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Starship Corporation Review

Starship Corporation from Iceberg Interactive and Coronado Games is a rather in-depth game that takes players from on the journey of becoming the head of, as the name suggests, a starship-building corporation.  You begin at the near bottom, picking your business partners and how you want your ships designed. Because they are very similar attributes it reminds me of ocean sailing games I have played in the past where you had to start by deciding if you wanted to build galleons which could hold more cargo or a frigate that has stronger defenses, but less cargo capacity. Starship Corporation goes beyond this by asking where you see the galaxy heading – to a more violent or peaceful state, as well as how much cash your company starts with. It’s a clever way of selecting difficulty level.

Your goal is to build bigger and nicer looking ships with quality crew members to sell off to others – or use to travel to new locations with your partners to find new technology blueprints.  How you invest in the technologies are the first steps in your long game.  You can make changes later on but it will work best if you stick with a plan.

Being aimed at simulating the construction of starships, Starship Corporation features over 200 various pieces of equipment to select (should they unlock everything). Of course, you decide where the equipment gets installed – all the equipment: Ship engines, cargo bays, weapons – heck there is no cockpit unless you build it! To make things even more varied, you also have over 20 different fuselages to work with, some containing multiple decks! Your design work will dictate how long the ship might survive in hostile space. You’ll spend a lot of time in the design of your starships but then you actually get to put the ships through various tests and drills to gain points and crew experience. These kinds of drills and tests help you once it comes to running real missions.

Starship Corporation’s visuals and audio elements are “fine”, with lots of 2D art elements and ambient noises. The game won’t be winning any awards in either category but the gameplay is fun enough to look past this. Crew management is somewhat so-so, having to pedantically select crew members and click rooms to command them to go places. A little clunky to say the least but, again, the game’s overall fun allows the player to look past this.

When I first started playing the game, I thought it was just a giant sandbox game with no real ending. I was a bit surprised when I loaded up the game and saw that there was a campaign mode too! I started playing the sandbox aspect because I figured the campaign was pretty new and might have a couple of patches to make sure it was all ready for prime time and, as I understood it, the sand box mode was the initial plan for the game. Looking back, I wish I had started with the campaign mode because there is no better way to learn a sand box game than by training missions or even more a campaign. The campaign is great because, while it is not very lengthy, it contains just about every kind of mission and every kind of vehicle build possible. As a result, you know all the best and worst of every build of vehicle when it comes time to use them in sand box play.

Starship Corporation is a fun sim game that retails for a reasonable $19.99 on the Steam marketplace. Starship Corporation is available now.

Pinball FX3: Star Wars The Last Jedi DLC Review

Being a huge pinball player, I was very excited to try out the new Star Wars The Last Jedi pinball table DLC for Zen Studios amazing Pinball FX3 on the Xbox One. First thing to note is that there are only two tables in this DLC offering: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Pinball and Star Wars: Ach-to Island Pinball. This has become fairly common place in the the electronic pinball tables and makes a decent amount of sense as there is a lot more programming that goes into a virtual pinball machine. There are animations and even mini side-stories all told by what you hit or miss on the table. These two tables will cost you $6.99 which some may feel is a lot, but I found that with the action involved in the games and how quickly I lost myself into them, that price was more than fair.

I started off the Pinball FX3 Star Wars The Last Jedi DLC with the table seemingly-designed to be most like a real pinball machine: Star Wars: Ach-to Island Pinball. The main story of the board is based around Luke training (ed. note: Or not) Rey on the island and the ball starts with her handing him his old lightsaber. Unlike the film, he does not toss it over his shoulder and the table goes on to depict different events that take place on the island. I won’t spoil anything but the animated figures that walk around the board are great and truly worth of the Pinball FX series, which concentrates on two things: realistic ball mechanics and very cool animated 3D actions above and on the table. The little Porgs are cute as to be expected and there are so many great moments to uncover.

The next table in the two-pack is Star Wars: The Last Jedi Pinball and it ended up being the table I kept losing time on. There was a particular mini game that I fell in love with and tried to trigger every chance I could. The table is open in the middle with beautiful artwork, but it really is the action that keeps you coming back. I don’t want to spoil it so I won’t go into all the bonus games available, but I was really impressed with how many there were and how good they were!. It is one of my favorite pinball game ever because of them.

