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X-Wing Miniatures Game Review

The Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Games from Fantasy Flight Games is not only an excellent strategy game but, also, a perfect game for Star Wars fans in general. What’s cooler is that the game is played with small, detailed miniatures of ships from the Star Wars universe. Players send their X-Wings, Tie Fighters, and a whole lot more up against one another to see who is a better tactician. Starting out with X-Wing is fairly simple as all you need is the $40 dollar starter kit. This kit contains revamped (post-The Force Awakens) rules as well as two First Order Tie Fighters and one T-70 X-Wing fighter to throw against one another in combat.

Each ship, modification, and crew member costs a certain number of points. Usually, each side gets a pre-determined number of possible points for the players to work with in setting up their squadrons. In our office, we usually give 100 points per side as we have several people playing (but more on that later). After the sides are configured, the play space is agreed upon (usually a 3 foot by 3 foot area) and the miniature spacecraft get deployed.

A big battle we setup using additionally-purchased ships.

Each side selects maneuvers to be performed by each ship in their squadron. These maneuvers are selected via “maneuver dials” which come with each miniature ship purchased. Fast ships like the A-Wing can traverse greater distances, while more maneuverable ships like the Tie Fighter can perform sharper turns. Certain maneuvers are displayed as red instead of white, meaning that it is harder to pull off. These maneuvers cause your pilot “stress”, which prevents them from performing another red maneuver until an easy “green” maneuver is performed. The selected dials are placed face-down so that the other player cannot see what you are planning. Then maneuvers are performed in descending order of pilot skill (listed on the pilot’s card), always starting with the Imperial side. After each ship movement is complete, that ship can perform an action as listed on their pilot cards. These actions can be to “focus” for the chance at greater damage on the enemy in the forthcoming combat phase or “evade” which grants additional chances of dodging enemy fire (there are other action types, but you get the idea).

After the movement phase is complete,the combat phase begins and ships, in ascending order of pilot skill, can attack their targets. Targets have to fall within a ship’s firing arc and range to be eligible for attack. The starter kit will provide a measurement tool to figure out if a target is within range and arc of the player ship. Each ship has a different attack and defense rating – representing how many dice will be rolled for either action. The attacking player will first roll dice to see if any of their attack dice hit (can be standard or critical damage) and then the defending player rolls their defense die to mitigate that potential damage (or evade it altogether if they are lucky). After the combat phase, the game goes back to the movement phase and it starts all over again. This continues until victor conditions are met for either player.

These are just the bare basics of the game, but are enough to give you the general idea of how it is played. Most games are played force-on-force, winner take all. However, some creative folk setup scenario-based objectives. These could be anything from satellite capturing to protecting the Millennium Falcon so Chewbacca can make it to his annual Life Day celebration. Technically, the X-Wing Miniatures Game is meant for two players – however, you can easily play it, comfortably, with four players. Each player will control a subset of ships on their team. This method of play takes a bit longer for everyone to decide what they are going to do, but can lead to some great banter between players as well as teamwork and “strategery”! Overall, Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game is a terrific game of strategy and dice rolling that is sure to please not only Star Wars fans, but also fans of strategy boardgames and war games. The Force Awakens Core Set for the X-Wing Miniatures Game retails for $39.95 and is available now. Also available are a host of additional ships that you can purchase – even “large” and “huge” ships if you want to add an entirely new level of strategy to your games!

X-Wing Miniatures Game Review Score:

(5 out of 5 Stars)


Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor 2016 Review

For the past few years the Queen Mary has set sail for Halloween with a sizable event to compete with local heavyweights Halloween Horror Nights and Knott’s Scary Farm. 2016 is no different and California’s most legitimately haunted Halloween event welcomed fans aboard yet again.

Full disclosure before we get into our review; I did serve as talent at a competing Halloween attraction for over a decade. Those days are long behind me now as I turn my enthusiasm towards a critical eye for the haunt industry.


Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary has long been one of my favorite Southern California haunts. The design team knows full well the massive benefit that their host location serves them and they play directly to its strengths year after year. The Queen Mary has a long history as one of the world’s most haunted places and the team at Dark Harbor takes this opportunity to throw you right into the middle of those hauntings, sending you through the cramped bowels of the ship, diverting you to some of the most notorious locations like the ship’s pool and boiler room, and bringing you face to face with some of the more recognizable ghosts at the center of the ship’s stories.

