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Special Tactics Launch Trailer

April 26th 2016 – US indie developer Beast Mode Games is proud to announce that their debut PC game, Special Tactics, has been extracted from Early Access and has fully infiltrated the Steam Store today priced at $9.99/£6.99.

Super refined combat mechanics, streamlined controls and killer AI drive the core of Special Tactics. Built around the core gameplay are three main modes: Campaign, Survival and Multiplayer, all delivering a balanced and deep tactical action experience with various objectives including assassination, hostage rescue and bomb defusal.

Select from five main classes including Sniper, Shotgun, SMG, Assault and Shield and choose your custom loadouts. Lay out your strategies ensuring the balance between offensive and defensive tactics will give you the best chance of success. Achieve your mission objectives and earn gold and trophies to unlock custom weapons, attachments and equipment.

Featuring full Steam integration including Friends lists, Achievements, Trading Cards and Leader boards, Special Tactics also features eight strategically designed maps at launch with more to follow.

The official Special Tactics launch trailer can be viewed at


  • Single Player story driven campaign mode – missions include puzzle based take-down missions, hostage rescue, assassination, hostage escort and stealth
  • PC exclusive Squad Based Multiplayer – 2 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 – select your specific weapon for each class, choose your soldier classes then either plant the bomb or defuse it
  • Epic 1 vs. 1 PvP and Survival modes
  • Custom Match Rules such as Snipers only or Hardcore Mode
  • Five Main Classes – Sniper, Shotgun, Assault, SMG and Shield
  • Six Equipment Types – Smoke, Frag, Flash and Fire/Incendiary Grenades, Sonar Detector, Throwing Axe
  • Custom Weapons and Attachments – Silencers, Scopes, Foregrips and rare finishes
  • Replay Analysis System – Review your strategic successes and failures after every mission
  • Four Boosters – Armor, Range, Damage and Speed. Select one person per turn to give to a soldier

Special Tactics on Steam –

For more information please visit the official Special Tactics website at

Master of Orion Early Access Launch

E3 2015 Wargaming Master of Orion Screenshot

April 25, 2016 — Two new races are looking to shake up the galaxy in the next round of Early Access for Master of Orion: the Darloks and the Silicoids. These newcomers aren’t arriving empty handed either; they’re bringing the ways of Espionage with them, revealing Independent Planets, as well as granting a new victory condition: Economic. Along with Windows and Mac OS X, Master of Orion is also now available on Linux and Steam OS.

The arrival of the Darloks and the Silicoids means that NGD Studios has fully assembled the 10 original races from the first Master of Orion. Joined by the Terran, who are only available in the Master of Orion Collector’s Edition, 11 races are all ready to conquer the stars.

The conniving and sneaky Darloks are master spies, trusted by none in the galaxy. Using their superior Espionage skills, you can hoard information, cripple industry and research, steal technology, contaminate food—havoc is the name of the Darloks’ game. However, all races have access to Espionage, so anyone can wage war in the shadows.

The Silicoids may look like hulking stone goliaths, but they are by no means as dumb as a bunch of rocks. They are skillful engineers, trained in capturing colonies and amassing a large fleet. Slow to grow as a population, the Silicoids have an ultra-rich home world brimming with rare minerals that, in the right hands, can send your campaign into overdrive.

The new victory condition “Economic” is for bringing out the tycoon in you. You can corner the galactic market on the Interstellar Stock Exchange to win the game. Just think of how a few Spies will come in handy here—sabotage a structure or make the populace go on strike to stop enemies building up their economy, letting you get ahead. You can also track your economic progress against other players and purchase shares in universe productivity as investments, or to win the game.

Races on Independent Planets have decided forge a life for themselves, away from the rule of larger civilizations. Unlike you and your adversaries, they have no ambitions of expanding in interstellar space. So why are they useful? Independent Planets could hold the key to victory. You can complete missions for them, such as fending off hostiles, and donate credits to get them on your side. Plus, these planets are part of the Galactic Council, and their vote can be critical in achieving a Diplomatic victory.

