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Grotesque Tactics – Evil Heroes Patch Released

Meridian4 has announced the release of a new patch for their strategy RPG, Grotesque Tactics – Evil Heroes. The game pokes fun at traditional Western and Asian-inspired fantasy game norms. The ‘Epic Patch’ weighs in at 74megabytes and is available for download the game’s official support website.


Epic Patch (Version


New features

10 Steam achievements

New optional deferred rendering system with day night cycle, screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO), depth of field, rim lighting, unlimited dynamic lights, etc…

Combat GUI: new damage font effect

Diagonal movement and combat now possible

Roaming characters

Normal maps, specular maps and parallax maps

New GUI elements

New sound effects

Added torches

New vegetation models

New screen effect seen on critical hits



Some SSAO performance optimization

Conversation GUI: game text speed slider affects text fade-in speed

Conversation GUI: raised LMB press fade speed by factor 10

Conversation GUI: correct behavior with LMB if text has been fully faded in

Conversation GUI: correct behavior of mouse wheel when conversation dialog windows are active

Many improved camera systems with additional options in game

Improved navigation (character avoidance, ground slope affects acceleration)

Improved performance

Improved terrain textures

Increased global games peed by 20%

Removed the quick talk button

Improved grid fading

Improvements to the English text



Invisible Mandy if killed during the first fight before she entered the party

Disabled entity slider

Conversation GUI: invisible characters

A rare problem where characters have been assigned wrong grid cells

Memory leak that caused items not to be cleaned up after loading a save game

Indoor levels are now cached out

A selection particle rotation problem

A GUI problem with special attacks and right mouse button

A rare crash in the event system

An AI problem with characters being both in seduced and berserk states

On occasion the dialog system would freeze if it focused on a dead NPC

Some items overlapped in the inventory system

Added a tool in the root game directory to help bypass the config tool for those experiencing problems

Many minor fixes

Max Payne 3 Screenshots and Fact Sheet

Rockstar Games has sent out some new Max Payne 3 screenshots this morning, nine in fact! Along with the screens was the official fact sheet for the game, which you can see after the screenshots below. Max Payne 3 is being developed for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC platforms.

Official Fact Sheet

Developers: Rockstar Studios
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Release Date: TBC
Genre: 3rd Person Shooter
Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 & PC
Background and Aims
It’s almost exactly 10 years since Rockstar Games and Remedy worked together on the original Max Payne, and eight years since Max Payne 2.
With Max Payne 3, Rockstar Studios’ aim was to use every tool at their disposal – from advances in Euphoria physics, particle effects and AI, to a new creative approach to Max’s classic comic-book panels, combined with Rockstar’s notoriously obsessive attention to detail – to create a highly cinematic action shooter.
Story Overview
Max Payne 3 is set eight years after the events of the last instalment. No longer a cop, Max is close to washed-up, drunk and addicted to painkillers. Without a job on the force, Max has left the greater New York area, and he finds himself in Sao Paulo, Brazil, working in the burgeoning field of private security.
Max’s latest assignment sees him protecting the family of Rodrigo Branco, a wealthy real estate mogul and his two brothers: Victor, a local politician and the youngest, Marcello, a party-loving Eurotrash playboy, along with Fabiana Branco, Rodrigo’s trophy wife, and Giovanna, Fabiana’s sister.
The story of Max’s descent from vengeful, leather-jacket wearing detective roaming the alleys of New York to the broken, shaven-headed man out for justice on unfamiliar streets far from home is at the center of Max Payne 3.
Features to note:
– The combination of Natural Motion’s Euphoria character behavior system and Bullet Time adds a new level to Max’s classic shoot-dodge moves. Shoot-dodge is not a canned animation, but a natural interaction with the environment, as Max will reach out to the floor as he dives, and naturally respond to objects in his way if you attempt to dive into a wall or obstacle
– This marriage of slow-motion gunplay and Euphoria physics amplifies the cinematic action of Max Payne 3 significantly, and enemies will also respond realistically to each bullet fired.
– Max Payne 3 extends the concept of Bullet-Time to now include game areas of the game that will trigger set pieces involving Bullet-Time. These provide epic moments of action that allow Max to take out enemies in a new interpretation of Max Payne’s signature style.
– Bullet-Cams return: in keeping with the stylish gunplay for which Max is known, Bullet-Cams deliver players a reward for downing enemies with a satisfying final kill
– Max Payne 3 takes the graphic novel panels of the earlier games and evolves them by utilizing in-game assets to create a motion comic-style approach.
– James McCaffrey, the original voice of Max, is back. Not only as the voice of max, but Max’s appearance, face and many of his movements in Max Payne 3 are all captured directly from James himself.
– Max Payne 3 features an integrated cover system. Cover adds an extra strategic element to the classic shoot-dodge/bullet-time/ run-and-gun mechanics of Max Payne, providing players with new options in any given situation
– Tremendous detail has been paid to every facet of Max Payne 3: Bullets destroy nearly everything in the environment, sweat will appear on Max’s face and shirt as the heat of battle wears on, and blood soaks the clothing of his enemies. You’ll also notice the minute details of the weapons themselves: hammers cock back, slides move, shells expel from the chamber and literally hundreds more.
– Partners and sidekicks will play a large role in Max Payne 3. Hundreds of hours of custom motion-capture were done for individual characters, making traditional in-game encounters completely unique, such as enemies sweeping a room or simply the way Max’s partners will behave as they move through the game.


SHIFT 2 Unleashed Attacking Corners Trailer

Time Attack Champion Chris Rado talks about handling corners in this new trailer for Electronic Arts SHIFT 2 Unleashed. The game is out now on most platforms and features crisp visuals and realistic physics.

LA Noire A Slip of the Tongue Traffic Case Trailer

Rockstar Games has released a new trailer for the Wal-Mart pre-order bonus, A Slip of the Tongue Traffic Case, for their upcoming L.A. Noire. Due out on May 17th, L.A. Noire puts players into the role of a cop on the hunt for a serial killer. The game is available for pre-purchase now.

First Pirates of the Black Cove Gameplay Trailer

Paradox Interactive has released the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming pirate actioner, Pirates of the Black Cove. The game is due out later this year on Windows PCs and puts players in the role of a pirate captain who must unite the three pirate factions and take on the ‘Evil Pirates of the Black Cove’.

SHIFT 2 Unleashed Launch Trailer

Electronic Arts has released the official launch trailer for their soon to-be-released racer, SHIFT 2 Unleashed. The game is due out on March 29th in North America and features 145 cars from 36 different manufacturers. SHIFT 2 Unleashed is a direct sequel to Need for Speed SHIFT and expands on the gameplay with new circuits as well as other features. It will be available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC platforms.