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Cris Velasco Returns to CoH2 for Expansion Score

COH2_Armies_TrainStop_1395894495 copy

Los Angeles (June 24, 2014) – Award-winning composer Cris Velasco provides the original score for Relic Entertainment’s Company of Heroes™ 2: The Western Front Armies. Depicting some of the most high-profile conflicts in the darkest days of World War II, Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies brings players back to the Western Front first introduced in the original award-winning Company of Heroes™. Velasco’s main theme for The Western Front Armies was recorded with the Capellen Orchestra and is available for streaming at

“Cris Velasco has written an inspired score for Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies,” said Relic Entertainment Audio Lead David Renn. “The theme song, recorded live by the Capellen Orchestra, conveys the tragedy, heroism, and tenacity of the American forces as they fought the resurgent Oberkommando West in the last major offensive against the Allies in 1944. The score perfectly captures the scale and importance of this ferocious battle and evokes those feelings in both the quiet and intense moments of gameplay.”

A prolific and versatile composer, Cris Velasco has become one of the most sought-after composers in interactive entertainment, scoring many major titles including Company of Heroes 2, Mass Effect 3, God of War Trilogy, Darksiders and Borderlands 1&2. Velasco’s music is performed in symphony concerts worldwide and has received numerous accolades including “Best Original Score” from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, “Best Original Music” nomination from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, NBC News’ “Best Video Game Music of the Year,” GameTrailers’ “Best Soundtrack of the Year” and IGN’s “People’s Choice Award – Best Overall Music.”

Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies is the first standalone multiplayer release for Company of Heroes 2. The Western Front Armies introduces two unique collections of new content – the US Forces and the German Oberkommando West. Each army has distinctive tactical gameplay options, new infantry, team weapons, vehicles, abilities and upgrades on a total of eight seasonal multiplayer maps set on the Western Front. The Western Front Armies also includes an extended progression system that introduces other unique content into the game and enables players to dive deeper into the tactical and strategic aspects of the game than ever before.

The Western Front Armies launches on June 24, 2014. Each individual army will also be available as a standalone purchase via digital download, providing new players with a minimal entry point into the massive Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer community. For more information visit

Table Top Village Details for QuakeCon 2014


JUNE 18, 2014 — We’re excited to announce that QuakeCon and Common Ground Games have joined forces to bring the best of table top gaming to the new Table Top Village, located in the BYOC at QuakeCon 2014!  Common Ground Games, with the help of DFW Nerd Night, will be hosting some exciting events at the show for all skill levels!

Come join Friday Night Magic on July 18th at 7:00pm CT to celebrate the release of the 2015 Magic the Gathering Core Set (M15). As this is a sealed event, anyone at any skill level can participate. The tabletop area will also host additional M15 drafts throughout the rest of the weekend whenever  at least 8 people want to join in.

In additional to MtG and other tabletop gaming activities and retailers, Common Ground Games will also be holding a Ticket to Ride Tournament on Saturday, July 19th where a copy of the 10th Anniversary Ticket to Ride is up for grabs!

We’ll also have tons of demo games and staff on hand to teach newcomers how to play! See below for hours that the demo area and retail space will be open.  The play area will be open 24 hours a day as of noon on Thursday, July 17th all the way through noon on Sunday, July 20th.

Details on how to sign up for tournaments, along with a full schedule of events will be available soon!

Table Top Village Hours (including retailers):

Thursday, July 17th:             12:00pm – Midnight

Friday, July 18th”:                 10:00am – Midnight

Saturday, July 19th:              10:00am – Midnight

Deadpool Pinball Announced


Los Angeles, CA – June 17, 2014 – Zen Studios, the developer and publisher of hit digital games like Zen Pinball 2 and Castlestorm, is excited to announce yet another Marvel team-up, this time a video pinball table featuring the one and only Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool, for a variety of platforms including PC, console, and mobile on June 24.