There are a few interesting styles of play. You have single, co-op style, and the one I most liked: The hour-long play.  During hour play you just keep playing for an hour, no ball limits. So if you really want to play through all the bonus games more than trying to get high scores, this is for you. With this mode, you can just keep playing over and over until the time runs out or you feel like taking a break. It was with this and the full movie table that has all the mini games that I lost complete track of time and between playing the real thing the day before and playing that the two tables for hours my flipper button fingers were worn and the muscles sore halfway to the elbow.

Even though I wish they had had included one more table in the DLC pack, the ones we got were great. One of the tables is easily one of the most realistic Pinball Fx has put out and in the other, while not very realistic, is a lot of fun and loaded with a ton of mini-games. Star Wars: The Last Jedi Pinball is available now for $6.99.

Razer Goliathus Chroma Soft Gaming Mouse Mat Review

The Razer Goliathus Chroma soft gaming mouse mat is really interesting because it is the first time I have ever seen a soft mouse pad with lighting elements – Chroma lighting at that. We here at spend a lot of time in front of our computers. So when it comes to our equipment we like products that perform how we need them to and have a sense of style. With these criteria, you might not be surprised to find out I have fallen in love with Razer’s Goliathus Chroma soft mouse surface.

Cutting Edge Style:

The first thing once notices when looking at the Razer Goliathus Chroma soft gaming mouse mat is that it has an perimeter line of Razer Chroma lighting that allows for 16.8 million color combinations. This is literally an insane amount of color choices and is mainly just for looks. However, if you’re like me and play in the dark a lot you can smartly use the outer light edge of the Goliathus Chroma to know where the edges of your mouse pad are. Sounds strange, I know, but in the dark this border is very important for situational awareness of where your mouse is on the mat.

The next thing one notices about the Razer Goliathus Chroma soft mat is that it feels almost like a felt material. The surface doesn’t have a lot of “give”, but the cloth is micro-textured to help make it responsive with any kind of settings or sensors your mouse happens to have.  Many gaming mice allow you to change sensitivity on the fly and the cloth surface on this pad will make it respond with whatever you settle on.  The surface is extremely versatile and worked great with the few mice I tried on it. This versatility means that you won’t have to worry about getting some specialized mousing surface every time you buy a new mouse.

The bottom of the Razer Goliathus Chroma  has non-slip rubber material which means your mouse pad won’t go sliding around your desktop. On the top edge of the pad, there is a cable minder so you can run your mouse cord through it and not worry about extra mouse cord slack getting in the way.

One of the last benefits is that the pad has inter-device color synchronization between all your Chroma-enabled Razer devices. This means that you can have all of them change colors at the same time. Furthermore, if you have it set to change lighting schemes when a certain events happen in games like StarCraft II, it can help you increase your situational awareness by color and intensity alone. Is your base under attack? Have the peripherals all flash red, etc.

The only single complaint I think I have is it would be nice if it came with some Razer trademarks or designs on the mat’s surface. While that might be totally unnecessary on a performance level, the “Cult Of Razer” is made up of a proud bunch of gamers that like to show their branding.

More Than Another Mouse Pad:

The Razer Goliathus Chroma soft gaming mouse mat is one of the most well-constructed mousing surfaces I have ever worked with both physically and aesthetically. It could have shown off its Razer brand a little more but when it is changing colors in-sync with the rest of the Chroma Razer gear, it will be obvious it belongs. Also, the Goliathus Chroma retails for a very reasonable $39.99 at most online retailers, which makes it super affordable given its capabilities.


Snakebyte Dual Review: Twin: Charge X And Battery: Kit Pro

I play a lot of video games and I often find myself having to stretch out a long micro USB cord so that I can finish playing when my controller battery on my Xbox One is out of juice.  Thankfully, I now have the opportunity to try out a couple items that might help me keep going! Enter: the Snakebyte Twin: Charge X and the Snakebyte Battery: Kit Pro.

The Snakebyte Twin: Charge X allows you to charge and keep two Xbox One controllers in one place. It also allows for quick charging of the controllers thanks to two included 900 mAH batteries. Install these in your controllers and place them on the Twin: Charge X unit. With the increased capacity of the included batteries, you can get between 10 and 12 hours of play. This means that if I have managed to charge both of the batteries, I can get between 20 and 24 hours straight of single player time without charging (just swapping the controllers when one loses power). And, let’s face it, if I play any longer than 24 hours in one sitting, I’m losing the sharpness on my skills fast and affecting my health (ed. note: always recommends taking breaks during your play sessions for hydration and nourishment – and sleep. You can’t play if you’re dead!).

