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EVGA Announces Global Warranty Policy

April 2, 2012 – EVGA is proud to introduce a new Global Warranty Policy for all EVGA products. This new warranty ensures that no matter which region you live in, you have the support that you look for when purchasing an EVGA product. The warranty will no longer belong to the purchaser but instead the product as we believe in the workmanship and quality of our products and we are here to stand behind them.

This new warranty policy will be automatically applied on any products purchased on or after July 1st, 2011.* Under this new warranty policy, all products will have a minimum of 3 years warranty, and registration is now optional.

The warranty is fully transferable. This means that if an end user transfers ownership of an EVGA product to another end user whether via a private sale, or via a second hand online site or auction site, the remainder of the warranty period also transfers to the new owner.

New bonuses will be available for original owners that do register within 30 days of purchase!

EVGA Global Warranty Key Items:

•          3 Year Warranty Minimum – All EVGA products will carry a minimum warranty of 3 years.*

•          Warranty is now Transferrable – EVGA Global Warranty will cover the product, not the user. The warranty term starts on the date of purchase if user has invoice, or manufacture date if not.

•          Warranty Upgrades – Warranty upgrades are now available for the original owner upon registration. A 5 or 10 year warranty upgrade is available for a small price.

•          EVGA Step-Up Enhanced – Now the EVGA Step-Up program is available for any EVGA graphics or motherboard product with Warranty Upgrade.

•          Global Warranty Policy – An EVGA product is covered under warranty, no matter where you live. If you purchase a product in another country, you will be served by your local warranty center.

•          Free Standard Cross-Shipping RMA – Basic cross shipping service is now free.**

* Re-certified and 1 Year Warranty products are not included.

** A credit card will be required for this service to hold charge in place until EVGA gets the defective product back.

Learn more about the EVGA Global Warranty Policy here.

Naval War: Arctic Circle Release Date

NEW YORK – April 2nd , 2012 –With all hands on deck and tensions at a fever pitch , NATO fleets are now ready to engage the Russian Navy as it continues its aggressive posture in the Arctic Circle. A world starving for energy will soon wage bloody war over the riches of the deep. NATO Command has marked April 10 as the date when ships will weigh anchor and meet their fate in the cold of the arctic in the wargame Naval War: Arctic Circle.

On April 10th, 2012, Paradox Interactive and Turbo Tape Games will release a simulation of this all-too-possible conflict to a waiting wargame world. Naval War: Arctic Circle is a modern wargame that reflects the reality of naval combat in the near future, where you could be easily eliminated by a 10,000 tonne ship you never even see. Enter a world of radar, torpedo, high speed jets, anti-submarine warfare, electronic jamming and trying to stay hidden just long enough to get your first shots in. Because if an enemy can see you, it can kill you.

Sinister Pointe Kickstarter Campaign Underway

The good people at Sinister Pointe, one of our favorite year-round haunted attractions, have started up their own Kickstarter fund. If I had the extra dough to spend, I would definitely do the $5,000 donation – spending the night in the haunted house with 13 friends would be crazy! In any case, checkout the fund page for more information on the various donation levels.