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The Old Republic Game Testing Begins

LucasArts and BioWare have announced that beta testing is now underway for their upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. According to the announcement, testing will be rolled out in stages from now until the game’s launch, which is currently still undisclosed save for a launch window of the Spring of next year.

‘Game Testing is an on-going process being rolled out in several phases. These phases began with smaller, more focused tests with community members from North America, and later will expand to other territories. Users selected for the test program will be notified via email with more information on accessing the Game Testing Portal. Those not chosen yet may be selected in the next wave!’

To sign up and be eligible for testing selection, head on over to the official website and create an account.

Naughty Bear Available Now

505 Games and Artificial Mind and Movement have released their highly-anticipated Naughty Bear for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game consoles. The game puts players into the paws of a teddy bear who goes on a revenge-fueled rampage against other stuffed bears who have snubbed him for too long. The game features some pretty rough stuffed animal abuse, so you have been warned!

Here is a recent trailer from the game titled ‘Night of the Living Ted’

Shuttle PC Taking X350 SLIM Pre-Orders

Shuttle PC has announced it is now taking pre-orders on its upcoming X350 SLIM PC. Featuring an Intel Atom D510 CPU and the option of an Nvidia ION chipset, the X350 promises a lot of versatility in something only slightly larger than a standard optical drive (which it comes with as well, as shown in the picture above). The X350 has a base MSRP of $399.

‘We’re really pushing the envelope as to what can be packed inside this tiny box we call the X350 or XS35 that’s only about the size of an external hard drive,’ said Nicolas Villalobos, Director at Shuttle Computer Group in Los Angeles. ‘It’s perfect for everything from living room entertainment to digital signage, healthcare, and point -of-sale (POS) applications. It’s even powerful enough for Blu-ray, though we do not officially have the option just yet.’

Kane and Lynch Comic Book Covers Revealed

Square Enix, IO Interactive, and DC’s Wildstorm comics have released the cover art for the first two issues of the upcoming Kane & Lynch comic series. The comic series takes place right after the finale of the original Kane & Lynch title, with the two anti-heroes deciding what to do next. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days will be out on most platforms on August 24th while the first issue of the comic series will be out August 4th.

Checkout both covers in the large, After the Break!

New Co-op Trailer for Alien Breed: Impact

Team 17 has released a new trailer touting the co-op campaign mode of their isometric action-shooter, Alien Breed: Impact. The game is available on Steam right now for $14.99 and there is also a demo to try out, should you not want to purchase at this moment. We also reviewed the game should you want to read our thoughts on it.

Razer Creating TRON: Legacy PC Peripherals

Razer has announced it is creating some new PC gaming peripherals for the upcoming film, TRON: Legacy. The peripheral-maker will create a gaming keyboard, mouse, and mouse mat – each themed in the same style as film characters look while inside the computer system. Details are still a bit sketchy, but we do know that the mouse will feature Razer’s 3.5G sensor with 5600 dpi sensitivity. Also, the price points of the devices is said to range from $79 to $139.

Checkout some more images of the peripherals, After the Break!

The Tales of BearsWorth Manor Out Now on WiiWare

Square Enix has announced that The Tales of BearsWorth Manor games are now available on WiiWare for the Nintendo Wii. The games, subtitled ‘Puzzling Pages’ and ‘Chaotic Conflicts’, are action-puzzlers rated ‘E’ for Everyone by the ESRB. The games cost 1,000 Wii Points each.

Who Are the Hidden People Message

Found a strange note the other day asking us if I was familiar with ‘The Hidden People’. The message directed us over to an odd blog titled where we found a slew of embedded YouTube videos all showing some paranormal encounter with ‘ghost midgets’. To me, they look more like the silhouette of a garden gnome, but time will tell as the message promises we will know more on June 25th.

New Trailer for We Sing Encore

We Sing Encore is due out next month in the European market. Featruing over 40 tracks from such artists as Rhianne and the Black Eyed Peas, the game will also feature a karaoke mode for your enjoyment at parties and whatnot. We Sing Encore is being developed by Le Cortex and published by Nordic Games Publishing AB.

Medal of Honor E3 Multiplayer Screens

Electronic Arts has released some additional multiplayer screenshots taken from the Electronic Entertainment Expo showing of Medal of Honor, their upcoming shooter. Due out on October 12th across North America, MoH is a re-imaginging of the venerable series which started back in 1999. This new Medal of Honor is set in Afganistan and promises an emphasis on realism.

Checkout all the multiplayer screens, After the Break!