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A Look Back At CES 2017

Usually when I do a look back at CES it is a pretty lengthy read since it involves me running from place to place and taking everything in as fast as I can afraid I will miss something important.  This year was different because only a couple days into the conference I got a flu bug that had me down for the count and hallucinating for days.  As a result I like most other people who couldn’t make it had to rely of press releases and b-roll offering that I wasn’t even able to understand until it was old news.  So this year this will mostly be a large photo gallery with just a few mentions of things here and there.

Press Days And CES Unveiled:

This is usually when the big boys of technology pit press conference against press conference to try to provide the most interesting and sometimes flashy news.  This year to try to make this a little less competitive they split the press conferences into two days so it wasn’t one long rushing day followed by CES Unveiled.  The result was a little odd though because a lot of the big flashy boys were still scheduled against each other and the result of the split up meant two really long days with CES Unveiled at the end.  CES Unveiled is one of my favorite things about CES because it give you a little taste of some of the bigger companies and a large number of the smaller ones that are spread around the massive space of CES that you probably would have missed in the throng of crowds.  The whole Unveiled event is also held in a large room with gourmet food treat stations in the middle and bars full of free booze in every corner.  They even have ice carved to say “CES” that they run the alcohol through the top of and it is nicely cooled when it comes out the bottom.  As a result some people didn’t abide while others definitely abide WAY too much. Me, I got to try a new IPA for my Untapped, looked at a few booths for thinning hair (I need them), saw a computer, a bed, and a recliner massager all of which would definitely improve my quality of life and empty my bank account and a bunch of other stuff that I can proudly say I looked at having had too many snacks but not alcohol.  Honestly I don’t think I saw one thing I didn’t want to try out.

CES Convention Center:

This year CES was celebrating its 50th anniversary which is really quite incredible when you think of an entertainment based organization.  It’s saving grace is probably the breadth and width of the conference and it can’t hurt that it takes up pretty much every available foot of space in Las Vegas, 2.47 million net square feet actually.  It also has pretty much every imaginal use for an electronic from the way you wake up to how you get to sleep at night.  Trust me the how you get places is definitely covered as the automotive area expanded and the how you see places is very well shown by the massive growth of drones over the last few years.  Convention floors, hotel suites, even walkways were packed with people trying to show you how they are attempting to change the world.

During the day it is a mad rush to get from one meeting to another then at night if you are lucky and know the right people you might find yourself watching Sting well into the night.  Yes that Sting, I’m told.  Next year maybe I’ll get into it, next year.  Because you can bet there will be a next year of CES as long as the world has a way to power their devices.


One event that isn’t designed to relax you into the night but instead helps you know a bunch of the little folks who may someday prove to be the trending giants is an event called ShowStoppers.  It is a great deal like CES Unveiled but there are less of the big boys present, in fact there are often big parties the same night and the exhibitors at this event often don’t even have a booth or suite space in that 2 and a half million feet of show.  For them they don’t get days to talk folks into their gadget, they have minutes as part of a few hour night.  We get to chat with old time friends like Alex Verrey who this year was working with some nice looking headsets called Lucid Sound instead of where he usually hangs his hat which is at Mad Catz who was showing less audio and other peripherals instead. Soul Sound was having a lot of fun around the place and one of the companies thanked me for suggesting their little robot would help teach kids in school how to get started in coding, they now have 100,000 of units helping children learn in our countries schools.  Previous years I had helped get word out about a project to get low cost solar lighting into third world countries.  I guess what I am trying to say is ShowStoppers is a place to watch and think of others because you never know if someone around the world may benefit from a suggest of how a product can actually help humanity.

Closing The Show (For Me):

During the Showstoppers I started to feel a little weak, I just thought it was the long hours.  I got to meet one of the PR people I have always wanted to meet because of her great announcements and her knowledge of who is moving and whom is shaking.  After meeting some cool PR people and getting to check out the awesome GameSir G3s game controller, I went to rest a bit and that rest got long then I realized I was full on sick with the flu and running a brutal fever.  Suddenly CES was over early for me with the last days where I get to kick it with a buddy named Keven and give a friend a copy of an old jewelry selling broadcast I used to work at still in my pocket.  I still feel cruddy but time waits for no man, I have sumo wrestling and cosplayers at a convention to see tomorrow.  And there is always CES 51.

