’s “big reveal week” here at ScareLA! You can skip ahead and see the lineup on our website here, or keep reading for compelling details.

For starters, we’re excited to return to one of our favorite topics, The Haunted Mansion, with a discussion about the ride’s legendary character, The Hatbox Ghost. On Saturday, August 8, join Tony Baxter (Former Vice President of Creative Development of Walt Disney Imagineering), fan favorite artists Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily, and moderator Doug Barnes from the Season Pass podcast as the discuss the origin of the legend, and why it took over 40 years for him to make it to the attic of Disneyland’s most famous house. For more spooky details read Theme Park Adventure’s announcement of the presentation here.

On Sunday, August 9, ScareLA has collected a lineup straight out of Springfield, as the writers behind The Simpson’s annual Halloween episodes, known as theTreehouse of Horrors, take the stage. Among those joining us are Jay Kogen (“Hungry Are the Damned” and “King Homer”) and Mike Scully (“The HΩmega Man”). More denizens to be announced soon, but Comic Book Guy is already proclaiming, “best panel ever!”

And on Saturday or Sunday (we’re still deciding!), the amazing makeup team that put the Horror in American Horror Story will pay a visit to ScareLA, discussing their favorite character creations over the past four seasons, and offering their own tips on how you can use their techniques for your own Halloween makeup and costumes.

All these, plus 91 Reasons Live!, a look at L.A.’s creepiest cemeteries, and more on the schedule.

Wizard World Las Vegas 2015 Gallery #wizardworld


I’ve been to a lot, and I mean A LOT of conventions but none have had panels quite as fun as I got to sit through at first year of Wizard World Las Vegas. The weekend started with a celebrity meet and greet for the press at “The High Roller” observation wheel where the stars were a little subdued, even going as far as to step off on their own to start to get to know each other since some were fresh to the tour and others were veterans. Adrenaline junkie and former Green Power Ranger, Jason David Frank, and Boondock Saints star, Sean Patrick Flanery, were good examples as they said a few words then spent most of the greet time off to the side quietly talking about crazy jumps Frank had taken over the years. Frank really made up for it by being one of the last people to leave the mixer afterwards but it did leave a bit of wonder as to how much interaction there would be during the con.

The floor interactions were mixed, most of the celebrities were behind large outlines on the floor that were not to be crossed unless you had a voucher for an autograph. The great mix of comic and tattoo artists were a whole different story – inviting and engaging just about everyone who passed their booth. It really seemed like maybe this was really just a comic and tattoo convention with only a few exceptions such as Jason David Frank and cosplayers such as Jessica Merizan.

Then the panels kicked in. If you ever make it to Wizard World convention, you HAVE to hit the panels. Sometimes at conventions, the panels seem like a boring waste of time – time that could be better spent on the floor. This convention was the polar opposite. Great comic writers such as Michael Golden gave some of the best writing tips for any medium I have ever heard – his cures for writer’s block were simple yet terrific! James Marsters challenged the audience to try to shock or embarrass him while at the same time making sure not to offend parents with kids. His behind the scene stories were riveting. Subdued Sean Patrick Flanery became a madman as he and David Della Rocco hit their stage as living embodiments of Jay and Silent Bob with Rocco occasionally giving one word answers and just looking cool and comfortable while Flanery would get excited, engaging and ramble off terrific stories. Flanery even called out a girl sitting at the back of the room charging her phone in the wall and had her sit in the front while throwing her a tshirt.

Cassandra Peters was her elegant self as she talked and joked about her career, making a fine point that she still loves Halloween and Knott’s Scary Farm (things also very dear to us at GamingShogun). Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose were a the perfect WWE panel as they told stories from behind the scenes as well as feeding the die-hard wrestling fans in the room great doses of the characters that have made them so famous.

The talk of the convention though had to be the panel by Michael Rooker. Holy crap – he had more energy and just almost electrifying presence than I think anyone had anywhere all weekend. He took no time jumping off the stage, running through the crowd having them as him questions or make requests then flying onto the next person. The cameramen couldn’t keep up with him, just trying to follow him with your eyes almost made you dizzy as he flew around giving hugs and fast quipping. Every joke or comment was perfectly timed and hilarious and the crowd ate it up from the moment he jumped off the stage to the second he rolled back onto it and to his feet leaving everyone reeling. I started the conventions heading to the mixer in an elevator with Rooker and he was fun and unabashedly joking then, it was just a preview of the amazing time he gave the audience at his panel and at home watching on ConTV.

