It is not often that I get a chance to review Bluetooth headsets for mobile devices. Usually, we see headsets of the PC/console gaming variety. So, we were pleasantly surprised when Plantronics sent over one of their BackBeat 903+ Bluetooth headsets for us to check out. They tout it as the perfect Bluetooth headset for workouts, commutes, or “just chilling at home”. Is it really good for these things? Find out in our review, After the jump!

The BackBeat 903+ Bluetooth headset is a small device, with two black plastic ear pieces connected by a rubberized black chord. It is very  light weight at 34 grams and has a stylish look which caused more than a few people to stop me and ask what I was wearing as I put it through its paces. Tethering the headset to a mobile device is very simple and required no special pass codes or button combinations. After charging it up via the included mini-USB charging cable, I was up and running in just a minute or two.

To fully-review the BackBeat 903+, I decided to do exactly what it touts that it excels at. First stop: The Gym! I wore the BackBeat 903+ headset over multiple gym sessions of both cardio and resistance training. The cardio consisted of several mile runs on a treadmill and never once during the jostling of the run at various inclines did the BackBeat 903+ feel as if it was falling off of my head. The ear pieces loop around the ear for a snug, but not uncomfortable fit. I have never done well with earpieces that co inside my ear. I always have one that pops out and I did not experience this with the BackBeat 903+. During resistance training on both machines and with free weights, I enjoyed the sounds of my iPhone 4S without fear of pulling a wired headset off my head during exercises. Overall, the gym experience with the headset is exceptional.

Controlling the headset is also very simple, with power and volume controls on the back of the left earpiece. Additionally, on the side of the left earpiece is the answer/hangup call button while on the side of the right earpiece is the start/stop music button. Everything is very accessible and easy to operate.

Next, I wore the BackBeat 903+ while driving too and from the office over the course of about a week. The headset fits up to the ear but, since nothing is pressed inside the ear, you can still hear everything around you making the BackBeat 903+ a very safe headset to wear while operating a motor vehicle. Additionally, I was able to take calls easily and without fear of being pulled over and cited by a police officer for using my cell phone while driving. The call quality was very clear and the only snag with using it for calls is that there is no boom microphone so outside conversations can easily be picked up by the unit.

The last test of the BackBeat 903+ came in the form of using it around the house for music and video enjoyment. Due to their extreme portability and efficiency, I was able to listen to my favorite tunes while performing various errands like doing the dishes which helped to make time pass more quickly.

Also included with the BackBeat 903+ was a nice, zip-up carrying case which made toting the unit around very easy and convenient.

Overall, the Plantronics BackBeat 903+ is an exceptional Bluetooth headset for your mobile devices for the gym, the commute, or the home. It is also a great deal at about eighty dollars.

Official Specifications

Key Features
iPhone Meter iPhone® battery meter to monitor headset battery level on-screen
Noise-canceling Advanced AudioIQ2 technology cancels noise while retaining the natural sound of your voice
Voice Alerts Now you can talk to your headset and your headset will talk to you whispered voice alerts keep you aware of low battery, lost connection and more
Audio Streaming Stream music, podcasts, GPS and other audio applications from A2DP-enabled phones
Type Bluetooth
Transmit Range 30 feet
Multi-Point Yes
Voice Commands
Spoken Cues Yes
Battery Power Up to 7 hrs talk / Up to 7 days stand-by
Charger Type Micro USB
Weight 34 grams
A2DP Yes
Microphones Dual-Mic
Noise-cancellation AudioIQ2
Wind Noise Reduction Microphone placement shields microphones from direct wind
Call Answer/End Yes
Volume +/- Yes



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