The NGD Studios crew has been hard at work listening to player feedback and improving the game experience. There are new advanced gameplay settings, a revised technology tree, an integrated tutorial, and lots of bug fixes. This doesn’t mean feedback has to stop; the team still need your help in taking Master of Orion out of this world.

To learn about the creation of Master of Orion’s galaxies and more, watch the latest episode of Early Access Developer Diaries:

The Master of Orion Collector’s Edition grants immediate access to the game:

Hauppauge’s Chamber of Horrors NY Announces 2016 Season


Hauppauge, NY (April, 2016) — Having grossed over 10,000 visitors with last year’s attractions that saw fear take on a whole new meaning, Hauppauge’s Chamber of Horrors NY is gearing up for another fright filled season in 2016! With an Opening Weekend scheduled for September 23rd-24th, dates are set for September 30th-October 2nd, 7th-9th, 14th-16th, 21st-23rd, and 26th straight through Halloween night with additional dates and special events coming in November at 1745 Express Drive North, in Hauppauge!

Chamber of Horrors NY is Long Island’s Premier Haunted Attraction. In a dark collection of mazes and rooms, the attraction combines lights and sound with a cast unequaled in imagination and talent, not to mention bloodlust. Owned, built and staffed by industry veterans, they can proudly say that they are “Where fear lives…”!


During the Trilogy of Fear taking place Fridays and Saturdays, brave visitors will have an incredible experience exploring three live scare attractions. Fright fans get three haunts for the price of one!  Visitors can wander the chilling labyrinth of Maniac Manor, navigate the terrifying lunacy of Ward 9 and finally, stagger through the horror of Murderers’ Row.

On Sundays, the lights go out for one of the Chamber’s most terrifying events- “Kill the Light”. After turning off every light source in the haunt, visitors are sent through in groups of five in complete darkness with only a single glow stick to light their way- backwards. Remember when you used to be scared of the dark? You will be again! Returning this year as well (Dates TBA) will also be the “Nightmare Gallery”- an interactive art show/haunt in which local artists exhibit their work amidst the chaos. Watch out…while you’re critiquing some of the spooky works of art, there’s a scare waiting for you around every corner! And for our smaller fans, Kids Day (Dates TBA) will bring family friendly fun for all as a few select ghouls guide the whole gang on a Trick or Treat through The Chamber, teaching the kids how to scare their parents along the way.


For the third year in a row, Chamber of Horrors NY will also present its Holiday Haunt,

A Very Scary X-Mas, in December. Naughty or Nice no longer matters as Santa has had just about enough! The lists have gotten longer, the kids are ungrateful and somewhere along the way they took the sugar out of the cookies and put almonds in the milk! Its enough to drive an elf crazy…matter of fact, drive ALL the elves crazy!

With all of these events taking your breath away with every scare, Chamber of Horrors NY also plans to give back- supporting charitable organizations with special events including a Military Service night TBA.


  • Basic Burial $25 (Standard Admission)

  • R.I.P PASS $35 (Front-of-Line Access, Minimal Wait)

($40 at Box Office, buy online and save!)

There will be plenty of fear to go around this fall in Hauppauge, as well as plenty of Holiday Chills and Thrills, so you won’t want to miss what Chamber of Horrors NY has in store for 2016!

For More Information CALL: (855) 227-6384 (In-Season) // (516) 710-1845 (Off-Season), or VISIT:

Review of the Garmin tactix Bravo Smartwatch


Recently, we got the chance to check out Garmin’s newest iteration of their tactix smartwatch, the tactix Bravo. Featuring carbon-coated, stainless steel construction and a highly scratch-resistant sapphire lens, it will take a lot to damage this watch during those MilSim airsoft games in rugged terrain. Additionally, the watch was designed to be as non-reflective as possible, as to not inadvertently give away your position to opposing players. The tactix Bravo is available in two flavors: One with a silicone watch band and another that includes two nylon watch bands (one in olive drab and the other in black). Either of these options are fine, but depend more on your personal needs. If you plan to wear the watch in a personal, outdoorsman style of operation, you might want to consider going with the silicone band. If you are wearing the tactix Bravo on top or underneath your combat shirts and gear, you may consider the nylon band option. Measuring 2 inches by 2 inches, with a depth of 0.6 inches, the tactix Bravo is a rather large watch.