The mazes at Dark Harbor, for the most part, have character and it shows. One consistent that I enjoyed tremendously is that almost every maze starts with a private moment with a character that brings you into the world of what you’re about to see. Take Lullaby for example. Lullaby is centered around the ghost of ‘Scary Mary,’ a little girl who long ago drowned in the Queen Mary’s pool (true story). Guests are staggered and sent through in smaller groups and are sent down the dark stairs into the lower decks of the ship by themselves so that they can start their experience by coming face to face with the clergyman presiding over Mary’s funeral. He welcomes you, says prayers for Mary, and warns you of what lies ahead. In fact, every maze is built around the concept of a singular character. The aforementioned Lullaby with Scary Mary, Dead Rise featuring the Captain, or Intrepid with the all new Iron Master.


Dark Harbor breaks down like this; Three mazes aboard the ship, two mazes inside the nearby dome, one maze outside in the midway and a handful of upcharge attractions. Of all of the attractions, I would have to say Circus was my personal favorite. Circus features a new layout versus previous years and feels like an all new maze. Circus begins with a pair of clowns guiding your group into fake hallways and dead ends before allowing you into the maze proper which is full of interactive rooms like a knee deep ball pit to crawl through or a hallway full of moving floors. Circus is located inside of the dome right next to the all new Intrepid which has the distinction of being one of the biggest disappointments of the night.

Intrepid tells the story of the Iron Master, the man in charge of building the Queen Mary. You are invited aboard his train to take a journey to his scrapyards where demonic steel workers slave away over molten iron. Unfortunately a majority of this maze felt unfinished as we were walking past unpainted walls and barely decorated scenes. What did work, however, was the wide open spaces utilized in the maze to allow their sliding talent some room to breathe and do their thing.


As far as the up-charges go, they can be skipped over for the most part. Hex is a paintball shooting gallery, nothing more, nothing less. Panic 4D is a short animated film with in theater effects like smell and water featuring CGI ripped straight out of 1998 and an over use of a poking effect that left the center of my back sore after the film was done.

Some quick takes:

  • Intrepid: An underwhelming and bare bones maze, especially considering the theming found in the other attractions. C
  • Dead Rise: Loud and aggressive. Avoid if you don’t want to get wet. Otherwise a very fun outdoor maze to cool off in. B
  • Soulmate: As good as it ever was, although an odd choice to change up its always reliable ending scene. A-
  • Circus Big Top Terror: Highlight of the night. Excellent new layout and use of interactivity. A+
  • Lullaby: Classic Dark Harbor, even if its only in its second year. Excellent use of the ship. A+
  • B340: More great use of the interiors of the ship. A
  • Hex: Avoid. Instead, go shoot paintballs at a human at a real field. F
  • Panic 4-D: Avoid. F

Overall, Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary continues to be a standout Southern California halloween attraction. Its a great, and cheaper, alternative to other local Halloween theme park attractions and shouldn’t be missed, especially as it hits its stride in its seventh year

Fright Fest 2016 Six Flags Great Adventure Review

This past weekend, Six Flags Great Adventure invited various media outlets down to the park’s annual Fright Fest event to check out this year’s crop of haunted mazes. We were lucky enough to be on-site for the media night and below you will find a quick review on each of the houses – as well as a photo gallery to follow!

Cell Block 6

As the name implies, this house is themed after a prison in lockdown. The inmates are running rampant and its your job to either help them escape or be locked in with them, forever.

The overall theme to this haunt was ok. Its the standard Prison setting with almost no gore or scare factor. The actors, while doing an admirable job of trying to scare people are just to few and far between to actually be scary. Most of the time I just felt alone, walking through a haunt that someone forgot to hire people for. It’s not horrible, but it’s also not worth the wait if the lines are long.

Story: 2, Scare Factor: 2, Theme: 3


Big Top Terror: Forgotten Carnival 3-D

This haunt is themed after a forgotten carnival that you stumble upon deep in the backwoods. The freaks and inbred horrors within need your soul to escape…will you help them?

Out of all the haunts at Fright Fest this year, I think this one is my favorite, which is surprising because when I see 3D, I usually think it is going to be hokey, assuming that the haunt is going to rely on that and not the scare factor. However, I am glad to report that this haunt was extremely well themed, the actors do a great job of embracing their surroundings, and the 3D effect actually works quite well. The only drawback is that because it is so brightly-lit, there are not a lot of areas for the freaks to scare you. Overall, this haunt is a must see.

Story: 4, Scare Factor: 3.5, Theme: 4.5

Blood Shed

Aside from the cute play on words with this haunt, the maze itself is pretty good. It’s themed after a backwoods farm inhabited by half-human, half-animal mutants who are looking to feed on your blood.