Sennheiser Announces HD1 In-Ear Wireless Headphones

Las Vegas, January 6, 2017 – Sennheiser’s HD1 headphone range represents the perfect fusion of sound and style: Uncompromised sound performance meets minimalist design and carefully selected materials. At CES 2017, held in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8, the audio specialist goes one step further by unveiling the new HD1 In-Ear Wireless. Combining a leading-edge acoustic design with Bluetooth 4.1, AAC codec support and Qualcomm® apt-X™, the new neckband headphone has been designed to enhance the experience of listening to music on mobile devices – for the ultimate portable HD1 experience.

Uncompromising sound quality, progressive technology and high-quality materials in a minimalist design: Sennheiser redefined the world of headphones with its HD1 range – a series of headphones with MOMENTUM. In the creation of these iconic headphones, the audio specialist was inspired by people who follow their vision, striving for the new and pushing the world ahead. With the HD1 In-Ear Wireless, Sennheiser now adds ear-canal headphones with Bluetooth connectivity to the acclaimed range.

“HD1 headphones are inspired by people that push boundaries and refuse to compromise in fulfilling their ambition,” said Dr. Christian Ern, Head of Portfolio Management Audiophile at Sennheiser. “With the new HD1 In-Ear Wireless, we are bringing this ethos to a compact Bluetooth neckband headphone.”

Elegant in every detail, the HD1 In-Ear Wireless has been designed for an uncompromising experience. Its stainless steel in-ear sound tunnels have been custom machined to deliver superior acoustic precision: This high quality dynamic speaker system brings the signature HD1 sound to a compact in-ear headphone, with a powerful bass response, detailed vocal projection and a great sound stage. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.1, AAC codec support, and Qualcomm® apt-X™ compatibility, this true hi-fi sound is delivered with crystal-clear wireless transmission.

An elegant companion to mobile devices
With a great 10-hour battery life, the HD1 In-Ear Wireless can be enjoyed throughout the day. An integrated three-button remote and high-quality microphone are incorporated into the neckband, making it easy to stay connected and make phone calls and control music on the go. HD1 In-Ear Wireless supports convenient multi-connection with up to 2 devices at once, with 3-way calling support. Ease of use is further enhanced by NFC one-touch Bluetooth pairing with smart devices, an intuitive system of voice prompts to notify of pairing status and to provide battery life warnings, a vibration alert for incoming calls and support of USB audio with USB charging.

Like all HD1 headphones, the HD1 In-Ear Wireless represents a perfect marriage of style and substance, with high-quality materials, superb comfort and lasting durability. The ergonomic around-the-neck design and soft sheepskin nappa leather stitched onto the neckband offer all-day listening comfort. Ear adapters in four different sizes are provided for optimized fit in the ear canals to allow excellent attenuation of ambient noise. Meanwhile, premium materials such as stainless steel, the mirrored chrome finish, and tough, impact-resistant polycarbonate give the HD1 In‑Ear Wireless the strength for a life on the move.

Sennheiser’s HD1 In-Ear Wireless will be available from January 2017.

Razer Demos Project Ariana at CES

LAS VEGAS (CES 2017) Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, today unveiled that Razer Chroma™, its flagship lighting technology, will be now available to 3rd party partners along with a glimpse into the future of Razer Chroma with “Project Ariana,” the world’s first video projection system designed for total immersion gaming.

Razer Chroma is the largest RGB platform for gaming with more than 5 million devices sold to-date. Some of the world’s top AAA games have integrated Razer Chroma lighting, including “Overwatch” from Blizzard, “Call of Duty®: Black Ops 3” from Activision, “Shadow Warrior 2” from Devolver Digital, and more.

