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Duke Nukem Teaser Released!

3dRealms has released the teaser for it’s long (ten years) in development ‘Duke Nukem Forever’ this afternoon.

For those that dont know:

Duke Nukem Forever was officially announced on April 28, 1997 along with the purchase of a license to use the Quake II engin and the intention of releasing the game no later than mid-1998. The game engine is important as it provides the underlying technologies and simplifies development.

Original prototype work on the game had begun as early as January. In August and September, the first screenshots of Forever were released in PC Gamer. In its November issue, Scott Miller restated that the intended release date was 1998. However, 3D Realms did not get the Quake II engine code until November 1997, and the earlier screenshots were simply mock-ups with the Quake engine that the team had made in their spare time. 3D Realms unveiled the first video footage of Forever using the Quake II engine at the 1998 E3 conference.

The teaser can be found at the following links:


*Or you could stream it here:


Reaction to Next-Gen Top 30 Games of 2007

Next-Gen has posted their list of the top 30 games of 2007. Their take on the top games list is MUCH more realistic than TIME‘s was. In fact, aside from their top five of the list, it is pretty darn good.

I commend Next-Gen for their top 30 list and think it shows their true
‘gamer’ status as opposed to people who just pull the top sellers off
of the Gamestop website and put them in their articles.

The top five from Next-Gen:

  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • Rock Band
  • BioShock
  • The Orange Box
  • Halo 3

Personally, I like this list quite a bit. Super Mario Galaxy is a great game, although I would have given the #1 spot to BioShock. While fun gameplay, I dont think there has been any game to be as engaging as BioShock this year. Apparently we are big BioShock shills at this site as the GamingShogun thought the same thing in the previously linked article. The Shogun also mentioned that the Orange Box was not a good selection and I have to agree. It is a compendium of games, not just one. In it’s place I would have placed Portal, which was just incredible.

Crysis Review

Crysis is the successor to Far Cry, the award-winning first-person shooter from Crytek.You are ‘Nomad’, part of a US Special Forces team equipped with some very high-tech and classified gear. Your mission is to insert into a North Korean-controlled island and rescue some hostages. The reason why North Korea has suddenly annexed this small plot of land? Unknown. For now….

Graphics: Using the latest DirectX 10 enhancements, this game looks incredible and, like Far Cry before it, sets a new benchmark in computer game graphics. Unfortunately, you need a mighty powerful rig to take advantage of the effects.

Our Test Rig:

  • AMD 6000+ AM2 Dual Core CPU
  • 4Gb of DDR2 RAM
  • BFG 8800 GTX OC Video Card
  • Sound Blaster X-Fi Gamer
  • Windows Vista 32-bit

We were able to run the game very well on our set-up. The graphics looked amazing and none of the effects were lost. The depth-of-field looks very convincing as does the physics modelling.

Sound: The sound design in Crysis is no slouch either. Ambient noises really make you feel as if you are alone on the small island, of course, until all hell breaks loose. Sound effects are excellent as well, with subtle touches like ‘freezing’ sounds, invidual shells dropping, and even the rattling around of fallen paper cups to immerse you in the virtual world.

Music: Music in Crysis is good, although it is outshown by the sound design and graphics. The tones range from eerie to adrenaline fueled marches.

Gameplay: Your super nano suits have four different modes in which to utilize. The first increases your armor – this is the mode that we used most often. The next mode increases your speed. The next mode cloaks your body (ala Predator) for as long as your suit’s energy holds out. Finally, the third increases your strength and man does it increase it. Under normal circumstances when you grab an enemy by the throat and throw him, he will lay there a minute, then get back up. When strength is engaged, he flies much farther and doesn’t get back up. In addition, some obstacles can be broken by punching them, only in strength-mode.

These modes give Crysis it’s replayability. Choosing to go guns-blazing into a village or to go in stealth-mode is up to you. In fact, you have certain mission objectives but it is pretty much up to you how you get to your objective and accomplish them.

Unfortunately, there are still a ton of bugs in the game that can affect performance even more so than the high system requirements. We saw a couple ‘CTDs’, an issue with the game not wanting to start in full-screen mode, what seemed to be a memory leak after about forty minutes of play, and even a strange sound issue with this incesant clicking noise. At this time, patch #1 is currently being readied for release. Hopefully, this will fix some of these issues as it is always a shame for bugs to bring down opinion of an otherwise excellent game.

