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PSP Aliens Vs Predator Interview

PSPFanBoy has a nice interview with Rebellion’s Tim Jones, Head of Design for Aliens Vs Predator. The PSP title is set to go retail on November 13th and is the official game of the movie and is being created by Rebellion which developed the PC titles AVP and AVP 2.

Things about the movie to note:

*The film will be rated ‘R’ unlike AVP1.

*The Aliens will be in the design of the ridged-headed soldier variant from Aliens (my personal fav).

*Bryce Dallas Howard stars.

Latest Cloverfield Trailer Rundown

CHUD is reporting on the latest trailer for JJ Abrams’ latest flick codenamed ‘Cloverfield’. They give the full rundown of the trailer, which is set to premier in front of Beowulf on November 16th, and is said to finally release the name of the much talked about monster movie. Internet forums such as ARGN have been all ablaze with talk of the movie and a viral marketing campaign surrounding, also envolving the website

The first trailer:

Star Trek: The Beginning Rundown

AICN has posted a great script rundown on the aborted Star Trek film, The Beginning. This film script preceeded the currently in production JJ Abrahms flick and, in my opinion, is way more intriguing!

The article is not short but worth the read to any Trek fans out there who are craving something new and exciting from this supposedly ‘tired’ franchise.

The Office II in the Works

Mike Ausiello in his TV Guide Blog has reported that NBC plans a spin-off from the Office featuring characters we have not met yet. There is to be an episode of the Office coming up, however, that will introduce these new characters to us. NBC is reportedly seeking one ‘name’ for the show similar to Carrell in the current Office series.

From Wikipedia:
The Office is the title of multiple television situation comedy shows. The first was the UK version, created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Initially broadcast on BBC Two on 9 July 2001, it ran for two seasons plus a two-part Christmas special. The show’s success prompted NBC to create an American version, which premiered on 24 March 2005, two years after the original ended. Despite an outcry from fans of the original, the US version recovered from a shaky start to become very successful in its own right. The US version is based in Scranton, Pennsylvania, which is a real city. References are made throughout the show based on the real city of Scranton regarding restaurants and other landmarks such as Lake Wallenpaupack. An office convention has started in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Gervais and Merchant are credited as executive producers of the show along with Ben Silverman, Howard Klein and Greg Daniels. Other than the Pilot episode, the scripts for the US version are original, and not adaptations from the UK, although some scenes and some general story ideas are based on the original.

Much Like ‘The Thing’, the Halo Movie is Not Quite Dead

AICN is reporting that Peter Jackson’s agent, Ken Kamins, has said Microsoft is spending tons of money at the moment trying to resurrect the Halo movie. Peter Jackson and Neil Bloomkamp are still attached to the project in their respective roles.

It is really only a matter of time considering that the game brought in over $300 million dollars. A movie studio would be foolish not to greenlight this project.

Review of Ace Combat 6

1up has posted their review of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation and given it a not-so-great 6.5 out of 10! And here I was hoping it would be an amazing game, well worth the expensive optional controller to go with it!

From the article:
‘Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation certainly looks a hell of a lot better than Combats 1-5, but once you get past the incredibly detailed planes and crisscrossing contrails you’ll find the same old Ace Combat, still on autopilot. Some gamers will be quite happy with more arcadey shootin’ and missile dodging in licensed aircraft. Others may (continue to) wonder why they should care about some arbitrary conflict between improbably-named countries, and an overwrought series of cut-scenes that might actually be improved by a liberal application of signature John Woo slow-mo doves.

Combat’s missions are long and relatively varied — and I qualify that with ‘relatively’ because launching a homing missile at a battleship really isn’t much different from launching a homing missile at a tank or at an AA gun. But you will have to make choices within each mission based on incoming radio chatter and shifting battle conditions. Lend your help to advancing ground forces or head over yonder and take out a nest of fighters, but you may not be able to do both. At least not with just one playthrough.’

AVP: Requiem’s Alien/Predator Hybrid Revealed

AICN has posted the newly released image of the hybrid Alien/Predator creature being featured in the next AVP movie, Requiem….I dont know but I think this creature looks…pretty damn lame. It just doesn’t flow well together at all. The dog/Alien from Alien 3 was a great example of a hybrid design, flowing well with the two forms in it’s genes. This creature just looks like it was thrown together over a few days with no forethought of cohesive design.

The image of the creature follows the trailer:

Battlestar Galactica Season Starting Later Than Planned

AICN is reporting that Galactica’s final season which was previously set to start back up in January has now been pushed back to April. This also coincides with the release of the Season 3.0 DVD. Season four is expected to be the final season of the show and Ronald D. Moore will be making his directorial debut in one of the last ten episodes of the show.

Spiritual Tribes Sequel Coming From GarageGames

Shacknews is reporting that sources are claiming GarageGames has begun working on a Tribes-style shooter. As a person who played Tribes to death and loved every second of it I can’t wait. This could be the game Tribes 2 was meant to be.

From the article:
A source close to GarageGames told Shacknews a team-based online
shooter in the vein of Dynamix’ Starsiege: Tribes will be coming to the
gaming service soon from GarageGames’ own developers.
GarageGames was of course founded by many ex-Dynamix employees, and
the source said the company would most likely be making an official
announcement for the game in December.

Losses in Sony’s Game Division Double

Joystiq is reporting that Sony’s Games Division has fallen on some hard times as they have reported that in the second fiscal quarter of the year, operating losses
in that division rose to $841 million, more than double the $381 million
in losses for the same period last year.

Speculation from Sony is that this loss is due to selling PS3s at lower than cost price points and ‘the increase in PS3-related inventory write-downs’.