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Defense Grid: The Awakening Review

Defense Grid: The Awakening features crisp 3d visuals and is, perhaps, the best tower defense game to date. The game offers a large variety of turrets and enemies to face off against and will satisfy even the most hard-core TD player.

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Review

While Sacred 2 Fallen Angel manages to capture the point-and-click hack-and-slash gameplay of post-Diablo II titles like Titan Quest as well as provide players with a ton of items and upgrades to pursue, it still has a lot issues to work out.

Saitek Proflight Headset Review

Saitek's Proflight line of peripherals has another winner with the Saitek Proflight Headset, which are the closest things you can get to ripping a headset from a Boeing 737, which we at at no time recommend for any reason...

SteelSeries 7G Keyboard Review

The SteelSeries 7G gaming keyboard is one of the best-constructed keyboards of its kind on the planet. I hope the boys at NORAD use these as I can't imagine another keyboard surviving a nuclear attack like I picture these doing.