The tactix Bravo features a host of sensors designed to be of benefit to those of you in the field – whether it be for real world tactical operations or multi-day airsoft games in rugged territory. By hitting the down page button on the tactix Bravo, you can get to a compass, barometer, and altimeter – all of which seemed particularly accurate while I trekked across Southern California. The compass features both the degree of the direction you’re facing as well as the general direction (e.g. “NW”, “N”, NE”) for ease of use.


Pairing up with your smartphone via the Garmin Connect app is very simple, thanks to the tactix Bravo’s built-in ANT+and Bluetooth connectivity. Once paired, the Garmin Connect app will keep track of your activity levels on a daily basis, as well as have the ability to interface with other fitness apps on the app store – like My Fitness Pal. The information is extremely valuable – whether you are on a regimented diet and exercise plan or just curious about how many calories you burn doing your daily activities.

Of course, the tactix Bravo can receive your texts, emails, and app notifications as you like, and the Garmin Chroma Display is refreshingly crisp and can even be seen clearly in daylight! For those of you who do airsoft night games with night vision goggles, you will be happy to know that the tactix Bravo has a night vision mode! This enables a change in the display’s color scheme and light output to be optimized for your night vision equipment. As a fun additional feature, the tactix Bravo can even control a Garmin VIRB XE action camera, but I couldn’t test that feature as I don’t have a VIRB XE camera on-hand.

One of the coolest parts of the tactix Bravo’s feature set is its built-in GPS receiver. Similar to the Garmin Foretrex series, the tactix Bravo will display your current path and also display waypoint information and leave a trail of virtual “breadcrumbs” along your path. Furthermore, it will also display your current location in MGRS, Degrees Minutes Seconds and more. MGRS is extremely important for those of you in the military, being the geo-coordinate system standard for NATO. According to the specs of the tactix Bravo, it features an omni-directional stainless steel EXO antenna, with GPS/GLONASS satellite reception. I am not sure what that means in terms of the technical side of things, but I can tell you I was able to get GPS satellite reception inside my apartment just as fast as outdoors – so it means better reception all around!


At Garmin’s Connect IQ website, you can download additional pages for the tactix Bravo, with choices for speedometers, watch faces, navigation data, and more. It is really interesting to see the expandability that has been created for the watch from independent developers. Going down that road, if any of you are developers interested in creating new data pages for Garmin devices, checkout the Connect IQ developer portal.

Navigating around the various screens and pages of the tactix Bravo interface is very simple. The watch has a small array of buttons: Up, down, back, action, and backlight. These all do pretty much what you would expect. After selecting whatever option you prefer, you press the action button to proceed into that option. Hitting the action button from the main display will bring up the list of activities you can perform. There is a wide variety of choices – with the tactix Bravo even having Jumpmaster and Tactical sport modes! The Jumpmaster will help you if you ever decide to jump out of a perfectly good airplane while the tactical mode enables the GPS and sensor logging and is great for when you are actually playing your airsoft games. The jumpmaster mode can be used for HAHO, HALO, or Static line jumps. Of course, for those of you looking to be active people sans airsoft or military/tactical needs, you can also choose from things such as swimming, hiking, and trail running – to name just a brief few.

Overall, the Garmin tactix Bravo smartwatch is an excellent activity tracker and wearable watch that will provide some essential navigational capabilities during your stints in rugged terrain – whether you are playing in an airsoft game, camping, or in the field. The tactix Bravo retails for $699.99 and is available now on a variety of online stores as well as Garmin’s official website.