The maze is actually the longest of all the Fright Fest mazes at this year, at least it seemed that way to me. It has guests walking through a backwoods cabin and farmhouse, then out into a corn field. It has a nice finish inside a corn maze that has a lot of nice spots to scare people. Unfortunately, this is another haunt maze that suffers from too many gaps in the scares, as I found myself walking for a good bit before someone else would jump out at me. In some ways I enjoy it because I get to admire the set decoration of it all, but if I had to wait in a long line I would want to have just a few more scares thrown at me.

Story: 3, Scare Factor: 2.5, Theme: 3.5


The Manor

A dark, and eerie manor awaits you in this haunt as you have to traverse dark hallways and tight corners to escape from flesh eating zombies.

This haunt seemed extremely short to me, with very few scares. The theming was top notch and actually made me feel as if I was walking through some old forgotten manor. As good as the theme was, I was still let down by the little amount of times I felt scared. There are some decent jump scares scattered throughout, but nothing that’ll get your adrenaline going or make you run ahead from your group. If you have the time, check out this haunt, but if you have other things to see or do, you may be better off doing that.

Story: 1.5 Scare Factor: 2, Theme: 4

Total Darkness

As the name implies, this haunt plunges you into absolute darkness, with only a flashlight as your guide.

When you get to the entrance, you and your group are given a rope to hold on to. It’s not attached to anything, you just need to hold it so that no one in your party gets lost. The leader of the group has a very dimly lit flashlight (ours may have been broken, because when I shook it, it got brighter) with a red bulb that they can use to navigate the maze and figure out how to get out. As I mentioned, this maze is in almost complete darkness, save for a few exit signs here and there, and while there are no actual (maybe a few) jump scares, the creepiness is excellent. At one point while walking through, you feel someone breathing on your neck or just walking next to you. This creepiness really helps to sell this haunt, and I highly suggest walking through with your friends.

Story: 1, Scare Factor: 3, Theme: 4.5


Voodoo Island

This haunt has you traveling to a remote and mysterious island where the ancient art of voodoo is practiced.

This was another of the longer haunted mazes this year, but that does not necessarily make it good. Don’t get me wrong, this was a decent haunt, but with what they presented and what they could have based on the theme, it was a let down. The set design and decoration was, just like most of their haunted houses: Great. Unfortunately, the scares were just too few and far between, and the ones that do get you are so good that you wish there were more of them. Great premise, poor execution.

Story: 2, Scare Factor: 2.5, Theme: 3


Toxic spills, contamination and nuclear fallout await you in this haunt…

Another decent haunted house that plays out well with the theme it is working with. The actors were great, as they were all really into their roles and did a great job to sell the haunt and it story. The layout was nice, had a lot of open areas, and a lot of dark corners to hide the actors.

Story: 2.5, Scare Factor: 3, Theme: 3


Final Thoughts

Overall, Six Flags Great Adventure did a nice job with this year’s Fright Fest. The haunted mazes were all pretty good, and the overall decoration and theming around the park was great – I especially liked the bloody fountain that welcomes you. The monsters walking around do a great job scaring unsuspecting park guests and for the little ones who do not want to get scared there are several “Fright Free” zones for them, as well as a couple of nice trick or treat trails where the kids can collect candy. Another nice thing about Fright Fest is that all the coasters are open and running, some in the dark, which makes for a completely different ride than during in the day!

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The Walking Dead Attraction Review at Universal Studios

The Walking Dead walk through attraction, the latest feather in Universal Studios Hollywood’s cap, is scheduled to open on July 4. However, we were among the lucky few to get access the attraction at a recent park media event which saw several members of the AMC show’s cast and crew in attendance. As alluded to, The Walking Dead attraction is based on AMC’s hit series, The Walking Dead, which is based on Robert Kirkman’s amazing comic series, The Walking Dead. No, this just isn’t a grab for Google search terms, there is just a lot of The Walking Dead zombie goodness to go through.

The Walking Dead walk through attraction can best be described as a Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights maze taken to “11”. The sets, props, and animatronics are all outstanding and look like they belong on the set of the television show. The starting cue area of the attraction was populated by Negan’s goons – however I am unsure as to how many of the actors will be on-site during actual operating hours.