Conclusion: Crytek has done it again, bringing an excellent cinematic gaming experience to the masses with Crysis. If you can hold fast for the upcoming patches, you will be treated to an excellent game.

Poorman’s GPS Tracker Inexpensive, Yet Fun!

Gizmodo is reporting on a new GPS tracker from S5 Wireless that will cost a scant $7 dollars and last up to 4 years! The device will be disposable and allow jealous boyfriends, leery parents, and amature spies to all put their concerns to rest. There is a monthly service charge of $1 dollar for using the device.

Vista SP1 Publically Available!

Microsoft has finally done it! The thing they originally said would never happen: SP1….Yes, the controversial Vista operating system is getting it’s first service pack today. The Service Pack, which is said to fix ‘hundreds of issues’ has been in beta for a month and now that it’s public, we can put it to the test. Expect a full report soon – hopefully it helps gaming performance, I am crossing my fingers on that one.

Boeing Prepping an Offensive Anti-Ground Laser Aircraft

Gizmodo is reporting that Boeing has retrofitted a C-130H cargo aircraft with the necessessary gear to fire an airborne laser cannon at ground targets. This is the other bookend project in Boeing’s aircraft-laser program, the other being the missile defense plane they have created. Boeing says demonstrations should be ready sometime in 2008.

Gamestop Opening ‘Tournament-Focused’ Stores

GamesIndustry is reporting that Gamestop has announed the opening of what it calls a ‘tournament-focused’ store in San Jose, CA. The store is 4000 sq ft in size and already planning it’s first tournament on December 15th, featuring Madden NFL 08. According to the article, local tournament events will occur most weekends, with system-wide tournament finals occurring at least once a quarter.

Eurogamer First-Look: Tom Clancy’s EndWar

Eurogamer has posted it’s ‘First-Look’ at the upcoming RTS Tom Clancy’s EndWar. The game has been touted as the first ever to be controllable totally by your voice commands. No need to click and drag over units or hit hotkeys – just talk to the damn thing!

From the article:
‘The first menu consists of individual units, say ‘Unit 1’, ‘Unit 2’ and so on, and also general functions like ‘Calling All’. Depending on your order, subsequent menus will pop-up with relevant commands until you’ve completed the Who-What-Where and you can enjoy Watch.

Say, for instance, you want to group off your gunship units to command under a single order. ‘Calling All’, ‘Gunships’, ‘Create Group’. Easy as that. Want to dispatch a unit of tanks to deal with the enemy’s frontline? ‘Unit 1’ (Who), ‘Attack’ (What), ‘Hostile 3’ (Where).

For the first 10 minutes or so, a mixture of uncertainty and mild embarrassment caused us to bumble disjointedly through the steps. ‘Unit 1…. Um, er…. Attack…. Um…. Lima?’ Hardly Henry V. But then, it just clicks, and orders start to flow with increasing assurance and authority. ‘Unit 4 secure Alpha!’; ‘Calling all gunships, attack hostile 5!’; ‘WMD Lima!’. ‘DIE, ****S, DIE!”

Alien Vs Predator: Requiem Production Stills

Yahoo Movies has posted several production stills from Alien Vs Predator: Requiem. Some are actually pretty cool! Below is, imo, the best of the bunch.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem is the upcoming sequel to 2004’s Alien vs. Predator film. Filming began on September 25, 2006 in Vancouver with Tom Woodruff, Jr. and Alec Gillis from Amalgamated Dynamics handling the special effects (as they did for the previous installment) and Daniel Pearl as director of photography. The Brothers Strause (Colin and Greg Strause) have directed the movie from a script by Shane Salerno. Actors Steven Pasquale and Reiko Aylesworth will play leading roles in the film. Unlike the PG-13 rating of the original, which garnered some criticism, the film is rated R for violence, gore, and language. The BBFC’s classification decision for the movie is the same as the original.

ROCCAT Creates Line of Gaming Peripherals

ROCCAT Studios is introducing a line of gaming peripherals. Their new mouse, the Kone, sports adjustable lighting around the perimeter of the device. However, the dpi and polling rate are not mentioned yet on the website. The Valo, is a gaming keyboard with 2Mb of internal memory for storing profiles, illumination, lcd screen, and 40Mhz response rate. They also have a new mouse pad out called the Sense. The keyboard will cost roughly $147 dollars and the mouse will set you back $103 dollars. They currently will release in Europe during February, but we will work on obtaining review units ASAP.