Deadpool Pinball condenses all of the attitude and insanity of the beloved Merc with a Mouth into a virtual pinball machine, which itself includes an even smaller pinball table within the game. Featuring the supreme voice talents of Nolan North as Deadpool, the table captures the acerbic, fourth wall-crushing attitude of the character, as well as appearances by supporting characters from Deadpool’s comics, from old-school companions like Blind Al and Weasel to companions as recent as his lovely new wife, Shiklah.

“After months of being badgered by Deadpool, having him deliver dozens of pizzas to my house, late night prank calls, and flaming bags of dog excrement on my doorstep, I feel like an enormous weight is being lifted off my chest,” said Mel Kirk, VP of Publishing at Zen Studios. “I’m very thrilled and excited for fans of Deadpool and Zen’s unique brand of pinball alike to have a chance to experience the character like never before. But more importantly, I’m relieved to finally be able to get some peace and quiet in my home life. There, Wade, are you happy now?!”

“Happy?!” replied Deadpool. “You’re ‘thrilled and excited,’ Mel? Jeez, pal, how much more press-release cliché can you get?! You wanna sell people on Deadpool Pinball, I’ll sell it to ‘em real quick and Marvel-like. Oh, the fanboys are gonna love this sound bite: Deadpool Pinball. ‘Nuff said.”

“Wait, who am I kidding?” Deadpool continued, completely wearing out his welcome – this is a corporate press release, for crying out loud. “It is IMPOSSIBLE to say ’nuff about Deadpool Pinball! I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s revolutionizing the industry by being the first table ever – physical or digital – to reference chimichangas. EVERY pinball table in existence should reference chimichangas. It’s a no-brainer – a pretty simple concept that’s taken the industry DECADES to adopt, and I can only assume we’ll be seeing chimichanga references in all pinball tables yet to come from now until I die – which’ll be never, since I’m pretty much impossible to kill. And did I mention the—”

“That’s enough, Wade,” interjected Kirk, saving us all. “They get the point. Let’s have Nameless Press Release Voice finish up with a few chimichanga-free lines about why your new table rocks…”

Thank you, Mr. Kirk. Deadpool’s dynamic table switches at his whim, delivers quick-time events, and even features a “Blind Mode” courtesy of Blind Al in which only the ball, flippers and target lanes are visible. Finally, there’s Deadpool’s favorite: a mode where he takes down some of his most nefarious enemies: raging comic book fans!

For all Deadpool Pinball assets, please visit the Zen Studios Press Center, and check out the official announcement trailer. Deadpool comes to Pinball FX2 and Zen Pinball 2 next week on June 24, so dust off those dancing shoes and synchronize watches, because it’s about to go down!


GRID Autosport Discipline Focus, Street Trailer


Tuesday 17th June (2pm UK) – Today Codemasters® revealed a new video showcasing the Street racing discipline, one of the five unique styles of racing set to star in the game’s new world of professional motorsport, now playing at

The video reveals a wide range of GRID Autosport’s cars that compete in the Street discipline going wheel-to-wheel in dramatic and claustrophobic races. The video also features Dan Trent and Matt Burton from PistonHeads (, explaining the Street racing difference and what it’s like to race some of the most exciting cars in the world.

Dan Trent explains what it feels like to race on street circuits, saying, “driving on a tight circuit with no run off is very, very different from driving on the circuits. [With] Tracks with closed fences by the sides, narrow tracks, you get a heightened sense of speed. Everything is ramped up – the fear factor, the excitement, the adrenaline, everything is magnified. You just know that you can’t afford to make any kind of mistake.”

Matt Burton comments on the unique experience of racing supercars as featured in GRID Autosport, “it’s the relentlessness of the acceleration. The exciting thing with a supercar is having that much power that it never quite feels like it’s tailing off. There’s nothing better really when you’re a car fan. It’s like nothing else.”