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood Review

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has finally opened at Universal Studios Hollywood. No longer will the taste of butterbeer and chocolate frogs be relegated to the guests of Universal Studios Orlando. We got the chance to attend the park’s big media event on April 5th, 2016 – not only getting to see legendary John Williams conduct but, also, to hang out in Hogsmeade and give it the full review treatment.

The event began with us on the red carpet, getting to take shots of various celebrity guests. From the Harry Potter films were Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy), Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood), James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley), and Warwick Davis (Griphook). Of course, there were plenty of other celebrities walking around, including Steven Spielberg and Billy Bob Thornton!

After the red carpet was concluded, we were ushered into the pit area of the stage setup near Hogwarts Castle. We were lucky to get a spot on the risers that had been setup to get a great view of the event. The opening ceremony featured speeches from numerous Universal and Warner Bros executives as well as L.A. Mayor, Eric Garcetti. Finally, some of the cast was brought on stage as was legendary, iconic composer John Williams. Williams then proceeded to conduct the L.A. Philharmonic as Hogwarts Castle became the canvas for some seriously awesome projection effects – topping the whole thing off with some great fireworks/pyrotechnics. The technicians behind the opening ceremony need to be commended for what was a great experience.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood is very similar to its Orlando sister – with some exceptions. The footprint of the Hollywood Wizarding World is only 6 acres, much smaller than that of the Florida attraction. This will not be visible to most guests, however, as much of that extra space in Florida was taken up by an additional roller coaster ride. Our Wizarding World of Harry Potter actually has an additional street not seen in Orlando, containing the wand shop. Overall, I actually like the flow of Hogsmeade in the Universal Studios Hollywood park a bit better. As expected, the architecture of the various Hogsmeade buildings and other minor details are all extremely well designed, and stepping into the area immerses you into the world created by author J.K. Rowling.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s signature attraction, taking guests on a trip through Hogwarts Castle and a flight alongside the likes of Harry Potter and more. The attraction is similar to the Universal Studios Florida version with one HUGE exception: Our ride features 3D video. This was somewhat of a controversial move, as during the area’s soft opening phase, it was reported that certain people were getting motion sickness because of the 3D video. Park engineers added fans in the ride cars that blow cool air onto the riders faces, which seems to have helped greatly. Personally, I could have done without the 3D video gimmick. The glasses/goggles given to riders that allow you to see the projection effects in 3D limit your field of vision and the 3D seems up-converted from 2D video with that slightly blurry look. Still, the overall ride experience is a lot of fun and I had a great time when I removed the glasses and took in as much of the physical, practical set pieces as much as possible. The ride designers did a spectacular job on this one. My biggest concern about Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is one that also plagues the Florida version of the ride: Its small seats. Be sure to utilize the test seats they have in front of the attraction to see if you will fit on the ride. Also, take time to enjoy the various set pieces located throughout the ride’s queue area. Along your walking route, you will see Harry Potter, Professor Dumbledore, and more in hologram form – the actors returning to their roles to film these small segments for the ride. I especially dug the moving portraits, made famous in the film.


Outside of the Forbidden Journey attraction, we had a terrific time taking in the sights around Hogsmeade. My favorite location was the Hogs Head Pub, where Universal Studios Hollywood set designers have recreated the watering hole and inn from the books with outstanding detail. A hog’s head (hence the name) mounted on the wall is an animatronic character and will randomly survey the room and snort. Be sure to listen at the base of the stairs leading to the Hogs Head Pub’s second floor. You are not permitted up there but, maybe you can overhear the people who are…

Also worth mentioning are the three special, Harry Potter themed beers that Universal Studios has ordered to serve at the pub. They have three themed offerings: a stout, a red, and a lager. I got the chance to taste each and they were all very good – each with their own taste offerings. Speaking of the previously-mentioned butterbeer. If you haven’t had the opportunity, I highly suggest you try it when you visit the park. Just be warned: You WILL become addicted to its sweet, sweet goodness. I prefer the frozen butterbeer but they also offer a more beer-like version. From what I hear, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando also has butterbeer ice cream and hot butterbeer! Those will, hopefully, be coming to our park at some point soon. If butterbeer or regular beer are not your favorites, you will also find pumpkin juice in Hogsmeade.

