Author - Jerry Paxton

SOE Opening India Studio

GamesIndustry is reporting that Sony Online Entertainment, butchers of the original Everquest (first given life by Verant Interactive), has drafted plans to open a game studio in Mumbai, India. The studio is scheduled to open early next year and will produce MMOs with ‘local content’ in order to grab the Indian gaming market.

From the article:
‘There are currently about 2.8 million online gamers in India, but developers expect the market to explode as broadband penetration grows over the next few years.’

Deus Ex 3 Announced!

Gamasutra is reporting that Eidos has announced Deus Ex 3 is in production at it’s Montreal studio. Hopefully it will return to the greatness of the original title and avoid Deus Ex 2’s craptastic gameplay. For those of you who don’t know, Deus Ex was a cyberpunk-themed first-person shooter/computer role-playing game developed by Ion Storm Inc. and published by Eidos Interactive. The game received almost universal critical and industry acclaim, including being named Best PC Game of All Time in a poll carried out by UK gaming magazine PC Zone. It was a frequent candidate for and winner of Game of the Year awards.

Set in a dystopian world during the 2050s, the central plot follows rookie United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition agent JC Denton, as he sets out to combat terrorist forces, which have become increasingly prevalent in a world slipping ever further into chaos. As the plot unfolds, Denton becomes entangled in a deep and ancient conspiracy, encountering fictional recreations of organizations such as Majestic 12, the Illuminati, and the Hong Kong Triads throughout his journey.

Pirate Bay Under Fire from Three Lawsuits

Ars Technica is reporting that popular torrent site, The Pirate Bay, is under attack from three separate lawsuits. One lawsuit is from a Swedish prosecuter, Hakan Roswall, who will be filing his charges before January 31st, 2008. Peter Sunde, one of The Pirate Bay administrators says, ‘I’m quite confident we’re gonna win and I was expecting this to happen…Roswall is also a very biased man, so I’m glad to take it to court instead of letting him dig around my personal life for no apparent reason. Actually, it’s kinda funny.’ The second suit is from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, and third is from Prince…yes, as in Purple Rain.

Nerd Sells $35K Worth of Star Wars Toys on eBay

Gizmodo is reporting that a nerd has finally given up his Star Wars collecting pursuits, selling his whole stash on eBay for $34,500 dollars. According to his eBay posting, ‘THIS IS A BIG STEP I’M TAKING IN ORDER TO MOVE ON AND ACOMPLISH A NEW PLAN I HAVE FOR MY FUTURE’. His collection consists of more than 1,100 figures and other toys.

I got dibs on his Bib Fortuna!

50 Greatest Fictional Weapons of All Time

Wizard Universe has a very amusing story posted on the 50 greatest fictional weapons of all time. I wont spoil anything for you here, but instead I will leave you with a collection of Black Friday information. Nothing says ‘Capitalism’ more than Black Friday, and here is a great example in this video that looks like something more from ’28 Days Later’ than real life. Also, Happy Thanksgiving all!

360 Degree Humvee Simulator

Gizmodo has posted an article on a very cool, 360 degree HUMVEE simulator by Mersive VR. The system uses 10 projectors and simulates weapons fire with amazing accuracy. In the article, they interview Mersive’s Sales and Marketing Manager Robert Bolen. Check out the videos in the Gizmodo story, makes you want to go out and buy one right now!

This vid is for their 220 degree unit:

Nearing the End of All Oil?

Wired has posted an excellent article on some Wall Street Journal articles citing reason we are in the ‘End of Oil’ stage.

From the article:
No one, least of all the oil industry executives quoted by the Journal or the analysts who wrote the World Energy Outlook, is saying the wells will run dry in our lifetime, or even our children’s lifetimes. There’s still a lot of oil left to be pumped. But there is a growing belief that several factors are converging to create a practical limit to how much we can pull from the earth each day.

Fairly intense effects for our society if the article turns out to be our future situation.