In GRID Autosport’s Street racing discipline, players take the racing to the asphalt in iconic cities across the world as circuits are carved through the streets of Washington D.C., San Francisco, Paris, Barcelona, Dubai and Chicago. Player reactions and the ability to take chances are put to the test in striking urban environments for a huge range of production cars, from hot hatches like the Mini John Cooper Works GP and the Volkswagen Golf R to supercars like the Pagani Huayra and Mazda Furai and hypercars including the McLaren P1™, Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport and more. To bring alive the authentic experience of racing in these events, Codemasters has consulted with real-world professional racing drivers who have put these cars through their paces.

In GRID Autosport’s huge career, gamers will specialise in their favourite racing discipline or conquer them all; players will feel the aggression of the pack in Touring Cars, race into the night in Endurance events, race Open-Wheel cars with precision, show car control in Tuner events and react on the fly in Street races. Each unique category features series dedicated to different classes, including Touring Cars, Hypercars, Endurance GT Cars, Prototypes, Single-Seaters, Super Modified vehicles, Drift cars and many, many more. Bursting with content, GRID Autosport features over 100 routes across 22 incredible locations and the world’s most exciting contemporary and classic high-performance racing cars to collect, tune and upgrade.

GRID Autosport is set to ship on June 24th in the USA and release on June 27th in Europe for the Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft, Windows PC and for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system. A limited edition of GRID Autosportfeaturing exclusive additional content including the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé Black Series, GRID Autosport Black Edition, is available to pre-order from GAME in the UK. Fans can keep up with all the latest updates straight from the studio by speeding over to and or follow the team at


Guild Wars 2: Season 1 Recap Video


NCSoft and Arena Net have released a season 1 recap video for their popular MMO, Guild Wars 2.

About the Video

From the Gathering Storm in the Shiverpeaks to the final Battle for Lion’s Arch, Scarlet unleashed the Molten Alliance, the Aetherblade Pirates, her watchwork armies, and the Toxic Alliance onto the world – but Tyria ultimately prevailed. However, deep beneath Tyria, something sinister awoke and players will find out more as they tune in for Season 2.


Warhammer 40K Carnage Trailer

warhammer 40k carnage screen

VANCOUVER, BC – June 17, 2014 – Roadhouse Interactive Limited, a leading developer and publisher of tablet, smartphone and browser games, today released Warhammer 40,000: Carnage for Android, after being featured as a Best New Game in over 80 countries, and consistently topping the Role-Playing Category, among many others, throughout May. Android fans of Carnage, who have been eagerly awaiting the Google Play release, will be in a total frenzy.

As with the iOS release, the Android version of Warhammer 40,000: Carnage is a vivid, wildly engaging action-shooter, based on an exclusive story from award-winning Warhammer 40,000 author, Graham McNeill. The all-new storyline brings players to the world of Mithra. Players take the role of Space Marines who can play solo or join forces with others for Fireteam missions, to battle Orks and ensure the survival of humankind. Players can gear up with more than 500 pieces of Wargear to help save the planet, or succumb to total annihilation by the vicious Green Plague! Warhammer 40,000: Carnage is now available for purchase on Google Play for $6.99.

“We’re thrilled to be launching Carnage on Android. It’s already proved to be a huge hit across a range of tablet and smartphone devices, so unleashing the game on Android is huge news for Warhammer 40,000 fans,” said Tarrnie Williams, President at Roadhouse Interactive. “The game is accessible to all, whether fans of the Warhammer 40,000 series, or new players hungry for the taste of Ork blood.”

Game Director, Kayla Kinnunen is just as excited, “From the beginning, we set out to create a stunning, side-scrolling action game with a ton of depth, for the Android community. We were determined to make a visceral console-quality, Warhammer 40,000 experience that we think will be one of the best games on Android, especially for players with powerhouse devices!”

To celebrate the Android launch, Roadhouse has put together an epic new trailer:
Warhammer 40,000: Carnage Official Trailer:

To kick some Ork, head over to:
Google Play:
App Store:


The Great Horror Campout 2014 Review

_MG_4354 copy

This isn’t your typical summer camp.  You won’t be singing songs around the campfire and roasting marshmallows here. As horror enthusiasts and former scare actors, my companion and I are rarely left with an element of surprise at these types of events. Thankfully, the Great Horror Campout has revived the suspense and the excitement of fear for us once more.