A growing number of hardware partners are additionally queued to leverage the Razer Chroma platform for immersive gaming solutions, including Lenovo, NZXT, Antec, Lian Li, Wicked Lasers and Nanoleaf. Entry into the Razer Chroma ecosystem and the 16.8 million-color palette of the platform is given through the Razer Chroma Module, a single hardware and software API available to partners.

Additionally, Razer is exploring how lighting in the whole room can create more immersive experiences, together with Philips Lighting.

A glimpse into the future of Razer Chroma is given by Project Ariana, taking the concept of RGB lighting into room projection and bringing a whole new dimension to immersive gaming through Razer Chroma, which communicates with games in real time to create both lighting and video effects. This results in solutions for gamers that range from peripherals to smart lighting and video projection, all working as one to provide a totally immersive gaming experience.

Project Ariana is a concept design that showcases the power and potential of the Razer Chroma platform in the pre-VR world in bridging the gap between gamers and games,” says Razer Co-Founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan.  “Video projection, multi-color lighting and the responsive intelligence of our Razer Chroma engine are changing the way we game today. We and our publishing and technology partners are working toward new visual solution for an even more incredible and visually rich tomorrow.”

Project Ariana is a high-definition video projector that uses an ultra-wide fish eye lens and advanced processing capabilities to extend the gaming experience into an entire room. The system adapts the projection of in-game elements to the dimensions and features of the physical environment.  A pair of 3D depth sensing cameras together with proprietary calibration software automatically calibrates itself to detect environmental factors such as furniture and room lighting, to provide the perfect display for any room.

The concept is being demonstrated to attendees of the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at the Razer booth – South Hall 3 booth: 30320.

“This is the future of Razer Chroma as we see it,” says Tan. “We are working toward new video projection technology designed to place users in their games for total gaming immersion. Having a game literally surround a gamer completes the entire ecosystem of gaming, bridging the sensory gap between player and game.”

Razer Unveils Multi-Monitor Gaming Laptop at CES

LAS VEGAS (CES 2017) – Razer, the leading lifestyle brand for gamers, today revealed a multi-monitor laptop computer concept that sets a new standard for immersive entertainment and multipurpose portable computing.

Dubbed “Project Valerie,” the system is the world’s first portable laptop with three built-in monitors. Each 17.3-inch 4K IGZO display is equipped with NVIDIA G-SYNC™ technology that is capable of producing the smoothest possible framerates and expansive 180 degree NVIDIA Surround View gaming. Creative professionals can look forward to 100 percent Adobe RGB color accuracy and the greatest amount of screen real estate ever assembled in a single computer.

Project Valerie uses an automatic deployment mechanism designed by Razer. Each display mechanically slides out of the side of the main screen and adjusts into place, making it easy for users to deploy. With integrated multi-monitor support, users will no longer have to deal with the cable clutter from traditional desktop setups. The result is a clean gaming and working environment that’s just as easy to maintain.

“The complexities of a traditional multi-monitor setup are a thing of the past with Project Valerie,” says Razer co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan. “Equally important, the power of a desktop computer and graphics capabilities of three top-end monitors are included in the system. There is no shortcoming in the way of performance in the face of its amazing portability and features.”

Project Valerie adds to the professional capabilities of the new 17-inch Razer Blade Pro. The system was conceived with enthusiasts and power users in mind who want multitasking capabilities and desktop performance on the go. Packed with more screens than previously possible in a notebook, Razer’s Project Valerie is capable of handling virtually any PC task, anytime, anywhere.

The proposed system retains the iconic Razer design, while at the same time accommodating triple-monitors. A unibody CNC aluminum chassis measures just 1.5-inches thick and weighs less than 12 pounds. An included compact AC adapter is much smaller than similarly powered systems, furthering complementing Project Valerie’s mobility.

Project Valerie retains the remarkable thermal management system for which Razer’s line of laptops is known. A custom-designed fan and dynamic heat exchangers pair with a vapor chamber to maximize heat dissipation.