I highly recommend Wizard World Las Vegas and can’t wait until it hits bright, shining city once again. Attendees would be best served by putting a little time aside for the floor, planning out ahead of time which artists you want to meet and concentrate on hitting as many panels as possible. They overlap so it isn’t a bad idea to make a schedule before hand so you don’t wind up missing any. My only true regrets of the weekend were not being able to catch more of the panels and hearing that Bruce Campbell canceled his appearance. At least I know he didn’t make it because he was working on Evil Dead goodness!

Photo Gallery

Bone Yard Effects Premieres Interactive Exhibit at ScareLA 2015

scare-la-294 copy

LOS ANGELES (Friday, March 6, 2015) – ScareLA, the Southern California convention dedicated to Halloween, is pleased to announce the premiere of an exclusive interactive exhibit “Angels & Demons by renowned makeup artist Larry Bones of Bone Yard Effects, this August 8 and 9 at the Pasadena Convention Center. A fan favorite for the past two years, Bones returns to ScareLA accompanied by over two dozen talented artists to transform select ScareLA attendees into beautiful and terrifying creatures from the supernatural.

“I’m so excited to bring Bone Yard Effects back to ScareLA this year,” says Larry Bones, founder of Bone Yard Effects. “I have loved being part of this awesome event for the past two years, and am amazed by how fast it is growing. As ScareLA gets bigger, we at Bone Yard have the opportunity to grow as well. I’m pleased to announce Bone Yard’s ‘Angels & Demons’ presentation. A huge team of Bone Yard artists will create either an angel or a demon character from head to toe, each with its own unique attributes. You’ll see over twenty five different characters over the weekend, and will have the opportunity to get a photo with them on our display stage. We look forward to seeing you all at ScareLA 2015!”

Bone Yard’s “Angels & Demons” demonstration will culminate in a small army of over 25 creatures roaming the show floor, interacting with guests, and making themselves available for unforgettable photo opps. The installation spurs from the convention’s unique focus on creating high quality immersive entertainment. It is to complement over a dozen onsite mini-haunts and experiences only found at ScareLA.

“Every year, Larry gives his Bone Yard Effects crew a new makeup challenge to unveil at ScareLA, and every year, they top themselves with even more creative and scarier creatures that end up wandering our show floor” says David Markland, Executive Producer of ScareLA. Co-producer and ScareLA founder Lora Ivanova adds, “In addition to his team’s amazing artistry, Larry offers an invaluable learning opportunity for makeup enthusiasts and professionals. Every step of the creature transformation shows tips from one of Hollywood’s greatest. We can’t wait to see what he creates with us this year.”

Since 2006, Larry Bones has been the department head of Makeup and Hair for Universal Studios Hollywood’s blockbuster event, Halloween Horror Nights in Los Angeles. Each season, Bones oversees the transformation of hundreds of men and women into horrific monsters that lurk in the theme park’s mazes and fog-choked scare zones. His extensive list of film and television credits include Scary Movie 2, Congo, Dawson’s Creek and Roseanne.

In addition to film and themed entertainment production work, Bones offers a line of hand-made consumer-level foam latex prosthetics, FX Faces, which will also be on display at the Bone Yard Effects booth during ScareLA. They are available for purchase online at www.boneyardfx.com.

Less than 48 hours are left of the ScareLA 50% off tickets pre-sale discount. Pre-sale ends Friday, March 13. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit: www.scarela.com.

Utherverse Announces Virtual WowFanCon Convention

Utherverse has announced that they are putting on a virtual, online fan convention for Blizzard Entertainment’s MMO, World of Warcraft, called “WowFanCon”. The virtual convention will be held using Utherverse’s fully-3D virtual world software. The convention will feature speakers, community gatherings, prize drawings, and more. It will take place from October 7th, 2011 through October 8th, 2011.

“World of Warcraft is the most popular online game, and we are the largest virtual-world company,” said Brian Shuster, Utherverse founder and CEO, “so it’s the perfect marriage. For the first time ever, millions of our users and millions of WoW players can come together and experience a massively multi-user online convention, for free, without leaving home. Virtual conventions like this one are the next killer app for the web, and Utherverse has been investing heavily to become the leader in this breakthrough trade-show concept.”

You can find out how to register to attend the free online event over at its official website.