Nestled on the backside of the hills that host the famous Hollywood sign, the old LA Zoo was the perfect area to host this haunted event.  The location is very woodsy. So much that you don’t feel like you’re anywhere near Los Angeles. There were moments where we felt that we’d gone off of the path, only to find we were being watched and hunted by beasts!  It was absolutely heart dropping.  My heart is racing just thinking about it.

We attended the event on the opening night of their second season. While relatively remote (by Los Angeles standards), the location was easy to get to and parking was easy to find. The line was buzzing with excitement as new campers met experienced campers who had attended the previous year. Everyone was really careful not to say too much or ruin any surprises. It seems like there’s a social contract to keep things a secret because the thrill of this event is in not knowing and figuring your way through the whole experience. NO SPOILERS! Thus, we won’t be spoiling anything today.

IMG_4125 copy

One of the things that makes the Great Horror Campout unique is the Hell Hunt. Scattered around the event are S.C.A.G. (Stuff Campers All Get); items that the campers have to collect. They range from severed tongues to earning a mark on your body and they are all incredibly creepy to come across! Some are hidden in plain sight, others require you to get creative in order to find or earn. Whoever finds all of the S.C.A.G. becomes the Hellmaster and receives extra VIP perks on their future visits. Unfortunately, we underestimated the popularity of the Hell Hunt so while we leisurely climbed the hill looking for a scare, everyone else had run ahead and grabbed up all the S.C.A.G.!! In the entire night, my companion never found a piece of it and I only found three (one of which turned out to be just a torn piece of packing foam – not official S.C.A.G.). It was annoying and frustrating at first but after a couple of hours of searching high and low, we gave up on it entirely. As a couple monster fanatics, we were much more interested in the show elements and scares than the competition so we had an incredible time without taking part.

Another exciting element of the Great Horror Campout is that they make it very clear that the monsters WILL touch you. They will jostle you, move you, pull you, and generally invade all of what used to be your personal space. They are VERY good at it. Hosted by “The Headmaster” and managed by the hillbilly family of Camp Counselors, you will find terrifying monsters in every square foot of the camp grounds. There is no safe place in the event for you to take a break from the terror, not even in your own tent! There is one section of the camp grounds that are designated as a “safe zone”. But who wants to be a pussy? Unfortunately, we were assigned to the “safe zone” tents and we were a bit disappointed that we didn’t get the full experience. I’m sure that they didn’t know that they had a couple of hardcore haunters on their hands!

_MG_4246 copy

Horror movies are messy and by the end of the night, you will look like you waded through the most unimaginable filth. The Great Horror Campout drags you kicking and screaming through almost a dozen nightmares and I’ve never had a better time! What we loved was that each area was so unique and would give you an entirely new feeling of fear. Big Creature Country will bring out the primal fear of realizing that you have become prey and the confusing assault at The Dumpsters. There were a wide range of experiences to be immersed in that shocked one’s senses to the limits of what the scare actors think they can get away with! One thing that really impressed us was how they used the existing landscape to their advantage. Each was removed and isolated from anything else so you never got bleed over lights or sounds from other areas (except for the occasional screams in the night).

While being careful to not spoil a single surprise, we have to take a moment to gush about the talent at this event. The scare actors went so far beyond our expectations at every turn. With diverse scare tactics, stunning make up, exquisite costuming, and unrelenting interactions, the scares never stopped with this group. Every kind of bogey man was there and they were ready to bully you if they couldn’t scare you. My companion and I got separated for a couple hours because be both got… redirected. They are not shy about messing with your well laid plans to get all of the S.C.A.G. by putting a bag over your head and dragging you away- seriously!