The Twin: Charge X charging station is designed so that the controllers sit at an upward slant while also featuring a charging indicator that changes light when each controller is fully charged up. The station draws its power from one USB port on your Xbox One or wall outlet. The slanted design is particularly nice to help controllers slide into place. If I could think of any improvement it would be possibly having some sort of clip that holds the controllers in their charging docks since I have a nosy cat who knocked one of the controllers around just enough to stop it from charging. Pesky kitty!

If you do not want to go the route of a dedicated charging station, Snakebyte also puts out the Battery: Kit Pro. The Battery: Kit Pro is a combo pack containing one of their batteries and a USB charging cable. This design means you can plug your controllers into separate locations but each controller takes up a USB or wall socket location. You also don’t have the battery indicator and clean look that comes with the Twin: Charge X but if you want to simply things the most you just plug the batteries into USB or wall adapters and put the controller wherever you want in a separate location. The nice thing about this product is that you get an upgraded battery over your standard Xbox One controller’s. It should be noted that the Battery: Kit Pro batteries do not work with the Twin: Charge X station.

Both the Snakebyte Twin: Charge X and the Snakebyte Battery: Kit Pro have pros and cons to be weighed but both are great solutions to keep your Xbox One gaming going longer than before.

NAB 2018 Post-Mortem

NAB, or the National Association of Broadcasters, has become an international affair with people coming from every corner of the globe to talk about everything from lighting and cinematography to sound design and cyber safety, all in beautiful Las Vegas.

I have been attending the NAB show for nearly two decades now and I have watched it go from hardcore lighting, broadcast switchers, and satellite gear to what it is today. Now it shows off anything involving recording and sharing the senses. Over the years, astronauts have transmitted to the show from space and, this year, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was heavily represented! I learned about the the sound and video techniques of filming Jessica Jones and Black Panther while on another day of the show it was all about cyber attacks and their repercussions. There was even a session that went behind the scenes on the Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

But it wasn’t all about the sessions – Google was on-hand trying to figure out how best to help their customers while giving out fidget spinners and there were whole countries getting space to represent their smaller, local companies at this gigantic show. In contrast to all the square footage that the likes of SONY took up, there were dozens of smaller startups present just trying to get their name out there.

If you have ever been curious about the technology that goes into television and film production, you should check out NAB sometime, it is free to attend and an interesting few days every year!

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GameSir G5 Controller Review

When it comes to GameSir, they know there is a fairly untapped market that they are quickly filling and that is mobile device controllers. All mobile gamers have found themselves at one time or another trying to fire a shot or look around with their character on their iPhone 6+ for example and they get killed because of a virtual joystick or control pad. Since the tirade that follows is usually in a public forum, avoiding screaming obscenities in front of preteens is generally preferred – Enter: The GameSir G5 controller.

Going into CES 2018 I heard that GameSir was unveiling a new controller called the G5, so when I ran into an enthusiastic member of their team I promised to see them the next day.  When I showed up I was a little surprised what I saw, though when it comes to reviewing these products, what you see isn’t nearly as important as how it performs. The GameSir G5 appears to be a hybrid controller that was born from design influences of both the Xbox One and Steam controllers.

I started up my favorite MOBA and FPS titles and and began playing. Amazingly, I don’t think anyone could have designed a more perfect controller for those kinds of games. The GameSir G5 worked smoothly for looking around the game world while the firing buttons were in good locations – though, if you didn’t like it you could just change that up as the controller is extremely programmable. Those programmable buttons are probably the GameSir G5’s best featur. There are so many buttons to customize that the average person probably wouldn’t. However, if you are a hardcore gamer like myself, you will love tweaking your button functions to find just the right control scheme.

The touch-based trackpad for the user’s right thumb is very cool, with haptic feedback and four physical position nubs to make sure you know where your finger is without looking (a big problem with many track pads), and you can actually program actions for gestures on the track pad! There are also four mechanical triggers on the front side of the GameSir G5, each providing a responsive click and short travel to engage – very important aspects when dealing with shooter titles.