On the food front, the Three Broomsticks restaurant will provide some very good eats – way better than most theme park fare I have encountered. My favorite offerings are the bangers and mash plate, but you will also find shepard’s pie and a whole lot more. If your sweet tooth needs satiating, you should checkout Honeydukes candy shop. They have candy… LOTs of candy. I also discovered that they have butterbeer fudge. JUST. DO. IT!


A big part of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is that the fun comes from exploration. Designers have installed actual props from the films throughout the area while not drawing undue attention to them. It all feels like it comes from the world of the books and films. There are so many easter eggs littering the area, it is a Harry Potter overload of information. For instance, I was personally surprised when entering the men’s restroom that park designers have built decorative, European style water tanks above each urinal and stall. Of course, they don’t do anything, but you find them in the area of Britain in which Harry Potter is based, so you find them here. I have also heard that there are some strange, ghostly moaning sounds coming from the girls restrooms. If you are female, you should probably go investigate.

Also, be sure to stop by Ollivanders Shop to purchase your own wand. A cool thing to do in Hogsmeade is to use your wand to interact with the various displays and store fronts with magic. The catch is that only certain wands will interact with them – look for the wand boxes with gold labels foil labels. I personally picked up the wand style wielded by Sirius Black (portrayed in the films by Gary Oldman). After getting your wand, look inside for the map of Hogsmeade with the various spells you have to cast at each interactive location. Be very specific, though, as you don’t want to have a negligent spell discharge!

Overall, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood is an outrageously-excellent addition to the venerable movie studio and theme park. You could spend the entire day just wandering around and taking in the ambiance – not to mention taking turns on the rides. With the opening day being officially sold out on Universal Studios website, its success seems guaranteed – now we just need to find out when Diagon Alley will be constructed!

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Star Wars Rogue One Teaser Trailer #StarWars #RogueOne

Here is the new, official teaser trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


Teaser Stills

Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival Announced

RLE Presentation 2x

April 5, 2016 – From the creative minds of CreepyLA and Theme Park Adventure, comes an all-new chapter in terror: Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival. This weekend-long celebration of everything Halloween, haunts and horror makes its debut July 30-31 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California.

Midsummer Scream features more than 100,000 square feet of event space that will showcase vendors, makeup demonstrations, stage presentations, live entertainment, a screening room, haunted attraction experiences and more.

“We’re combining all of our talents, production knowledge, and years of experience to create an amazing show that we know fans are going to love,” said David Markland, Executive Director of Midsummer Scream. “Each week from now until our July debut, we will be announcing more participants and unveiling different aspects of the show that are going to have people counting down the days with great anticipation.”

Already confirmed for Midsummer Scream include Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, Ten Thirty One Productions(Los Angeles Haunted Hayride/Great Horror Campout), Dread Central, Sinister Pointe, Ghost Train (LA Live Steamers), Scott Ramp/The Scream Team, SoCal Valley Haunters, Drunken Devil, Decayed Brigade slider team, Motel 6 Feet Under, Season Pass Podcast, Spooky HollowsRotten Apple 907, Fear Station,Figment Foundry, magic of Jimmy H./Mudd the Magnificent, Screenshot Productions, The Empty Grave,Cross Roads Escape Games, Higgins Manor, Dark House Entertainment (The Basement), Girls and Corpses, Evil Twin Studios, and Garner Holt Productions. Our list of partners grows each day, and will be updated on the Midsummer Scream website regularly, as well as announced via social media.

A highlight of Midsummer Scream will be its main stage auditorium, which will accommodate more than 600 horror fans gathering to witness a world-class lineup of panels and presentations, which will include exciting reveals looking forward to the 2016 Halloween season in Southern California.

Guests looking for additional thrills and chills may venture into the Hall of Shadows, a large “scare zone”, with monsters lurking in the dark, and a host of haunted attraction previews/experiences that will soothe your Halloween cravings. Bone Yard Effects, Inc. led by Larry Bones will bring terrifying creatures to life throughout the day via makeup demonstrations on the show floor, and release them into the Hall of Shadows to wreak havoc on terrified fans.