Project Valerie is the second Razer notebook to utilize Razer’s Ultra-Low-Profile Mechanical switches. Each switch features a true actuation and reset point. Key presses are registered with 65 grams of force, mimicking the feel of full-size mechanical keyboards. The keyboard, trackpad, extended monitors are also Powered by Razer Chroma™, which unlocks a virtually endless array of dazzling lighting effects that can be customized by the user or synced to in-game events.

Similar to Razer’s newest systems, Project Valerie equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 exceeds the minimum hardware requirements of HTC Vive™ and Oculus Rift, making it one of the most immersive, mobile VR-ready devices for enthusiasts and developers.

“Multi-monitor desktop set-ups are becoming more necessary for professionals, creators, and gamers,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. “For the first time, we’ve engineered a solution that users can take with them. Project Valerie promises all of the functionality of three screens and none of the hassle.”

The triple monitor, 17-inch Project Valerie complements Razer’s award-winning systems lineup. The 14-inch Razer Blade sets the benchmark for mobile gaming, while the 12.5-inch Razer Blade Stealth, with a starting MSRP of $899, earned official “Best PC” and “People’s Choice” honors at last year’s CES.
Razer won official “Best of CES” awards with other systems innovations in the past, including the Razer Switchblade, Project Fiona and Project Christine concepts. The Razer Edge tablet won the CES “Best of Show” in 2013, besting a field of more than 20,000 electronic devices at the world’s most prestigious tech tradeshow.

For more information on the Project Valerie, and to register for announcements, visit razerzone.com/projectvalerie.

Snakebyte Unveils New Drone Line at CES 2017

San Diego, CA – January 4, 2017 – snakebyte® group, leading innovators of consumer electronics hardware, announced today a new range of unmanned aerial vehicles and RC products engineered in Germany to be fast, agile and tough. Expected to race into stores beginning Spring 2017, the new products will be demonstrated at CES 2017 and released under the Company’s Zoopa brand.

Whether racing through water or navigating the friendly skies, the new range of RC vehicles are designed to thrill and entertain enthusiasts of all ages and skill-sets. New products include.

  • Q60 Lightning Mini Racer Drone – SRP: $29.99

An ideal entry into the world of racing drones, the Q60 is micro sized yet big on features! Available in a single or double pack for racing against friends, the Q60 features beginner and advanced modes for effortless flying and includes an air-race track with 10 gates to practise like the pros!

  • Q170 Bullet Air Racer Done – SRP: $69.99

An ultra-agile quadcopter. The Q170 is fast, yet easy to manoeuvre. Channel hopping wireless technology provides a rock solid wireless signal, ideal for when multiple drones are in use. Includes 10 air-race style inflatable pylons for outdoor use, providing limitless opportunities to set your own challenges via a custom racing track.

  • Q160 Bolt FPV Racer Drone – SRP: $79.99

With a top speed of up to 20 mph / 35 kmh, the Q160 proves an ideal step-up in the world of racing drones. The Q160 puts you in the heart of the action via an integrated FPV (First Person view) camera which transmits images right to your smartphone while the 2.4GHz controller includes integrated smartphone mount.

  • Prima 250 Raider Racer Drone – SRP: $129.99

Light, sturdy and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the Prima 250 Raider is capable of impressive speeds of up to 35 mph / 55 kmh, and sports an integrated FPV Wi-Fi enabled camera, allowing you to navigate the toughest of hazards with ease.

  • Q660 HD Manta 2 Racer Drone – SRP: $149.99

Designed for the serious drone racer, the Q660 combines elegant flight and powerful recording capabilities. Featuring three flight modes, the Manta 2 can navigate the toughest of environments, while the integrated Hi-Def 1080p camera captures the action on the 8GB SD card provided. Capable of flight over a 500ft range.

