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Far Cry 2 Review

Far Cry 2 is a visually gorgeous shooter set in African country torn apart by vicious multi-faction fighting. For the most part Far Cry 2 is a very solid title. It does have its flaws, however, but none are so bad that they will stop you from...

GamingShogun Reviews Fallout 3

Like a Super-Mutant that just wont stay down, Fallout is officially back under Bethsoft's deft touch. This is an incredible game and is not to be missed by anyone. We warn you though that this Fallout feels much bleaker than those that came...

GMC X7 X-Station PC Case Review

GMC's X7 'X-Station' PC case is a fine choice for a mid-level gaming enclosure. The airflow could be a bit stronger but the case has plenty of features to make it a worth while purchase.

X3: Terran Conflict Review

X3: Terran Conflict is an excellent end to a storyline which has spanned roughly ten years. The game features many enhancements from X3: Reunion and really brings the vastness of space home.

GamingShogun Reviews Dead Space

Dead Space is a wild ride through a horrific experience you will not soon forget. Dripping with so much atmosphere that it pushes aside BioShock in sheer intensity, Dead Space grabs on tight and doesn't let go. Easily one of the best games of...

Mount and Blade Review

Mount & Blade is a challenging medieval combat simulation set in an sandbox game world. The combat is simply awesome, but the game loses some of its luster when you realize you have no idea of what to do next.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Review

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is an awesome Star Wars experience. In terms of story, it is way better than episodes I, II, III, the CGI Clone Wars feature. In terms of acting, see previous statement - save for Ewan, he was the man. Overall...