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Duke Nukem Forever GOLD

It looks like it is almost time to “Come Get Some!” as 2K Games has revealed that Gearbox Software’s upcoming Duke Nukem Forever has officially gone gold and has been sent off to pressing. DNF has been in production for about 15 years, going through several incarnations along the way.

“Duke Nukem Forever is the game that was once thought to be unshipppable, and yet here we are, on the precipice of history,” said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. “Today marks an amazing day in the annals of gaming lore, the day where the legend of Duke Nukem Forever is finally complete and it takes that final step towards becoming a reality.”

The game is due out June 10th internationally and on June 14th in North America for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC platforms.

WBIE Announces Nightly Concerts for E3 Booth Attendees

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced that any E3 attendees who visit their booth on the show floor and participate in the demo for their upcoming The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, will receive a wrist band allowing them access to nightly concerts/cocktail receptions featuring veteran video game composer Inon Zur. Zur has scored a number of AAA titles, including Baldur’s Gate II, Crysis, and Prince of Persia Two Thrones, and will conduct vocalists as well as a 40-piece orchestra during the shows.

Official Info:

E3 attendees that visit the WBIE Booth (South Hall, #2401) and participate in a demo of The Lord of the Rings: War in the North will receive a wrist band, granting them entrance to these nightly concert and cocktail receptions.

Concert Schedule:

Daily from Tuesday, June 7th – Thursday, June 9th Tuesday & Wednesday: 5:30pm – 7:00pm, Thursday: 4:30pm – 6pm

NZXT Unveils Avatar S Gaming Mouse

Maker of PC gaming computers and peripherals, NZXT, has unveiled their newest gaming mouse – the budget-minded Avatar S. Featuring  up to 16kb of on-board memory as well as three-step dpi switching of up to 1600 dpi of sensor resolution. The Avatar S gaming mouse retails for $39.99 and is available now.

Age of Conan to Feature Content from Upcoming Conan Film

Funcom has announced that they will be tying the upcoming film, Conan the Barbarian, together with their MMO Age of Conan with the upcoming The Savage Coast of Turan adventure pack. Due out in August, the expansion pack will see now King of Aquilonia Conan send them on a dangerous mission of aiding an ally in need. Conan the Barbarian is due out in theaters on August 19th.

“We have worked closely with the Funcom creative team since 2003 and carefully crafted a unique look and feel for Conan’s world,” says Conan the Barbarian Producer and Paradox CEO Fredrik Malmberg. “Many of the concepts, locations and designs from the game development were utilized by the film team for consistency, and we are thrilled that many elements of the film, distributed by Lionsgate in the US and UK, will feel familiar to the Age of Conan players.”

Concept Art:

New NCAA Football 12 Dynasty Mode Screenshots

EA Sports has released a plethora of new screenshots from the Dynasty mode of their upcoming football title, NCAA Football 12, which is due out on July 12th, 2011.

D&D Daggerdale Gets Release Date

Atari has announced that its upcoming Dungeons and Dragons downloadable title, D&D Daggerdale, will be released on the Xbox LIVE Arcade and Windows PC platforms come May 25th. The PlayStation Network will get the game some days later on May 31st. Daggerdale features both single and multi-player adventures using the new D&D ruleset.

About the Game

Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale centers on the desperate struggle to defeat the evil Rezlus and his Zhentarim in their attempt to invade and conquer the Dalelands.  Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale is an engaging multi-player experience that introduces a riveting narrative and treacherous new characters.  Players are charged with the task of restoring order to Nentir Vale by unlocking the secrets of the Mines of Tethyamar, defeating the evil within the treacherous Tower of the Void, leading to the final confrontation with Rezlus himself.

Third Chapter of America’s Army Graphic Novel Released

The US Army has released the third chapter of their America’s Army graphic novel series. The novel series details the role of the US Army in a conflict between two fictional nations, one democratic and, the other, communist. The graphic novel is available both as a motion comic complete with voice overs and animations as well as a more traditional version – both of which are available for viewing at the America’s Army website.

America’s Army 3 was launched in 2009 and remains a popular online shooter utilizing realistic unit tactics and equipment. The game is free-to-play and available on the Windows PC platform.

LINK: America’s Army Graphic Novel Website

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Score by Kevin Riepl

Bethesda Softworks and inXile Entertainment have announced that their upcoming third-person actioner, Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, will have a full orchestral score by veteran composer Kevin Riepl. Riepl has worked on several AAA titles in the past, including Gears of War and Gears of War 2. Additionally, he is scoring the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines from SEGA and Gearbox Software.

“Kevin Riepl was a blast to work with during the production of Hunted.  He is totally committed to delivering music that fits the scenes perfectly,” said Chris Keenan, Design Director, inXile Entertainment.  “His early compositions even helped to inspire our internal team with some of the level design.  The dark and haunting style of Kevin’s music made our world that much more intense.”

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge is due out on May 31st, 2011 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms.

FEAR 3 Multiplayer Soul King Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a new trailer for their upcoming horror-shooter, FEAR 3. The game is due out on June 21st for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC platforms.

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Alice: Madness Returns Interactive Story Released

Electronic Arts and Spicy Horse have released a very interesting interactive story for the iOS and Android platforms. Alice: Madness Returns is an interactive story app which attempts to bridge the gap between American McGee’s Alice and the upcoming third-person actioner, Alice: Madness Returns. It is available on both Apple and Android App Stores for the low price of FREE and features crisp artwork as well as a $10 dollar coupon towards the purchase of the full retail game, which is set to launch on June 14th, 2011.

LINK: Alice: Madness Returns Interactive Story Apple App Store Page