Blizzard Entertainment has announced that there will be a Diablo III game developer book signing at Book Soup in West Hollywood on Saturday, January 7th, 2012. That’s right – tomorrow! So, checkout the info below and attend if you want to be a part of the geeky fun. Developers will be signing the very popular Diablo III: Book of Cain, which is available now at



2:00 – 3:00 p.m.



Book Soup
8818 Sunset Blvd.
W. Hollywood CA 90069



Writers and artists will be signing the #1-selling book in its category, Diablo® III: Book of Cain, on Saturday at Book Soup in West Hollywood. Designed to look like an artifact from the Diablo universe, this beautifully illustrated collector’s item conveys the games’ rich lore through an exciting first-person account. Diablo has enthralled players since the first game launched in 1996, and its sequel, Diablo II, held a record as the fastest-selling PC game ever. Diablo III: Book of Cain serves as a player’s ultimate guide to the dark mythology and sinister mysteries surrounding the world of Sanctuary.



Chris Metzen – Blizzard Entertainment’s senior vice president of story and franchise development, responsible for the epic worlds that make Blizzard’s games timeless.

Flint Dille – Screenwriter, game designer, and novelist best known for his animated work on Transformers, game-writing, and non-fiction.

Micky Neilson – Publishing lead at Blizzard Entertainment, oversees the creation of novels, comic books, and other projects that take place in Blizzard’s universes.

Mark Gibbons Senior concept artist on the cinematics team at Blizzard, responsible for creating art that has been crucial in establishing the look and feel of Blizzard’s games.

Matt Burns – Writer on Blizzard’s creative development team, which breathes life into the unique characters in their games.

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