“We are beyond thrilled to bring the Halloween and horror community together here in Southern California,” said Rick West, Creative Director of Midsummer Scream. “The entire team is fueled by the same fundamental passion for the holiday and the macabre; we met and became friends while covering various haunt events and have enjoyed strong personal and business relationships for the past several years as a direct result. Midsummer Scream is the festival this community deserves, and we cannot wait to unveil everything we’ve got planned.”

Tickets go on sale soon, and new information regarding Midsummer Scream is being updated daily at Fans may sign up on the site for email notifications and announcements, including discounts and other special offers.  Be sure to follow Midsummer Scream on social media as well – Twitter/Periscope: @MidsummerScream, Instagram: @MidsummerScream, and Facebook:

Former producers of ScareLA, Midsummer Scream’s creators are David Markland, Executive Director; Gary Baker, Executive Producer; Rick West, Creative Director; Johanna Atilano, Producer; and Claire Dunlap, Associate Producer.

About Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival

Midsummer Scream is a large-scale summer festival celebrating the spirit of Halloween and horror, drawing thousands of guests to Southern California for a weekend of thrills and chills. Featuring a massive show floor of vendors and exhibitors, haunted attractions and experiences, live entertainment and world-class panel presentations, Midsummer Scream is the West Coast’s premier Halloween/horror event, offering something for fans of all ages. More information can be found at

Fans can follow Theme Park Adventure via social media on Facebook, Instagram (search our posts with #ThemeParkAdventure), Twitter, and Periscope for live streams of our travels and special events! Our most popular and unique Periscope broadcasts are archived and may be viewed on our Katch channel.

Star Wars The Black Series 6-Inch Kylo Ren Review


We got the chance to take a look at one of those sweet, sweet “Black Series” edition Star Wars figured from Hasbro – namely, the Kylo Ren model. Kylo Ren, the main antagonist featured in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, wields raw Force abilities and an equally raw cross blade light saber forged from a very old Sith design. The Hasbro figure has some great details, starting with his cloth cloak. The material doesn’t feel like the most expensive of fabric, but for a $19.99 retail value action figure, it is awesome. Also equally cool is that Kylo Ren comes packages with his iconic cross blade light saber, and the saber portion can be removed if you would like it displayed in its “off” state.


  • Excellent price point
  • Cloth cloak
  • Removable light saber blade

  • No accessories – especially no light saber holster hook

The biggest problem with the 6 inch Black Series Kylo Ren from Hasbro is that it does not come with any additional accessories that a dark knight of the First Order might need. Most glaringly is the lack of a light saber holster. Because the blade of the saber is removable, it would have been nice to holster the saber hilt for additional pose possibilities. Speaking of poses, this Kylo Ren has a lot of joint articulation, making the sheer number of poses impressive…. most impressive.

As a very nice side note, it appears that Hasbro has chosen to use a cloth or twine twist tie to fasten the action figure into the plastic packaging. This is to not scuff the figure as plastic and metal ties sometimes can do. I would recommend using scissors to cut the tie, however, as untying it by hand is very tricky.

Overall, the Hasbro 6-inch Black Series Kylo Ren action figure is a great addition to your collection or toy box and will be sure to make any Star Wars fan happy. It fits right in with the higher end “Black Series” figures from Hasbro and displays a terrific amount of detail to pour over. It retails for $19.99, with many places selling it on-sale, and is available now.

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Purchase this at the Hasbro Toy Store


Battlefleet Gothic: Armada – Orks Trailer

March 25, 2016 – Battlefleet Gothic beta participants have already had a brief taste of the Ork’s devastating potential, when they faced them during the last mission of the prologue.