  • Q750 Tic-Toc 3D Racer Drone – SRP: $299.99 (with LCD Screen) $499.99 (with FPV Goggles)

With a top speed of an incredible 62 mph / 100 km/h, the Tic-Toc 3D provides limitless entertainment for the serious enthusiast.  On-board 5.8GHz HD camera captures the action and transmits to the controller where the integrated screen displays all the action. Upgrade your experience with the FPV goggles for a jaw-dropping VR experience like no other!

  • Q450 HD Cruiser 2 Camera Drone – SRP: $99.99

Perfect for aerial photography, the Q450 features a 300ft flight range and an integrated 1080p camera for pin-sharp visuals. Save footage to the 8GB SD card provided and make your footage all the more dramatic thanks to four independent flight modes and 360° flip functionality!

  • Thunder 01 RC Boat – SRP: $69.99

Experience the thrill of RC boat racing with the Thunder 01! Serious power for serious fun, the Thunder 01 features a high-strength motor with on board water cooling for reliable, fast-paced action at up to 15 mph / 25 km/h! Long lasting 360mAh NiMH battery keeps your boat powered for up to 15 minutes and with a range of 500ft, the Thunder 01 can navigate the largest of environments.

  • Thunder 400 RC Boat – SRP: $119.99

Take your racing to the next level with the Thunder 400! With an incredibly powerful 900mAh NiMH battery, users can race at speeds of up to 25 mph / 40 km/h! Water cooled engine powers the action and the 2.4 GHz connection provides stable at all times for interference free racing.

  • Thunder 800 RC Boat – SRP: $349.99

The last word in water based racing, the Thunder 800 features a twin-battery 5000mAh Lithium Ion battery system for exceptionally long lasting racing! With a blisteringly fast top speed of 55 mph / 90 km/h and sophisticated water cooling technology, the Thunder 800 will keep up with the most demanding of racing challenges.

“Our new range of RC products have been designed to offer unique features and a combination of quality and innovation which we believe will prove enticing to enthusiasts everywhere. Our scalable range in both boats and drones means that there is a product for every wallet and level of ambition,” said Nick Repenning, CEO for snakebyte USA. “Following our successful launch of the Zoopa brand across the United States late last year, we feel the brand has achieved significant momentum and we’re excited to develop the range further as we expand our global footprint through 2017.”

The new range of Zoopa RC products will be demonstrated at the Pepcom® Digital Experience, taking place Jan 4, 2017 at The Mirage Hotel, CES, Las Vegas. The range will also be available to view via appointment only at the snakebyte booth, South Hall 1, 21666.

Corsair Announces K95 RGB Platinum

CES 2017, Las Vegas, NV – January 5th 2017 – CORSAIR®, a world leader in enthusiast memory, PC components and high-performance gaming hardware today announced the new flagship mechanical gaming keyboard, the K95 RGB Platinum. Building on the phenomenal success of CORSAIR mechanical keyboards, the new K95 RGB Platinum combines a trademark CORSAIR anodized aluminum frame with the very latest in premium keyboard technologies to redefine what gamers can expect from a high-end keyboard.

Built to last, the stylish aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame of the K95 RGB Platinum will withstand a lifetime of gaming and, as with all CORSAIR mechanical keyboards, uses only Cherry MX key switches. Trusted for decades to deliver proven accuracy and reliability, Cherry switches remain the industry standard for mechanical keyboards and with K95 RGB Platinum, owners can choose between the high-speed, low-travel Cherry MX RGB Speed switch, or the tactile feedback of Cherry MX RGB Brown.

With the addition of hardware playback and 8MB of onboard memory, the K95 RGB Platinum allows gamers to save not just custom key assignments and macros to memory, but complex, multi-layer reactive lighting profiles, so you can game without the need for external software. Set up profiles and custom key assignments for three onboard profiles in CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE), save them to memory, and then use the K95 RGB Platinum with all your custom lighting and key controls on any system. What’s more, The K95 RGB Platinum boasts six dedicated macro keys, specially textured so you can easily find them at the crucial moment and contoured so to avoid accidentally pressing them.