_MG_4272 copy

The great stand out at this event were The Nest and Labyrinth. The Nest is an intensely interactive experience that mixes fun with terror. It’s physically challenging and the spider babes who live there won’t make it easy for you to survive. Labyrinth really blew us away with it’s intense brooding and puzzle solving. You’d be well served to read the dossier provided to make your way though this maze to the incredibly intimidating ending. I wasn’t able to experience The Witches’ Circle because I didn’t have any S.C.A.G. to trade but my companion was able to get in while we were separated (it must be awesome to be a pretty girl). If you have the right items to trade, don’t miss this one. The witches are absolutely sinister. The sweetest of sins and dark deeds will get you a special surprise.

Despite failing to even make a dent in the Hell Hunt, we could not have had a more memorable experience at the Great Horror Campout. This haunted event has made it’s mark in the growing halloween and horror fandom. The talent creates intense interactions that you will remember in your nightmares for ages. There are so many great moments that will stand out in your memory for years. If you want to spend the night trying to survive your own personal horror movie, you MUST attend the Great Horror Campout!!!

You can get tickets and see the full schedule of Great Horror Campout locations at the event’s official website. Ticket prices range from $99 to $139 dollars per person, depending on what tent location you choose. It is important to note that this event lasts all night long, so you are getting your money’s worth.

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Alien: Isolation E3 Trailer and Screenshots


June 10, 2014 — Alien: Isolation is preparing for this year’s E3 with a new 20 minute theatre presentation and an exciting new game mode playable on the show floor. Additionally, SEGA revealed a new gameplay trailer and fresh screenshots for the game this morning.

Alien: Isolation is a first-person survival horror game capturing the fear and tension evoked by Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic film. Players find themselves in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger as an unpredictable, ruthless Xenomorph is stalking and killing deep in the shadows. Underpowered and underprepared, you must scavenge resources, improvise solutions and use your wits, not just to succeed in your mission, but to simply stay alive.

Alien: Isolation will be available from October 7, 2014, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

For more information and to keep ahead with the latest news, find us at, follow us on and join the conversation on



HALO 5: Guardians Revealed


Bonnie Ross, General Manager of 343 Industries, has revealed the official title and some additional details regarding HALO 5: Guardians, in a news post at the Xbox website. Here is the post for your enjoyment (ed. note: Despite multiple people stating the contrary, I believe the blue light-emitting figure at the top to be a reincarnated Cortana in a robotic ONI suit):

Any time you transition to a new platform, there is the opportunity to look at things with a new perspective. For us at 343 Industries, the launch of the Xbox One was an opportunity to think about what stories we wanted to tell, how to tell them, and how best to push the “Halo” franchise to showcase the platform. And, most importantly, combining our passion for “Halo” with the vocal and informative input from our fans.

“Halo” isn’t simply a perennial game franchise, it’s a part of the Xbox platform itself. In terms of innovation and ideation, it’s sometimes important to people who might not even play “Halo.” And of course it’s a passion and an essential experience for two generations of gamers.  So we asked ourselves, how do we begin and where do we go with “Halo” on Xbox One? 

In the past, “Halo” games have pushed the Xbox forward, showcasing the console and its ecosystem in entertaining and innovative ways. Making a “Halo” game that runs at 60 frames per second, on dedicated servers, with the scope, features and scale we’ve been dreaming of for more than a decade, is non-trivial.  It’s a task that we, at 343 Industries, are taking very seriously to ensure we deliver the “Halo” game that fans deserve, and a game that is built from the ground up for Xbox One.   

I’m happy to reveal that “Halo 5: Guardians,” the next installment in the legendary saga of the Master Chief, will launch on Xbox One in fall of 2015.  In the tradition of every “Halo” game since its debut in 2001, it is a massive and exciting project.

“Halo 5: Guardians” is a bigger effort than “Halo 4.”  That applies to the content and scope of the game, as well as the technology in what’s now a brand new and more powerful engine.  Certainly there are some core elements carried over from prior games, but we’ve invested a huge effort in retooling our tech to take full advantage of the Xbox One’s hardware and ecosystem to create worlds and experiences worthy of next-gen.

It’s a game that will hopefully demonstrate the talent, learnings and abilities of the 343 Industries team. A game that will incorporate the things we learned from “Halo 4” about technology, aesthetics, performance and scale – and perhaps more importantly, understanding and embracing a community of gamers who love what lies at the heart of this game, and the limitless potential of the “Halo” universe.

And 2015 won’t simply be the year of “Halo 5: Guardians,” it will also be a year that offers us a unique opportunity. The opportunity to invite old friends and new audiences into that universe through the “Halo” television series, launched as a unique collaboration with Steven Spielberg and some of the finest creative minds in the business.  A series that will stand alone, as well as complement and enrich the game experience.  We’ll have more to share on the “Halo” television series as we near its projected fall 2015 release.

Your Journey Begins in 2014

Many fans noted that I was very deliberate with my phrasing on stage at E3 last year. I spoke about a 
“journey,” rather than a destination – and that journey definitely begins in 2014 with agiant leap, rather than one small step. We’ll give you much more information about our plans for this year at the Xbox E3 2014 Media Briefing on June 9, and we’re confident that “Halo” fans will be pretty excited about the special plans we have in store.

So until E3, I’d like to express my gratitude to our massive and varied Halo community, whose energy, enthusiasm, criticism and kindness are the driving force behind what we do and what we hope to achieve in “Halo 5: Guardians.”

Yurbuds Inspire Wireless Earphones Review


Yurbuds new Inspire wireless earphones retail for $129.99 at Yurbuds official website. While not cheap, I found them to be a great listening experience for hitting the gym or the track, and well worth their price point. The Inspire wireless earphones feature a mostly black frame with a couple of red highlights. Included in the package are a few different sized “enhancers”, which are basically the soft silicone ear pieces that interface directly with your ears. Not being made from traditional rubber like most ear bud sizers, the silicone enhancers are very comfortable and soft, making it easy to wear for several hours at a time.

Connecting the Inspire wireless earphones to your iPhone, which is what I use for my runs, is very simple and took just moments. Unlike most earbuds that go inside your ear, the Inspire actually let me hear a bit of what was going on around me – a very important and safe factor to take into account, especially if running outside.

Wearing the Inspire wireless earphones, I was very impressed with their audio quality – thanks to their 15mm drivers. While their low end sound wasn’t as “booming” as traditional headsets I have tried, it is important to note that these are meant for sports wearing. You shouldn’t be drowning out what’s going on around you with bass. The Inspire earphones do a great job in the mid to high range, and, even with the weaker lows, music sounded wonderful and crisp.


The “Twistlock” technology touted by the Yurbuds Inspire wireless earphones is no joke. The enhances are shaped in a somewhat of a spiral that “lock” into your ears. It may take you a couple times to get the twisting motion correct but, once you do, the Inspire wireless earphones aren’t easily pulled out of your ears. After lengthy sessions of jogging and plyometric work, they stayed in and stayed in tight. The Inspire earphones deliver on their promise to not come out. I should note that we had someone reviewing this item before myself, and he could not get the Inspire to fit into his ears, even with the several sized enhancers provided. So, if you have especially small ear holes, you might want to try before you buy just to be safe.

Yurbuds has enhanced the usual braided cord found on many headphones these days by using a cloth material which is much softer than most while still providing great anti-tangle qualities. The Inspire features a very long battery life and charges via an include mini USB cable. In my testing, I had some one instance where I didn’t have to charge the Inspire for about a week’s time. In addition, the built-in microphone works very well for taking calls on the go. There are only a few buttons on the Inspire, and they are very easy to locate and operate, unlike some earphones which opt for “high-tech” touch controls.


  • Great sound quality
  • Excellent fit
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • No tangle cord system
[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]Cons

  • Bass is a bit lacking, but could be for safety reasons
  • Might not fit those with very small ear holes

Overall, Yurbuds has a really nice pair of wireless sports earphones with the Inspire. They retail for $129.99 on the Yurbuds official website and are an excellent choice for those of you looking to rock out while you run, climb, or lift. The Yurbuds Inspire wireless earphones are available now.

Product Link

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