We got the chance to take a look at the Corsair Lapdog – a keyboard and mouse tray solution for those of you with home media PCs, and were very impressed with its solid build quality and peripheral integration. The Lapdog’s body has a solid feel that definitely won’t break on you anytime soon and a black aluminum surface that exudes style.

The first compartment location on the Lapdog is where the keyboard is meant to fit. The Lapdog is configured for the dimensions of either the Corsair K65 RGB or K70 keyboards. Once fitted, the keyboard is fairly integrated into the Lapdog and I had no issues reaching the keys while using the Lapdog.

The mousing area is ample enough for most of your gaming needs. I was able to play FPS titles, RPGs, RTS games, and more on its surface and the dimensions are big enough that you won’t have to repetitively lift the mouse and move it back to center.


Additionally, the Corsair Lapdog is great at managing your keyboard and mouse cables thanks to a hidden compartment inside the body of the unit. Finally, the Lapdog also features a nifty USB 3.0 powered hub for all your high-powered peripheral needs or even charging your other mobile devices.

However, the Lapdog has some areas that can definitely be improved upon. First, it gets uncomfortable to use for longer periods of time thanks to the fact that it has no cushioned wrist rest. The solid aluminum surface rubs the skin raw after a while. For short term gaming and computer use, it should be too big of an issue. Also, when on your lap, the Lapdog’s keyboard area is slightly moved to the left side. While this isn’t too bad for WASD gaming, it can be somewhat awkward to do regular typing on.

Thankfully, the underside of the Lapdog features some nice memory foam material that is very comfortable to use with a smart, lap-shaped contour.

At $119 dollars, the Corsair Lapdog definitely has some benefit for those casual gamers looking to play short term gaming sessions from their couches. However, if you do need to plan on playing long, multi-hour sessions of keyboard and mouse gaming, I would look into some other solutions with better comfort.

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