Since CORSAIR first debuted per-key RGB lighting at CES 2014, the technology has become synonymous with CORSAIR keyboards, exciting gamers with the ability to customize their setup with vibrant colors and amazing effects. With its new LightEdge, the K95 RGB Platinum takes RGB lighting to the next level. In addition to per-key RGB lighting configurable in CUE, LightEdge offers a dedicated 19-zone light bar, able to be lit in conjunction with, or completely separately from, the rest of the keyboard. Illuminate LightEdge with a solid color, rippling RGB waves, or a menacing visor of light – it’s all part of how you make the K95 RGB Platinum your own.

The K95 RGB Platinum is also loaded with extras to help you get the most from your games. A detachable dual-sided soft-touch wrist rest provides textured or smooth comfort, while a dedicated USB pass-through port means a place to connect your CORSAIR mouse, headset or flash drive is always at hand. Dedicated media and volume controls put playback of your music and videos at your fingertips, and with dedicated Windows key lock and brightness buttons, you can eliminate distractions in an instant. CORSAIR also includes a set of FPS and MOBA textured keycaps, providing gamers enhanced grip and feel for the crucial keys in their favorite games.

K95 RGB Platinum Specifications

  • Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame: Built to withstand a lifetime of gaming. Lightweight and rugged durability, necessary for a keyboard that’s going to see a lot of action.
  • 8MB profile storage with hardware macro and lighting playback: Allow access for up to three stored profiles on the go, independent of external software.
  • Dynamic multicolor per key backlighting with LightEdge: Adjust each key’s color and illumination level in addition to 19-zones on the LightEdge light bar for sophisticated and dramatic animations and effects.
  • 100% CHERRY RGB mechanical key switches: Unleash blistering speed with the 1.2mm actuation of CHERRY MX Speed mechanical keyswitches, or feel the tactile feedback of Cherry MX RGB Brown keyswitches.
  • Six programmable G-keys keys for in-game macros: Assign single keystrokes or complex multi-key combos to any of the six dedicated macro keys.
  • USB 2.0 pass-through port: Provides convenient access to an additional USB port for your mouse or headset.
  • Black or Gunmetal: Available in two distinctive anodized finishes, Black or Gunmetal. (Gunmetal initially only available in North America with Cherry MX Speed switch.)
  • Detachable, dual-sided soft-touch wrist rest: The comfort to enhance your gameplay during marathon gaming sessions. Choose between two different surfaces for optimal comfort.
  • Dedicated volume and multimedia controls: Control to adjust audio on the fly, without interrupting your game.
  • 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover: No matter how fast your in-game actions are, every keypress registers correctly.
  • Fully programmable with CUE: Intuitive and powerful Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) enables sophisticated macro programming and fast, fluid dynamic multicolor illumination.
  • Windows key lock mode: Stay focused and prevent accidental Windows and Context Menu key presses.
  • FPS and MOBA keycap sets: Textured and contoured keycaps provide maximum grip and enhanced feel.


CORSAIR is also launching several new gaming peripherals and technologies at CES 2017, including HX and TX-M series PSUs, Bulldog 2.0 and the SCIMITAR PRO RGB gaming mouse. To check out all the CORSAIR CES 2017 launches, please visit:


Media and industry guests can see all these new products first hand at the CORSAIR press suite, located at the Palazzo resort hotel & casino suite 49 902. Contact the CORSAIR public relations team for more information.

Availability, Warranty and Pricing

The K95 RGB Platinum will be available in late January, 2017 from the CORSAIR worldwide network of authorized retailers, and distributors and is backed by a two-year warranty and the CORSAIR worldwide customer support network.

For up-to-date pricing, please contact your local CORSAIR sales or PR representative.

Web Pages:

For more information on the K95 RGB Platinum, please visit


Tt eSports Unveils CRONOS Riing RGB Gaming Headset

Taipei, Taiwan – January 5, 2017 – Tt eSPORTS, the energetic and powerful challenger announces the new CRONOS Riing RGB 7.1 Gaming Headset at Thermaltake CES 2017 held at the Venetian Hotel Titian 2303 Suite from January 5th (Thu) to 8th (Sun). Packed with latest tech features: an oversized 50mm state-of-the-art tilting neodymium driver, 16.8 million color RGB illumination with 8 different lighting effects, and the latest 7.1 premium virtual surround sound technology to offer the most immersive 3D sound experience to ensure you hear all sounds with pinpoint accuracy for that all-important competitive edge.