A very strange but useful aspect of the controller is it is also a dongle dock in case you want to use your wireless mouse or keyboard in one of the games. You pull the cover off one of the handles, dock the dongle of your keyboard or mouse then you are using that keyboard or mouse on your smartphone or tablet game. At that point you might even be able to play the game basically the same way you do on the PC, just a much smaller screen! This is potentially game-changing for the mobile game market, who’s control schemes have been historically leaving something to be desired.

While all the buttons can take some getting used to, if you give some time to the learning curve you will be so thankful you did. Just take the time to figure out which buttons work good for you and which ones will be in the way (and make sure those are inactive) because GameSir G5 can be the most customized or the least so based entirely on the player. Besides there must be plenty of players who liked the idea of a game pad, this controller was KickStarter funded.

Attack on Titan 2 Review

You’re running across the clay shingled rooftops with weird metal boxes strapped on your hips.  You are trying to catch up with a naked… person who is a couple stories tall and doesn’t appear to be all there in the head.  It stops and picks up one of your comrades and you suddenly have a very short time before that teammate gets eaten.  You rev up the gas motors, pick a spot of attack and swing down trying not to save the day but to at least save the moment, there are too many Titans left to fight and a Large Titan was just reported across town near the Defense HQ…

Attack on Titan 2 is based off an anime which is in turn based off an extremely popular manga.  When the show first came out there was a lot of doubt that it could live up to the graphic novels but not only did it but it ushered in a whole new group of fans who weren’t so into reading comics that went the opposite of what they were used to.  Also Attack on Titan the anime has superb voice acting and animation that explains some parts of the Titans movements that aren’t obvious in still form.  They have very gangling movements and attacks and when part of them is damaged it becomes even more gangly to the point of spastic.

This is the second game in the series and if you liked the first one this one offers more of the same fair with the same style of movements, the same graphics that looked like they were pulled straight from the television show and picking up on season two of the show after a few missions from the first season to catch you up on the action in case you didn’t play the first game or watch any of the show.  I knew the storyline already but watching the cut-scenes put me right back into the feel of the show and I had only watched through season one so after a certain point the story was fresh for me.  I don’t think it mattered though.  I think that even if I didn’t know or pay attention to the storyline I would still have enjoyed the game just as much.

Once you get established into the game and caught up on the previous season you have the opportunity to customize your character and you can REALLY customize them so that it’s not just their name you have picked but just about everything visual was your decision too (I gave mine an eyepatch, I was sloppy in training and felt I would have put an eye out).  Then it is literally time to go off and get into the swing of things.

Mainly you swing around like Spiderman then attack like Deadpool with his swords.  It’s actually a little strange how accurate this description of your primary attacks are, they make you feel really powerful and kinda like a superhero which in this game’s universe you kind of are.  You are part of the defenses expected to take the most casualties which you probably will approach a bit blase about but then find out is pretty accurate when you start taking heavy losses.

When you are out running around you are generally given a team to control and order around but if you come across a unit you would rather use you can dismiss one of your team and add the new member.  This can result in a really strong master team to control or you can just leave them to do their thing and they will usually fight in the area you are and attack as best they can.  I found it more fun pushing my attacks rather than ordering around my team so they were mostly left to try not to become Titan food.

Another aspect of the game that can help your fighting is in between battles when you work on your friendships with other fighters, which level up through answering their questions right to build friendships.  The question section you would think would be pretty straight forward, the most optimistic answer being the best but there are some real negative people in your squad and if you talk too chipper to them they will see you as a fool.  So when answering you have to think of how they have acted so far.  Some characters might give you respect just by saying you are all going to die soon anyways.

When you start out you have a fairly straight forward blades and gas tanks in your Omni-Directional Mobility Gear, the system that lets you swing between buildings, climb the sides of them and also pull out blades to slice and dice.  Through battle you earn money and mineral resources, both which are used to purchase new ODMGs or reinforce them using minerals that can be bought or cut off of Titans.  Making a Superior kill on a Titan where you chop it’s still grinning head off earns you medals which earn you money but cutting off a Titan’s elbows and knees might allow you to collect more minerals as it flops around like a dying fish (actually it is regenerating so you’ll want to behead it soon).  The upgrades help you get bigger gas tanks, larger supplies of knives and can even make it so that you can launch yourself from much farther away, improving your chance of a sneak attack.  Sneak attacks allow you to look at a Titan through a telescope, pick a spot to attack and go flying in.  I’m not very lucky at it but that doesn’t stop me from trying.