A big positive aspect of the attraction was that guests are permitted into the experience in groups of about 5 people at one time. The attendants space the small groups out just enough so that each one gets an individual experience. Hopefully they can continue this when crowds get larger. I have found that a cattle call of guests can ruin an attraction like this – especially one that features tight corridors and timed effects/scares. Smaller groups also help make the attraction more intimate – it feels like your group’s personal story of the zombie apocalypse instead of just an animatronic museum to walk five feet, look, and repeat ad nauseam. With these group sizes, you ARE part of the experience.

Also used, albeit with way more restraint than in the park’s Horror Nights mazes, are some smell effects! Again – they are sparingly used to a much greater effect in The Walking Dead attraction, which I appreciate. I have always felt Horror Nights mazes rely on those scents too much, but I digress…


After going through the gauntlet of Negan’s goons, you end up in the Harrison County Hospital featured in The Walking Dead’s pilot episode (where Rick wakes up, confused and hurt). From there, it is a very cool walk down memory lane – going sequentially though the (so far) six seasons of the AMC show. You will visit several of the show’s major locations – all made real by some seriously talented craftsmen. The prison, Arno Farms, and a lot more are featured so look sharp for little Easter Eggs planted about the various sets you’ll walk through.

A big question we kept wondering was what would happen to the attraction during the park’s annual Halloween season Horror Nights event? Would it become a maze or would it stay the same. It appears as though that the attraction will get additional set pieces, live-actor talent, etc to ratchet it to an even scarier level! This is a brilliant move by Universal Studios and I can’t wait to experience it first-hand when the scary season comes around. Does this mean that the attraction will take the place of any other The Walking Dead experience for Halloween Horror Nights? Time will tell.


Speaking of live actors – yes, there are definitely live actors portraying both the living, the dead, and the walking dead inside the attraction. However, more of the scares and gimmicks come from some amazing animatronics than a traditional haunted house with live monsters around every corner. This smaller amount of live actors does not detract from the experience, however, as the actors that are in the walk through attraction are used to great effect and, as I mentioned, the animatronics and props are incredible.

Overall, The Walking Dead walk through attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood is a terrific addition to the park and shows off a lot of elements from the AMC television show which fans will love. I definitely recommend checking The Walking Dead attraction out when it opens on July 4, it is a scary and fun romp through an amazing television show brought to life all around you.

The Walking Dead Media Event Photo Gallery

Laylax Named Krytac’s Japanese Distributor


September 25, 2015 – California, United States – KRYTAC, KRISS Group’s premier brand of training weapons and recreational shooting products, is proud to announce Laylax Inc, a premier source of airsoft upgrade parts and accessories, as the exclusive distribution partner for Japan. Initial availability of KRYTAC models and accessories will begin in November 2015.

“Laylax Inc. was the obvious partner to represent KRYTAC in Japan,” states Tim Seargeant, Marketing Manager for KRYTAC. “Their longstanding reputation and commitment to the growth of the community fit perfectly with our strategy to bring KRYTAC to Asia. We’re excited to expand the KRYTAC brand across the globe and to be doing so with an esteemed partner such as Laylax Inc.”

“Owning real firearms is prohibited in Japan, which is why airsoft enthusiasts admire real gun manufacturers,” according to Masaki Koshida, Senior Licensing Manager at Laylax Inc. “When KRISS Group launched KRYTAC it excited the Japanese airsoft community and they have been keeping a watchful eye on the brand. We feel honored to have been chosen as the official distribution partner and we are ready to establish KRYTAC in Japan.”

Starting this fall, all variants of the Trident M4 series will be available to Japanese airsoft enthusiasts. Also part of the initial release, the Officially Licensed Warsport LVOA AEG will be available for pre-orders.

All airsoft models will be compliant with Japanese muzzle velocity regulations.

For more information on KRYTAC, please visit For more information on Laylax Inc., please visit

Marvel Announces All-New and All-Different Marvel Universe After Secret Wars Concludes


New York, NY – June 5th, 2015 – Marvel Comics, the home of the greatest Super Heroes of all time, introduces a new direction for the Marvel Universe. This is All-New All-Different Marvel!

Coming this fall, all fans will be introduced to the perfect start to the Marvel Universe featuring the biggest creative names in the comic book industry – Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Mark Waid, Dan Slott, Charles Soule, G. Willow Wilson, Jeff Lemire, along with many more, will have a hand in crafting an all-new and all-different Marvel Universe.

“This is the Marvel Universe,” says Axel Alonso, Editor In Chief.  “This fall, we will be inviting readers into a universe comprised of bold new landscapes populated with characters and teams both familiar and brand-new.”