For more information on the CRONOS Riing RGB 7.1 Gaming Headset, please
visit: http://www.ttesports.com/productPage.aspx?p=259

The CRONOS Riing RGB 7.1 Gaming Headset suggested price of USD 84.99.

Snakebyte Unveils Honeycomb Aeronautical Line of Flight Sim Peripherals

San Diego, CA – January 5, 2017 snakebyte® group, leading innovators of consumer electronics hardware, announced today Honeycomb Aeronautical, a new brand of flight simulation hardware. With the first products expected to ship Summer 2017, the range Is designed to offer the most authentic, premium flight products available, suitable not only for enthusiasts but also for flight students training for a pilot license.

Designed and developed by pilots and flight engineers in California, USA, Honeycomb Aeronautical has engineered the range using genuine aerospace components and the same internal mechanics used in premium certified simulators approved by the FAA for flight training use.

Each product in the range is designed to function alone or can be combined with other products in the Honeycomb range to function as a full cockpit simulation. In addition, Honeycomb have designed their range to work alongside components from other flight simulation manufacturers, negating the need to begin building their cockpit anew.

The first product in the Honeycomb Aeronautical range is:

  • Alpha Flight Control – Yoke & Switch Panel – SRP: $169.99

Manufactured from aerospace grade components, the Yoke & Switch Panel is a multi-purpose Yoke & Switch Panel, compatible with all major flight simulation software. All steel shaft with metal mechanical movement provides a professional feel and exceptional strength, and the full 180° yoke movement is ideal for flight of any craft. The Yoke & Switch Panel features four buttons, four two-way switches & one, eight-way hat switch, offering an avionics switch panel with master, alternator, avionics and light switches. Compatible with PC and Mac, the Yoke & Switch Panel includes a mounting bracket compatible with Honeycomb panels as well as products from other flight simulation manufacturers.

“Simulation in an area of keen interest for us at snakebyte. We believe there is huge potential for further innovation in the field and we’re excited to introduce a new brand to enthusiasts and aspiring pilots which we believe will stand for unparalleled quality and innovation,” said Nicki Repenning, CEO of snakebyte USA. “Today’s announcement is further evidence of our commitment to grow our hardware offering with a portfolio of brands and products which will allow our company to gain market share and expand our engineering expertise into excitement new categories.”

The new range of Honeycomb Aeronautical products will be demonstrated at the Pepcom® Digital Experience, taking place Jan 4, 2017 at The Mirage Hotel, CES, Las Vegas. The range will also be available to view via appointment only at the snakebyte booth, South Hall 1, 21666.

First Contact and VRsenal Showcase VR-15 and Haptic Vest for ROM: Extraction

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Jan. 4, 2017 – New virtual reality studio First Contact Entertainment will be at CES showing fresh functionality for its ever-expanding pick-up-and-play shooter, ROM: Extraction, out now for the HTC VIVE VR headset and Oculus Rift (via both Steam and the Oculus Store). Located within HTC’s booth at the Alsace Ballroom at The Wynn, attendees will be able to play the acclaimed VR game using the VRsenal VR-15 rifle peripheral and haptic vest for the first time and check out other unannounced goodies, as well. This collaboration between First Contact, VRsenal, and HTC Vive is tailored to meet the growing demand for location-based, arcade VR experiences.

“The core of ROM: Extraction is all about instant action. We want immediate heart palpitations,” said Hess Barber, co-founder and president of First Contact Entertainment. “Picking up the VR-15 rifle in the real world and seeing it move inside the game elevates that intensity and immersion to unprecedented levels. And it’s an immensely satisfying way to annihilate hostile alien robots. This is VR gaming in 2017 as it’s meant to be.”