The Orks will be arriving at full speed in the coming days to shake up the beta’s intense battles even further. The total opposite of Chaos’ long-range gameplay and the Imperium’s balanced style, the Orks fight in the most direct, brutal (and fun!) way possible. Players will be able to wield the Orks’ mighty power in beta skirmishes, before ramming enemy ships in multiplayer.

All of this is illustrated in today’s trailer, which gives a fittingly loud introduction for the Orks. Supported by a primal void-shanty heard on every battlefield they’re invading, these destruction specialists take a wild pleasure in abolishing enemy fleets, leaving behind only metal scraps and burning carcasses.

Romain Clavier, Game Director of Tindalos explains:

“It’s a huge pleasure for a young studio like ours to see Battlefleet Gothic gather so much interest from so many players. The beta has been incredibly helpful in spotting relevant demands from the community. Following this huge response we’ve made the decision to spend some additional time integrating your feedback into the game. As a consequence, we will release Battlefleet Gothic: Armada on April 21st.

Based on that, we felt the need to release more content, both to reward current Battlefleet players and to introduce even more madness to this beta! As a result, we’ve decided to unleash the Orks in the coming days. This faction will turn your Battlefleet Gothic: Armada experience upside-down, with a totally different, more brutal style of gameplay. Having them in the beta will also allow us to balance them perfectly before the game releases.

There’s another important thing we’d like to announce. Currently, the Space Marines fleet is offered for free to all Early Adopters. With the support of our publisher Focus, we’ve decided to develop another faction that we’ll unveil soon. This new faction, available in a few months, will also be offered for free to all Early Adopters – people who pre-ordered the game or purchase it during the first two months after release. We wanted to show you, the community, that we’re passionate about supporting this game and its players. We’re always paying attention to your feedback, and this is how together we’ll make the game we’ve all dreamt about.”

Preorder Battlefleet Gothic: Armada’s Early Adopters Edition at 10% off, and receive the Space Marines fleet + one additional fleet (more info coming soon) for free, as well as instant access to the beta, which will continue until the game releases. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada will release April 21st on PC.

ScareLA 2016 Tickets Available for Pre-Order

scare-la-278 copy

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (Tuesday, March 22, 2016) – ScareLA, the Southern California Halloween convention, is excited to announce the dates of its 2016 event today. ScareLA 2016 is set to take place at the Pasadena Convention Center on August 6 and 7, 2016. An expanded showroom space of over 100,000 sq. ft. will accommodate the con’s growing list of vendors, attractions, and entertainment.

The 2016 convention theme, “Season of the Witch,” and tagline, “Cast a Dark Spell on the Summer,” are dedicated to celebrating all things spooky, scary and unusual in SoCal and beyond; featuring a playful themed logo by artist Mary J. Hoffman (aka BoogerVampire).

“ScareLA is proud to be the summer sneak peek of the West Coast Halloween season,” said Lora Ivanova, ScareLA Founder and Executive Producer. “We not only showcase the top horror content creators in the area but also pioneer new interactive and immersive experiences unlike anything patrons can experience at a typical fan or comic-book convention. We have many exciting surprises in store for 2016 and plan on unleashing our darkest magic on Los Angeles this August!”

The ScareLA convention features original Halloween entertainment and programming. This year attendees can enjoy: an expanded showfloor in two halls featuring over 200 curated vendors, artists and exhibits; presentations and exclusive reveals of the area’s top attractions and theme parks; an extensive schedule of classes, workshops, and demos for all ages; children’s programming; mini haunt experiences, screening room, interactive exhibits, games, cosplay, costume party and more.

Debuting in 2013, ScareLA was created to celebrate the diverse Halloween industry and community of the West Coast – from its iconic seasonal theme park events to home haunts. The event has become a mecca for horror fans and families in Los Angeles and beyond, extending the Halloween season through the summer. Attracting close to 10,000 guests in 2015, ScareLA is one of the fastest growing independent conventions in the U.S. to-date.

ScareLA’s ticket pre-sale launches this week with aggressive discounts up to 50% off for loyal fans and past attendees. To buy tickets or learn more about ScareLA’s 2016 plans, visit the ScareLA website at