“This is going to be an absolute game changer for Marvel,” says David Gabriel, SVP of Sales & Marketing. “Similar to the most successful comics industry program of this century – Marvel NOW!, All-New All-Different Marvel is going to be presenting fans new #1’s for every title coming out during this event. This is a brand new beginning that honors our past 76 years, yet takes a bold step with daring, and accessible, entry points. Simply stated – this is Marvel!”

This fall, the comics industry’s greatest creators invite fans into a spectacular universe that truly represents the marvelous world outside your window!

The All-New All-Different Marvel Universe has arrived!

Jurassic World: Asset Containment Unit Fan Film Released #JurassicWorld


If you keep up with the world of airsoft, chances are you are familiar with the exploits of US Army veteran Gregory Wong, also known as “Spartan117GW”. He has posted up a new Jurassic World fan film on his YouTube channel – a film he and a few others made on virtually no budget whatsoever. The results? Pretty good!

Jurassic World: Active Containment Unit

Batman: Arkham Knight Voice Cast Revealed


May 7, 2015 — Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment confirmed the voice talent behind some of the most notable characters in Batman™: Arkham Knight, the epic finale to the award winning Batman: Arkham trilogy from Rocksteady Studios.  Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul) joins the cast as James Gordon, Ashley Greene (The Twilight Saga) as Barbara Gordon, John Noble (Sleepy Hollow, Fringe) as Scarecrow and Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights, Hart of Dixie) as Nightwing.

Banks, Greene, Noble and Porter join an ensemble cast that includes fan-favorites Kevin Conroy, who returns as Batman; Tara Strong as Harley Quinn; Troy Baker as Two-Face and Nolan North as Penguin.

You can view “The Official BAK Video – The Voices of Arkham.” featuring Banks, Conroy, Green and Noble its entirety here:

Batman: Arkham Knight is based on DC Comics’ core Batman license and will be available on June 23, 2015 exclusively for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and Windows PC.

Batman: Arkham Knight brings the award-winning Batman: Arkham trilogy from Rocksteady Studios to its epic conclusion. Developed exclusively for the new generation of consoles and PCs, Batman: Arkham Knight introduces Rocksteady’s uniquely designed version of the Batmobile. The highly anticipated addition of this legendary vehicle, combined with the acclaimed gameplay of the Batman: Arkham series, offers gamers the ultimate and complete Batman experience as they tear through the streets and soar across the skyline of the entirety of Gotham City. In this explosive finale, Batman faces the ultimate threat against the city that he is sworn to protect, as Scarecrow returns to unite the super criminals of Gotham City and destroy the Batman forever.

For more information on Batman: Arkham Knight, please visit, or

Fast & Furious – Supercharged Ride Extended Behind the Scenes Video


Universal City, California, April 28, 2015 – Universal Studios HollywoodSM shifts into high gear for the June 25 opening of “Fast & Furious—Supercharged” with the launch of “Road to Fast,” a dynamic campaign featuring a series of original images and an engrossing behind-the-scenes video, including interviews with the cast of its new thrill ride: Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson and Luke Evans.

A collection of six images, each featuring the stars of the ride depicted in a variety of action sequences, will be unveiled sequentially beginning today with a group shot of the characters racing alongside a Studio Tour tram. A lengthier, more complex look at the making-of this revolutionary new attraction, featuring insightful perspective and commentary from the cast and producers, is also being released, and can be seen here.

“Fast & Furious—Supercharged” is a technologically advanced, epic ride that reunites stars from the Fast & Furious series in a groundbreaking mega-attraction designed to catapult guests into the high-stakes underground world of street racing at perceived speeds in excess of 120 miles per hour. This high-octane ride is conceived as a new installment to the Fast & Furious franchise and will debut as the grand finale to Universal Studios Hollywood’s behind-the-scenes Studio Tour that can only be experienced at The Entertainment Capital of L.A.

Sharing their enthusiasm for the ride, the cast of “Fast & Furious—Supercharged” had this to say:
“This is new territory for us…to create something as immortal and immersive as this…that all the fans of our franchise can actually live through and be a part of,” said Vin Diesel. “It’s a testament to that loyal and dedicated fan community that has always been our #1 champion.”

“Once you go on the ride, it’s an opportunity to physically feel some of the adrenaline that we feel everyday while we’re filming,” continued Vin Diesel, adding, “Yeah, I’m excited to ride it!”

“When you have something as unique and special as the Fast & Furious franchise, you want to create an experience for the fans that they can only feel and experience at Universal Parks,” said Dwayne Johnson, continuing, “To be immortalized in a ride, is a very cooI thing. I get a chance to become Luke Hobbs and kick ass…all in 3D.”

