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Gamespot Reviews Ghost Squad (Wii)

Gamespot has posted a review of FPS Ghost Squad, for the Nintendo Wii, giving it a less-than-great 6.5 out of 10. Apparently I missed this light gun game as I only saw it in arcades within the last few years. It’s unique controller drawing me to it. Actually, it seems it came out a long time ago back in the era we old-guys call, ‘The 90s’.

From the article:
‘As a tongue-in-cheek homage to mid-’90s arcade light gun games, Ghost Squad is pretty successful, and players with some fondness for the source material, as well as those who appreciate random weirdness, should find it at least briefly enjoyable. The whole so-bad-it’s-good thing only goes so far, though, and even with its promise of unlockables, Ghost Squad is ultimately too short for its own good.’

Gamespot Flight Simulator X: Acceleration Review

Gamespot has posted a review of the expansion for Flight Simulator X titled, ‘Acceleration’, giving it an 8.5 out of 10. The expansion features a number of new aircraft, including a F/A-18 Hornet, while also giving a plethora (and yes, I know what that word means) of new missions to undertake. Also touted is the game’s smoothing out of the DirectX 10 graphical features if you are using a Vista pc.

From the article:
‘…the added capabilities that Acceleration brings to the sim, such as the hoist and retrieval capability with the new helicopter, the carrier operations, and the new multiplayer racing missions, make this a very attractive and recommended expansion for any Flight Simulator X fan.’

New Indiana Jones Photos

AICN has posted some more photos from Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. They feature a more ‘rugged’ looking Shia, a weathered Harrison, and a whip…Oh, also a leather jacket, prepare to be riveted towards the bottom of this page!

BNAT 9 Poster Sees Things No One Else Can See

AICN has posted its official poster for their annual film festival, Butt-Numb-A-Thon (in it’s ninth year). I highly recommend taking a look at it. As a huge Big Trouble in Little China fan, I just am eating it up like pumpkin cheesecake.

Have you tried pumpkin cheesecake? It is like they wrapped up all the joy in the world and put it into morsels of pumpkin-goodness. I have to say that Marie Calendars’ pumpkin cheesecake is good, but for my money it is all about homemade from scratch. Mmmmmmm….

Soldier of Fortune: Payback Un-Banned in Australia

Gamespot is reporting that Activision FPS, Soldier of Fortune: Payback has been ‘un-banned’ by the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC). In order to get it classified with a rating, Activision had to reduce violence all over the board: rag-doll physics, blood, dismemberment, etc.

From the article:
It seems Soldier of Fortune’s fortunes have been resurrected, however, with Activision Australia today releasing a statement saying a revised version of the game had been reclassified by the OFLC as MA15+ for strong violence, coarse language, and sexual references. MA15+ is the highest rating a game can be given in Australia.

Enjoy the gore:

Christian Bale is John Conner!

AICN has broken a juicy news bite from a trusted source that says Christian Bale has been cast as John Conner in the upcomming film, Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. Quoting Harry for truth in his story, ‘THIS IS GOING TO KICK ASS’. Why? Because Bale is always great in his role, no matter what. Even in Breath of Fire, Bale did an amazing job. And lest we forget…American Psycho.

Gamespot Rock Band Review

Gamespot has posted its review of Harmonix’ Rock Band for the Xbox 360, giving it a 9.0 out of 10 ‘Editor’s Choice’ rating.

From the article:
All told, Rock Band turns in an absolutely stellar performance. And much like any real band worth its salt, it’s not just because of one or two things that it does well while the rest fall by the wayside. Each individual component of the game is good on its own, but it’s when you put those things together into a collective whole that the game truly shines. Ultimately, the $170 investment is bound to be a sticking point for some, especially those who don’t have readily available friends who can come over and rock whenever the itch needs to be scratched. But even with that caveat in mind, Rock Band is easily one of the most ambitious music games ever produced, and that it is so successful in its ambition makes it something really special.

Super Mario Galaxy Sells 500k in First Week

Joystiq is reporting that Super Mario Galaxy has sold a half million units in the US during it’s first week at retail! According to the article, ‘Super Mario Galaxy the strongest first week sales of any Mario game ever.’

For those that dont know:
Super Mario Galaxy is a 3D action-platformer game developed by Nintendo EAD Tokyo and published by Nintendo for the Wii. It is the third 3D platformer in the series after Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. The game follows Mario on his quest through space to save Princess Peach from his nemesis Bowser. Levels take the form of galaxies filled with spherical planetoids, while gameplay is updated with a variety of gravity effects and new power-ups.

Hasselhoff to Return in New Knight Rider

AICN is reporting that David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff will be making at least one appearance in NBC’s new Knight Rider series. He will be reprising the role of Michael Knight and be the father of the new series’ protagonist, Mike Tracer, the son of Knight who ‘never knew his Dad’.

With the recent successful revival of older series, it is possible the new Knight Rider could be good. Possibly suck factor is…high as well, unfortunately.

Now all we need is a new CHiPs series!..oh wait: