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Gamespot Rock Band Review

Gamespot has posted its review of Harmonix’ Rock Band for the Xbox 360, giving it a 9.0 out of 10 ‘Editor’s Choice’ rating.

From the article:
All told, Rock Band turns in an absolutely stellar performance. And much like any real band worth its salt, it’s not just because of one or two things that it does well while the rest fall by the wayside. Each individual component of the game is good on its own, but it’s when you put those things together into a collective whole that the game truly shines. Ultimately, the $170 investment is bound to be a sticking point for some, especially those who don’t have readily available friends who can come over and rock whenever the itch needs to be scratched. But even with that caveat in mind, Rock Band is easily one of the most ambitious music games ever produced, and that it is so successful in its ambition makes it something really special.

Super Mario Galaxy Sells 500k in First Week

Joystiq is reporting that Super Mario Galaxy has sold a half million units in the US during it’s first week at retail! According to the article, ‘Super Mario Galaxy the strongest first week sales of any Mario game ever.’

For those that dont know:
Super Mario Galaxy is a 3D action-platformer game developed by Nintendo EAD Tokyo and published by Nintendo for the Wii. It is the third 3D platformer in the series after Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. The game follows Mario on his quest through space to save Princess Peach from his nemesis Bowser. Levels take the form of galaxies filled with spherical planetoids, while gameplay is updated with a variety of gravity effects and new power-ups.

Hasselhoff to Return in New Knight Rider

AICN is reporting that David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff will be making at least one appearance in NBC’s new Knight Rider series. He will be reprising the role of Michael Knight and be the father of the new series’ protagonist, Mike Tracer, the son of Knight who ‘never knew his Dad’.

With the recent successful revival of older series, it is possible the new Knight Rider could be good. Possibly suck factor is…high as well, unfortunately.

Now all we need is a new CHiPs series!..oh wait:

Gamespot Mass Effect Review

Gamespot has posted their review of Bioware’s RPG Mass Effect, giving it an 8.5 out of 10.

From the article:
All told, Mass Effect is a great game with moments of brilliance and a number of small but significant obstacles that hold it back from reaching its true potential. But in the end, if you like RPGs and want to spend some time in an absorbing sci-world populated with a bunch of unique inhabitants, you’ll definitely have plenty of fun with this one.

Wolf King Warrior XXTreme Available Through Dell

Engadget is reporting that gaming peripheral maker Wolf King USA has released it’s newest offering, the Wolf King Warrior XXtreme to Dell for sale at $80 dollars. The odd-looking keyboard features ‘gamer-centric’ layout, compact design, and back lighting. is working on obtaining an evaluation unit as we post this!

Gamespot Empire Earth III Review

Gamespot has reviewed the latest in the Empire Earth saga, Empire Earth III, giving it a 3.5 out of 10! This is a very disappointing score for the RTS as Empire Earth garnered a 7.9 and Empire Earth II an 8.0 out of 10. They cite several reasons for this throughout the 2 page review (large for Gamespot) and also relate their sadness that the third did not live up to it’s predacessors.

From the article:
We could get into the derivative, buggy multiplayer, the frequent crashes, and the demanding system requirements that bring a Crysis-conquering system to its knees, but what’s the point? Earlier Empire Earth games were acquired tastes that not everybody liked. Now, in an attempt to reach out to the masses, the developer has given us a game that nobody will like. The first two releases in the series were overwhelming, but they’re apt to inspire fond memories in anyone who makes the mistake of picking up this lame new sequel.

Halcyon Brining Terminator Back in a Big Way

Gamespot is reporting that Halcyon has acquired the rights to the Terminator franchise and plans to bring the series back in a big way. Coming in 2009, they plan on releasing the fourth installment of the Terminator series, called Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. In addition, Halcyon has creates Halcyon Games and will be developing a video game tie-in to the film for next generation consoles, mobile devices, and the PC platforms.

From the article:
Halcyon, which acquired the rights to the Terminator franchise in May, will be developing the game in-house under its newly formed game-division label. Peter Levin will act as interim CEO for Halcyon Games, and Cos Lazouras, former head of product development at Vin Diesel’s Tigon Studios, will serve as VP of production.

‘We don’t want the game to be the stepchild to the film,’ said Halcyon cochairman Derek Anderson. ‘They’re of equal importance, and we want both to be of the same quality and be the same compelling experience.’

We here at GamingShogun have uncovered the gripping trailer to this new film (not really):

1up Hellgate London Review

1up has posted its review of Hellgate London and given the Flagship Studios’ opus a 4.0 out of 10! Our review gave the game a far more liberal 7.0 out of 10, taking sight of what it will be when the thing is patched. But the world of 1up is apparently a cruel one, taking no strides to soften its blows, we just dont agree with them on such a low score.

Singapore Comes to its Senses, Un-Bans Mass Effect

Gamespot is reporting that Singapore has changed their mind on banning Mass Effect and has instead given the game an M18 rating. According to the article, the Board of Film Censors issued a statement saying it would be creating a games classification system in January, and in the interim, it would be selectively using games ratings to ‘enable highly anticipated games to be launched in Singapore.’

Finally, a bit of reason prevails!

Let Chewbacca Hump Your Back…and Carry Your Stuff!

Thinkgeek has put a new item up for sale in the same vein as their popular Yoda backpack. Well instead of having cuddly Yoda hitch a ride on your back while carrying your books to class, they went with the next best thing…Chewbacca. Because when I think of cuddly Star Wars characters I would like to have on my back, I think of a seven foot tall, 350 pound, hairy, and don’t forget smelly Wookiee. At least you don’t have to buy him dinner, that is something I guess. Plus he does carry your stuff for you which is the least he can do. Oh well, pics below!