When a large Titan arrives they generally have some kind of extra issue you have to deal with like having a force field you need to work on as well.  For this I put my team on the limbs and I just attacked the back of the neck over and over.  When they would manage to get the shield down enough briefly I would manage a hit or two on the neck lowering main health, and soon we would take them down.  There are little pods around town that after a certain point in the game you can make into resupply hubs in case your gas or blades are getting low but they are also places you can build defensive towers that help particularly with the shorter Titans when that gets enabled.  They can also be used to distract a Titan from attacking something else or eating someone.  Strategically I found the tower locations to be saviors quickly, especially when it can to side missions.  Some side missions are as simple as saving a wall guard from being eaten to stopping a building across town from you from getting stomped flat.

This brings up one of the problems I found in the game, there are no personal save points out on the battlefield.  At one point I was doing a mission on one side of town and the game gave me a new one across town – to protect an important building.  The way things worked out, everyone had been fighting on the opposite side of town so within moments of all the Titans that happened to be standing there demolished the building.  The game asked if I wanted to go back to the last checkpoint, I selected yes and found out the last save point was a couple seconds before the titans completely demolished the building. My only choice was to restart the mission which put me back a decent ways.  A person more rage oriented than myself might have lost their cool at that moments but instead I went to the buildings side of town when I got restarted and killed a bunch of Titans.  Apparently the mission across town wasn’t too time oriented because I built artillery towers as well as whacking all the Titans I could see.  Then I went back across town, did the bare minimum I needed to to complete that quest and ran full steam to protect the building which I did and happened to forward the story so the game saved.  I can understand making the game more challenging by making it so players can’t save as they go in the field but I think the frustration level outweighs it.

I can’t see anyone doing more than a momentary rage quit though because the Titans are so much fun to kill.  They are so insanely creepy and gangley that you don’t get from the comics and you don’t quite get from the anime.  In the anime you see them move in there horrible spastic manner but when you are fighting them and your character has been snatched up and the Titan is trying to eat you it is as creepy as something out of a horror movie.  When you chop off limbs and they start flailing but do so with that still vacant smiling stare you really look forward to putting it down.  I look forward from my attacks from the rooftops not just because it increases my chances of a Perfect Elimination but because there is also far less chance of it reaching out and trying to put me in it’s slobbery mouth.

When it comes to Attack on Titan 2 you can swing like Spiderman, attack like Deadpool with blades and you fight creepy horrors that are unique to the Titan universe.  I didn’t get to play the multiplayer 4 Vs. 4 Titan Takedown Challenge but I’m sure I will because this game is as addictive as they get.


Pinball FX3: Jurassic World Pinball Review

Pinball FX3 continuously improves on its downloadable content packs, making the game more realistic as well as cooler with each outing.  The latest DLC pack is based around the Jurassic World / Jurassic Park films. The first table is a short, fast one with an animated T-Rex in the corner watching over the whole play.  He growls periodically to show his annoyance at you being in his field but mostly what you hear is the beautiful music from the movies and the hilarious voice over from the the “Dino DNA” safety video in the first film. When you lose your ball, the table goes dark and you have a moment as your score is tallied of just experiencing a couple lights at the bottom of the table while the T-Rex growls ominously up in the dark plants.

The second table in this DLC pack is based on Jurassic World and you hear ominous music as a new breed of dinosaur is created. At this point it pulls out to show a short fast table with triceratops lined up along another side. The main image on the table is Chris Pratt on his motorcycle that looks airbrushed and really nicely done.  This is a very animated table with tense music the whole time, you aggravate the triceratops and they mess with you back. The Indominus Rex is constantly trying to get you as you race by and there are some fun tree trunks, one of which you can see through as you shoot it.  Great exciting board.  Each time you shoot you also go through the massive Jurassic Park gates.

The third table starts out with a helicopter flying in with a search light shining on an embattled T-Rex and Stegosaurus.  This reminds me so much of the Primeval World at Disneyland..  The environment is really nice with lots of plants and a waterfall leading past a neglected lab that is being reclaimed by nature.  One of the shots is to hit the Stegosaurus tail who then knocks the ball through one of the lab windows. If you keep an eye on the windows you will see a raptor pop up in different ones so timing your tail strike just right will knock out a raptor.  It feels pretty dark satisfying to take one down.  There is a voice over the whole game and it is meant to push you to do better I am sure but it is instead amazingly obnoxious saying things like “can you please not lose the ball?”and “Is that the best you can do?”. After a while you wish he would crash his chopper into the T-Rex’s mouth.

