Author - Jerry Paxton

Epic President Wanted to Cut Gears of War Multiplayer and Ad

Joystiq is reporting that at one point, Epic President Mike Capps had considered pulling two of the most succesful things surrounding Gears of War, it’s multiplayer and it’s highly successful ‘Mad World’ ad (video below). Talk about a bone head decision, he is thanking his lucky stars all the way to the bank that he left that stuff in there now.

From the article:
‘First and most troubling is that he had considered pulling multiplayer from the game because it wasn’t moving quickly enough. (Boy, that would have made that eight-hour single player campaign a much more bitter pill, wouldn’t it?) Also, he said he wanted to scrap the famous ad set to the brilliant Gary Jules’ equally brilliant ‘Mad World’ because, he says, ‘I thought it was stupid; I was like ‘What are you thinking? Nobody knows Donnie Darko any more.” Wow.’

New Ninja Gaiden II Screenshots

Strategy Informer has a host of new Ninja Gaiden II screenshots.

From wikipedia:
Ninja Gaiden II is an upcoming sequel to Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox in 2004. It is being developed by Team Ninja and published by Microsoft Game Studios exclusively for the Xbox 360. This is also the first time that the game won’t be published by Tecmo. While sharing the number as the NES game Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos, it is not related to said title.

From Youtube:

Preview of Condemned 2: Bloodshot

1up has posted a preview of Condemned 2: Bloodshot for the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. The first Condemned ended up a sleeper hit, gaining a large fanbase. This time arounf it appears as though Sega has taken it even further.

From the article:
‘We stopped by Sega’s offices earlier this week to get a look at Condemned 2’s third mission, which just so happens to take place during Halloween. And sure enough, in the mission players come across masked enemies fighting each other on train tracks in what Sega calls a ‘riot.’ We’re not sure if that’s the best word to use, since the screen isn’t exactly filled with enemies, but it’s an impressive scene that comes as close as we’ve seen in a game to a real fist fight.

When you come across these enemies attacking each other, they’ll turn and start to pursue you, but at all times they remain aware of everyone in the room. So if an enemy takes a wide swing at you and there happens to be another enemy within breathing room of his elbow, that guy will get taken out as well. With the sound effects and enemy animations where they are at this point in development, even a simple scene like this looks great and adds a lot to the physical feel of being in this world.’

Vid featuring stills from the title:

Gamestop No Longer Offering PRPs For Xbox 360s

Gamersreports is reporting that Gamestop stores have stopped offering product replacement plans for Xbox 360s.
From the article:
‘When we asked our source why this is happening, we were told it was because GS is losing too much money on the program! You can read this all for yourself, we included three different copies of the document, as it was taken with a cell phone and is a bit hard to read.’

Below is a photo of the official order from Gamestop Corporate to stores everywhere.

Burnout Paradise Street Date Confirmed

Gamespot is reporting that Electronic Arts’ racer Burnout Paradise will be hitting North American store shelves on January 22nd. The European release date has not been mentioned at this time.

From the article:
Eager gamers who can’t wait for the New Year to check out the first open-world installment in Criterion’s long-running series will be able to grab a glimpse of what the game offers a little early. EA is planning to release downloadable demos for both versions of the game in December.

The demo will include a look at the game’s new stunt mode, as well as the chance to race through the game’s streets in search of the fastest route to a set destination. Gamers will also get to check out the new multiplayer emphasis by competing in three challenges online, or make use of the system’s camera peripherals to see the look on the face of a rival racer being rubbed into a guardrail.

Guitar Controller Incompatibility A Possibility!

1up is reporting on a rumor that seems to have some weight to it suggesting that the controllers for Rock Band and Guitar Hero III will NOT be cross compatible. If this is the case it means gamers will either have to fork over more then the cost of a Wii for both bundles.

From the article:
‘Harmonix develops and bases all of our games, guitars and other peripherals on open standards established by platform manufacturers such as Microsoft and Sony. Rock Band is no exception and supports an open controller standard,’ said a Harmonix spokesperson. ‘Guitar controllers are like any other standard game controller — -the controller sends a signal back to the game depending on the buttons you push. If a third party game controller is based on open standards, then it should work with Rock Band as well.’

This would suggest that Guitar Hero III’s interface doesn’t use the open standards provided by Microsoft and Sony. The conspiracy theory would suggest Guitar Hero III purposely implements a closed controller standard so it can only properly interface with the peripherals specifically designed for it. That makes sense, as Rock Band is the biggest competition Guitar Hero faces this holiday season and purposely locking out a rival’s peripheral directly forces consumers to choose one or the other — a convenient option given that Guitar Hero III ships ahead of Rock Band.

The U.S. Postal Service Unleashes the Force!

Yahoo reports that the United States Postal Serivce is releasing a stamp featuring everyone’s favorite Jedi Master, Master Yoda!

As of today (Thursday), the stamp which was once part of a larger set is now singly available for customers to add a little more security to the delivery process.

Guard your letter he will, yes.

1up’s Clive Barker’s Jericho Review

1up has posted their review of the horror FPS Clive Barker’s Jericho, lambasting it with a 3.0 out of 10! And here I thought this would be a good game.

An excerpt of its destructive comedy:
‘A prehuman demigod stealing slices of history as its own personal playground? It’s a pretty nifty premise, and worthy of Clive Barker’s name.

Unfortunately, the rest of the game is absolutely, positively, most definitely not. Take the writing, for example, especially the opening narration: This overwrought tripe is so over-the-top, so ridiculously high-school-goth that it makes Max Payne’s brooding melodrama read like a paragon of stylistic restraint.’

Anderson Says Castlevania Film Moving Nicely

Joystiq reports that after two years in the design phase, a Paul W.S. Anderson produced Castlevania flick
seems to finally have a full head of steam. Anderson told SCI FI Wire,
‘[I’m] hoping to get a script for it in two or three weeks. And I’m
hoping it’s great. Sylvain White is directing it, and we’re hoping to
kind of make it a pre-strike movie. So it kind of shoots in the next
couple months’.

Another Resident Evil Film in the Works?

1up is reporting that the contract for a fourth Resident Evil movie was dependent upon the third film’s success. Extinction did well at the box office, raking in $24 million it’s first weekend.
Resident Evil movie producer Jeremy Bolt, has suggested the
next sequel might focus on another character from the series’ universe, Claire Redfield. ‘We haven’t changed our mind about working on another one,’ said Bolt. ‘We want to be respectful. I think the thing is, we’re in the middle of Death Race. We haven’t really focused on another Resident Evil. Certainly we’d like to look at it, but I wouldn’t want to say we were or weren’t doing anything at this point. It’s too early.’