“You’re in Hollywood already…you’re able to get on the tram and experience your favorite movie and TV show sets; that’s a big deal. Everything about Universal Studios puts you in the driver’s seat to really experience Hollywood,” said Tyrese Gibson, adding, “Fast & Furious has the best fans in the world!”

“It’s really a sensory driven experience, and I can’t wait to see what happens,” said Michelle Rodriguez, adding, “It’s so cool — the Studio Tour!”

“You’re completely immersed in the experience…you’re on a high-speed chase…it’s an amazing experience, and the guys that build these are true magicians,” said Luke Evans.

This dynamic hydraulic motion-based thrill ride will tell an original Fast & Furious story, fusing sophisticated hyper-realistic special effects with a state-of-the-art 3D audio system and 3D-HD imagery projected onto the world’s longest and most expansive 360-degree screen. Spanning nearly 400 feet in length to encircle Studio Tour guests within a newly constructed 65,000-square-foot structure on the legendary backlot, the sprawling custom-built screen will employ 34, 4K projectors and a sophisticated projection configuration system to envelop guests in unprecedented realism.

Coupled with an intense blend of visceral effects, “Fast & Furious—Supercharged” will take guests on a wild ride that begins the moment they board the Studio Tour. Exclusive interstitial content—that was filmed with the cast members—will be featured on the tram monitors, highlighting interactions as they engage guests en route to the ride’s climatic scenes. Along the tram route sightings of numerous prop cars from the Fast & Furious series, including Dom’s Dodge Charger, will enhance the story.

Join the conversation online using #FastFuriousRide, and for all the latest news, “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @UniStudios.

Universal Studios Hollywood, The Entertainment Capital of L.A.SM, includes a full-day, movie-based theme park and Studio Tour; the CityWalk entertainment, shopping and dining complex, the Universal CityWalk Cinemas and the “5 Towers” state-of-the-art outdoor concert venue. World-class rides and attractions include “Despicable Me Minion Mayhem” and “Super Silly Fun Land,” the critically-acclaimed mega-attraction, “Transformers™: The Ride-3D,” the intense, award-winning ride, “King Kong 360 3-D” on the behind-the-scenes Studio Tour, “Revenge of the MummySM—The Ride” and “Jurassic Park® —The Ride.” As part of its milestone 50th anniversary celebration in 2015, new attractions include the electrifying 3D-HD thrill ride, “Fast & Furious—Supercharged” as the grand finale to the famed Studio Tour, “Springfield,” hometown of America’s favorite TV family, adjacent to the award-winning “The Simpsons RideTM” and the “Nighttime Studio Tour,” offering tours of the iconic movie backlot on select evenings.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III Two New Classes Trailer


April 28, 2015 — Independent publisher and developer NeocoreGames revealed today two new deadly player classes for its upcoming title, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III. Arriving on Steam this May, the popular gothic-noir steampunk action-RPG series influenced by Bram Stoker’s Dracula features the Elementalist and the Protector. The Elementalist masters the arcane arts and can tap into the powers of nature, while the Protector is a close-range specialist with heavy armor and unique shield slot.

Watch the all-new classes fight on YouTube

The Elementalist can unleash terribly damaging forces from a distance, although his lack of defenses leaves him vulnerable in melee combat. Fortunately, he can wipe away monsters with a flick of a hand or send in moving pillars of frost to discourage the enemy from trying to get too close.

The polar opposite of the Elementalist, the Protector is a close-range armored specialist. He deals heavy physical damage and provides bonuses for his companions. With his vast array of abilities he can charge right into the middle of the battle, knocking down his enemies or jump right in from a distance to begin the fight.


The Elementalist and the Protector join the weapon-heavy Phlogistoneer and the spell-casting Umbralist introduced earlier in April, see that video HERE. NeocoreGames plans to reveal the game’s final two classes soon.

Van Helsing III offers single-player gameplay, four-player co-op online and eight-player PvP, and is the last episode in the Van Helsing trilogy. Van Helsing III will uncover the past of the cheeky companion, Lady Katarina, while carrying over features from the second game, including the tower-defense mini-game sequences, and offers six unique character classes. Look for NeocoreGames to reveal the final two classes soon.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III is slated for a May 2015 release on Steam. For more on NeocoreGames, head to its developer blog, and forums,, like it on Facebook (/VanHelsingTheGame), follow it on Twitter (, and watch it on Twitch.TV ( and YouTube (