The Pinball FX3: Jurassic World tables are fun, fast, and really animated.  The artwork done on the tables is gorgeous and the sound is crisp while the bumpers are solid. Like all pinball FX tables it supports hot seat and odds are the only thing that is going to stop your play is your sore wrists.

Las Vegas Toy and Comic Convention 2018 Postmortem

The Las Vegas Toy and Comic Convention is a nice little con that can be counted on to have some decent names in a fairly intimate setting.  Last year, it took place at the Orleans Arena and, though a bit less intimate, it enabled them to invite a lot more vendors and celebrities.  This year, the convention went in the other direction with a smaller venue at the Circus Circus Hotel & Casino in, as one would guess from the name, Las Vegas, NV.

Despite being a little smaller than last year, I had a wonderful conversation and with horror legend and animal rights proponent Linda Blair! I got to chat quite a while with Thomas Estrada of Disney Animation fame and, if you wanted, you could get the autographs of Jango Fett, young Boba Fett, and adult Boba Fett all in one room! That’s a lot of Fett!  “Booker T” of wrestling fame was hard to catch but made appearances and Mike Quinn, who did puppeteer work on multiple Star Wars movies, was seen regularly talking with fans.  Two of my favorite local charity groups Viva Wonder Woman and Critical Care Comics were there too getting some good word out about helping others. I got some issues of Garbage Pail Kids the comic signed and some of my Garbage Pail Kids figures signed.  I also bought Joe Simko’s The Sweet Rot kids book series to give a read when I get a chance.

I highly recommend going to the Las Vegas Toy And Comic Convention no matter where it is held it is an absolutely great time and insanely reasonable door cost (psst buy in advance, you won’t regret it).

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Micro Player Arcade: Karate Champ Review

Back in the days when coin-op arcades reigned supreme, I could be found spending quarters at the Karate Champ arcade machine.  Compared to Defender or the ever-frustrating Dragon’s Lair, I looked calm and serene as I occasionally looked around the arcade between rounds.  Sometimes another player would come up and challenge me, then walk away a few minute later with a frown or say “why do you keep doing that same combo?” to which I told them “It works best for me, heck I have turned over the game with it.” Which was completely true, I only played the game when I had plenty of time because I would always wind up with a high score that generally took all night.  I was never great at the bonus rounds, I had to rely on the matches to earn me my points so I would do what is now commonly known as “grinding”, earning my points doing usually the same combo over and over, it was the one game I was always best at. So I was thrilled when I say that My Arcade had brought the game back in one of their nifty Micro Player Arcade cabinets!

My Arcade has done an exceptional job with their Micro Player Arcade line. The small cabinets are beautiful and stand a mere 6 inches in height! Thankfully, My Arcade has updated the arcade cabinet design with a very modern, crystal clear display. They have even replicated the artwork on the small cabinet shell.  It has all the looks of the classic cab but without the need to put quarters in the system! As far as power goes, the Micro Player Arcade runs on 4 AA batteries or a micro-USB cable in the back. You can also find a volume control back there along with a headset port in case you want to play and not disturb anyone around you. The on and off button is cleverly disguised as the coin insert door in the case, with the two red insert coin squares!

In the original arcade cabinet, Karate Champ used a joystick control, but on the Nintendo version it used a d-pad. On the Micro Player Arcade,  the little joystick unscrews to make it a thumb-sized d-pad instead.  Playing through Karate Champ on the Micro Player Arcade, I could immediately tell that this build of the game wasn’t from the original arcade version, which I was under the impression it would be. It even feels somewhat different from the Nintendo version of the game. The controls felt unique to whatever this version of Karate Champ was.  I didn’t find that to be too big of a problem and found my groove pretty quick. I also realized that if I don’t stick my favorite combo off the top my chance of winning drops heavily.  As previously-stated, the nice thing about owning Karate Champ means that you aren’t out a quarter if you lose – you just start again!

Game Over:

My Arcade’s Micro Player Arcade: Karate Champ was described in our household as cute and awesome upon first glance. Since first getting it, the Micro Player Arcade has become a popular addition to my retro system display.  Additionally, My Arcade has priced each of their Micro Player Arcade units (they have several all with their own arcade game from history) at a very reasonable $29.99!