“New VR peripherals are a critical component to delivering an immersive VR experience and building out the ever-growing Vive ecosystem,” said Dan O’Brien, VP Virtual Reality, HTC VIVE. “We built Vive to deliver the most immersive, room-scale VR experience on the market today. Companies like First Contact and VRsenal help us meet this vision and we’re excited to see what the VR-15 rifle offers to the VR experience.”

VRsenal builds the highest quality VR peripherals and integrations on the market. The VR-15 is completely wireless, with zero lag, and is fully integrated with the Vive’s Lighthouse system, allowing every move to be tracked with sub-millimeter accuracy. The VR-15 is constructed of engineering-grade nylon, and is hand-finished with a worn metal patina. It’s also outfitted with weighted trigger pull, four ambidextrous analogue thumbsticks, and glass optics for authenticity.

The team at First Contact has leveraged its background crafting AAA first-person-shooter games and cutting-edge VR projects to give ROM: Extraction an intense, highly replayable punch. Players defend themselves against extraterrestrial robots by utilizing their “Reflex” power (the ability to slow down time), which brings an unprecedented style of strategic combat to VR—which First Contact has dubbed “throw, slow and shoot.” Beyond the expanded functionality brought by the VR-15, ROM: Extraction has a robust DLC plan that includes cooperative multiplayer, new levels, enemies, weapons, power-ups and more in the coming months. Today’s version of the game is just the tip of the iceberg.

ROM: Extraction is available now on Steam and the Oculus Store for $19.99.

VRsenal’s products are available to commercial partners through www.VRsenal.com.

Pico Unveils Untethered Neo CV VR Headset

LAS VEGAS – JAN. 5, 2016 – Challenging people to imagine a new world through virtual reality (VR), Pico Technology unveiled the latest iteration of their all-in-one (AIO) fully untethered and lightweight headset designed to immerse users right out of the box – the Pico Neo CV. The Pico Neo CV marks Pico Technology’s first consumer-ready VR headset for the US, and is set to launch in 2017. Pico Technology will showcase its entire VR hardware lineup including the Pico Neo CV, the Pico Tracking Kit and the previously revealed Pico Neo DK at CES® 2017, Jan. 5 through Jan. 8, in booth number 26932, Tech East, Ground Level S2 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

As the flagship consumer product for Pico Technology, the Pico Neo CV is a completely untethered VR experience – free from PCs, consoles and smartphones – with a sleek and lightweight ergonomic design. ThePico Neo CV brings users blazing fast performance at high picture quality and clear resolution – perfect for fully immersing users in videos and games with two high-resolution displays. Based on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 processor and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Snapdragon VR SDK, the Neo CV features 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DoF), allowing for precise motion tracking and full VR immersion.

The headset’s advanced technology features:

  • Two 1.5K at 90Hz VR displays for high picture quality and clear resolution;
  • Six degrees of freedom (6DOF) for a deeply immersive VR experience;
  • True untethered portability, for viewing 360 degree videos and gaming on the go;
  • Built in Hi-Fi Speaker with world best AM3D 3D spatial rendering engine;
  • A stylish and comfortable ergonomic AIO VR headset design with built in safety battery to give users a longer, safer experience.

“Our talented Pico Technology team designed the Pico Neo CV with a consumer-first approach so that users can simply put it on and go without being tied to a computer, console or mobile phone,” said Paul Viglienzone, vice president, business development, Pico Technology. “As the premiere global center of innovation and technology, CES is the perfect place for us to debut the Pico Neo CV, as well as showcase our entire suite of Pico VR products, as the breakthrough headset prepares for launch in 2017.”

CES attendees will get the first-look, hands-on opportunity with the Pico Neo CV hardware. Pico Technology will also demonstrate the Pico Neo DK, the company’s business-to-business headset product featuring the Snapdragon 820, and the Pico Tracking Kit, showcasing the company’s full tracking technology compatible with PC based gaming and apps.