Those who enjoy a tower defense game will find Defenders Of Ardania an addictive game with a bit of a twist on the theme, you have to take down the enemy’s castle as well as dodging enemy towers.

The towers include arrow, cannons and flame ones and their range is dependent on placement in terrain.  After creating these offensive and defensive towers, you then start to create units to attack the enemy’s fortress.  Timing your units release on the field by varying their speed, strength and damage aspects is where some of the greatest strategy of the game comes into play.  Some units, you will send out simply as cannon fodder so that more important units can slip through the enemy fire.  For the most part, after the initial setup of your towers, they are kind of placed and forgotten and you find yourself heavily concentrating on troop plans.  The type of troops the enemy can throw at you do have to be considered when placing your towers but then it really is about how best to slip past you enemy’s defenses while yours go on autopilot.

This can be a bit monotonous at the lower levels but once you get to the higher ones the multiple choices of towers and units available to you and the enemy make the game far more addictive.  Exact proper placement easily can determine the chances between winning and defeat early in the round and it brings the real strategists out while having the simple tower defense players moving on. Visually, the game’s graphics are really nice and the levels change up the building designs as you go so that they can get rather original.

Last Call: There is not a lot to say about this game as it is your typical strategy/tower defense type.  If you like strategy games, you will probably like it.  If you like tower defense games, you will probably like it.  If you like both you will find Defenders Of Ardania’s price of under $15  a good deal for a on the go Steam game for the hours of play you can get out of the various scenarios.  If you aren’t a fan of these types of games already you will probably want to pass as the strategy/tower defense genre is rather specialized.

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